NT Times Krugman’s Deceitful Smear of Americans: None Dare Call Her Honest

salem_witchThe problem with being smart in one area is that you think you are smart in others. An example of this is the New York Times editorialist Paul Krugman whose believes because he won a prize for economics he has knowledge of the American electorate. Anyone who has kept abreast of the news media over the last six months or so knows that while she might not be the darling of the media she is much preferred as our next president by the media than her opponent. Any reader of the Washington Post has had at least two anti-him but usually three or more each day for months. We’ve even seen USA Today change its decade old policy and the largest Arizona newspaper that has supported Republicans since Abe Lincoln was drifting down the Mississippi on a raft, or was that Tom Sawyer, but you get the point, now writing editorials against him.

Now Krugman and others are spinning the lie that the reason the guy closed in on her in the polls was because the media turned against her.  He says “the mainstream media . . . invented additional scandals out of thin air.” I read on to see what these “inventions” were. The story about her foundation and news stories about how various aspects of [her] life “raise questions” or “cast shadows,” conveying an impression of terrible things without saying anything that could be refuted.” The other matter was Matt Lauer’s asking her about her emails.

Did you notice there is nothing there?. He pointed to no invented stories. His column is based on deliberate falsifications (I’ll give him credit for some knowledge outside his specialty and suggest for surely Krugman knows he’s not leveling with us) are being done so that people will start feeling sorry for her. The new ploy by her supporters is to make those who question her truthfulness and character to think they have been wrong all along in having believed her to be somewhat akin to the Wicked Witch of the West.

I suppose characterizing her as witch will add to Krugman’s argument, he later says “Sexism was surely involved . . . .” in people not supporting her, that those who support the guy are anti-woman. That’s the old line that did not work out so well which had been abandoned but now is being brought back because of their panic that so few find her their cup of tea. I, and most people I know who dislike her intensely, many of them being women, have no problem with a woman being president. Their problem is with her. The idea that somehow her womanhood is holding her back is laughable because most of her supporters, at least among the women, are doing so precisely because she is a woman and are suggesting, as Krugman is again doing, that those who find her sort of creepy and corrupt are anti-women.

Krugman who preaches to the converted fortunately will have limited appeal to others beyond his audience. What is particularly harmful about the Krugman-types and his followers is their reinforcement of her “deplorables in a basket” suggestion which rather than uniting Americans will divide them even more. Krugman asks the question how could he be “in striking position for the White House” and answers that  “a lot more Americans than we’d like to imagine are white nationlists at heart” and suggesting that is not surprising because most Republicans are.

The demagogue trick and that of people like Krugman is to strip from those who oppose their ideas or candidates all legitimacy. No recognition is given that people do not want to see a continuation of the present progressive Democratic policies which they believe are stripping our nation of its traditional values and tearing America apart at the seams by dividing us racially.  No credit is given them for not wanting people whose values and truthfulness they doubt take over the White House.

At one time a president was elected because a great minority (he got 39.8%) believed he was a truthful man. His name was Honest Abe. That is hardly a name anyone would ever attach to her.


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  1. Krugman: “More Americans than we’d like to imagine are white nationlists at heart.” Proud to say I am one. Btw, Mr. PhD., Nobel Prize winner, it is spelled nationalist. There appears to be an a hole in your presentation. Maybe it is just you.

    A lot of people are offended justly that while Black Nationalism, Jewish Nationalism, Hispanic Nationalism, Asian Nationalism, and any other ethnic nationalisms are to be applauded by the Hillary team, White Nationalism is bad, very bad.

    What are the unique sins of our ancestors that are so vile that our heritage, and only our heritage, must not be a source of pride and a rallying cry for our interests? The development of medicines that have conquered smallpox, polio, malaria, etc.? Possibly invention of electricity that reduces the household labors? Is it the mechanization of agricultural and transportation that has eliminated mass starvation? The foundation of learning institutions that has brought learning and culture to all who would have it? These are all accomplishments of White Christians. For these crimes only we are denied to right to have interests.

    No. those are petty retrogressions in civilization. It must be something greater that calls for endless atonement by the descendants of Europa. It must be our abolition of slavery and insistence that it be universal that irks Krugman and his ilk.

  2. The American people do not trust the Main Stream Media nor the major newspapers in this country. Distrust of the New York Times goes back a long way to Walter Duranty who after touring and investigating eastern Europe in the 1930s reported that there was no hunger in the Urkaine, while ten million people were starving under Stalin’s vicious rule.
    Thankfully, we have blogs and the Internet today where we can double check the propaganda of the MSM.

    1. About the blogs and INTERNET, true that, Bill.

      Its easy to fool reporters. Stalin had a whole crew devoted to it, as does Washington.

    2. Bill C:

      You are correct.

      The demise of the Fairness Doctrine was a disservice, but I think it was planned that way.

      We have a Congress in which many members have a net worth in the tens and hundreds of millions of dollars and they have exempted themselves from the criminal statutes which allows grand larceny.


  3. Let’s consider Paul Krugman’s spurious allegation of “invented” scandals:
    The facts:
    27-year-old Hillary Clinton was on the staff of the House Judiciary committee investigating the Watergate scandal in 1974. . . . her supervisor, lifelong Democrat Jerry Zeifman, called her a liar and worse : “She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer,” he said. “She conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the committee and the rules of confidentiality.” Zeifman also refused to give Clinton a letter of recommendation, making her one of only three employees he snubbed during his 17-year career.”
    She submitted a legal brief deliberately omitting the leading precedent.
    More Scandals:
    Cattle-Futures: “A 10x return in ten months on a cattle-futures investment” the Tyson-payoff;
    “Missing Law Firm Records”,
    Selling the Lincoln Bedroom,
    Bimbo Eruptions, Clinton Pardons (Mark Rich et al),
    Benghazi, Bosnia (landing under sniper fire),
    Filegate, Chinagate,
    using the IRS- to target opponents (even Paula Jones was audited)
    E-Mails (2,000 work-related emails she failed to turn over, “extreme carelessly” in handling emails)
    The Clinton Foundation (10% cash to charity; $25million from Saudis)
    And how did two government employees get to be worth $150 million from making speeches? What else were they selling?
    Hillary’s refusal to release The Transcripts of her Wall Street Speeches.
    Seems the Clintons’ carreer is swimming in scandal and sleaze.
    Just last week Hillary denied calling the TPP the “gold standard”.

  4. None of that is an excuse to vote for Glorious Leader. The reason we have these unpalatable choices for president is because the system is a fraud. Rather Not is right-on. Its all about the rich and what they want. The rest of us little folks can go straight to hell, as, far, as the wealthy are concerned. There’s more of us than there are of them (lackeys included). Let’s liquidate the rich and return their wealth to the common weal. Where is the guillotine when we need it? Who will be our Robespierre?

    1. ” Do not covet the bounties that God has bestowed more abundantly on some of you than on others.”” [Surah 4:32]

      Besides, what will you do when all the ‘wealth’ is used?

  5. Speaking of deliberately inventing lies, Krugman forgot to mention former presidential candidate Democrat Howard Dean accusing Trump of using cocaine … without a gram of proof. He has since offered a weasely apology, but the lie is still there.

    Back in 2007 Hillary’s campaign aide William Shaheen accused Obama of being a cocaine and marijuana user. Hillary herself was forced to apologise to Obama, before anyone brought up her brother Tony, q. v. Libelous drug use accusations seem to be a feature of her campaign.

    “Former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean, a retired physician and former Democratic Party chairman, suggested he (Trump) has a cocaine problem

    “Dean doubled down on Tuesday, saying Trump displays characteristics of a cocaine user and drug abuse could explain his ‘unstable’ behavior


    Politics is a dirty business. It thrives on mud, slander, attacks and innuendo.

    1. Henry:

      You are correct. As Martin Luther King said, “The truth will outlast a lie, but the lie gets there first.”

      It’s quite remarkable what the media is doing to Trump.

      If the media was honest, they would know that it isn’t about the man, it’s about the message.

      If the status quo is allowed to continue, America is pretty much gone.


  6. We the Sheeple,…….. In order to form a more perfect oligarchy, establish justice for the rich, insure domestic unrest, provide for the military/industrial complex, promote entitlement, and secure the blessings of Liberty for ourselves and our posterity, do establish this Constitution (to be endlessly twisted and misinterpreted) for the United Fakes of America.

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