Oh Where Oh Where Has The President Gone?

He is absent during the greatest pandemic to hit the United States in a century. He has no conception of leadership. He has done everything to convince the American folk that they are not being infected in record numbers. He has convinced his friendly governors to care more about him than the people who put him into office. He refuses to socially distance or wear masks. He has made America the laughing stock of the world as its rate of coronavirus infections keep climbing while the rest of the world other than a few countries you can count on the fingers of one hand take control of their problems. He has taken the country once noted for its scientific and medical advances and turned it into a third-world backward country. He has shown himself to be the fool he has always been and has set the country back in race relations over fifty years. He has made the world a much more dangerous place by refusing to look beyond our borders to our traditional allies to work together in a common endeavor. He has turned our Center for Disease Control into a Center for Damage Control where the scientist are afraid to speak out to protect the people from diseases.

The United States has the ignominious distinction of leading the world in coronovirus cases and deaths, far outstripping other countries. Rather than improving it is getting worse. The word out of the Oval Office is that we are doing a wonderful job in combating it. There they are – the dismal statistics staring people in the face – the increase in cases, hospitalizations and deaths – and they believe he is doing a good job when it consists of him pretending it does not exist.

There are some who read this who will believe we are doing just fine. They used to compare us to Europe which have seen their cases rise, level off and decline rapidly. They no longer do so because our cases have risen, leveled off and are going up rather than down like most normal nations.

We used to hear that the problem with the virus was that it was a Northeast one and the rest of the nation was just fine as if the virus would be confined to a certain area of the country. Now we see it is spread far and wide throughout the country . What do these Trump apologists say now?  They used to discourage the use of masks which are now universally praised as being able to stay the spread of the virus. What do these Trump apologists say now?

Never in my life have I experienced dealing with people who are so wrong who fail to admit it. They’ll persist in saying the problem is in the Northeast and masks and social distancing are not important.

Here are the facts: American cases 2 million three hundred forty nine thousand cases – 121,300 deaths. Didn’t the Trump apologists tell us not too worry because this was not going to get any more worse than the flu? Or was it auto accidents? Or was it both combined? Or was it the whole thing was a Democratic hoax?

Northeast, New Cases: Wednesday to Tuesday: New York, 3,943; New Jersey, 2,031; Massachusetts, 1,288; and Connecticut, 470.

South and Southeast:  New Cases: Wednesday to Tuesday: Arizona, 17,255; Florida, 20,784; California, 26,058; and Texas. 24035.

Needless to say the same people who believe he is doing a banged up job are those who also are pleased that he recognizes climate change is also a big hoax. Where ever did they come from?



20 thoughts on “Oh Where Oh Where Has The President Gone?

  1. A liberal is someone who walks out of
    the room when an argument turns into a fight

    A conservative is a liberal who has been mugged


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  2. I notify you that MattofBoston has apparently blocked my latest posts. They were lengthy but brimming with actual statistical facts and scientific data about the United States and the World as relates to Covid 2.

    Too bad MattofBoston does not allow lengthy, data packed, opposing views.

    Too bad, but what do you expect from typical liberals, they cannot tolerate opposing views, they cannot accept FACTS nor accept anything that differs from their Warped World Views , , ,
    Typical ill liberal leftists of the Joe Biden No Nothings, of Biden Bolshevik Mentality.

    1. wa-llahi! Bill, will this lead to you being more succinct? Sheer verbiage isn’t much of an argument. If your fingers are restless, take up the piano.

  3. Trump just hasn’t delivered effective leadership. Leaving it up to the 50 governors to manage the Coronavirus has produced a mess. Then there’s nationwide racial unrest, double-digit unemployment and the president’s divisive, high-octane rhetoric. It’s no wonder he’s trailing so badly in the polls.

  4. We must learn to open our eyes and ears and listen to both sides, to all sides, and not comment with blinders on. Facts matter.

  5. Ah the stench of Deep State Sulphur exuding from Trump’s pores…..


    Statement from Attorney General William P. Barr on Introduction of Lawful Access Bill in Senate

    This is extremely serious. If passed into law, Intel, AMD and others would be forced to use the technologies they have already deployed (ME, PSP, TrustZone, etc.) to officially backdoor their products and permanently subvert security on most computers.

    1. MSFREEH, too, is a typical misguided paranoid LEFTIST. How are those Conspiracy Theories panning out MSFREEH? Stay stuck in past and obsessed with minutia. What’s this other post about cops pushing down an elderly person, how about the anarchistic Biden Bolsheviks pushing down elderly and assaulting innocent civilians and destroying private property and public property, and shooting innocent people?

      1. C’mon, Bill. Read your above post. I remember one of the presidents of Egypt when asked how he could defeat the Israelis. He answered, “Leave them to themselves. They will rip each other to shreds.”

        Are you on this blog to enjoy yourself? If you want to educate people on what you think is right this is the worst place to try it. You can’t just keep saying the same thing over and over. RIGHT KHALID? It changes nothing. I believe America is bored. That, and we all forgot to take responsibility for our own actions. The two party system has been abolished. The Founding Fathers would throw up their hands and canoe back to Europe if they saw the way we and ALL of our leaders act. We need an asteroid. A BIG asteroid.

        1. As Glorious Leader descends into madness, so, too, will his ardent followers. Bill has been long time contributor to this blog. If you go back, and, look at archived blogs, you’ll see that Bill wasn’t always frothing nuts. It’s been a progression to frenzy that’s kept pace with Trump’s diminishing fortunes. Bill, Trump’s done, make for the rat-lines, while, escape is still possible. John, and, Nazi Tad, made it. You can, too.

  6. When asked how his love life was at 90 years of age, George Burns replied, “Its like trying to shoot pool with a rope.”

    Now figure out how this analogy fits into this set of replies. As Billy from Savin Hill knows, responding to the blog is fun, but like a lot of things that are fun, it is serious fun.

  7. Ahem…..

    https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/pkya … bout-trump

    16 Batshit Crazy Moments From John Bolton’s Book About Trump
    Bolton writes Trump obsessed for months over getting a signed CD of Elton John’s “Rocket Man” to Kim Jong Un. And he thought invading Venezuela would be “cool.”

    In other news

    Why would a FBI Director dress up in women’s clothes
    and call himself Mary.?……

    https://thehill.com/homenews/media/5042 … t-up-noose

    Bubba Wallace dismisses FBI findings: ‘It’s a straight-up noose’
    BY JOE CONCHA – 06/24/20 08:42 AM EDT

      1. My brother thought he was a chicken. My doctor said I should take him to a psychiatrist he could recommend and cure him of this fantasy.

        I replied, “I would normally take your advice, Doc, but we really need the eggs.”

  8. wa-llahi Bill, what makes you think things are going swell? Take those blinders off. People are suffering. Glorious Leader is responsible. We can’t wait until Jan 1, 2021 to get rid of him. March on the WH, now. All power to the dialectic.

    1. If you’re going to march on The White House, you better be ready to take one for the team.

      I don’t even use Chain Bridge to go to Bethesda any more. I’m not setting foot in DC.

      1. Abe, usually, I don’t patch, but this excerpt answers your question:

        November 15, 1969, Moratorium March on Washington

        Students from Toronto join the March against Death in Washington, D.C. on November 14, 1969
        The first nationwide Moratorium was followed on Saturday, November 15, 1969, by a second massive Moratorium march in Washington, D.C., which attracted over 500,000 demonstrators against the war, including many performers and activists.[13] This massive Saturday march and rally was preceded by the March against Death, which began on Thursday evening and continued throughout that night and all the next day. Over 40,000 people gathered to parade silently down Pennsylvania Avenue to the White House. Hour after hour, they walked in single file, each bearing a placard with the name of a dead American soldier or a destroyed Vietnamese village.[6] The march was silent except for the playing of six drums, which played funereal tunes.[6] The marchers finished in front of the Capitol building, where the placards were placed in coffins. Despite his public disdain, Nixon watched the march on television, staying up until 11 pm as he obsessively watched the demonstration outside of the White House and tried to count how people were participating, eventually reaching the figure of 325,000.[14] Nixon joked that he should send helicopters to blow out the candles.[6]

        The vast majority of demonstrators during these days were peaceful; however, late on Friday, conflict broke out at DuPont Circle, and the police sprayed the crowd with tear gas. The people of Washington, D.C., generously opened schools, seminaries, and other places of shelter to the thousands of students and others who converged for this purpose. In addition, the Smithsonian Museum complex was opened to allow protesters a place to sleep. A daytime march before the White House was lined by parked tour buses and uniformed police officers, some flashing peace symbols on the inside of their jackets in a show of support for the crowd. The second Moratorium drew an even larger crowd than the first, and it is considered to have been the largest demonstration ever in Washington, D.C.[15] The Woodstock Music Festival had drawn about 400,000 people in August 1969, and it was estimated by some that the second Moratorium had brought out a number equal to “two Woodstocks”.[15]

        They couldn’t kill us all.

  9. Every single sentence you have written is a blatant FALSEHOOD.

    Only the numbers are correct.

    You do not mention that the vast majority of “new cases” are folks who are asymptomatic or have mild cases. They may have been infected months ago.

    Of course, you have no background in epidemiology, statistics or infectious diseases, but that does not deter you from pontificating.

    Of course, you irrationally HATE President Trump and have written hatefully of him since the day he was elected. All should bear that in mind as they read your blog.

    The FACTS are: the epicenter of Covid-19 was Wuhan, China. Two secondary epicenters were Lombardy, Italy, and New York City.

    The FACTS are over 50% of deaths in the United States are attributable to NYC and the surrounding 100 counties.

    These FACTs have not changed.

    MASKS: You have failed for three months to listen to the Scientists at the USPHS. Surgeon General Adams and the WHO have explained that in the beginning of the Covid-2 epidemic/pandemic, masks were not advised. However, when Scientists learned that asymptomatic people could transmit the virus, that is during the incubation period infected persons without symptoms could also transmit the virus, the USPHS and WHO advised all people to wear masks.

    You are willfully ignorant of the fact that since the beginning HEALTH EXPERTS advised those with symptoms, fever, dry cough, to STAY HOME. The infected with symptoms were thought to be the primary, if not only, mode of transmission. If the symptomatic stayed home, the SCIENTIFIC PUBLIC HEALTH EXPERTS reasoned, there was little chance of spread. In fact Doctor Fauci in late February rated the risk of spread: Low. Why? Because Scientists did not know then that those without symptoms were also a major source of spreading infection, too.

    MASKS-2. Doctor Abrahms, and anesthesiologist, and head of the United States Public Health Service, has repeatedly stated that masks prevent the WEARER from spreading the virus, BUT DO NOT PROTECT THE WEARER FROM GETTING THE VIRUS. That is why mask wearers are still advised to maintain THE SIX FOOT SPATIAL SEPARATION from everyone. We don’t know who or who not is infected just by looking at them.

    I heard, for the first time this week, Doctor Fauci express it this way: THERE IS STRONG EVIDENCE THAT MASKS PREVENT THE WEARER FROM TRANSMITTING THE COVID-VIRUS, AND NOW THERE IS “LIMITED EVIDENCE” IT PROTECTS THE WEARER FROM GETTING THE VIRUS. There is also limited scientific evidence that the wearer is NOT protected from getting the virus, that is why the SOCIAL DISTANCING is still advised for mask wearers, too.

    Now, Matt, you know the difference between bacteria and viruses, and how small viruses can penetrate masks, don’t you? You know the difference between the microbes, viruses that can exist inside microbes such as bacteria, and little viruses that can exist inside viruses. Don’t you?

    You know that Covid-2 is especially dangerous to old people with co-morbidities and the average age of mortality from Covid-2 is 81. Don’t you? You know that no one in Pennsylvania under 30 has died from Covid-2. Of course you know these things as you’ve spent your life studying biology infectious diseases, statistics and public health.

    Let me correct one blatant falsehood which you know is a falsehood. All the physicians advising Trump from the NIH, CDC, USPHS, and other Federal Offices, have testified that President Trump always listens to them always listens to the Scientific Experts and generally follows their advice. You do know that President Trump set up a task force of scientists, physicians, public health experts, economic experts, administrative experts, and others headed by Vice President Mike Pence and that they have been working hard and providing the President with the best available scientific, public health advice.

    You are aware that all states have been furnished with the THREE PHASE plan to re open their economies, and all are following that plan, even Massachusetts, and some individuals and individual businesses are not, but most, the vast majority are. LIke with the NOrth End Restaurants, the violators are being brought to task by the Public Health Authorities.

    Now, knowing all this, you still write BLATANT FALSEHOODS.

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