The “Anti-Catholic” Email: What Does It Show About Hillary Clinton

() grey wolfNow we get a little glimpse of the thinking of those working for Hillary Clinton. Wikileaks has exposed an email of John Halpin a Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress (CAP) Staff.   He must know Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, John Podesta. He sent him the email under discussion to his personal gmail account. He sent the same email to Jenifer Palmieri who was president of the CAP at the time.

Podesta is Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager; Palmieri is HIllary’s communications director. Both are in continuing contact with Hillary. Is she an anti-Catholic bigot?

Does she have the same attitude toward Catholics as that of the early founders of our country? Or, is she more like George Washington who had no problems with them?  One way to find out is to see her associates.

Both Podesta and Palmieri have Italian fathers. Podesta is a practicing Catholic who displays icons associated with his mother’s Greek Orthodox religion in his office.  Capieri’s father served in the U.S. Navy as a nuclear engineer and is a catholic. .To understand what motivates her you can read about her here.

Syria: I Weep for You. True, President Obama Plays as War Crimes are Committed.

() HareThe News hour’s Ju­­­dy Woodruff on Wednesday evening presented three experts on Syria who offered up their opinions. They all said things there were horrible; yet nothing would be done about it at this point. We had to wait until a new president took office. They all agreed that whatever plan Obama had for Syria that it has spectacularly failed.

0bama has apparently gone golfing for the remainder of his term. He is content to let the Syrian army along with the Russian use the most brutal tactics against civilians seen in the history of warfare. To do anything to stop them would require him to interfere with his golf game. For him Syrian lives do not matter. 

Meanwhile the slaughter continues hour by hour, day by day, with the Russian and Syrian forces gaining more and more territory while murdering more and more civilians as they try to eradicate the forces fighting against the regime. Obama is so afraid of doing anything to stand up against Assad he is damaging America’s reputation forever especially since years ago he stated it was American policy that Assad leave office.

Don’t Dare Cross the Clintons: FBI Director Comey Dances to the Clinton Tune

lady-justiceAbove the doorway of the United States Supreme Court are these words engraved in giant letters “EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER THE LAW”. 

We have seen portrayals of Lady Justice. One  stands on a pedestal outside the Supreme Court  blindfolded while the scales she holds are equally balanced. Wikipedia says: “Since the 15th century, Lady Justice has often been depicted wearing a  blindfold. The blindfold represents objectivity, in that justice is or  should be meted out objectively, without fear or favour, regardless of  identity, money, power, or weakness; blind justice and impartiality.”

I’ve highlighted cases in the past: one a  male probation officer who was asked by and FBI agent if he used his iPhone to show a woman probationer some obscene photographs. He, as you would expect, denied doing it. He was charged with lying to an FBI agent.

The other was the Muslim cab driver living in Quincy Khairullozhon Matanov. He was charged with three times making false statements to the FBI. Neither man’s lies were really significant nor did they interfere with any investigation. These are a couple of blokes who along with others get chewed up by the federal system over minor matters..

Shocked: Politically Ambitious US Attorney Carmen Ortiz Criticized by Boston Globe: Her Boston Latin School Travesty

(1) Boston_Latin_School_logoTwice! Yes, twice the Globe took off its cheerleading uniform and decided to tell the truth about its Bostonian of the Year. Earlier one of its columnists Scot Lehigh on September 16  criticized her prosecution in his column headlined: US attorney prosecutorial overkill. He wrote about the two guys who worked in the mayor Walsh’s office who tried to get union members some work. I wrote about that here. 

Now, Alex Beam, has stepped up on October 3 and rightfully called her out under his story headlined: The politics of a Boston Latin School education writing about her sending the federal storm troopers of the Civil Rights bureau into investigating what once was the best school in America.

The school, Boston Latin School (BLS), with its hundreds of students flowing in and out for 180 days a year from one year to the next was found to have committed one civil rights violation. What a joke considering the thousands of opportunities for having them occur when young students get together in a competitive atmosphere that only one event over many years could be found and then be used as an excuse to impose upon the school foolish mandates.

Throwing Out the Hyphen:

2015 01 02_1099_edited-1When I wrote about being an Irish-Huhnunah some suggested I drop the Irish and refer to myself simply as a Huhnunah when that becomes the new name of our country or as an American until it is. That got me thinking that I actually never refer to myself as anything else than American. All my forebears came from Ireland but I cannot think of any time I actually said I was Irish-American. I was very happy being just plain old vanilla American.

I recalled one day years ago when a Chinese woman from Quincy was talking to me. She said something to the effect “you Americans do it differently.” I reminded her that she too was an American. That I did that made me reflect that in dealing with others it did not occur to me that there were different types of Americans.

Second Debate: Trump Loses in a Big Way: The Overweight Lady Sings

() HareIt is over folks. Well not quite since there is one more debate but this was the one Donald Trump needed to win and he lost big. There’s a slight chance he could come through in the 3rd debate but for now we can say with a great deal of confidence that we will not have Donald Trump to kick around anymore in less than thirty days from now.

Nothing he did could have changed the outcome. There was only one way he could have won and that was all up to Clinton. She had to either collapse during the debate or commit some horrible error for Trump to have won. So we don’t have to get too deeply into the nitty gritty of the exchanges to know poor Donald’s dead.

Sunday Thoughts on a Basket on a Busy Sunday for Some

basketThe Boston Globe had an article the other day that I thought worth following up on by posting its main points here. It is a good time to read about and ponder them because I expect most of you will while your time away in unproductive activity in front of the TV this Sunday because the Patriots, Red Sox, and Debate games are being played. (The latter may be cancelled if one of the teams does not show up.)

If you consider this during commercial breaks then your day may be more productive.

I once read a wise and wealthy man talk about his way of making money. I firmly believed this is the way to do things although I caution that we must not make money our sole goal. Charles Russell a preacher’s grandson had it correct when he said the only real happiness on this earth is spiritual and intellectual, that in the pursuit of the material there is literally nothing but ashes and bitterness, vacuity and sorrow.

The Trump Foulies: The Man From The Locker Room

(1) blue ribbon

Surprised!   I am.   Not at what most of those Republicans candidates on the lower part of the ticket who are fleeing from their association with the guy at the top like rats from a sinking ship are surprised at.  I am surprised that they are surprised that the guy is a pig and looks at women as things to be assaulted and suggests that is what they want. I’m surprised they are suddenly shocked to listen to the guy’s words. Haven’t they ever heard of Jeffrey Esptein?

How many times do you have to hear what he told New York magazine in a when he was 56 years old in a 2002: “I’ve known Jeff for 15 years. Terrific guy,  He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it — Jeffrey enjoys his social life.” ‘