Why Chicago Has So Many Murders? The Mayor Is Otherwise Engaged.

ChicagoChicago has seen over 510 murders this year. 5.2% or 26 were of other than blacks and Hispanics; 16.4% or about 84 were Hispanic; and the remaining 78.4% or 400 were black. The deaths were only a small portion of the shootings. There were 2,982 shootings. That boils down to about 2 homicides a day and 12 people shot and wounded every day.

Chicago’s mayor is Obama’s buddy Rahm Emmanuel. Rahm is one of those “gifted” politicians like Bill Clinton. People like to gift them money in exchange for their influence. Imagine the return these people must get  from the public weal if they are willing to pay these sums.

Bill was given 18 million by a private college so it could use his name in selling its programs;  Rahm was paid a monthly sum of $450,000  by a Wall Street firm Wasserstein Perella prior to having “enjoyed a generous retainer from Goldman Sachs, which paid him “to introduce us to people.,” . . . ”  

In many places prostitution, usually meaning a woman selling herself, is outlawed. That is because the women who engage in it for the most part have little say in the way laws are made. As outcasts from the system, and mostly as down-and-outers, those in power feel a moral superiority by kicking them around.

How Bill Clinton’s Sold Out Our Country and Emboldened North Korea.

bill-and-jeffYou can thank Bill Clinton for Kim Jung Un’s having his little nuclear arsenal. You have to understand Bill lived in dread of having to be other than the “good ol’ boy.” Nothing could be worse than having to stand up to someone. Why that is so few have tried to explain. Was it he was too concerned with women and making money deals that he recoiled at the idea getting involved in something that would take his mind off of that? That’s all right if you are a governor; but if you’re president well some times you have to make hard calls rather than duck them and leave them for someone else.

Lets go back to 1994 after he finished his first year in office. Here is what is reported according to his Secretary of Defense who talked about it five years later: “The . . . crisis developed during the summer of 1994. Then, according to former Pentagon officials, the U.S. military drew up plans to send cruise missiles and F-117 stealth fighters to strike a small nuclear reactor at Yongbyon, in order to prevent North Korea from recovering the raw material to make nuclear bombs.” 

When The Lights Go Out All Over The Land

atomic-bombThe question that we must ask as Obama glides through his last few months in office is one that Ronald Reagan would want us to ask: “Are We Better Off Now Than We Were Eight Years Ago?” One thing for certain is that in one area we a definitely much worse off. That has been his policy of “strategic patience” in relation to North Korea. That has been a dismal failure. I never knew that was his policy until I read this.

I always thought strategic patience as an approach one takes when you ultimately control the outcome. It was most effective rearing young children. They have their fits and starts that often pass with time. If they persist too long or are a little too much then sometimes you need to impose sanctions like having them stand in the corner.

Of course, there is an exception to that. If you see the little toddler climbing up onto the sill of a third floor window then you act quickly. For patience there is foolhardy.

The Real Problem With The Hillary Candidacy: It Violates the Spirit of the People

(@) clintonWhen FDR died less than three months after he was sworn into office for his fourth term the country took a deep breath of relief. It wasn’t that he was unpopular for he was highly popular. That was the problem. He had just started his fourth term and his health was poor and if his health affected his ability to govern few in the country were pleased with the thought that Eleanor Roosevelt might be making presidential decision..

There was a legitimate fear that could happen. It had not been many years since the previous Democratic president also became ill in office. Woodrow Wilson suffered a stroke on October 12, 1919, yet continued as president until March 4, 1921, almost a year and a half although he had been disabled by it. Essentially unable to carry on with his duties his wife took over. In effect she was the country’s president for 17 months prohibiting almost everyone from seeing him. She would take messages in to him and come back and tell the people seeking answers what she said he wanted done. As sick as he was, Wilson gave thought to running for a third term. It is hard to get the thrill of being president out of the blood.

Hillary Did Not Stumble: She Collapsed: How Does She Turn That Into Gold

bill-clinton-cigar-gettyimages-640x480CNN had the video of Hillary Clinton as she left the 9/11 dedication prior to its end. She left because she felt a little woozy. Her staff indicated that it had something to do with the heat. Only the day was not a heat type day with the temperatures in the low eighties.

Looking at other pictures of her leaving you can see how well the Secret Service protects her not only from any danger but from the public seeing what she is doing. They kept everyone a good thirty yards away from where she was standing. Fortunately someone was able to video what was happening since the government agents left just enough opening that videoing it was possible.

She was standing as a car pulled up. A man came to her left side and took her elbows. He appeared to be holding her steady. When the car door opened another man came up to her right side. The three of them started forward and Hillary seemed unsteady on her feet. She stumbled a bit. As they continue on she dropped down in what appeared to be a total collapse caused by losing consciousness such as fainting.

Why Do Some Support The NFL When It Does Not Respect America

nfl-marshallThe Kaepernick nonsense of protesting America by showing disrespect to the American flag during the playing of the  national anthem continues. Its noxiousness spreads to other teams. The National Football League likewise shows its disrespect to America by allowing its employees to continue their actions. The great number of American fans who overlook the NFL’s and its employees’ vile actions also show disrespect for our country.

As long as they continue to support the NFL by buying game tickets, watching the games on television, and gambling on the games they are saying it is all right for the NFL to publicly show its contempt for America. This is so because they know that the NFL could stop these disrespectful actions in a moment’s notice. We know this because the NFL controls every aspect of the employees’ actions while on the field.  I’ve written before of all the restrictions it places upon an employees’ free speech rights by controlling even what one may wear under his helmet or on his face.

The NFL provides its employees the big stage upon which they perform. None has the right to be there. The NFL is allowing these employees to demean America. It sends a loud message to all Americans that it too believes the American flag can be dishonored during the playing of the national anthem by refusing to stop this.

The Great Democratic Fallacy: You Have To Respect People Who Exercise Their Rights.

iwo jimaI noted how President Obama failed to criticise Kaepernick. He told us those who wear and did wear the nation’s military uniform might be too dense to understand the deeper issues surrounding Kaepernick’s actions. Obama said nothing about the act itself other than it pleased him because  it may result in a conversation.

Hillary Clinton who avoids press conferences like the plague has been silent on the Kaepernick sit down. That was to be expected. She too is apparently afraid to stand up for our flag. That bodes ill for her taking over the presidency. Nothing is worse than silence in the face of effrontery.

Perhaps she will be asked about it during her debates. If so, I expect her response would be something like that of her running mate Senator Tim Kaine. He was asked about it.

He said: “You know, you’ve got to respect people’s ability to act according to their conscience.”  He said he would not have done what Kapernick did but added: “But you’ve got to respect people’s ability to act according to their conscience, so I wouldn’t presume to tell him what to do.”

Will They Dig Up The Body of Justice Taney?

taneyrThere are some who worry that we are heading down a dangerous road. They see a trend to make America pure. We are in the process of examining the action of those who lived in America over seven score years ago and examining that person’s actions. Anything done by him that offends our present day sensibilities then actions must be taken to show our disdain for that person.

The question is where will it ever stop because the United States like other nations has not been perfect. Many people acted in accordance with the laws in existence at the time. Those laws differ from what we now believe. The question is whether it right to judge a person by the laws under which he lived or by our present day standards.

That is the basis for the division that exists in the Supreme Court of the United States. A civilized society must have some certainty in the laws that govern it. That is why the doctrine ol stare decisis was developed. This means something decided in the past must be followed except in extraordinary circumstances. Some judges take it seriously; other judges give lip service to the doctrine. The latter decide that if it is out of step with their current thinking then the law must be changed.