The Selling of America:Donald and Friends Make A Killing

The ride with the shortest lines at disneyworld...
The ride with the shortest lines at disneyworld…

Trump plans to sell America. I don’t mean in the traditional manner by telling of our freedoms and values but literally. He is planning to do what the Russians did under Putin which is to turn over public assets to private individuals. You saw how well that plan worked for Putin; both he and his close buddies became billionaires. No wonder Trump admires him so much.

One thing we can be thankful for is that unlike in Russia where almost all things of value were owned by the state many of the assets in the United States cannot be sold by Trump because they are already owned privately and most operated in a fairly proper manner. The reason that the operate like that is because over time rules and regulations governing their behavior (like child labor laws, workplace safety laws, food safety and protection from harmful drugs) have been developed and the companies forced to follow them. Trump’s plan to remove many might be goof for the industrialists but not the public. Keep in mind our history has been a battle to restrain corporations from fleecing the public by taking shortcuts.

Why You Should Be Truly Scared of Trump

The ride with the shortest lines at disneyworld...
The ride with the shortest lines at disneyworld…

The United States has not had a person anything like Trump in the president’s seat.  Those who think he is another Reagan are deluding themselves. Reagan had a history of political involvement and looked upon America as a force of good in the world suggesting we were an example for the rest of the world – the Puritan “city on a hill” which God allowed to exist for the betterment of mankind and which He would rain down His fury should we not follow his commandments.

Trump has no prior public service. Worse he has never shown a concern for other than himself and he looks inward to the country not thinking that it should be an example to the world but a nation like those of the worst that exist run by dictators interested only in what it can greedily grab.

In your wildest dreams you could never imagine Donald Trump telling Khruschev to tear down the East Berlin Wall. Think of that. Reagan cared for the people imprisoned behind the Soviet wall where Trump has not manifested any interest in any others beyond our borders and even within our nation it will turn out that it is for a limited few.

The Three Academic Amigos: Tulis, Levinson, and Suri: Texas Professors Trying To Destroy Democracy

filipino1Tulis is a professor at the University of Texas at Austin; Levinson at the University of Texas Law School; and Suri is also at the University of Texas. Their recent article  in the NY Daily News tells all you need to know about the disconnect between the liberal academics and the rest of the people. Suri tweeted about the article saying: Our effort to try and save the republic from Trump. Please circulate widely.”

Now I must remind you that Donald Trump although not winning as many votes as Hillary Clinton did win the votes of the majority of the electoral college voters. Under our system of government that means he is the president-elect. You may not like it but that is how we have done things for most of our existence as a country. Now the three amigos have come up with what they think is a brilliant idea: the electors in the Electoral College should vote for someone other than Trump.

Maybe It’s The Start of Something Good! Farewell Fidel

() HareYes, it was very good new to wake up Saturday morning and to hear that a man who was as bad as Joe Stalin had finally gone to his reward. It is amazing how long evil can exist. Uncle Joe made it to 74 years and Evil Fidel made it to 90. As they say the good die young.

It will be interesting to see how the liberal press treats the tyrant who imprisoned his people since he took power back in 1959. There is an article here  the puts his actions into their proper perspective.

Yet in America, and other places of the world, there were individuals who thought he was a good leader. Agh! It makes one sick. But then again there were people who were very happy with Joe Stalin; one person once said to me that all his evil actions were good because he helped develop Russia into a strong state.

Who Killed Jack Kennedy? Was J Edgar Hoover Involved?

Haley’s Comet Heading to UN: So What! Watch Romney.

libertybondsTrump appoints a woman, Nicki Haley the present governor of the State of South Carolina, to the United Nations post as ambassador. That becomes big news in the pathetic national media which tells us that shows Trump is committed to some type of diversity among folk surrounding him. She is American-Indian. Not the type as Elizabeth Warren. Haley is also a she. She also did not support him.

Looking at it more closely it is a Trump throw away. I’d suggest Trump knows little about the UN other than it holds a valuable piece of property in New York City and it is loaded with anti-Americans. He plans to give it short shrift. So he figures why not nominate someone who will look good to the media and international folk yet has little or no say in anything he does. A real Trump type of move: full of flash but empty of substance. A little bone for the media to chew upon.

Here’s a short quiz for you. Name the last six ambassadors to the UN. I had trouble thinking of the name of the present one. There was no way I could name the line before her just like I am unable to name any line of ambassadors to any country. Add to that tell me something significant anyone ever did.

The Federal Circus: Freddy’s Use of Obvious Perjured Testimony

bloody-murderThe idea you have people who admitted to murders being put on the stand on behalf of the federal government and taking the oath to tell the truth is in and of itself is a travesty.

How is it you can tell a juror to believe a person who murdered other people? How is it a prosecutor believes he has the ability to tell when a murderer is telling the truth? There are some people, mostly hardened criminals, who are so expert at telling falsehoods they pass lie detectors. I recall how Larry Baione’s lawyer told me he passed the lie detector test denying knowledge of the stolen goods even though the evidence against him was overwhelming. If you murder people you don’t react like normal people.

You know I heard that a judge said that Kevin Weeks who participated in at least five murders was the most believable person he ever heard on the stand. I wondered if he knew that when Weeks gave his first story to the investigators he was found to be lying. He would admit his first story was a lie after flunking a lie detector test. What does that say of a judge’s ability to separate truth from lies when he believes Weeks tells the truth? I wonder if he knew that Weeks wrote that his life was nothing but lies. That was probably the only truth uttered by Weeks when he said he was a criminal and to be a criminal you have to live a life of lies.