Gardner Museum Heist: 27th Anniversary Story: The True Story; Not the FBI’s One: 7/8

Folks —  I have been advised (thanks to Kerry) I already posted what I put out at 8:00 am this morning on a prior occasion as number 5/8. I am extremely grateful for his help especially the way he was able to  the sleuth out my telephone number.

This could have happened because of an FBI/Russian/ Trump hack job. However, as you know sometimes I screw up these things. I think the preponderance of the evidence is that it looks like this might be one of those times.

Sorry about that.

I’ve gone back and I’ve located what happened. When I intended to publish 5/8 the series for 7/8 was inserted instead.  (I’m not suggestion it was an FBI cyber attack but it is capable of doing those things.) I cannot explain how it happened unless i did the copying after having spent some time with my friend Johnny Walker. )

That means I’ve never published 5/8. Therefore I am going to go back and will publish the end of 4/8 through 7/8 below. For those who are thoroughly confused like me, keep in mind that on the 18th the whole series will be set out.


Gardner-Museum heist

Southie: A Mirror Image of the United States

South BostonI’ve written over the past two days about South Boston and how its relationship with the Boston media has never been good because of the media’s animus toward it. I’ve pointed out how the many good things its sons and daughters have done are overlooked by the media in order to present it as a place where mostly evil exists. It has been subject to the type of media coverage that only looks for a wart on a little toe and not at the beautiful of a face that is presented to others.

The lead newspaper in Boston, the Boston Globe, has made clear its distaste for Southie for many years recently putting out a story under the headline “bad old Southie.”  The Globe considers  itself a progressive newspaper. The manner in which it treats all the people who are from Southie with a wide black brush is noteworthy because it explains, in part, the reason we have Trump in the White House.

Gardner Museum Heist: 27th Anniversary Story: The True Story; Not the FBI’s One: 6/8

Gardner MuseumA day or two later Raymond found a grand jury subpoena in his hand. He went before the grand jury, denied he ever said he was the mayor’s bag man or that he brought cash to him. He was indicted for perjury. In the eyes of the FBI a drunk’s tale was worthy of belief.

So the FBI’s last hope is Gentile who knows nothing about the art work. Once he kicks the bucket the only ones left alive will be Myles Connor who is still playing the Donati/Houghton story and Turner who will have to come up with something to get another sentence reduction.

But no art work has been recovered, no art work has been seen, and the FBI is at a dead-end because early on it made a wrong turn as it is apt to do when it relies on informant stories and fails to look at the evidence staring them in the face.

The Story in the Package: 

I told you what I thought. Professional job, well cased, and buyer lined up before hand. No usual gangsters involved.

Here is another theory that is close to mine and far away from that of the FBI’s,

Southie is My Hometown: A Small View Into Its Something Extra

Castle IslandYesterday I wrote how the media had vilified South Boston over the years. Despite the evidence otherwise it cruelly portrays the people in that small section of the city as being a uniform barrel full of bigots.

Those who do it are usually people who have little connection with Southie people. Some may have lived there for a bit but have no roots there. They have not had the opportunity to grow up there among many relatives and friends and realize that within every family the beliefs and ideas span a wide spectrum. They are unaware of the loyalty many from that area feel toward each other.

Those loyalties last for a lifetime. I’ve recently heard from one of the Gaughans who lived in Old Harbor with me who I had not heard from in eons who spoke about others we knew from there and the good times we had as kids. I’ve told how a court officer named Gasher was giving me the old brush off when I went in to visit a judge on the Supreme Judicial Court. Then when I called him by his nickname and told him I lived in Old Harbor he couldn’t do enough for me. That’s how it works if you come from Southie where you can call in chips that are sixty years old and it is all done with a smile.

Gardner Museum Heist: 27th Anniversary Story: The True Story; Not the FBI’s One: 5/8

Gardner MuseumAl then tells us he started to figure out who did it by seeing similarities between it and an earlier art theft where the painting was cut from the frame even thought the earlier one was in 1966. He says first of all it is clear to him the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum thieves had “inside” information. He notes they knew of guard’s panic button, the entrance tapes, a location to place and hold guards, knew one painting was on a hidden door, and what “red herrings” to leave. (I differ from him on this. I believe professional art thieves could easily have learned these things.)

Al suggests the inside information came from Rollin Van Nostrand “Bump” Hadley who was administrator of the museum from 1963 to 1970 and director from 1970 to 1988. Hadley died of a heart attack at his home in Fort Lauderdale at age 64 within two years following the robbery. Al said Bump refused the FBI’s request to provide it with a “list of his friends, art lovers, visitors, etc.” who he entertained in and about the museum during dinners and after hour gatherings.

Southie Is My Home Town: And Proud of It!

south-boston-22I was born when my family lived in South Boston. I lived there in Old Harbor Village until around my tenth birthday when the family moved to Savin Hill. My parents and all their siblings are from South Boston. My father went to South Boston High school, played football, was the president of the South Boston HIgh Alumni Association,  and revered the South Boston High School football coach Steve White. (More on him tomorrow.)

I recall as a young lad they had a several testimonials honoring coach Steve White. One was at Blinstrub’s night club in South Boston. Blinstrub’s, which was quite large, on the night they gave Steve a dinner on account of his retirement was as crowded as MIck McGilligan’s ball. Over 1,300 people attended to say goodbye to coach White.

Southie always took care of its own. It produced from its housing projects, three-deckers and other homes on its alphabet and numeral streets men and women of remarkable ability, achievement, strong character and free of prejudice.  As the song goes they were: “doctors and lawyers, teachers and preachers . . . ”

Gardner Museum Heist: 27th Anniversary Story: The True Story; Not the FBI’s One: 4/8

Gardner MuseumKelly went on to say when they realized that they would decided to “wait until the heat dies down” before selling them. Even the dumbest criminals recognizing their predicament would know there was no way to get rid of the stuff.  I’d suggest they’d know that the heat would not die down until Hell froze over which would be a long time to wait.  Logically, if the FBI was right about this it should have recognized the art work was destroyed a long time ago.

The FBI convinced itself it was some local hoodlums in Boston who did it. Boston being a very parochial city has difficulty thinking about the world beyond it. With that in mind it had as much chance of finding it as locating the thief who stole the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. The thief who first came to mind was Myles Connor. He was doing ten years in a mid-West prison so it reasoned he did not pull the heist. Yet, it figured he might know something about it and, as you would expect, Myles would not let it down.

As Jesus Said: “The Poor Shall Always Be With Us So Deprive Them of Medical Care to Fill the Pockets of the Rich.”

() HareTrue, the ACA (Affordable Care Act also known as Obamacare) is not perfect. It could use some adjustments but it does provide coverage to people who otherwise would not be covered. In pursuit of the perfect it is best not to throw out the pretty good.

The Republican replacement the DCA (Deplorable Care Act, no also known as because no one wants to put his or her name on it) is not even pretty good. It will put us back to the bottom of the hill where the best health care will be for people who are rich, those over 65, those working in government positions or for healthy business enterprises. Everyone else will have the total freedom to get what they can for whatever coverage they can afford and live on the cusp of falling into the pit of those without health insurance.

That’s called freedom. It is based on the idea the more money you have the freer you will be. That is why the Obamacare tax on the wealthy will disappear. It will give those making more than $200,000 a year more money to buy insurance.