Was Marathon Bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev An FBI Informant? The One Question To Ask.

Hoover with Machine GunThere are reports that the FBI just released a report of an interview with Tamerlan Tsarnaev who was the instigator and lead actor in the Boston Marathon Terrorist attack that killed three people and maimed many others.  The report is here.

It’s contents are not as important as the circumstances surrounding it and the date and manner of it being conducted. It was April 22, 2011 that the interview was conducted at his residence 410 Norfolk Street, Apt. 3, Cambridge, MA.

The FBI was at Tamerlan’s apartment because it disclosed it had been asked by a “foreign government” (determined to be Russia) to check up on him.  Russia did so: “based on information that he was a follower of radical Islam and a strong believer, and that he had changed drastically since 2010 as he prepared to leave the United States for travel to the country’s region to join unspecified underground groups”

Although most believe that was the first time Tsarnaev came to the FBI’s attention that was not the case. Then FBI Director Mueller at a Congressional hearing first said that when the Russians notified them that was the first time the FBI knew of Tamerlan. Pressed by Congressman King’s “Pardon me?” Mueller changed horses: “Wait, wait, wait. His name had come up in two other cases.”

Will Trump Dump Spicer and Bannon? The Thin Skinned Leader

The Big Rat
The Big Rat

Trump’s way of doing business is so obvious that the simple answer to the above question is a resounding “yes.” They have caused embarrassment for him so they must go. One thing you must know is Trump is not a loyal guy. It’s not how long you have been doing things for him that counts it is what you have done lately. He treats people like pistachio shells.

Poor Sean Spicer committed the most grievous of sins. He apologized for his gaff. You’ve all heard the meaningless expression that became popular a couple of generations ago: “love mean never having to say you are sorry.”  That applies in spades to working for Trump: “Being a Trump person means never saying you are sorry.”

Spicer had been having a good run but should have known the knives were under the cloaks of those who found his style in defending the indefensible off-putting. He did well repeating the words he committed to memory by rote in answering questions with his rapid fire delivery. But at times as he was pouring out words he would forget the talking points which he spoke while his brain stayed in neutral and let his  tongue run on like a car with a jammed accelerator.  So was it that he blundered badly implying that Hitler was not as bad as Assad because he did not use gas against his own people.

Trump’s War Room: Where’s Alan Greenspan?

IMG_20170407_224217The Trump who has Obama running around banging on the walls of his mind with a sledge hammer driving him as close to Bedlam as one can come and still not be in a straitjacket does everything with the idea that if he can do one better than Obama then maybe the incessant pounding will cease or at least let up.

Thus, those of us who have seen the iconic photograph of Obama in the White House war room watching the raid on Osama bin Laden’s home recognize Trump’s photograph, shown above, of his war room in the Mar-a-Lago resort was his attempt to outdo Obama by providing a similar type photograph. Only it is unclear why all (except Jared) are glued to the screen because nothing of significance is being shown. For all we know and what is most likely is the screen was blank and the Trump told those assembled to stare at it so the photographer would have a war room photo. This theory rings true since the expression on Jared ‘s face seems to suggest he is thinking “you may be my father-in-law but there’s only so much foolishness I’m going to go along with.”

Is The Attack on the Syrian Airfield Another Trump/Putin con? Getting To Know How Trump Thinks.

Trump DrawngWhen the attack by poison gas on the Syrian children and adults occurred Trump responded by tweeting that it was “a consequence of the past administration’s weakness and irresolution.” It was typical of Trump to point to the Obama administration. This is the lodestone in his mind from which he measures himself in the White House. He is continually asking “how do I measure up against that president who has conned the whole world.”

It was back in April 2011, two years into the Obama presidency that Trump was interviewed by Meredith Viera. He was speaking about tracking down Obama’s birth certificate and pointed out that perhaps Obama had pulled off that con if he wasn’t born in the United States. Asked whether he had people in Hawaii checking on this, he responded: “Absolutely, And they cannot believe what they are finding. I’m serious.”  

They found nothing that proved Obama was not born in Hawaii. Yes, like Trump, I’m serious. Obama went on to serve another term. Trump was the one conning the world.

Trump and FOX and the Russians

Trump on aircraft carrierIt’s the Trumpster’s lap dog, FOX News. It is worse than Pravda at its height; speaking of that, not one Russian news station carried the news of the protests in 99 Russian cities on Sunday. According to one article “Indeed, all of the state run channels ignored the rallies.” Imagine if we only had Fox news that is what would have happened in America.

Over a thousand people were arrested in Russia for protesting peacefully. The leader of the protest Aleksei A. Navalny was sentenced the day after the rally to 15 days in prison for resisting arrest. That’s the quick justice you get in Russia. He’ll have more time heaped on top of that. I bet the London bookmakers have it 50/50 that he will be murdered in prison although it will be reported he died of a heart attack. When he is murdered some will start talking about civilians being killed in Yemen to pretend Putin murdering his foes is equivalent to American defending its nation.

Truly The Man Is Imbalanced: And That is Being Kind

Trump DrawngThe pool report of Trump’s speech last night to a group including some U.S. senators had him saying the following:

“Nobody ever told me that politics was going to be so much fun,” Trump said as he took the stage while Melanie sat down. “We are doing well, I just had a long call with Gen Mattis. We are doing really well in Iraq. Our soldiers are fighting, and fighting like never before, and the results are very good, so I just wanted to let everyone know.”

Then went back to talking about who was in the room tonight.

“I have some very special friends in the room . . . . Here we are and, shockingly, it’s bipartisan,” he joked to applause. “A lot of people showed up. People we weren’t expecting. I know that we are all going to make a deal on health care. That’s such an easy one.I have no doubt that’s going to happen very quickly. We have all been promising it – – Democrat, Republican – – to the public. We are going to talk about fixing up our military, which we really need.”

Whitey’s Woes: No Time For Reflection

Whitey SketchWriting about South Boston (Southie) brings Whitey back to mind.  He was born on September 3, 1929 which makes him just about a dozen years short of 100. I was wondering whether doing time in prison shortens or lengthens the average life span of a person. There is the lack of stress of having to earn a living since the government provides you with three hots and a cot (although under the new president Mr. Tweeter I’m told that there may soon be a work requirement for prisoners if they want to eat) but up against that there’s the lack of freedom and the usual tension of being bossed around by brutes in uniform both prisoners and guards.

I wrote to Whitey asking for a visit but he never got back to me. The last I heard a little less than a year ago is he is in wheel chair so that has to be a real bummer to a guy who liked to keep himself in shape. I wonder if they let him turn the lights off at night?

Oh The Russians and The Americans Must Be Friends

(2) russian bearWith apologies to Oklahoma:

Oh, the Russian and the American should be friends,
Oh, the Russian and the American should be friends.
One leader like to kills his foes,
The other likes to count his dough,
But that’s no reason why they cain’t be friends.

It is sort of scary to me how many Americans are singing the above song just because the Trumpster has told them that is how they should think. The Trumpster is pushing this courtesy of a deal that was made that Russia would help Trump in his election (yes, no one doubts that Russia helped him, some don’t believe the deal was made).

Strangely, out of the blue the Trumptser questioned the American alliance with NATO which has kept peace in Europe of 70 years. He also cheered the British leaving the EU which will cause a significant undetermined amount of damage to the United Kingdom, perhaps making it even less united.  These moves only help Russia.