§27: Re-Examining Whitey Bulger: The Learning Years: The Issue No One Has Adequately Explained.

The Pope Mobile
Will Be Used To
Display Whitey

It did seem that Whitey and Stevie came together quite quickly for two guys who did not know each other before they met in May 1974. The first outside sighting of them being together that I know of comes from Kevin Weeks.  He said he was a bouncer during the summer of 1974 at Flix’s which was in the Somerset Hotel on Commonwealth Avenue in Boston.  After the bar closed both Whitey, who he knew, and Stevie, who he was seeing for the first time, showed up and were let in by the owner.

Pat Nee tells us that in 1974 he told Whitey he wanted to do more to help the IRA.  He wrote: “At first Whitey couldn’t warm to the idea of something that didn’t involve Southie and didn’t put money in his pocket.” This pretty much follows along with the theme we’ve developed that Whitey still was more concerned with Southie than what was happening at Marshall Motors or anyplace else.

He said at the time he and Whitey were in complete control of South Boston but “One day it just seemed to happen — Stevie became attached to Whitey’s hip”  But he also said something curious, “Gerry Angiulo had given Whitey the nod on Stevie.”  This is extremely doubtful.

§26: Re-Examining Whitey Bulger: The Learning Years: When Stevie Met Whitey

Quincy Police OC Unit’s Picture
Of Whitey and Stevie Meeting

All the books written about Whitey and Stevie Flemmi jump over the return of Stevie and his involvement with Winter Hill. None seemed to be curious about how Stevie and Whitey became partners. They treat this happening as if their relationship had existed for all time, yet as we know Stevie had no knowledge of who Whitey was prior to his return, nor did Whitey know much about Stevie except from what he may have learned from the others.

I suggest it is important to understand how they became partners in order to understand how it was they developed their relationship within the Winter Hill Gang and with FBI Agent John Connolly.

The reason the books are lacking information about this is that Stevie did not testify about it. Had Stevie done so then we may have read something about it but what we would have read is what Stevie told us. We know Stevie is a liar so how do we construct our knowledge or put much credence in what he says one way or the other. Stevie, like all the others who turned state’s evidence, knew the best chance for a sweetheart deal was to lessen his involvement in crimes while exaggerating the importance of Whitey. That is what the prosecutors wanted to hear.

Re-Examining Whitey Bulger: The Early Years: Start of the Killeen Mullen War: Part Seven

The Bride Over
Fort Point Channel

I had to go back to Ralph Ranalli’s book Deadly Alliance which I recommended in the early days of this blog to refresh my recollection about an FBI report.  Ranalli wrote one of the earliest of the Bulger books which he put together after attending the hearing held by Judge Wolf in late 1997 and 1998.  It is a general overview by a good writer that is off the mark in several important areas. Since I started a more in-depth study of these matter and gained a greater insight, Ranalli pretty much puts out the black and white government and media mindset that everything relating to Bulger is evil, although he does suggest the FBI is no slacker when it comes to doing evil deeds.

Here’s The Problem With Judge Stearns Not Recusing Himself In Whitey Bulger’s Case?

(Today I’m off to the hearing in Boston.  Come back later in the day around five or so and if I have an internet connection I’ll let you know what happened.)

(I wrote a correction to this blog the next day.)

Judge Stearns wrote on July 17, 2012  in response to J.W. Carney’s motion that he recuse himself from Whitey’s trial that he was denying the motion “Because at no time during my service as an AUSA did I participate in or have any knowledge of any case or investigation in which defendant was a subject or target.”

A  person who comments on my blog reminded me of the circumstances surrounding Joseph Murray.  As I’ve previously written a lot more is carried about these matters in that comment section of my blog. Any person really interested in other views might want to take a peek at it.

The Dire Need of The FBI Caused Hoover To Agree To Do The Unthinkable And Partner Up With Whitey Bulger

I’ve written how the FBI did much good but involved itself in criminal acts, how J. Edgar Hoover was out of his comfort zone chasing organized crime people, but when he was forced to do so he did it well again violating the law by doing break-ins and planting electronic bugs to secretly listening to conversations.  I noted how LBJ in July 1965 stopped him from doing this.  Hoover was at his wit’s end having had his most effective tool for combating organized crime taken from him.

Imagine the despair. With the electronic bugs the FBI agents could sit in the comfort of their offices and listen to the Mafiosi talk all day, cull out the important information, and pass it out among other agents. Nothing could have been easier.  The information gained could be disguised and used in making future arrests or raids. Little Al, the name the Chicago FBI gave to their most prolific bug, could be turned into Informant A in an affidavit and described as one who has provided reliable information in the past.

The FBI as an Enabler of Criminals — The Easy Way Out

One of the FBI’s most active agents against organized crime,  William F. Roemer, Jr., wrote four books about his experience as an FBI agent chasing  after the Chicago Mafia.   Shortly after he joined the FBI,  the Apalchin meeting took place.  The FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover had to admit that the Mafia existed in the US, although he made sure his agents called it the LCN.   With a wink, a blink and a knowing nod from FBI  Headquarters, Roemer and other agents started to break into buildings owned by mob figures and others to plant listening devices (bugs).  This was done without securing anyone’s permission other than its own.  No judges were involved to review the reasons and to issue warrants.

Director Hoover made sure these agents who were committing these criminal acts knew that if any were caught, the FBI would wash its hands of them.  It would deny they were authorized to do it. The FBI not only authorized the crimes but then planned to engage in a cover up of its actions. To catch the Mafia, the FBI decided the way to do it was to become criminals itself.

Two Irishmen: James (Whitey) Bulger and James (Jimmy the Gent) Burke: Boston vs New York

Jimmy the GentHow is it that Whitey received widespread national coverage during his trial, even reports in some international media? What makes him such a figure that well over two dozen books have been written about him in which he plays a prominent part in one way or another?  I’ve posited that Whitey was a run-of-the-mill viscous gangster. Yet forces united to elevate him to stratospheric levels.

When his trial ended media reports told us he terrorized the City of Boston for decades. But as I’ve noted few outside one section of the city, South Boston, and those were people involved in booking and drug dealing, ever heard about him. How can you terrorize people if no one knows you exist until after you’ve gone?.

One prominent media maven wrote that he “Corrupted Boston for a Quarter Century.” From what I can tell there’s never been any public official in the state or city convicted of corruption because of an involvement with Whitey. It seems that the corruption we’ve seen among Massachusetts public office holders or officials has not implicated anyone involved with organized crime.