Trump’s Character Can Be Judged By His Associations: Carr and Dershowitz.

My mother told me that you can judge who a person is by the company he keeps. It was her way of telling me she did not approve of some of the kids I hung around with. But I was young. It seems one discriminates less at that time. Sure, I knew my mother through her adult eyes thought some of my friends were ne’re-do-wells but in a sense we were all basically the same in those teenage years. We lived for the moment and our friendships; we expected they would last forever but they vanished quickly as we matured – as the enemies in the form of females infiltrated our ranks luring friends away into their webs of intrigue.

Thinking back on those days which included high school I had a friend named Mike Donato. He was a great athlete both in baseball and football, the quarterback of our team. You may know him because his kids did quite well in the hockey arena, one playing for the Bruins. Mike himself was an NFL referee. Mike and I both being from the inner city, Mike was from Roslindale, had that attitude you gain on the streets  or unsupervised playgrounds where nothing is really too sacred and the goal is to outdo the others in wit and will.

Friends, Americans, Countrymen, Lend Me Your Eyes: I Come Here To Bury Trump

Friends, Americans, countrymen, lend me your eyes, I  come here to bury Trump, not to praise him.

I start by asking one simple question. Do you believe him when he wrote  at 8:50 am on July 24, 2018 on his twitter account @realdonaldtrump :

I’m very concerned that Russia will be fighting very hard to have an impact on the upcoming Election. Based on the fact that no President has been tougher on Russia than me, they will be pushing very hard for the Democrats. They definitely don’t want Trump!”

If you answer yes, are you one who will follow what he wants which he set out in his statement to the VFW the very same day that you “Just remember, what you are seeing and what you are reading is not what’s happening. Just stick with us, don’t believe the crap you see from these people, the fake news.”

You would almost think Trump took that line from George Orwell but since he doesn’t read probably not. In truth, it is likely Trump would know as much about  Orwell as he did about Frederick Douglas.

The Woes of Being A Judge: Even Right Decisions May Be Second Guessed.

We depend on our FBI and intelligence agencies to keep us safe even though Trump is banking on Putin to do it for us. We rely on these agencies to work hard and follow-up any threats to our country. We recognize that for them to prevent any attacks on American soil they must be right 100% of the time. If not then tragedy may happen.

We saw that with the Tsarnaev brothers where after an FBI inquiry they were deemed not to be a threat. The FBI made a judgment call. It acted on the information it had at the time. How was it to know that it had made a grave error which would lead to the Marathon Terrorist Attack?

We also saw it with the 9/11 attack and perhaps even with the Pearl Harbor attack.  Monday morning quarterbacking showed clues that if put together in the exact right order may have alerted us that the attacks were coming. Even with that though, one knows that had something different been done the outcome still might have been the same, or perhaps worse.

Does He Know That Nuclear Weapons Murder People? Yes, Real People Like Little Boys.

On Friday I blew out my knee walking at the track. I usually do little for it but suffer through.

Tonight, Sunday, I had gone to bed about ten. I just woke up. It is shortly after midnight. The knee is throbbing in pain. I have no choice but to take a couple of ibuprofen tablets. I do that and pick up my smart phone. I see this tweet:

It was from the twitter account of @realdonaldtrump.

It was written an hour or so before.


Are you happy that the president after a long day of golf is sitting in bed threatening nuclear devastation on another country using twitter? Do you think that is how diplomacy should be done? Do you think this makes Trump looks like a very sick person? Do you wonder what particularly set him off?

Asst US Attorney Fred Wyshak’s 30 Year Crusade and the Fish That Got Away

There it was in front of me. An article on Fred Wyshak. It wasn’t in the Boston Globe his long time supporter but an AP article in the Boston Herald. When I first looked at the photograph accompanying it I did not recognize Wyshak. He’s aged. He’s wearing his American flag pin. He has a wry smile hinting to his disappointment that he never got the big fish he was after.

Thirty years. A lot accomplished on one hand yet on the other we cannot but fail to recognize that unlike Ahab he never had a chance to catch up with his Moby Dick. His Pequod, the Boston U.S. attorney’s office, despite roaming afar over the oceans of criminality using the most modern of tools  and inventing new ones, had no  chance of finding his target.

It was simple to explain. He was never in that ocean. It’s as if Ahab set out after an imagined whale and no Moby Dick existed. It is impossible to catch something that exists only in one’s head and the heads of others who urged the pursuit. How would we read or would we have never heard of Melville’s book if Moby Dick was a figment of the mad mind of Ahab.

Trump’s Collusion With Russian Proven: A Witch Hunt It Ain’t

At his news conference with Putin we saw Trump standing at a podium next to Putin. We heard Putin say: “I had to reiterate things I said several times, including during our personal contacts, that the Russian state has never interfered and is not going to interfere into internal American affairs, including the election process.”

As I mentioned yesterday Trump said in response to whether he believed Putin when he said, as set out above, he did not interfere in the election: “I have President Putin. He just said no it’s not Russia.” He went on to say: “President Putin was extremely strong and powerful in his denial today.”

Last November Trump had this to say after meeting with Putin: “He said he didn’t meddle. He said he didn’t meddle. I asked him again. You can only ask so many times. Every time he sees me, he says, ‘I didn’t do that.’ And I believe, I really believe, that when he tells me that, he means it. I think he is very insulted by it.”

Yesterday Trump said: “let me be totally clear in saying — and I’ve said this many times — I accept our intelligence community’s conclusion that Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election took place. Could be other people also. A lot of people out there.”

Trump Tries To Get Off The Hook: As Usual He Tells a Whopper

I had  to laugh listening to Trump’s statement yesterday as he explained how when he was crawling like a lamb in front of President Putin he misspoke. All I could think of is someone being interrogated about a crime and answering the cop: “all right, you got me, I was the one who pulled the gun” but during the trial said: “I meant to say, ‘all right, you got me, I was not the one who pulled the gun.'”

You do judge the person’s words by the context in which they are stated. If the person said: “wait, you got the wrong guy, I was not the one who pulled the gun,” that would make sense. If the cop testified he said, “wait,you got the wrong guy, I was the one who pulled the gun” you’d raise your eyebrows and think, “yeah, of course he said that.”

So as I listened to Trump’s lie yesterday I went back to look at the transcript of his statement. I wanted to determine whether he was just spinning out another lie or actually misspoke. It reads:

The FBI and I: A Long Trek Over The Past (7 of 7)

Those are the main concerns I recall I’ve had about the FBI. There are others that do not come to mind at the moment. My knowledge is only limited to the Boston office so I imagine at the 56 field offices and their many sub divisions there are similar types of problems.  It is not a problem free office and the perception of problems stems from the secrecy in which it operates and also from the acquiescence of Congress which up until now has been fearful of it.

The idea now is not to throw out the baby with the bath water. The FBI has talented, honest, and capable agents who act professionally. There are some changes needed in it but these can be done easily if the will is there. Those seeking its destruction because they are part of the Trump cult seeking to hide any crimes he may have committed must be ignored.

Congress may want to set up a select committee or appoint some prominent officials to do a study of it but not until the biased Trump clones now running it are no longer leading the committees. The safety and security of America in large part depends on the FBI. We should act to protect it while demanding more openness and more adherence to the civil rights of the people.