John Connolly Week: (5 of 10) John Connolly’s Future

The result of Flemmi’s testimony that he had been authorized to commit crimes by the FBI agent had the potential to do two compelling things: it would undermine the prosecutor’s case alleging a conspiracy among the gangsters because you cannot conspire with a government agent which Flemmi was alleging that he was; it also brought tremendous embarrassment to the FBI.  As I’ve shown over the years the worst thing an FBI agent can do, even worse than being a spy for an enemy, is to embarrass the FBI. (See book: “Don’t Embarrass the Family.”) 

The prosecutor believed he had to come up with testimony to counter Flemmi’s allegation. He had two choices: retired agent John Connolly or his supervisor retired agent John Morris. Both men had contact with Whitey and Flemmi.

During 1988 Morris had been the source for the Boston Globe. He was wrongfully providing information in an investigation dubbed the 75 State Street case. Having been taking money and other bennies from Whitey over the years he feared exposure. Perhaps Whity was recording the bribery.  He came up with a plan. He would violate his FBI obligation to keep the identity of an informant secret and disclose to the Globe that Whitey was an informant. He hoped that by publicly disclosing Whitey was an informant Whitey would get whacked (murdered) by the Mafia. Then his  taking money from Whitey would not be discovered. (He’d also admit taking money from another TEI.)

John Connolly Week: (4 of 10): John Connolly’s Job

As I said I am not a John Connolly supporter which based on my reasoning also makes me not a supportive of the FBI because of this dastardly program which is known to exist by all the FBI agents. The tragic happening to John Connolly should be a warning to all FBI agents engaged in the program that they are playing with fire. For nothing John Connolly did (even assuming that those who testified against him were telling the truth which I do not believe for one minute but to tell this tragic story I must) was not part of what he was supposed to have done as an FBI agent. It was his job under the program to use both Bulger and Flemmi as informants and gain information from them so that the FBI could go after others.

There is little doubt they provided him information. Its worth may be questioned by some but it is clear at a minimum that they gave him the interior setup of Gerry Angiulo’s Mafia headquarters so the FBI could plant a bug and aided them in their investigation of Vanessa’s in the Prudential Building and the recording of a Mafia induction ceremony. Each of these thrust a dagger into the Mafia’s attempt to survive.

John Connolly Week: (3 of 10) His Job With The FBI

To sentence a man to die in prison for something that the federal government gave him permission to do and for something others in his position routinely do is plainly a huge miscarriage of justice. In a Florida prison a retired FBI agent named John Connolly is looking forward to dying behind the walls. Like one of the persons who landed him there, James “Whitey” Bulger, he will leave prison being carried on a stretcher outside to a hearse.

His is a voice crying in the wilderness for justice. His voice is being drowned out by the voices of evil men who wish to have him silenced. It is being drowned out by legal officials about whom G.K. Chesterton had this to say: “not that they are wicked (some of them are good); not that they are stupid (some of them are quite intelligent); it is simply that they have gotten used to it. They simply do not see the prisoner in the dock; all they see is the usual man in the usual place. They do not see the awful court of judgment; they see only their own workshop.”

John Connolly Week: (2 of 10) A Look Back part 2 of 2

(continued from yesterday )

“On August 24, 2011 Milton Valencia of the Globe reported Rossetti was told by the FBI {agent who was handling him] “my job is to keep you anonymous and safe.  You don’t have anything to worry about if things down the road happen, but if that happens, we’ll have to deal with it as it comes, I will have to start working on it.”  This is an FBI agent talking to a vicious criminal suspected of six or more murders.  His job isn’t to stop this man it’s to keep him safe.  Who is the agent working for?

The Globe came back to it again on November 3, 2011 with an editorial saying Congress should oversee the FBI informants.  It tells about the systematic failure of FBI agents to follow the guidelines on handling informants.  It says Congressman Lynch is right to call for congressional oversight over the FBI’s use of informants.

On December 6, 2011 Cullen reported that Congressman Lynch and two other Congressmen met with the FBI.    The FBI said it was conducting an internal inquiry and promised a follow-up meeting.  What’s the problem?  Rossetti is a violent criminal, a Mafia capo,  actively engaged in heroin dealing. Why does the FBI need all this time to conduct this inquiry?

John Connolly Week: (1 of 10) A Look Back part 1 of 2

To put the matter into proper context it is necessary to repost an article I wrote in August 2012 entitled: “Congressman Lynch’s Lack of Enthusiasm in Holding the FBI Accountable. I’ve made some minor corrections to it. Here is what I wrote:

“FBI Agent John Connolly is well on the way to spending the rest of his life in jail.   Connolly as we all know was the handler of Whitey Bulger and Stevie Flemmi.  When this became known to the public, a general uproar occurred over the idea that these two top gangsters could be FBI informants.  Everyone in the FBI from the top to the bottom,  from the Director to the file clerks in the Boston office, knew Whitey was an informant.  When the public demanded an answer for what appeared to be a horrendous decision of protecting two men engaged in many murders and unable to deny that it happened, the FBI went into overdrive to protect itself.  It threw Connolly to the  angry mob, in effect saying Connolly had become a rogue agent.  The FBI vowed that this would never happen again.  The FBI hoped that Connolly would be forgotten and that the public would forget it had made this huge error and it could return to business as usual, using top criminals as informants and protecting them.

Trump’s America. A Few Thoughts on Home and Foreign Policy

One thing no one can doubt. There never would have been a Peace Corps under Donald Trump. I thought this as I listened to a fervent Trump supporter decrying spending any American money to help any foreigner. She asked: “what about the American homeless and others.”  

Apparently the money we spend in foreign nations like foreign aid to help foreigners is wrong. But in truth it is not that she wanted that money to be spent on the homeless. She wants on the other hand to cut back on government spending which would include money for the American  homeless.

I can’t but be amused by those who want less spending on others and less government spending in general. I find many are happily benefitting from the benefits of Medicare. I’ve yet to hear any of those asking for that program to be cut back. The idea of helping others, foreigners or Americans, seems to be disappearing.

The New York City Jew and the New York City Christian

The other day we saw someone doing  something particularly nasty The person with me commented: “that’s not Christian-like.” Being in an ornery mood I said: “What does  Christian-like mean. Does it mean all those who are Christian do good things and others don’t?” It was a rhetorical question and as expected the answer I got was a dirty look.

I thought back to G.K. Chesterton. He said: “The problem with Christianity is it never has been tried.” I suppose had it been then the expression “Christian-like” might have some substance to it rather than being bereft of all meaning if taken literally.

What brought me to my blog today was the news of the New York City Christian Donald Trump’s new immigration plan He said it will have “compassion for struggling American families that deserve an immigrant system that puts their needs first.” The plan cuts immigration in half; ends migration based upon having family members here; and will favor those with skills, have money to support themselves and speak English.