The F.B.I. – America’s Last or Lost Hope: An Analysis 4 of 4

When something so unprecedented in American history happens you have to ask what is behind it. When you look you see nothing. Really, there is nothing behind the attack on the FBI except the Big Lie. There are thousands of FBI agents and not one incident has arisen to support the attacks on it.

So what is the purpose? It is to bring tear down the reputation of these agents so that when the Special Prosecutor produces evidence of the president’s involvement with Russia it can be deflected by suggesting it is all part of an illegal coup. It’s an old criminal defense counsel ploy, when your client has no defense attack the investigators. We saw it in the Whitey Bulger case. Whitey with all the blood on his hands wasn’t the bad guy it was the Government.

What is so stunning about the recent attacks is there have been times in the past when the FBI could have been severely criticized not only in its partnering with top-level criminals but with its many illegalities shown in the Church investigation in 1975 and its findings that in hundreds of shooting by FBI agents not one was wrongful. No organization is perfect but despite its flaws the FBI is not a group of people who one should worry about. And, those comparing it with the KGB are just plainly ignorant rabble rousers.

The F.B.I. – America’s Last or Lost Hope: An Analysis 3 of 4

The stunning part of all this is the FBI cooperated fully in Connolly’s prosecution knowing that what he had done was part of the job he was supposed to have done. Some agents testified on his behalf but others testified for the prosecution. But overall the FBI and its agents except for a small group (100 out of 15,000) walked away from him. How can it be that so few, and mostly retired, special agents would stand up for a guy they knew was doing his job.

Connolly never seemed to understand he had been left out to hang by the FBI. I never understood that. He was so loyal to it that I guess he could not conceive of it turning against him. He always blamed the prosecutors without realizing had the FBI stood up and said he was doing his job there would have been no prosecution.

After the dust settled I decided to try to understand why so few backed Connolly. I did some reading on the FBI in books by agents who were proud of their  careers and some who were disgruntled. All of them mentioned its supreme commandment, “Don’t Embarrass the FBI.”  In fact, one book had the title . “Don’t Embarrass The Bureau.” I thought it strange that I had figured it out sitting during Connolly’s trial and later to learn in fact that was the most important thing to the FBI.

The F.B.I. – America’s Last or Lost Hope: An Analysis 2 of 4

When Flemmi announced that he and his fellow TEI Bulger were FBI informants this news splashed across an outraged Boston media. It asked how could it be that  Special Agent Connolly and these two known animals had formed an alliance and were working together? The public was aghast at the thought Connolly could tell them they could commit crimes to which FBI would turn a blind eye.

There was not so much expressed horror in the media about Flemmi being in partnership with the FBI’s Connolly as there was about Bulger. Although Flemmi by far was the most vicious and debased of the two, Bulger was the brother of a prominent high level politician who had many enemies waiting with long knives.  Although the brother was a clean as a hound’s tooth, the relationship was enough to highlight the case. It was said that the criminal brother could not have risen to the top without the good brother’s help yet no one, no matter how good the reward offered, could be found to point to any connection between them. But as we see today, no matter how big the lied the more you shout it the more people believe it.

The F.B.I. – America’s Last or Lost Hope: An Analysis 1 of 4

Those who have been with me for a long time are aware that I have my problems with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. I spelled them out in my book Don’t Embarrass the Family. It was due to that book that I started this blog. I’ve never had a problem with any specific FBI agent but with the Bureau’s higher ups.

I believe almost all the FBI agents at the lower levels –  sometimes called brick agents – are honest, courageous, intelligent, loyal Americans doing their best to enforce the laws of the country. I have personally known some, not many, and have always held them in the highest respect and regard. The one fault I found with the agents has been their willingness to follow instructions that come down from the upper ranks of the Bureau.

“We Don’t Serve Homosexuals” Do You Want To Live in An America Like That?

The front view of the statue of liberty with fighter planes racing across the sky behind this great New York City Monument

I wrote about the custom wedding cake case. As you know it is a situation where a baker refused to bake a custom-made wedding cake for the two men who planned to get married. He said it was for two reasons. One, it violated his religion and also it infringed on his right to free speech. Although putting the Constitution aside the reason was he, like others, have a hard time accepting the idea of two men getting married.

I wondered what the baker would have done if two guys came in holding hands, told him they were married, and wanted to buy a loaf of bread.  Or what if they were married but did not tell him that but just held hands. Would it be against his religion to sell them the bread? What if they were both poor and hungry and he was handing out stale bread for free? Would he refuse them? What does his religion say about dealing with the poor and hungry?  Does it say inquire about their sexual preference before feeding? If the baker is a Christian did he know about Christ feeding the multitude with his miracle of bread and fish and He not putting any preconditions on who ate.

If Only The Wedding Cake Spoke: It May Solve The Issue

I wish the wedding cake would speak. It would have saved us a lot of trouble. I know you think what is he talking about asking  a wedding cake to speak? I’ll explain.

The Supreme Court has told us that corporations are people. If corporations are people can wedding cakes be people? Corporations are assembled by putting papers together and cakes are assembled by putting ingredients together. You don’t eat corporations even though some of the big corporations eat up smaller corporations. You do eat cakes. I suppose if we said wedding cakes were persons then those who ate them would be accused of being cannibals. Perhaps that is the best argument not to have cakes considered persons.

The Supreme Court has also told us that money is speech. If money is speech can frosting be speech? One baker says the frosting on his cake is his speech. Even though money and frosting may be speech none of them speak themselves. You can’t ask them questions and expect an answer. If they give one it is so faint you cannot hear it.

The Taking of America 123: Three: The Firing of Mueller

Strange how a guy who served as a Marine officer with valor in Vietnam, worked as a U.S. attorney, headed up the FBI longer than anyone other than J. Edgar Hoover, happens to be a Republican and skillful prosecutor, and bleeds red, white and blue is all of a sudden under attack by Fox News and the GOP members of Congress.   Why is he being attacked? Obviously because he is doing his job investigating the Russian interference in the American presidential election and it is closing in on President Trump.

Why else? All the rest of the talk about corrupt FBI and prejudice has no substance behind it. It is a smoke screen to hide the real motive that the GOP itself wants to protect Trump from a valid investigation. Imagine if back in Watergate days the GOP senate was as it is today. Nixon would never have been investigated and his involvement in the cover-up never disclosed.

Here’s how bad things have become. Back in May Newt Gringrich tweeted: “Robert Mueller is superb choice to be special counsel. His reputation is impeccable for honesty and integrity. Media should now calm down ” On December 6 he said on Fox News: “Mueller is corrupt. The senior FBI is corrupt. The system is corrupt.” In a little over six months Mueller goes from superb to corrupt.

The Taking of America 123: Two: The Denigration of the FBI

Make no mistake about this. When President Donald Trump starts the process to terminate the investigation of Special Counsel Robert Mueller that will result in the closure of his investigation America will have fallen from the ranks of democratic nations. We will have become a quasi-dictatorship like Russia or Turkey where the person in charge of the country is above the law and those who cross them are killed or jailed.

There will be no way to hold Trump, or perhaps any future president if we keep the presidential system, accountable for crimes committed to get into office or in office. Remember Russia and Turkey were once functioning democracies. Now they are ruled by one party which is ruled by one person.

The ominous signs of the planned takeover have come about in just the last week or so. The Trump team has been sending out messages intended to undermine the rule of law in America. Our nation’s foremost investigative unit has become under attack as never before in our history by the president and his allies. It has been subject to broad barrage of unjust and unwarranted criticism. The integrity of each special agent has been called into question.