Patrick Nee of South Boston: Strange How His Irish Luck Held Out

Patrick Nee of South Boston seemed to have slipped through the troubles, not the Troubles in Ireland, but those in South Boston surrounding Whitey Bulger relatively unscathed. Going through the life of Whitey Bulger he is there and not there – he is his enemy, his partner, his enemy. The final episode that we see concerning him is his attorney claiming he will take the Fifth Amendment at Whitey’s trial. I don’t recall if he appears in court at all or if he does he remains all but out of sight in the back of it.

One thing about him is certain. He was good friends with Kevin Weeks. Both men protected each other.

Nee was a member of the Mullen gang. It was that gang that fought the Killeen gang in South Boston for control of the rackets. That war ended with a peace agreement instituted among the gangsters at the gangster owned Chandlers nightclub in Boston’s South End. With Howie Winter the boss of the Winter Hill Gang presiding, Whitey Bulger who had been part of the Killeen group met with Pat Nee and Tommy King who were part of the Mullen group. They decided the racket money from South Boston would be divided down the middle between both gangs.

As Pat Nee said they became partners with Whitey. Tommy King was not too happy with the outcome. The Mullens had won the war in Southie yet they were going to split the proceeds with the loser.

At the time of the Chandler meeting the other big gun in the Killeen gang, Billy O’Sullivan had been murdered. He was gunned down by three or four of the Mullens including Paulie McGonagle who was also one of the Mullens’ leaders. Nee in his book would write that Paulie did it by himself to revenge his brother’s killing by O’Sullivan; the newspapers reported at the time of the incident that three or four men killed him. It would make sense that one of the others could have been Nee.

After the Chandler’s meeting Whitey began to hang out with Winter’s gang in Somerville. Nee, who had been charged with assault with attempt to murder and beat the rap when the victim refused to testify against him, went back with the Mullens to Southie.

Paulie McGonagle did not live too long after that. Whitey and Stevie Flemmi eliminated him by having Tommy King murder him. Now get this, Nee participated with Tommy King in burying him at Tenean Beach. How’s that figure? He’s burying his buddy who was killed by his former enemy.

A year later Nee is burying Tommy King who Whitey and Flemmi also arranged to have murdered. He’s now eliminated his partners who he was sharing proceeds with but continues to associate with the guy who arranged their murders. You’d have thought he’d be wanting to go after the guy murdering his buddies rather than burying them for him. Strange.

When Kevin Weeks made his deal with the federal prosecutors to help them find the bodies that Whitey and Stevie Flemmi murdered he had no idea where Paulie McGonagle or Tommy King were buried. He went to Pat Nee to get the information. Pat who was in prison turned it over to him. Was it that favor in providing information against Whitey that saved him from being charged with murdering Halloran and Donohue? Strange.

Brian Halloran and Michael Donohue are gunned down on the South Boston waterfront. Kevin Weeks testifies he served as lookout while Whitey and a man in a ski mask in the back seat who he did not know murdered them. How likely is that? Yet the prosecutors let him testify to it. Witnesses to the shooting saw no one with a mask on. Stevie Flemmi who missed the chance to do the killing said that the man in the back seat was Pat Nee.

Nee wrote that in January 1989 he was released from federal prison in Danbury after doing eighteen months of a four-year sentence for shipping guns to Ireland’s IRA. On November 12, 1991, he was convicted of attempted armed robbery of a bank in Abington. On March 13, 1992, he was sentenced to fourteen years in prison. In 2006 he wrote a book about himself while Whitey was on the run which portrayed Whitey in a very poor light.

All the leaders of the Mullen gang murdered except him. All those around Whitey from Southie dead or having done time except him because of that relationship. I’ve written about his involvement in the John McIntrye murder which I’ll visit again. With all the luck that he’s had it’s hard not to believe he was walking hand-in-hand with the federal prosecutors. Yet, I don’t believe that was the case. I don’t believe he was an informant or cooperated in any way other than to help out Weeks which didn’t affect Whitey one way or the other.  I guess it is true that the Irish are sometimes very lucky.


At the beginning of the book he wrote an author’s note. In part he stated: “Most reporters and authors who write Southie gangster books use CIs — confidential informers — as sources. However, seldom is the majority of information compiled by these sources correct information. Confidential informers are self-serving criminals who lie.(my emphasis). No truer words were spoken about the happenings around Whitey. The same also applies to federal witnesses who testify for deals.

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      Interesting comment. Very true. We wonder why others did not stand up against tyrants but when it comes to Americans we seem to give ourselves a pass. I have said that we don’t have it in us to resist tyranny if it means more than going out marching once in a while. I can only see clouds ahead.

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      We got more snow on the way. I believe we have more than Boston has. Global Snowing!

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  2. Pat Nee is on Bill Weld’s short list for Veep. He is competing with Harvey Weinstein and the Va. Governor.

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      Down here in Virginia the pot is calling the kettle Black Face.


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  5. What is left out is that Pat Nee served in Vietnam. In his own words he said roughly that the men who came back from Vietnam were not looking at things the same way in the neighborhoods as before they left. If someone were to write in a screenplay about a masked man in a backseat in a shooting , it would be laughed off. Boston seemed to lead the country back then in unexplainable events. Whose book would I have loved to read! The man who headed up the Massachusetts State Police detectives group for so many years! To many man are dead and gone to ever solve so much of what is written about.

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