27 thoughts on “Please Send Your Best Wishes

  1. Hi Matt and sorry to hear that you are unwell and I hope that you will get better soon.

    I look forward to reading your Irish Gang War book

  2. Matt
    3 years ago my descending aorta burst and I was MedVacced by chopper
    100 miles away to Portland from Farmington Maine.
    I wound up going to Mass General where Dr Mark Conrad put
    a stent in the artery.
    A year later, suffering from Post Traumatic Stress caused by certain people
    posting on your blog I was readmitted to Mass General where I had the
    upper arch of my ascending Aorta replaced with a artificial one by
    Dr. Jassar.UGH!

    In other Newes!


    Ram Dass writes about how his attitude towards death has changed with his spiritual growth, and that he’s got it on good authority that dying is absolutely safe.

  3. Matt, may the Lord guide you on a safe, steady recovery and return you to the fine, caring hands of your loved ones.

  4. I knew something was wrong as Matt hasn’t posted in a long time. We miss you Matt. Hope you have a speedy recovery. We pray for you Matt. You are a tough man. I look forward to reading your Irish Gang War book and discussing it with you!!!!

  5. Matt, hope you get well soon and thank you for your thoughts and insights. You have a wonderful impact on all and I know you have more to deliver.

    Our prayers are with your family and you, Tom

  6. Matt~

    I’ll be asking the Good Lord to grant you a speedy recovery and the strength to get through it. (I’m the author who wrote about Tommy Sullivan and am writing a book about about Joe Mac.)

  7. Prayers and love from Matt’s wife Maria, Matt’s inlaws, Matt’s brothers, sisters, sons, daughter, nieces, nephews, grandchildren, grandnieces, grand nephews, and cousins, and many more lifelong friends from South Boston, Savin Hill, Dorchester, Boston College and everywhere. Matt is much loved by family and friends, and much admired by so many he has uplifted and helped throughtout his life. God be with you, Matt.

    Brother Bill

  8. Matt,

    Sorry to learn you’re ill. My thoughts and prayers from Sligo, Ireland, for your fast recovery.


  9. ‘Monte’….We all miss your guidance and advice…Hope you’re back on your feet soon…

  10. Dear Matt:
    So sorry to hear of your illness. Please get well soonest. Looks like you’re toting an M-14 in your fightin’ Marine photo. Not a bad choice. The early M-16s jammed a lot … Thanks for your service in Vietnam, and your blog.

    1. Afterthought: Thanks also for putting away numerous evildoers during your career as a prosecutor.

  11. Hi Matt. Heard your taking some
    Time off. Get well brother !!! Too many depend on your posts!

  12. I am so sorry to hear this. I have learned a lot reading this blog over the years and have recommended it to others who are interested in the topic that inspired it. I look forward to good news that our host is on the mend and even better news that he’s out and about and in fine fettle once again.

  13. TimCrowley formerly of Milton , now North Carolina and under the disguise as Timothy Crowley,Poet,Chapel HillNC and a quiet belief with Matt’s goodness .
    Wish Matt a full recovery.

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