Politics Monday: Trump’s Operation Be Scared: A Way To Subvert America

The old trickery is back. I suggest they call it “Operation Be Scared.” It’s sort a replay of what we saw in 2018 by the Trump gang when they insisted that caravans of people were ready to invade the American nation. Do you recall how we sent U.S. Military to the borders to thrust back those invaders: mothers and fathers and little children seeking a chance for a better life. After that stunt backfired the troops were withdrawn and the threat quickly disappeared.

We saw the result of our inhumane process. Even back then we had Trump folk justifying the separation of parents from their children pointing to the separation that occurs when a parent is sent to jail or prison. They foolishly pick up on Republican talking points without thinking there is a difference between one seeking a better life an one committing a crime. But as I’ve said before the Trump folk like to echo what their leader says without thinking of the foolishness of it like telling us about the Deep State that suddenly came into existence when Trump decided to run for office.

Operation Be Scared now is underway. It reminds me of this tale I heard about how it was to be in the distant and better future. At some point women began to realize that there was no need for misogynistic men who were the cause of much violence, hatred and wars. A group of them decided to do a systematic culling. It was a long-term project. Poison was a preferred tool. Slowly but surely all men were to be eliminated except a very small numbers with genes discovered through genetic investigation that showed they were less likely to be violent or have a misogynistic nature.

These men who were permitted to remain were confined to certain specified areas from which they could never leave. They were use only for the purpose of restocking the supply of sperm. Their only contact with the world outside their confines was access to cages with bars which allowed them to view the outside but barred their access to it.

Every day a certain number of men were put into these cages so that women, the only humans outside the confines, could come and view them. Often groups of schoolgirls would be brought to look at them. To show the girls why it was necessary to lock men away the teachers would bring with them bags of stones. They would hand them out to the girls and suggest they throw the stones at the men. They did. After getting hit the men would become irate, threaten them, yell and curse, jump around, fight among themselves trying to avoid being hit, and get all agitated.

The teachers would then calmly say to their girls “see how they react. See how violent they are. That’s why we had to protect you from them.”  The girls would nod in agreement and hurry to get away from the frenzied men in the cages.

Trump’s Operation Be Scared will work as follows:

Troops Helping Under Government Sanction (thugs) consisting of Blackwater-type men, not necessarily all Americans, dressed as combat soldiers temporarily sworn in as federal agents will be sent into all major American cities  where people who had peaceably assembled to petition the government for redress of grievances lived. These thugs will go about making, as Chad Wolf the head of Homeland Security told us, “preemptive arrests” of civilians. When Americans come out to protest, like the teachers in the future world, the thugs will fire tear gas and projectiles at them. Their purpose is to cause violence.

Then Trump will point to the protesters and say “look everyone, those are anarchists, socialists, left wing radicals out to destroy America. Only I can protect you.”

If that doesn’t work to get Trump elected, these thugs will then be useful to keep a defeated president in office as he claims the election was rigged and he will not leave.


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    JULY 27, 2020 | EMILY LEVY
    Scrutineers Part II – Bennie Smith

    Bennie Smith discovered a high-risk tampering mechanism built into US election systems.
    Smith explains what he found, its implications, and how election officials and members of the public can detect this “feature” of our voting systems that belies the principle of “one person,

    Back around 1982 I contacted composer John Adams in
    San Francisco and told him I wanted to conduct his
    Septet Shaker Loops.
    He sent me the full score with instrument parts.

    Here is the piece. Not conducted by me.

  2. wa-llahi! Could some of those little green men be Russians? Don’t put anything past Glorious Leader. If we didn’t have enough homegrown fascist thugs, I’m certain Putin would lend Trump as many as he needed. He’s going to need a lot. The streets are on fire.
    All praise to the arsonists. All power to the dialectic.

  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vGazyH6fQQ4

    Understanding how the FBI uses fear as a reenforcement
    tool to allow the Deep State to govern can best be
    explained by the the theories of Harvard Behavioral
    Psychologist BF Skinner .
    Here Skinner uses food to reenforce the desired behaviour of
    pigeons teaching them to play ping pong.

    Fear is a much more powerful reenforcer of human behaviour
    as opposed to food,
    especially when used in an intermittent schedule.
    One example is the Boston Marathon bombing.

    The Deep State never leaves home without it.



    Name some of the reenforcers the FBI has used on the
    American population since 1950 where fear is the principle
    Explain the schedule or frequency they used fear as a reenforcement.
    Explain why a intermittent schedule is more powerful than a routine

    In other be here now moments


    JULY 27, 2020

  4. https://whorulesamerica.ucsc.edu/theory/mills_review_2006.html

    Theories of Power

    Mills’s The Power Elite, 50 Years Later
    by G. William Domhoff

    Fifty years ago, C. Wright Mills completed his trilogy on American society with the publication of The Power Elite, which encompassed, updated, and greatly added to everything he had said in The New Men of Power (1948) and White Collar (1951). The book caused a firestorm in academic and political circles, leading to innumerable reviews in scholarly journals and the popular press, most of them negative. Bristling with terms like “the warlords,” “the higher immorality,” “the power elite,” “crackpot realism,” and “organized irresponsibility,” it nonetheless contained a very large amount of research, much of it in the 47 pages of Notes. It became a classic because it was the first full-scale study of the structure and distribution of power in the United States by a sociologist using the full panoply of modern-day sociological theory and methods.

    The Power Elite also broke new ground because it was one of the few critical studies of the American power structure inside or outside the academy that did not start with a class-struggle perspective, which caused it to be criticized as vigorously by Marxists as it was by liberals and conservatives. According to Mills, there was “political determinism,” i.e., a potentially autonomous state in today’s terms, and “military determinism” as well as “economic determinism,” the concepts he used to criticize what he saw as the overemphasis on the primacy of the forces and relations of production within the Marxian mode of production framework. The book thereby opened space for and helped create the field of power structure research, which employs a range of empirical methods in an attempt to synthesize competing theoretical views. Although seldom read or cited today by those studying power structures, The Power Elite has achieved iconic status in most introductory sociology textbooks, where it is usually compared with the pluralist and Marxist perspectives on power and politics.

    How do its main claims look today in light of subsequent events and research? From the perspective of this power structure researcher, the book

    Also see


    John Lewis 1940-2020
    July 18, 2020
    We cannot express the depth of our gratitude to John Lewis. He made good trouble.

    As a young man I tasted the bitter fruits of segregation and racial discrimination, and I didn’t like it. I used to ask my parents, my grandparents, and my great grandparents, ‘Why segregation? Why racial discrimination?’ And they would say, ‘That’s the way it is. Don’t get in trouble…’ But when I heard the words of Dr. King, I knew then that I could strike a blow against segregation and racial discrimination, and I decided to get in trouble. I decided to get in the way. But it was good trouble, necessary trouble. Democracy is not a state. It is an act.

  5. https://www.peterdalescott.net/

    Peter Dale Scott Ph.D.
    Peter Dale Scott
    Scott in 2007
    Born January 11, 1929
    Montreal, Quebec
    Occupation Poet, Academic, Diplomat
    Nationality Canadian
    Education McGill University
    University College, Oxford
    Institut d’Etudes Politiques
    Genre Politics, Deep State, Poetry
    Notable works
    Cocaine Politics (1991)
    Deep Politics and the Death of JFK (1993)
    Minding the Darkness (2000)
    The Road to 9/11 (2007)
    American War Machine (2010)
    The American Deep State (2014)
    Notable awards Lannan Literary Award (2002)
    Spouse Ronna Kabatznick
    Peter Dale Scott (born 11 January 1929)[1] is a Canadian-born poet, academic, and former diplomat.

    A son of the Canadian poet and constitutional lawyer F. R. Scott and painter Marian Dale Scott, he is best known for his critiques of deep politics and American foreign policy since the era of the Vietnam War. Although trained as a political scientist, Scott holds an atypical academic appointment as a poet-scholar in an English department.

    After receiving undergraduate degrees in philosophy (first-class honours) and political science (second-class honours) from McGill University in 1949, he studied at the Institut d’Etudes Politiques (France, 1949) and University College, Oxford (1950-1952) before receiving a Ph.D. in political science from McGill (with a dissertation on the social and political philosophy of T.S. Eliot) in 1955. He briefly taught in McGill’s political science department and spent four years (1957–1961) with the Canadian diplomatic service before joining the speech department of the University of California, Berkeley as a lecturer in 1961. He was subsequently promoted to assistant professor of speech (1962), associate professor of English (1968), and professor of English (1980); since his nominal retirement in 1994, he has served as professor emeritus of English.[2][3]

    Notably, he was a signatory in 1968 of the “Writers and Editors War Tax Protest” pledge, in which participants vowed to refuse tax payments in protest against the Vietnam War.[4]
    Contemporary politics[edit]
    Scott has written about the role of the “deep state” (as opposed to the “public state”).[7] Rejecting the label of “conspiracy theory”, he has used the phrase “deep politics” to describe his political concerns. His interest in contemporary history has spilled over into his works of poetry, some of which must contain marginal notes to explain to readers which documents or real-world news events are being referred to. His book, The Road to 9/11 (2007), deals with geopolitical context of events leading to 9/11, and argues “how U.S. foreign policy since the 1960s has led to partial or total cover-ups of past domestic criminal acts, including, perhaps, the catastrophe of 9/11.”[8] His books The Road to 9/11 and American War Machine are available in French under the titles La Route vers le Nouveau Désordre Mondial and La Machine de Guerre Américaine.[9] The latter was reviewed in March 2011 by Bernard Norlain, a retired French five-star General of the Air Force.[10] In all, his books have been translated into French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, and Bahasa Indonesia. His articles have been translated into 16 languages, including Turkish, Arabic, Persian, Chinese, and Japanese.

    Of Scott’s book, American War Machine: Deep Politics, the CIA Global Drug Connection, and the Road to Afghanistan (2010), Daniel Ellsberg commented: “I said of Scott’s last brilliant take on this subject, Drugs, Oil and War, that ‘It makes most academic and journalistic explanations of our past and current interventions read like government propaganda written for children.’ Now Scott has written an even better book. Read it!”[11]

    An aspect of Scott’s work that combines both his investigating interests and his poetry is illustrated by The Global Drug Meta-Group: Drugs, Managed Violence, and the Russian 9/11.[12]

    Deep Politics and the Death of JFK[edit]
    Scott’s Deep Politics and the Death of JFK was published in 1993 University of California Press.[15] Promotional reviews of the book were provided by Bruce Cumings, Gaeton Fonzi, and Oliver Stone.[16]

    Kirkus Reviews called the book a “[s]taggeringly well-researched and intelligent overview not only of the JFK assassination but also of the rise of forces undermining American democracy”.[17] The Kirkus review also described the book as a “kind of Rosetta stone for cracking open the deepest darkness in American politics.”[17] Publishers Weekly said that Scott’s “thoughtful, extremely (and sometimes excessively) detailed book promises more than it actually delivers” and that “the ‘facts’ on which he relies are often the result of other people’s not necessarily accurate reporting”.[15] According to PW, “[t]he book’s most useful feature is a careful discussion of how U.S. Vietnam policy changed abruptly after Kennedy’s death.”[15]

    In a 2004 review for The Wilson Quarterly, Max Holland wrote that “Deep Politics is an unreadable compendium of ‘may haves’ and ‘might haves,’ non-sequiturs, and McCarthy-style innuendo, with enough documentation to satisfy any paranoid.”[18] Shortly thereafter, Holland reiterated similar comments in a second piece written for Reviews in American History and criticized the University of California Press’ editorial committee for approving the publication of the book: “This peer approval by a major university press illustrates the boundless and utter disbelief in the Warren Report that exists even in the highest reaches of the academy, and it also reveals the gross inattention given to the subject by serious historians.”[19] Scott responded with a letter to the editor stating: “I was disappointed to see those who have published me attacked vigorously for doing so by a major historical journal. I continue to believe that it is the job of the academy to open minds, not to close them.”[20]

    In 2013, former Salon editor-in-chief David Talbot included Deep Politics in his list of top seven “best books on the subject”, describing the work as a “masterpiece, a meticulously detailed examination of the deep network of power that underlies the events in Dallas…. filled with provocative insights about how the upper circles of U.S. power actually operate.”[21]

    Also see


    In other calendars


    How did Russia get a possible Covid-19 vaccine so fast? It took decades of research & won’t be for political gain says scientist
    27 Jul, 2020 14:20 / Updated 18 minutes ago

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      1. Abe: Don’t waste ink. MSFreeh has been doing this stuff for years. Just scroll through it.

    2. “Peter Dale Scott Ph.D.
      Peter Dale Scott
      Scott in 2007
      Born January 11, 1929
      Montreal, Quebec
      Occupation Poet, Academic, Diplomat
      Nationality Canadian
      Education McGill University
      University College, Oxford
      Institut d’Etudes Politiques
      Genre Politics, Deep State, Poetry
      Notable works
      Cocaine Politics (1991)
      Deep Politics and the Death of JFK (1993)
      Minding the Darkness (2000)
      The Road to 9/11 (2007)
      American War Machine (2010)
      The American Deep State (2014)
      Notable awards Lannan Literary Award (2002)
      Spouse Ronna Kabatznick
      Peter Dale Scott (born 11 January 1929)[1] is a Canadian-born poet, academic, and former diplomat.”

      If he can’t tie a Bimini Twist he ain’t nothin.

  6. I disagree.

    1. No Deep State? the politically motivated Deep State is comprised of government officials who forget they are public servants and who abuse official power to achieve politically desirable, politically correct outcomes, today generally Leftist outcomes. Think of the Russian Collusion Hoax. Four years of smears.

    2. No conservatives, no traditionalists, no moderates think for themselves? They only echo what the Fearless Leader says? Long before President Trump was elected, conservative and moderate views prevailed in America . . . .they still do, except in the Media, Academia and elements within the FEDs, which have swung left, far left, not just liberal, but leftist, socialistic, free speech suppressing socialists, politically correct, stone throwing socialists, like yesteryear’s Bolsheviks. Even the New York Times recently admitted that itself and many of its leftist allies were too hubristic and “intolerant”.

    3. Illegal Immigrants: Some people rob banks or sell drugs or illegally cross the border or bribe college admissions officials to “make a better life” for themselves or their children. Every arrest of a parent separates that parent from his children. Shall we refrain from arresting heroin dealers who have have families, little children to support?
    How cruel of a country to protect its borders and arrest people for breaking the law, especially people who have “little children.”

    4. You begin today’s column by calling folks “foolish.” In many liberals’ minds, all who disagree are fools and ignorant “deplorables”. Only the Leftists, they tell themselves, are enlightened.

    5. You, like Nancy Pelosi and some city mayors, apparently believe Federal Buildings, Monuments, Statues should not be protected, but left to “peaceable” Leftists to destroy. Nancy calls those protecting federal property “Stormtroopers.” The Dems can’t resist Nazi analogies.

    1. The theory of the “Deep State” is derived from an analysis of the Turkish government. The deep state in Turkey was a right wing formation of interests that existed beneath the formal institutions of the Turkish state. To my knowledge, there are no left-wing deep state formations except those existing in Bill’s mind.

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