Politics Monday: Trump’s Ten Year Vendetta Against A Woman

Here is what occupies Trump: Harassing a private citizen.

Is this what you  believe a president should be doing on a Sunday?

Donald J. Trump responding to a tweet. He sent this out at 6:48 am on Sunday September 6: 
Steve Jobs would not be happy that his wife is wasting money he left her on a failing Radical Left Magazine that is run by a con man (Goldberg) and spews FAKE NEWS & HATE. Call her, write her, let her know how you feel!!!
This harassment of her is not new. On Tuesday August 19, 2013 Trump wrote:’
“So, lets get this right. Steve Jobs dies and leaves his wife everything-billions of dollars. Now his wife has a boyfriend (lover). Oh Steve!
Ten years ago he began harassing a highly accomplished woman who lost her husband. He continues to do this to yesterday morning.  Of all days, Sunday his mind in on this. He wants his cult to go after her. Why?  Why would any normal human being ask his followers to do this just because he may not like her opinion.
I’m not alone in thinking this.

Bill Kristol    @BillKristol
Trump attacks American women.  Think of it.  Should it make Americans proud.
Then on the other hand despite evidence of Putin’s malevolence, there is not one tweet against him.   It is beyond doubt the Putin poisoned his opponent Nalvany according to the German government.  What does Trump say: “I haven’t seen any evidence.” American intelligence report Russian paying Taliban to murder American troops.  What does Trump say: “I haven’t seen any evidence.”
Here’s what Trump does say about Russia: “I called President Putin of Russia to congratulate him on his election victory. “ By the way his opponent in the election Nalvany was banned from running. Trump went on “Getting along with Russia . . . is a good thing, not a bad thing . . . ” 
Russia has carte blanche to do whatever it wants. Trump is going to get along with it. No wonder. It helped him in his 2016 election and is again trying to help him in the 2020 election.
Oh, I know the Senate bipartisan report which no one read is fake news, and the Facebook and Twitter reports are not true.
It is really a sad state of affairs in America that Trump is so vile that he wants he cult to attack an American woman.

5 thoughts on “Politics Monday: Trump’s Ten Year Vendetta Against A Woman

  1. wa-llahi! The only way Glorious Leader can secure a vaccine before the election is to get it from Putin. Keeping in mind that the Russians were launching men into space, when, we were using chimps, which of you Trumpies is going to test the vaccine first?

  2. More Hoax attacks lined up by the Fake News media. The Hill published 12 attack articles in 2 days. Coordinated? And Trump isn’t supposed to defend himself?

    Yet not a single article on President Trumps 2nd and 3rd peace deals – Kosovo-Serbia and Kosovo-Israel.

  3. Much ado about nothing. Paranoia strikes deep. What about Clinesmith? A deep state criminal. One of many in Obamagate. Real crimes committed by the Obama Biden team. Biggest political crime in American history. The Obama cult is silent. 2.A Black is thirty times more likely to be killed by a young Black in a street gang than the Police. JAMA says there are 200 thousand annual deaths in the US because of medical errors. 70 thousand die of overdoses yearly and 30 thousand in highway accidents which totals 300 thousand. While there are only 10 thousand covid 19 only deaths ( excluding deaths with co morbid conditions }. So one is 30 times more likely to die from those other conditions than covid only. Happy Labor Day.

    1. When the twin towers were destroyed on 9/11 according to your thinking only 149 people died. The other 3,000 had preexisting conditions so should not be counted.

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