POOFED: Patricia Campatelli: A Woman Held To A Different Standard

3. campatelliPatricia Campatelli looks like she’s had a tough life and can give as good as she can get. Back in 2002 she went out and got herself elected as the Register of Probate in Suffolk County. Now Massachusetts highest court, the SJC, has said that even though the people elected her to that job and she can still get her full pay, she can’t go back to work. Future hiring decisions will be made by the judges. Ms Campatelli joins the list of People Out Of Favor (POOF). Her offense, she didn’t act like a woman is expected to act.

I don’t know if you know what it involves to be a POOF but it is rather simple, the media makes you a public pariah and people in powerful positions in the executive or judiciary will move heaven and earth to please the newspaper. Due process is thrown aside. Te person POOFed will be crushed. The door of justice slammed in your face.

The prime example of this occurred 40 years ago. Back then the Boston School Committee fell out of favor; a combination of a politically correct news media and the federal court in Boston stripped it of its elected power and imposed and cheered busing. We now know what a great tragedy came about.

Another example is the South Boston Veterans group that ran a parade commemorating the Irish saint Patrick. It barred gay groups from the parade. The media proclaimed that its action was outrageous. Judge after judge in Massachusetts jumped on the bandwagon. They said they would decide who could be in the parade. One wondered why the judges didn’t have their own parade.

It wasn’t until the case reached the United States Supreme Court that it was ruled unanimously, 9 – 0, that the Massachusetts SJC was wrong. The veterans got back the right to decide who would be in their parade. It was a simple First Amendment issue.

Now these same Massachusetts judges on the SJC have decided that a woman duly elected to her job can be removed by judges. You can read their decision here. Like with all cases, it followed a newspaper editorial demaning  it remove her. But remember in a POOF case they will interpret the law the way they want to justify the result demanded by the media, just as they did with the St. Patrick’s parade.

Here’s a newspaper’s article on the investigator’s report that provided the SJC’s basis for its decision taking her job from her. The investigator said in his nine page report that she takes smoking breaks, employees said, [that] happened several times each day and lasted up to 30 minutes at a time.” Also, “She admitted scratching lottery tickets at work,” another employee complained she “got an “icy stare” and the investigator said she  “showed “poor judgment” by drinking so much at a Christmas party and “a fundamental inability to understand that, as the Suffolk County Register of Probate, she should be a dignified figure at a public party involving her staff rather than a drinking companion.” 

It’s clear Ms Campatelli has not committed any crimes. She doesn’t know the identity of those who spoke against here. She’s hasn’t even been indicted or had an opportunity to defend herself by cross-examining or confronting those who have spoken against her. One investigator did a secret investigation and she’s out.

It boils down to the judges don’t like her style.  She smokes, sounds like she is nasty, seems loud, scratches lottery tickets at work, and drinks “too much.” I don’t know about you but it seems to me that this woman is being treated differently because she’s a woman.

The SJC in its footnote said the investigator’s findings were in “four categories; (1) adherence to work hours and duties; (2) office decorum and gender/sexual harassment; (3) favoritism/intimidation and fear of retaliation; and (4) the events of December 18, 2013 (when Campatelli allegedly assaulted a court employee).” The investigator said of the events of “December 18, 2013, . . . that the charges against Campatelli were unsubstantiated, but also concluded that Campatelli “exercised poor judgment” on that evening.”

I’ve been around for a long time. I’ve know a few registers of probate. The job is an elected job involving making sure the records in the probate court are kept in good order. The registers I’ve known don’t do too much and rely on their staffs to do most of the work. The expertise in those courts lies in the help.

Registers are as well known as John O’Brien or the designated hitter on the Pawtucket Red Sox. The register is a politician whose hours are really 24 hours a day campaigning both in and out the office. To suggest Campatelli is not adhering to the hours of the court is to apply to her a wrong standard. To complain because she has favorites or lacks proper decorum are all red herrings.

As a newly elected register, Campatelli was elected in 2012, she had her own style. The long term employess didn’t like it. They set out to get her. They cleverly presented a case that she doesn’t act like a woman should.

This is an obvious case where a woman is being held to a different standard. If one heard a male register smoked, played the lottery, swore, glared at people, or happened to have a few extra at a Christmas party you’d yawn. It seeems clear because she lost her position because she didn’t act like the investigator and judges feel a woman should act.

Normally, if anything near this was suggested there would be a big outcry among women’s groups. But notice the silence with Campatelli. Campatelli is being treated by women who should fly to her defense as if she has a contageous disease.  That happens when one is POOFED.




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  1. Matt, I apologize for some of the long posts. But what I do is cut and past them into my Word Files and use them in my new book, due out probably next FALL: “CHARACTER ASSASSASINS II: Howard Carr, B.S., or Allen Dershowitz, J. D. or Samuel Mudd, M. D.: Who’ll Live in Infamy? It repeats much of Character Assassins I, except it adds an UPDATE CHAPTER: Whitey’s trial and Connolly’s acquittal (reversal of conviction) and some other stuff related thereto between 2012 and today. Probably a bit about Scwharts, the Probation Case, the Congressman’s Wife, and other potential abuses and excesses and derelictions of duty in the DOJ and Boston Offices of the FEDs. So, I paste these long quotes in place inside my new book, which I should be sending to the publicher by early Auguast at the latest. Peace, Bill. As my friend Jack Oliva told me his father used to say, “Jack, just keep on punching till the bell rings.” Jack gives his regards: he was Irish-Italian, his mother was a Tibbit. His mother had a twin who lived in Savin Hill and raised Danny Tibbits.

  2. Matt,

    Went to a screening of the documentary “Whitey: The United States v. James J. Bulger” on monday in los angeles. It is an excellent documentary on the trial. It is available for rent on on demand, directv, and itunes. Would love to hear what you think about it.

    1. Jim:

      You’ll have to be patient on that. I’m not so sure I can take it in at this time but perhaps in a month or so.

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    He reminds me of Bobby Rumboli, Bob Mancini, Teddy Ryan, Billy O’Shea, Billy Madden, Billy Jenks, Justin O’Shea, Jimmy Eugley – – – guys like that: Vinny Paz, God bless him. God bless you, too, Matt and I’m looking forward to Princess Tatiana’s big bash in Falmouth. I’ll be down on the afternoon of Friday July 25, god willing.

  4. Matt, one final point: Did you notice that the name Campetelli rhymes with Connolly and sounds suspiciously like Carswell’s Hotel. I mean what’s a motel/hotel doing calling itself swell: Car. . . HowieCarrSwell? I mean doesn’t Campetelli, Connolly, DiMasi, the bookie, bookeeee (get it) the bookie’s wife and MIT where she worked as a nurse and MIT where that poor Whiz Kid Studied before threatened with 50 years in prison by the FEDS (Wyshak, wasn’t it?) I mean don’t you see the picture: from forced busing to SOUTHIE (the eeee sound) to Savie (where Marty (teeee) Walsh just became Mayor: What Nerve) to Meneeeno, to Loueeeese Day Hicks to Charlestown Towneees, to all those names that end in vowels like O’Sullivan and O’Brien and you know the Micks—Mickey this and Mickey that—and the IIIII Italianos__DeNucci, DeMarco, Campetelli, DeMasi to the Polish Polskiiiis, like Ginsy,, Polski, Kowski, Connollee, to the Chinese like Lee, ConoLee, etc, etc. It all falls into place until you get that uppity black guy who became the head of the SJC, the CHIEF Judge, that guy named RICK IRELAND. IRELAND. GANTS IS OK. MARSHALL. ABRAHMS. BUT HOW DID BILLY BUNGLER LET AN AFRICAN AMERICAN NAMED IRELAND BECOME CHIEF. WHAT? COME AGAIN? OH YOU SAY, SENATE PRESIDENT BILLY BUNGLER SUPPORTED THAT GUY IRELAND? WHAT’S THIS WORLD COMING DO? WHERE WERE THE GOOD OLD DAYS WHEN THE PEABODY, WELD AND BUCKLEY FAMILIES RULED BOSTON: THEIR NAMES DIDN’T END IN VOWELS UNTIL SALTONSTALL CAME ALONG AND TAYLOR TOOK OVER THE GLOBE AND SOME GUY FROM SAVIN HILL NAMED CAHALANE – – – NO TWO CAHALANES – – – STARTED WORKING THERE (Sorry to use uppercase, but it’s just dawning on me): when the GLOBE started hiring Irish-Italian-Lithuanian Catholics from Savin Hill (Savie! ugh) and from South Boston (Southie! ugh) that’s when it all started going down hill. Next we’ll have a black guy Governor!!!! God Save the Commonwealth from the rise of those slimey Christian Baptist Bible Trolley drug running . . . . I won’t say it. I won’t say what I think . . . . Not even Allen Dershowitz can help us now!!!!!!

  5. Matt, great observations. HOWEVER, I heard through the grapevine that the reason she got suspended with pay was an anonymous person heard her deny “global warming” or at least “question global warming”, So you can understand the Mass Court’s dilemma. Also, on good sources, who wish absolute anonymity – – -you understand why anonymity is needed at these querulous times and in this high tech age – – – “She” was “known” to have “spat on the sidewalk” (direct quote) a public sidewalk and (wait for it) “spat in her own hands” before exclaiming homophobic statements like, “Baby needs a new pair of shoes” or “You’re Momma wears Army boots.” Surely, now you see why the Judges had to act and the Globe had to side with them; it was a clear case like Bill Weld jumping in the Charles River with his suit and shoes still on; I don’t care if he was summa cum laude at Harvard and filthy rich: he brought shame on the Court: he should have been brought before the firing squad or burned at the stake or forced to march with gay-pride groups,, at the lease. Anyway, to me, it seems a clear case: As with the Parade Case, the vast majority of Massachusetts Judges were forced to choose either (A) Trample upon the constitutional rights of citizens (the Veterans) to free speech, free expression, free association, free assembly and free movement (travel) on, over and through the streets of South Boston) OR B)allow a RABBLE (the VETS who organized the St. Patrick’s Day Traditional Christian-celebrating Parade ugh!!!) or(the foul-mouthy smelly she-cow Register of Probate who spits and wears her bloomers too low) to get away with their boorish, boorish behavior – – in public, no less. It was a hard choice, but I think as Justice Katz said in the Parade Case, “A majority of Massachusetts judges agree not with the US Supreme Court (SCOTUS) but they agree with the Commonwealth’s Highest Court, the SJC: Let’s face it A Parade (not all parades but certainly this Irish-Catholic Parade of South Bostonians and Dorchester Savin Hill People is not an expressive activity, like a Belmont Hill Parade, but it is clearly not even close and so it is not entitled to any First Amendment Protections, and, moreover, this Parade (the St. Patty’s) is a stinkin Hibernian Catholic waste of taxpayers dollars, plus “it has no clear message and no unified theme. It’s a confusing mish-mash like the so-called poetry of Alice in Wonderland or like those zig-zag paint-splashed paintings of Jackson Pollack or like “rap music” or “Irish step dancing” that who can enjoy it or claim it expresses anything worthwhile, so like certain so-called DANCING INDOORS it must be banned, at least in Boston. So, you see, you are right that that SHE-DOG Register and her ilk, those SHE-DOG DIRTY Irish-Italian-Polish Catholics who run the St. Pat’s Parade have more in common than meets the eye. In fact, they are chromosomal, double-helical, mirror images of each other; both are POOFs and both are sFOOP Poops, slime at the bottom of any God Fearing Yankee-Pilgrim America’s barrel or totem pole. So, it’s true, uncouth people have and should have NO rights In America, in “Our” America (wink) to so-called free expression or free cursing or free spittin or free-wheeling Sunday morning baccals like those annual roasts on St. Patty’s Day (bad, unholy roasts) or free dressin sloppily or disgusting free association with the dregs of society: Catholics Hibernian/Italian/Polish flute, drum and accordion players or bleepin Irish step dancers, bloody bast . . . I won’t say it. I’ll hold my tongue. But you know where I stand!!!! So, Matt, I respectfully disagree. The SJC has it as right as rain: Some people’s children. 2. In the same vein, please tell the Top Secret Man that I, a lowly mid-level hack, a mid-level spy on the street, a no count, but a good spy,, have discovered who’s (or whose?) behind the Nightmares on Beacon Street from Here to the State House’s Golden Dome to Eternity and beyond: His name is . . . . shhhhh!!!! top secret . . . . . make sure the Coast is Clear . . . . his name is “THE MONKEY MAN” and he’s got dark complexion on his neck and arms, but he wears a “MONKEY MASK” . . . THE HORROR? Plus I found out that he hangs out and drinks whiskey in a bar in South Boston (of all the lowly good-for-nothing places) and he’s been seen in the same BAR-RESTAURANT at the same time sitting in a booth near . . . . you guessed it . . . .WACO Hurley, Tommy Tucker and a slightly inebriated MRS REGISTER OF . . . . (ANONYMOUS: which translates to LeFarge in Top Secret Speech) that’s right HER, THE SLOPPY BEER GUZZLING WINO, MRS. Lafyte LeFarge, Register of PRO of Pro of Probation and relative of Billy Bungler: Senate Prezidente Billy Bungler from Savin Hill: NEED WE SAY MORE: CASE CLOSED, COURTROOM HEREBY CLOSED TO ALL COMMUNISTS AND TO ALL ENERMIES OF THE BOSTON GLOBE. SIGNED, HOWIE BOWIE CURR, I MEAN, HOWIE BOWIE THE FATTY DOG-MAN WHO DRIVES WITHOUT A LICENCE. Thank you for passing these words along from the witches at Salem to the switches at Beacon Hill and the Cully. Peace, at last!!! Once we get rid of the RABBLE, we’ll have Peace and Harmony in Concord and Belmont, at last. Amen!

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