Pore Jeff is Daid, Died Like Whitey Bulger; Who Was Worse: Epstein, Bulger or Dershowitz

Pore Jeff is daid,
Pore Jeff Epstein is daid,
All gather ’round his cawfin and ask why
He had a heap of gold
And he wasn’t so very old
Oh why did such a feller have to die?
Pore Jeff is daid
Pore Jeff Espstein is daid,
He’s lookin’ oh so peaceful and sereneAnd serene!He’s all laid out to rest
With his hands acrost his chest
His fingernails have never been so clean!

Jeffrey Epstein, age 66,  born on January 20, 1953, met his demise under the same circumstances as James J. “Whitey” Bulger, age 89 , born on September 3, 1929.  Both were being held by the Federal Bureau of Prisons. While Bulger was interested in living despite knowing he would never get out of prison  he was murdered  on October 30, 2018. Epstein who was not under a sentence and was being held pending trial took his own life on August 10, 2019.

Both deaths are being investigated.

Attorney General Barr put out a statement: “I was appalled to learn that Jeffrey Epstein was found dead early this morning from an apparent suicide while in federal custody.”

The Attorney General nor anyone else high in the Justice Department put out a statement when Whitey Bulger was murdered.

You’d think that a murder within the prison rather than a suicide would be cause for someone being appalled.

Barr added: “Mr. Epstein’s death raises serious questions that must be answered.”  The only question I can see is how was he able to commit suicide especially given that he had previously attempted to kill himself a couple or three weeks earlier.

Speaking of serious question to answer, I suggest the Bulger case presents a ton of them. The first is why was a guy with serious health problems transferred to a medical facility which then transferred him to the notorious horror house at Hazleton that had no such facility. How was it that other inmates knew he had arrived and the cell that he was in? How was it that around 6:00 am they had access to him? What is going on with the investigation into his death? Remember with Whitey it was the Justice Department that  had the real animus toward him and that same Justice Department is investigating his murder. Is it any wonder nine months later no word that I know has come out on it. Those to me are the serious questions that must be answered.

Epstein’s death which is totally not mysterious is going to be investigated by the FBI and the Department of Justice Inspector General. We have no idea if anyone is investigating Whitey Bulger’s death.

The investigation into Epstein’s suicide will result in some low-level personnel being sanctioned for failing to properly prevent his suicide. No one on the prison staff will be adversely impacted by Whitey’s murder, although Epstein’s was caused by an act of omission and Whitey’s by a deliberately active act releasing information about his arrival.

One cannot write about Whitey and Epstein without mentioning  Borough Park, Brooklyn, and the kid, as he tells it which has the ring of untruth,  that often got into fights with Italian kids, Alan Dershowitz.  He was very happy to befriend and defend pervert Epstein while at the same time had no problem castigating Whitey and many others he tried to connect to him about things he knew nothing about.

Dershowitz was accused by  one of Epstein’s victims of having sex with her which he denied. But the items discovered in Epstein’s Florida mansion where I believe Dershowitz got his massage in his underwear and visited on many occasions showed it was filled with sexual items and naked photos of young girls. As one victim testified:The activities were so obvious and bold that anyone spending any significant time at one of Epstein’s residences would have clearly been aware of what was going on.”

Who then was worse: Jeffrey Epstein, Whitey Bulger or Alan Dershowitz.

The number of young women Epstein abused, victimized and pimped to other people is in the hundreds. Some must be dead having been introduced to vile sex by him at such a young age that they were forever mentally despoiled. The carnage he brought about is impossible to estimate. He surely was the worst.

Whitey was not a Mafia leader. His group consisted of less than a dozen – probably three including himself. He was involved in the murder of less than ten people. He did the murders in one or two at the most preferring to let the blood soaked Steve Flemmi who admits to murdering 40 or so and who is being protected by the Justice Department do the actual murders. Among the people he associated with he was probably number six or seven in the hierarchy of vile and depraved Boston criminals at the time. Hard to even put him in the same class as Epstein when it comes to ruining lives.

Then there’s Dershowitz. He did not have to defend Epstein. That was his choice. He did not have to pal around with him. That was his choice. His sin was holding himself out as an erudite professor while chumming around with a well-known sex pervert. On top of that he felt free to slander those who led unblemished lives.

Dershowitz said about the year 1992: “In those days, if you didn’t know Trump and you didn’t know Epstein, you were a nobody.”  Dershowitz never considered himself a nobody so can we infer  he knew him way back then?  Trump said in 2002“I’ve known Jeff for 15 years. Terrific guy. He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side.” 

These people were “clearly . . .  aware of what was going on” with Epstein.

Virginia Roberts Giuffre in a deposition testified about being pimped about by Epstein and his woman friend. She mentions people, some prominent, to whom she was required to give “massages.” She never mentioned Trump or Bill Clinton two persons with connections to Epstein which were she interested in making things  up she could have easily done. That tends to give her credibility.

The boast of heraldry, the pomp of pow’r, 

         And all that beauty, all that wealth e’er gave, 

Awaits alike th’ inevitable hour. 

         The paths of glory lead but to the grave. 

The world is  well rid of them. There will be few tears shed.



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  1. Bold and cogent on Bulger . you’ve got some journalistic and otw to your credit – Stones – to call them out of their cave for answers . Saluté . if the phone don’t ring we will know it’s them .

  2. Matt
    Are you really I mean really falling for the suicide story? Cmon Matt you can’t possibly be this naive at this stage of the Game. Jeff Epstein was murdered to bury his knowledge and memories. You know these ” suicides” are often really murder no?

    1. He was going to spend most of the rest of his life in jail. Maybe all of it. And not a country club. He might be able to buy protection but I can see someone in his position killing themselves. Even so, he was murdered.

  3. It must have been two Rogue Wardens, one in NYC and one in W. Virginia, who were to blame. Or was it two Rogue Guards?

  4. Afterthought: Dershowitz’s mother, Claire, has directly contradicted his claim to have fought with Italian boys. Mom said he once lost a tooth playing tennis. That’s it.

  5. The BOP is scandal ridden but any real investigation of the
    Bulger and Epstein matters will be lost in the fog of oblivion.
    It’s more likely we will get the names of those Italian kids that were beaten up in Borough Park by the Professor

  6. Matt, these are good questions, good issues we all should put our minds to in the interest of justice. Mark Levin last night had an expert on Child Prostitution, saying America’s trafficking was the worst in the world, the average age of child sold/kidnapped into prostitution was twelve, and their life expectancy was seven years (drugs, suicides.) I also read in one of my public health journals recently that the suicide rate among ten to fourteen year old girls had increased by 13% last year in the U.S. The two perhaps are correlated. (Drugs, sexual predation always factors.)

    A. Perhaps powerful people (Fed Prosecutors like Wyshak et al) did not want Whitey to talk, to finger them in wrongdoing, to tell a different story than the FEDs’, pedaled g for years: the phony Rogue Agent story, that RICO and Connolly were Rogue Agents. Perhaps Whitey was prepared to say what Flemmi said for eight years (twice under oath according to David Boeri) that John Connolly was an honest cop, who never took a dime, who never did nor said anything intending anyone be harmed.

    Perhaps powerful people (accused molesters) did not want Epstein to talk and finger them.

    Both men died in FED custody, under highly suspicious circumstances.

    B. The FEDs will no more fully investigate and solve these deaths (killings?) than they will solve who leaked Bill Bulger’s grand jury testimony.

    C. The FEDs (bigwigs, prosecutors, judges) treat some folks unequally . . . .the Congressman’s wife who laundered $4 million of her brother’s offshore gambling profits gets 30 days in jail; the nurse who deposited four hundred grand of her bookie husband’s cash gets a year in prison (N.B. these are the numbers as I know them). . . .Comey lets Hillary off the hook; Barr/Durham let Comey off the hook . . . . .We have a pattern here.

    I agree with your surmise: The Epstein and Whitey killings will be swept under the rug by the FEDs and a compliant Media. (“Round up the usual suspects” . . .yes, Matt, some low level guards will be slapped on the wrist. “Nothing to see hear, folks. Move along.”

    D. (1) Alan Dershowitz was the veritable New England Godfather of mixing politics/personal vendetta with criminal justice (in his personal jihad against an innocent man with an unblemished record Senate President Bill Bulger) and he defamed many good people with his mudslinging. I said so in my books: “Character Assassins: Carr, Dershowitz, Mudd: Who’ll Life in Infamy?” and “Character Assassins II”. P.S. an anecdote: I said to my friend and classmate Joe Burns, a provost at BC, “Joe, I’ve written ten books nobody every reads.” Joe said, “Bill, everyone on this campus has written ten books nobody reads.” Such is life. One in a thousand get read; the rest plow the fields.

    (2) Epstein destroyed many innocent lives, of many young girls;

    (3) Wyshak and his Fed cohorts by falsely indicting and falsely prosecuting destroyed and grievously harmed innocent men and women (the Schwartz youth driven to suicide; Senator Joyce driven to heart failure; the probation officers persecuted for years; the Caswell Motel; Boston Cop Kenny Conley; etc.)(Senator Joyce died Innocent, as you’re innocent until proven guilty in America). So many have been falsely charged by the FEDs including John Connolly in my considered opinion after twenty years of research.

    (4) Dershowitz grievously harmed the reputations of many with his false accusations and painting too broadly with too black a brush and attempting to mix politics and personal animosities with the criminal justice system. Dershowitz one time wrote: “John Connolly is just a cop; squeeze Connolly to get Bill Bulger.” Not how the criminal justice system is supposed to work in America!

    (5) There was a Harvard Law professor kicked off the faculty because he voluntarily represented Harvey Weinstein, accused of sexual predation against adult women. Will Harvard students, egged on by the Media, urge the Administration to somehow sanction Dershowitz, take away his emeritus status, perhaps? What was worse, representing Weinstein or Epstein? Yes, they are entitled to a defense in America, every person is. But are eminent lawyers who volunteer to defend serial predators beyond reproach?

    (6) There are many ways to intentionally destroy lives: Murder; Sexual Predation; Character Assassination/Mudslinging/Rumor-Mongering; False Indictments; False Prosecutions; Unequal Administration of the Law; Abuse of Power, especially abuse of Federal Power . . . .or . . . .

    putting a prisoner in a situation where you know he likely will be killed or likely will kill himself.

    Who really arranged the deaths of Whitey Bulger and Jeffrey Epstein? Who abetted them? John Martorano said that he heard or someone told him that Whitey Bulger said that John Connolly said “If John Callahan talks we’ll all be in trouble.” and on that thin reed Fred Wyshak tried John Connolly in Miami for the murder of John Callahan, after John Connolly had been acquitted of all murder related charges in a Federal Court in Boston, and after the Federal Jury did not believe a single word that John Martorano had testified to. Didn’t bother Wyshak, one bit. Wyshak dragged Martorano to Miami, and staged a five week show trial based on that one remembered sentence, recently recalled by the serial killer Mafiosa man, who’d been offered obscenely lenient deals from Wyshak and the FEDs: Remember the deal Martorano got: 12 years for 20 murders, minus time served, plus a $20,000 cash payout to Martorano to start life anew, plus Martorano did not have to testify against his brother or other murderous associates, and plus Martorano could keep all his ill begotten assets, courtesy of the FEDs. Now, would you, given that deal, say whatever your FED BENEFACTORS wanted you to say? Would you come up with some recollection to please your benefactors? What would you give in return to the FEDs who spared your life, released you from prison, paid you cash, and set you free to enjoy your ill begotten gains for the rest of your life?

    You know, sometimes the Mills of God grind slowly yet exceeding fine.

    Well, what if someone remembered that someone said Fred Wyshak said”If Whitey Bulger talks we FED prosecutors will all be in trouble”, will Fred Wyshak be tried for murder?

    OR, What if someone could prove that Fred Wyshak or other FED prosecutors and Howie Carr knew or reasonably should have known John Martorano did not commit some of the murders he confessed to committing, but was covering up for his brother or other associates, and nevertheless the FED prosecutors and Carr continued to perpetuate falsehoods about those murders, thus covering up for the true murderers and throwing investigators off the trail, could they be charged with MISPRISION OF A FELONY?

    When we start painting with a broad brush, just who will we smear and what will we cover up?

    Conclusion: The True Crimes and Culprits will be swept under the table; more innocents will framed and persecuted; the corrupt FEDs will protect the corrupt FEDs, and they will be gleefully abetted by their pals in the Media.

    So, do not send to seek for whom the bells toll; they toll for all us

  7. Matt: you’re right to pair the two cases. The Bureau of Prison’s incompetence, willful or otherwise, is truly shocking. We’re already hearing about understaffing, but this is a classic bureaucratic dodge. When an agency seriously screws up, it always says it needs more resources, men, money, whatever. We shouldn’t accept this excuse. The guy running the Bureau of Prisons must go, as must the officials responsible for the Bulger and Epstein debacles. As for one-massage Dershowitz, his reputation has been permanently damaged by his association with Epstein. Dershowitz’s endless audition for a job with the Trump administration is also in ruins.

  8. The good thing left to ponder is that we might get to decide how Dershowitz gets punished. I would make him fight Mickey Ward. That would be something I would pay to see.

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