President Biden Thanks 19 Republican Senators For Willingness To Help Out

President Joseph Biden is expected to make this speech later today;

“My Fellow Americans,

I have been in office for about  two months and a week. Over this  weekend a group of 19 Republican United States senators went to visit the southern border to see the condition of it and the manner in which  people that have come to this country are being treated.

They are appalled at what they saw. So too am I. But what they speak about did not just happen.

What they observed is what I inherited. The administration that went before me let it fester like this for four years and these senators apparently were unaware of this. I like them was astounded to see the conditions that exist.

I am determined to do something about them. When I became president my  first obligation was to do something greater. I had to face the mess that had been created within our country where over 500,000 of our fellow Americans had died from Covid 19. As I promised I expended most of my energies addressing this and securing and distributing vaccines to fight this deadly scourge which came upon our land.

At the same time I worked on passing a relief bill to help the American people, the American small businesses, the American  schools and school children, the American states, cities and towns all of which  suffered because of this virus. The latter I did that without one Republican senator voting to help the Americans recover from their losses.

Now seeing a renewed interest by these senators to act, I call upon Congress, especially those 19 Republican senators to provide me with sufficient funds to upgrade our ability to handle and house these people, especially the women and children, who are arriving at our southern border so that I may begin to remedy those horrid conditions under which they now exist. I applaud these 18 Republican senators for having just taken an interest in and  discovered which as I have noted  have existed for years prior to my taking office.

Let us work together to secure our border and to provide decent accommodations to those folk who arrive at our border while we judge their cases as we must do according to our laws. Aside from creating livable facilities we need judges to decide their cases, social workers to ensure their health and welfare, additional  law enforcement person to protect out country and direct these persons to the desirable locations.

I ask that emergency legislation in the amount of however many billions of dollars be passed immediately to do this. I expect these 19 Republican senators will be in the forefront in introducing legislation to that effect.

By working together  we can make a better America. l thank these senators for pointing out the nightmare handed to me. I thank them for their expected willingness to do something about what they have labeled a crises.”