President Obama’s Fear Of Putin Puts The World At Risk

(2) crash site imageIt was obvious to me last Friday that a Russian fired the missile that took down the plane. I was wrong when I suggested it came from just over the border on the Russia side; it seems now that it came from just over the border on the Ukrainian side.

Media reports indicate that the truck carrying the missile had come into Ukraine earlier that day (some suggest up to three trucks with missiles came in from Russia). It was seen leaving Ukraine and going back into Russia after it launched its attack. Intercepts of communications showed the Russian commanders in Russia were intricately involved in the attack.

Just about the time of the attack Putin was on the phone with Obama complaining about the new sanctions Obama had placed on Russia. Putin mentioned to Obama that a plane had gone down over Ukraine but just in passing so Obama apparently didn’t inquire further.

The phone call was prearranged at the request of the Russians who wanted to complain about the sanctions being imposed by Obama. The White House readout of the call said, in part: that in the face of extensive evidence that Russia is significantly increasing the provision of heavy weapons to separatists in Ukraine and Russia’s failure to take other steps set out by the United States and Europe to de-escalate the crisis, it was necessary to impose additional sanctions, . . . “

Here’s really what Obama knew or should have known during that call. First, three Ukrainian airplanes had been shot down that week by Russian missiles so that Russia was providing the weaponry to do this. Next, the separatists in Ukraine are being controlled by officers from Russian Military Intelligence Unit (GRU) and that the leaders of the separatists are Russian GRU members.

The readout from the White House also said: President Obama called on President Putin to take concrete steps to de-escalate the situation, including to press separatists to agree to a cease-fire, . . . ” He knows Putin is running the operation why is he pretending somehow the separatists are independent of him?

The leaders of the separatists are those same uniformed men wearing clothing without any insignia and driving unmarked military equipment that invaded Crimea. They are Russian soldiers.  Why is Obama pussy footing around playing Putin’s game pretending that they are not?

Putin puts his troops into civilian clothes. Obama won’t call him on it. Intercepted phone calls show the Russians in contact with their forces in Ukraine. Obama doesn’t want to believe it. But it gets worse.

At his press conference dealing with the downing of MH17 he said: In order to facilitate that investigation, Russia, pro-Russian separatists and Ukraine must adhere to an immediate cease-fire.”  He later said: Russia, these separatists, and Ukraine all have the capacity to put an end to the fighting.” 

Why the equivalence? Ukraine has no such a capacity. Russia is running the invasion. He admits this when he said: “[Russia] has continued to violate Ukrainian sovereignty and to support violent separatists.” 

Obama doesn’t want to face bright lights emblazoned on the marquee stating: “The Separatists Are Russian Troops Fighting Putin’s War.”

Later in answer to a question from a reporter he said: I made clear to President Putin that our preferred path is to resolve this diplomatically, . . .”  Can’t you see the smile on the face of Putin’s when he hears Obama saying that? Putin loves diplomacy. He insured his friend Bashar al-Assad remained in power and took Crimea while Obama engaged in diplomacy.

To demonstrate his absolute inability to face facts, Obama went on to say: There has been some improved language at times over the last month coming from the Kremlin and coming from President Putin, . . . ”  

He talks about “improved language” when he knows that Putin is actively sending troops, heavy military equipment and rocket launchers into Ukraine. Any student of history hearing this and understanding what the president knew when he said it would clearly be reminded of the many European leaders who met with Hitler and came back with the same assurances that he had heard “improved language.”

WWII could have been avoided had the world not feared Hitler. He gobbled up little pieces of Europe as he built up his armed forces. Putin is engaged in the same endeavor rapidly building up Russia’s armed forces. When his special forces invaded Crimea it was reported that they were unlike those seen in the past. They were: “Lean and fit, few if any seemed to be conscripts. Their uniforms were crisp and neat, and their new helmets were bedecked with tinted safety goggles. They were sober.” One wondered if they goose stepped.

Putin has taken Obama’s measure; he understands his unwillingness to speak boldly and frankly; he recognizes his discomfort in disagreeable situations; and believes he has an absolute fear of confrontations. That’s why he was so bold as to call and complain about the sanctions. That’s why he is so bold as to blame Ukraine for the downed plane when he did it.

Obama at a minimum must demand Putin turn over the vehicle that fired the missile. What do you think the likelihood is that he will do it?

6 thoughts on “President Obama’s Fear Of Putin Puts The World At Risk

    1. Ed:

      The 800 pound gorilla could be standing in the room with them and they’d pretend not to see it.

  1. Have you ever heard the expressions “do not bring a football to a baseball game” or “do not bring a knife to a gunfight”? The fallacy here is in believing that diplomacy will work on a country ruled similar to how organized crime works.

    “Obama at a minimum must demand Putin turn over the vehicle that fired the missile.” What a ludicrous concept! What would that accomplish other than admission that the possessor of the vehicle controls its movement, usage and disposition when what you really want to do is prosecute all those involved for mass murder? Perhaps the Boston Police Department should offer a $100 gift card in exchange for anti-aircraft missile mobile launch delivery system “buyback” to take that illegal weapon off the streets?

    1. Ed:

      Fully agree. Until we recognize that dealing with Russia is like dealing with the Mafia we’re never going to achieve anything.

      I also agree it is a “ludicrous concept” to think that Russia would comply with such a demand but I would have liked it if Obama would even come out with that minimal demand just to show how bad Putin is to the doubters. It is something concrete. True we want to prosecute all those involved but when we don’t even come out with the facts, like we’ve been pretending we don’t know that the separatists in Ukraine are led by Russian soldiers, it is hard to see us having the willingness to bring those criminals to justice.

  2. >>>>Obama at a minimum must demand Putin turn over the vehicle that fired the missile. What do you think the likelihood is that he will do it?<<<<

    Zero. Putin has got to be loving the fact that Obama is so easy to push around. This move by the Russians has probably been years in the making.

    And every time I hear Kerry speak I feel more and more the need to look for Seven Samurai to come to the aid of our village. Kerry's lack of substance may be as big a threat to world peace as Obama's fear. But then again, where does someone like Kerry find something of substance?

    1. Bob:
      I agree the chances are zero but I’d just like him to demand something. As for Putin, he’s figured out Obama is all words and no action. I used to feel like you did about Kerry but I’ve got a sense that he’s begininng to see his year and a half has been a disaster. I think like you that it will be difficult for him to find some substance in himself but I have the feeling which may be wrong that the man is about to change. Lavrov’s been conning him for years and perhaps now he might have realized it. Maybe it is all wishful thinking on my part but I hate to see our country become a laughing stock.

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