Previews of the 2020 Presidential Election: Who Represents the Rest of Us

(`) Joe BltzHillary is already planning her comeback assisted by the Comeback Kid. No, it is not through her daughter Chelsea but it is through her own desire for the job. She was stunned — you have to keep in mind the movie Fatal Attraction how Glen Close as Alex was thought dead but she rose up out of the water in the bathtub to continue her deadly onslaught — but she is recovering quickly. She talks about the dream she had a couple of nights after losing; well, she won’t say she lost because she says she won the popular vote but had the job stolen from her by an antiquated system.

So let me say the dream happened a couple of days after the election — it was of her father who owned a small business. He was in his third iteration at trying to get his small business up and running. He turns to her and says: “remember Hillary, the third time is lucky” an old Scottish saying she often heard her mother state.

She and the Comeback Kid have controlled the Democratic Party since he was first elected in 1992. They have yet to relinquish that control. He is all in for another try. This time he will be more in the forefront in the blue-collar areas the seemed to have abandoned Hillary in the election. He reminded her that she will only be 74-years-old at the time of the next go around. Her mother lived until she was 92-years-old so there is plenty of get up and go in the old machine.

What has added to the motivation she received from the dream is Bernie Sanders suggestion that he will take another crack at the job in four years and he will be seventy-nine at that time.  It was not only that but when Bernie said: Democrats have focused too much with a liberal elite which is raising incredible sums of money from wealthy people in the upper middle class but has ignored to a very significant degree the working class and the middle class and low-income people in this country” Hillary took it as a personal slap at her.

Another happening that has caused her to become reinvigorated is that the Clinton’s control over the party apparatus is being challenged by the Bernie wing. Bernie is backing Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minnesota) as the next chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

Ellison is Co-Chairman of the Congressional Progressive Caucus and is probably best known for his insistence that he take his oath of office on the Koran. Along with Bernie in that wing pushing the Clintons out is Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren and Senator Chuck Schumer. They believe the failure of Hilary to be elected “this week was that their party was not far enough to the left.”  

So here is the ongoing scene which you must envision over the next couple of weeks as the struggle between Bernie and Bill takes place over the control of the Democratic election apparatus. Bernie is in the process of holding Hillary under water in a bathtub trying to drown her so that the road to the Democratic nomination is his for the asking. He thinks she has drowned so he takes his hands off of her. Will she rise up or will she stay under water? We will know within days.

The tragedy in all of this is that in either case the Democratic Party will move further to the left and become more like a socialist party no matter who runs it leaving a multitude of people wandering around with no one to represent them.

Speaking of movies, are we in for a Groundhog Day existence in America where four years from now the same scenario will be run with the same people? With over 150 million people eligible to run for president the two-party system offers us the same dozen repeating over and over and a choice between voting for the reds or the bankers.

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  1. Thank God working whites still run this country, in spite of the political class.
    The Founding Fathers are grinning ear to ear

  2. “She won’t say she lost because she says she won the popular vote but had the job stolen from her by an antiquated system.”

    Popular vote? Reminds one of Joe Kennedy’s remark about buying the WV primary for his son Jack, ” I’ll help you win this election, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to pay for a landslide!” Trump didn’t put a dime into CA, NY, MA, etc. For twenty million more dollars he could have bought the popular vote and probably a landslide.

    Trump by winning the election without the popular vote shows he knows how to manage money. Let us hope he handles our money as wisely.

    Antiquated system? The Electoral College is the natural result of the United States [Note, not the Unitary State] being a federation of sovereign states. A complete restructuring of the foundation of our nation would require each state to reenter the new model as the original compact would be invalidated. Maybe it would be a good idea to break the behemoth up.

    Hopes for a rerun of the Democrat primaries in 2020 is to misjudge the mood of the American people, especially the White working class that the Democrats have labored so diligently to marginalize and displace. The vision of the Dynamic Duo of Geriatrics, Phakahontas Warren [67] and Deadbeat Dad Sanders [75], leading a youth revolution is risible. Those two belong in rocking chairs, her with knitting needles and him with a drool cup. They are not the battering rams of a leftist future.

  3. wa-llahi! Bernie, hold her under, until, there are no more bubbles. Then, hand-cuff Big Bill to an anvil, and, sink him, too. It’s not going to be Bernie in 2020. An African-American with moderate socialist ideas will be running.

    All you guys who are historical Hitler buffs (I’m included), should check out the little changes the democratically elected Chancellor made in the German political process during his first year in power. He had some interesting ideas about labor organizations in the Reich. Hitler joined all the unions into one, and, declared a national “union day” public celebration of Germany’s working class. After, that unions were never spoken about, again.

    The way Glorious Leader plays the bigwigs in his retinue against each-other, all he needs is a little orange mustache. Hitler used exactly the same type of manipulation to control his closest collaborators. We’ll see how Trump divides up the security apparatus. One of the most powerful dynamics of the Third Reich was the tension between Goering, and, Himmler. Each headed major elements of the police apparatus that controlled Germany. Goering held the Gestapo, and, Himmler, the SS/SD. Pitting the powerful against each other was how Hitler maintained his authority. He had things delicately balanced. None of the competitors could gain an edge on their rivals without Hitler’s cooperation. This strategy was also employed to control power-players in the German economy. Albert Speer was Hitler’s point-man in this scheme. Speer played the bureaucracies against private economic interests by selling German industrial and construction firms slave labor from the camps.

    How long will it be before Glorious Leader starts using the FBI and IRS against people and organizations he doesn’t like?

  4. Trump has already announced that there will be no election in 2020. Will the Dems exist in 2020? The reds and bankers are both in the same party. Wall St. money went to HRC not Trump. George Will said one third of the Democratic Congressional caucus comes from three states. NY, California and Massachusetts. It is becoming a regional party with little national following. 2. BHO was given the Nobel Peace prize for no discernible accomplishment. Will Sen. Warren get the Nobel prize in Literature for her cookbook Pow Wow Chow?

  5. Matt:
    Four years hence? No clue! Remember, two years ago, no one envisioned Trump; a year ago when Ann Coulter predicted his success the audience laughed hysterically and “learned” panelists smirked in disbelief; ten days ago almost all media gurus predicted Hillary. So, let’s predict something we can check out in the near term like who Trump will appoint as A.G.: Cruz? It’s anyone’s guess.
    As the song says, “Que sera sera, whatever will be, will be; the future’s not ours to see!”

  6. Matt,
    The election is over. We have a new President. it’s time to switch out of problem mode, and into solution mode. You are coming across as a sore loser. Stop already.

    Bye Bye Crooked Hillary.

    Did you ever hear of Chicken Little, hew she
    disturbed a whole neighborhood by her foolish

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    gentleman’s garden, where she had no business to
    be : she ran under a rose-bush, and a leaf fell on her
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    ” O Hen Pen,” said she, ” the sky is falling ! ”
    u Why, Chicken Little, how do you know it ? ”
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    So they ran till they came to Duck Luck. ” O
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    and …………………..all this FROM THE FOOLISH FRIGHT of Chicken Little.

    Source Cited:
    (1916) The Fable of Chicken Little. Arne-Thompson-Uther type 20-c. American Folktale

  7. Matt,….Matt,….is that you,…….Matty, we hardly knew ye.

    The movie is a Double Feature:

    “Gone With The Wind”……….Bye Bye Crooked Hillary and Slick Willie (and their little buddy Barry)

    “The Third Man”……………….Trump shatters the two-party system and Makes America Great Again.

    1. Rather,

      This is the thing old shoe : As the great Roy Scheider ad libbed that now immortal line in Jaws to Robert Shaw in the movie JAWS he did so knowing that the Great White Shark would probably be back for another fight. Bill Clinton told her inner circle that she needed to spend much more time in Wisconsin courting that white working class vote, a constituency he owned for two terms. They scoffed at old Mr. Thoroughly Corrupt But Lovable. If the conceited had listened then she would be figuring out which historically significant Bible to press her righteous palm upon come the Inauguration instead of tripping deer cameras on post concession speech Chapaqua hikes.

      He is a little over the top with this post. But he is underscoring a vital fact about her. She has the Eye Of The Tigress. Always has had it. And she is thoroughly pissed ; as in really angry. The girl can’t help it. No, She just cain’t heip it! 🙂

  8. Time to recall some lyrics from “Elected” by Alice Cooper:

    “…a new party—a third party—THE WIIILD PART-AAAAAAYYYY!”

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