Professor Underwear: The Puny Pricked Professor’s Problems Persist

() longjohnsRM, one of my secret operatives, reminds me I have been remiss in writing about Professor Underwear whose pride, perch and person was pricked by the persistence of  a pretty young woman who publicly proclaimed that he took sexual advantage of her when she was but a little girl  trapped into vice by Professor Underwear’s best friend, Jeffrey Epstein, the biggest child sexual enslaver in America. RM advises me the case is heating up.

Recall how the puny pricked professor proclaimed in a poignant plea his innocence even penning an op-ed in the papers. Reflecting poorly on his plea was that much of what was promulgated by the accuser appeared to jive with the actual facts. Professor Underwear does not deny he was at the places where she put him but he professes the people with him would publicly attest during those times his conduct was impeccable.

Preserving in his pious profession of being a perfectly principled person he nevertheless did pronounce perhaps because photographic proof may be produced that as the pleasant pushings and pullings on his person were performed by little girls as part of a massage he protected his private parts from public view by persisting in not parting with his underwear.

I had not mentioned the case for a long while because Professor Underwear has been keeping a low profile. The demands for his pronouncements has plummeted. It is hard to pontificate when people picture you in pervert Epstein’s palatial abode playing with impoverished pre or early teen age girls perhaps sixty years younger in your underwear. Talk about dirty old men. Who want to watch perverts perform?

Other best friends of Epstein, self-identified macho guys like Bill Clinton and Bill Richardson, can get away with it. No one will ever pretend Dirty Dershie is a man’s man. The prickly picture of this puny pricked professor partially clothed in under pants prone upon massage pads pursuing pleasure provides profound merriment.

I pen this to present to you the present position of the parties in the pending proceedings. The litigation proceeds apace. The professor is fighting tooth paste and nail polish to preserve the prior protections he provided for himself. Two recent developments are worth noting. They are taken from the Palm Beach Daily News.

1. Our U.S. government has flown to Epstein’s defense. You have to feel good about that knowing our tax dollars are going to aid the pervert. Assistant United States Attorney Dexter Lee said the two young girls aren’t actually victims because they procured other girls for Epstein and received money for it. He said they were “complicit in the offenses.”

If that is not a new low for our government then tell me what is. Two young girls being raped, intimidated and maneuvered by older men are no longer victims because in their fragile state they did something to aid those who are abusing them. Have we gone back to knowing nothing about the frail state of mind of victims? Are the victims of the Stockholm syndrome like Patty Hearst and the victims of sexual assaults by trusted persons to be deemed part of the criminal activity?

Or, is it that a billionaire pervert with his big lawyer’s like Professor Underwear and big government connections like Bill Clinton can make the Department of Justice do their bidding. And, keep in mind we’ve seen its power in Florida in the decision in the John Connolly prosecution.

The women’s lawyer said that calling: “these girls anything less than victims and it’s no doubt offensive to the victims. To raise this issue for the first time eight years later is not right.”

We are being badly served by our Justice Department.

Then there is this news. Brad Edwards the lawyer for the many underage victims (or as the U.S. Attorney would have it co-conspirators) brought a suit against Epstein for abuse of process and malicious prosecution. He alleged “the Palm Beach billionaire, . . . Epstein initially filed a lawsuit against him with “baseless and unsupportable claims” to get Edwards to back down from representing victims. Epstein dropped his lawsuit against Edwards in August 2012.”  Edwards suit was thrown out by the judge but the appellate court has just reinstated it. Here’s a description of Epstein’s earlier suit.

Professor Underwear’s problems persist. He’ll get his day in court. Stay tuned.

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