Really. I’m Not Kidding. An American Said This!

I guess you have little understanding for the Trump folk until you read something like this. It is hard to believe that a person who considers himself and American would say this. When you think of Trump and how much he has done to tear at America’s fabric also think of what one of his most loyaly and fervent supporters said. Here it is:

“In my humble opinion, Biden is hovering closer to Stalin now than Putin has in his twenty or thirty years in rule in Russia.”

Yes, apparently this person would prefer to live under Putin rather than Biden. You don’t suppose he heard of Alexei Navalny who was poisoned by Putin and now incarcerated because he went to Germany to be treated for his poison. Who were those people Biden poisoned and then imprisoned? I suppose if I read the latest information from QAnon folks I could find out the answer to that.

Then there was Boris Nemtsov an outspoken critic of Vladimir Putin. Nemtsov  was assassinated on 27 February 2015 in central Moscow on Bolshhov Moskvoretsky Bridge near the Kremlin. Again, I’ll have to go to QAnon to discover who Biden had assassinated. Then there are the folk who have fled from Russia only to have Putin’s goons track them down in other countries and assassinate them or try to assassinate them. You don’t think Biden is doing that already. He’s only been in office three months but who knows.

The person who so prefers Putin over Biden that he has made comments against Biden saying

“Joe Biden, the baby butcher, “ “Biden. I think he’s an unprincipled man, shallow, hollow, a waverer, a war monger, a two-faced turncoat.” “Biden will never “unite” America behind his pro-abortion, Big State, Big Tax, America-Second policies, et alia.” “Win it back from Biden the Baby Butcher, a turncoat like Benedict Arnold.“ “those who lived off government ‘s payroll for a lifetime are uncritical of socialistic Big Spenders, Big Taxes like Biden and his acolytes.” “Win it back from Biden the Baby Butcher, Biden the turncoat like Benedict Arnold.”  “ I mean Uncle Joe Biden, a war monger, proven plagiarizer, and proven turncoat.” “ a hollow, unprincipled man like Biden will not blink supporting such discriminatory programs. Biden is a reverse racist. I don’t want to be too harshly on him, because I think he’s a simpleton, a waffler, an unprincipled man.” “Biden with his history of interventionism and war mongering, and a history of turning his back on “sincerely held beliefs” for fifty years, and switched his pro-life positions, and now becomes the most egregious pro abortion Presidents in American History.” (my empphasis)

It is obvious he does not have a high opinion of our president. What especially gets his goat is that Biden is not pro-life while at some time in the past he held that position. It never bothered him that Trump most of his life was not pro-life but changed his position in his sixties so he could get the anti-abortion vote. But that’s another story.

From his  remarks, I would believe he mainly views Biden through his stand against abortion and adds all the rest of the adjectives onto him because of that. What though is strange that he calls Biden the Baby Butcher but never calls Putin that. I assume that he knows Russia under Putin has the highest abortion rate in the world chalking in at 53.7 percent. The next highest is Vietnam at 35.2, and the U.S. is 15th at 20.8%.

With folk like this who prefer Putin over Biden you really have to be concerned about America’s future.



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  1. Abe, I concur. Mandatory service for one day for everyone 18-21. Perfect. I’d also require everyone from grade 3 to 8 take a mandatory course using your hands; carpentry, . .masonry, plumbing, masonry, how to mix materials and use them. Art, too, painting, sculpting. Music, too.

    Then in mandatory daily exercise, recess, I’d require dancing, learn modern, country western, folk dancing, ballot, boxing something,,,, skipping rope.

    When we were growing up almost all the guys were good with their hands, and not so good dancing, but all the girls were pretty good dancing. , , ,learn real life . . .

    So, mandate something beyond those hand held T.V. tubes, I call them, virtual reality , , ,etcetera

  2. If there is all this murder going on, why don’t stop it with force? Isn’t it your duty to prevent this slaughter? It cannot be the rule of law-you have already decided the that these hundreds of thousand of people are murderers. Your faith allows response proportional to the insult-so you are ok with your God.

    How many confused, desperate, young girls may have made decisions for which they saw no other remedy. Do you propose to drag them before the Connolly Court and execute them?

    1. Hutch, you are confused. Simply put, you do not understand the difference between murder “a legal killing” and killing itself. Killing in self-defense of if there is no other alternative . . . .example if you do not kill one, more than one will die . . .

      So here goes, unedited:

      Second, you do not understand the Church Teachings and ethics taught round the world. Directly killing an innocent human being is immoral wrong.

      As Physicians, sometimes to save a life, you remove a ectopic implants ( you’re intent is not to kill, but your only alternative is to let two die, or remove the embryo/fetus attached to the fallopian tube, or elsewhere. Research medicine.

      Three, Physicians will remove a uterus to save the mother’s life from cancer.

      Four, moralists, philosophers, ethicists, religious teachers, recognize that every human being has a right to life . .. . .including mothers . . . .including the unborn . . . .See the Movie Lifeboat in cases where you stop saving one, because if he still hangs on the boat will sink and all seven or eight on board will die.

      Now, please you tell me, Hutch, in how many circumstances do you think it is moral to kill an innocent human being, outside of War. Hiroshima we killed intentionally a hundred thousand innocents. Why? Because Harry Truman chose the lesser of two evils. We don’t kill a hundred thousand innocents, if the war drags on millions will die.

      Now, tell me when in a hospital situation do you think it is appropriate for a physician to directly kill an innocent human being, elderly, neonate.

      Now consider this: In the 1800s, early, in some territories, the local government legalized the killing of Native Americans. You know what happened,. Some men devoid of ethics went into the forests hunting down and killing innocent men, women and children. They slaughtered them. Just like today we butcher the unborn, legally.

      Now, in Courts . . . .today we allow the killing of convicted felons, executions in many states.

      Today, the Supreme Court legalized the killing of unborn human beings. SCOTUS overturned every state’s laws, which restricted abortions.

      In fact, fairly read, every single one of the 50 states prohibited all abortions except necessary to save a mother’s life. Texas’s law before Roe v. Wade had only one exception: Where the Pregnancy continuing threatened a mother’s life. Texan lawyers argued before SCOTUS in briefs, that that Texas Statute was also reasonably interpreted to allow abortions where continuing the pregnancy threatened egregious bodily harm . . .basically abortions were always practiced in medicine under one condition . . .where it was not possible to save both lives . ..

      Now, in my court . . .I don’t have a court . . .I’ve only written and published several books on this matter and distributed them publicly in accordance with the First Amendment’s rights to freely speak and print (freedom of the press).

      So, what I have recommended to SCOTUS and State Jurists is that the only constitutionally consistent right is to life, and therefore abortions could only be permitted (as 85% of ob-gyns practice today) are to save the life of the mother where it is not possible to save both lives.

      Now, what would happen in America if we returned to before Roe v. Wade where evidence showed about 220 women died in legal abortions and 230 died in illegal abortions. What would happen is in every abortion not performed we would be saving two lives, the mother’s and child’s (the unborn). In every abortion today, we lose one life, and 99.9% of times the mother survives.

      Of course, you know that in the worst scenario, trisomy 13, 90% of severly deformed mentally and physically, live for less than one year.

      Now a question for you, you favor killing of the unborn I assume, when would you restrict killing, or would you simply wash your hands: “Don’t bother me.”

      Finally, the Catholic Church itself and Christian Hospitals like Georgetown and Notre Dame know that OB=gyn must be trained to do abortions, because some are necessary to save both lives.

      Why not read my book,, One Life, published in 2002, rather than piping up about a medical-legal-ethical issue you seem to lack fundamental training/education in.

      I’d be happy to answer any other questions. Those, even today, who perform illegal abortions are prosecuted,. And those who kill a pregnant woman are charged with two homicides, the killing of two human beings, mom and the child she carries, the unborn.

      Any more rhetorical questions? When would you favor the killing of burdensome neonates born to young teenagers. Listen to Faith Hill’s “A Baby Changes Everything.” It’s a Christmas song.

      1. With no sense of self or human attributes, apparently the Courts who read the same books as you, disagree to your characterizations that are cruel, insensitive, hurtful to those who have made decisions which they may regret without your moral hubris.

        You should show some discipline in your rhetoric. I know you are not a cruel person. We may know some (fortunately not reading this blog) are haunted by their past.

  3. Anyone else remember Ignatius O’Conner? In his early 80s he was nearly beaten to death by pro-abortion protesters for carrying a sign “Abortion is Murder”

    Who would dare to carry that placard today!

    1. Henry, you ask a great question. The Jesuit Community has answered that question, pretty decisively, in 2018.

      Like Danny Ryan used to say when winning a card game as he laid down his winning hand, “Read it and weep.”

      Weep for the millions we’ve killed …..This is not an end to the issue, but merely a realization that millions upon millions of learned men and women, and ordinary men and women, from every walk of life, from carpenters to Cardinals, from sinners to saints, from criminals to little sisters of the poor, from washerwomen to esteemed celebrities would carry a sign saying “Abortion is the killing of an innocent human being.”

  4. By the way … Abortion is totally outlawed in El Salvador, Nicaragua and Honduras. Unwanted children from these three nations are now flocking to our border. Ain’t life grand?

    1. Good for countries that Respect Human life, and prohibit or restrict the killing of unborn human beings.

      I assure you, Dan, the killing of human beings is not a joke.

      You are partly correct: Life is Grand. Human life, every human being’s life, is precious, and STATES have a duty to protect human beings, especially the most innocent, the most defenseless, the unborn, children, the disabled elderly.

      Have an open mind? Read my book One Life: How the U.S. Supreme Court Deliberately Distorted the History, Science and Law of Abortion. (2002) . . .it is a bit thick, but has compelling pictures.

      Are you blase about, indifferent to, supportive of or oppose to the killing of innocent human beings in the womb?

      1. In all three of the countries mentioned above, the ones that respect human life, there have been some of the most obscene violence ever done to one human by another. Those same people that have declared that all abortions be illegal. I’m just sayin.

  5. True, Biden is all know the most pro-abortion President in American History, reversing not just the Mexico City Policy, but the Hyde Amendment, which Speaker of the House similarly added to Civil Rights: no American taxpayers dollars for abortions at home and abroad, except necessary to save the life of the mother.

    2. In a country of 140 million people you cite three attempted assassinations, allegedly, by Russia, over the past ten years, which proves what. Our dear country America has dropped cluster bombs in Belgrade and killed many civilians with drones.

    3. I stand by every single word I have written, without apology, but more so with intense conviction of every single word I have written is apt, on mark. correct.

    4. Of course, killing human beings is my first priority. I cannot compare 60 million killing of the unborn of human beings in my country, America, with any other countries’ more or less percentage wise of abortions done annually. Any country that allows abortions not to save the life of the mother (whenever not possible to save lives) not only I, but the Pope, the Catholic Church, the Muslims and the Orthodox, Conservative Jews and other Christian conservatives churches.

    5. If my only position in life was to try to save the life of one unborn human being from being killed in the womb, that would be a worthwhile life. Read my book, One LIfe, and pretend a lack of discernment with my positions.

    6. What appalls, as has appalled since St. Paul, as since the First Century has condemned all “Procured” intentional killing of unborn human beings, and most liberals I know are blase about the killing of the unborn, but need exorcism because on foreign country has killed a few “spies.”

    7. Are do believe today’s Democratic Party’s “liberalism” is anathema, and I a dedicated pro-life person, ala Albert Sweitzer, Mother Teresa, John Paul II, Pope Francis, and all those pro-life Organizations, also have other concerns, about unjust wars, unjust coups, unjust interference in other countries’ politics, in war mongering, in economic policies, ala Madame Albright, that caused half a million of children starved to death, and of Big Government Big Taxing, Big Spending liberalism which Biden fully embraces, which enslaves in a Welfare State, and which deprives individuals of God-given and Constitutional Rights . . . they are absolute, and not written to be gutted by liberals like Biden.

    1. What are you going to do about it? I mean, really DO about it.

      Tell me something, please. What was the worst mistake you ever made? What is your biggest boo boo? Any regrets? I’m taking “Three Billboards….” on my little birding trip I’m taking. I’ll review it, if that is OK with you, when I return.

      Remember, Bill. Above all else. Courage peace to you and your family.

      1. Shalom, Abe, to you, family and friends.

        I just got from Amazon Books, Harvard Law Emeritus Prof, Dershowitz, his great quick read book: on censorship by Academia, Media, Big Business (internet) and Government itself.

        My books have gotten more literarily, artistically, than hard core factually.

        Spiritual Glue is also a quick read are the two Character Assassins.

        I have recently distributed a 10,000 word Essay responding to Harvard’s Email, and it attaches a dozen pages of graphics, photos, etcetera.

        I hope to that published as a little book by about July; it takes a while from finishing it, to get it ready by Bookbaby, i’ve used the last several years.

        Abe, enjoy life . . . outdoors, especially, but inside, too.

        1. Ya know, Bill, I agree with a lot of stuff you say and disagree with a lot of stuff you say. But as shown here, we don’t hate each other.

          That’s why politics has gotten even worse with the explosion of social media. It brings out the worst in human nature. Not that it doesn’t bring out the best as well. But the worst has overtaken the best. The world has really embraced this new ability to say anything with no personal consequences. It empowers people in the worst way. I don’t have to put up my dukes if I insult a tough guy. I can sit in my house and troll the hell out of him and he can’t touch me. Power.

          Another thing that really bothers me is the fact that in America alone hundreds of millions of hours a day are wasted by people on computers. Hours that go by with nothing produced. Once again, the waste far outsizes the produce.

          I’m still waiting for the presidential candidate who says he or she will push hard for every American, from the time they turn 18 until the reach 21, will have to work one eight hour shift a year in a hospice. Four years in a row, one shift a year. 8760 hours in a year and 8 must be devoted to the dying.

          1. Abe, I concur. Mandatory service for one day for everyone 18-21. Perfect. I’d also require everyone from grade 3 to 8 take a mandatory course using your hands; carpentry, . .masonry, plumbing, masonry, how to mix materials and use them. Art, too, painting, sculpting. Music, too.

            Then in mandatory daily exercise, recess, I’d require dancing, learn modern, country western, folk dancing, ballot, boxing something,,,, skipping rope.

            When we were growing up almost all the guys were good with their hands, and not so good dancing, but all the girls were pretty good dancing. , , ,learn real life . . .

            So, mandate something beyond those hand held T.V. tubes, I call them, virtual reality , , ,etcetera

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