Religion Sunday: Thought For Today

I had something in mind to write about today on religion but have been unable to put it together to my satisfaction. So I’ll post quickly about what else in on my mind.

I am going to try to devote each day to a different subject. It won’t work out that everyday I’ll be able to do it but I’m going to at least give it a go. As I see it now the lineup will be:

Religious Sunday – as you can see I’m not off to a good start

Politics Monday – usually that will involve another example of Trump’s quest to emulate Putin and become president for life.

Justice System Tuesday – my thoughts on the law, cases and events relating to the justice system as a whole.

Poetry Wednesday – a poem to think about

Gangster Thursday – probably start off with something on Whitey or Catherine Greig – then write about some of the gangster actions back in fifties through seventies.

Free-For-Fun Friday – that’s another way of saying I won’t at this time dedicate that day to any specific topic.

Silent Saturday – a day of rest.

I’ll see how it works out.

Then there’s this

Today is the birthday of someone close and I just want to wish him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY.  As for the card, it will be a little late  and probably a little light – taking care of my grandson which is a total joy occupies much of my time so I tend not to do the things I should be doing.



9 thoughts on “Religion Sunday: Thought For Today

  1. According to my Mayan calendar today is free for all

    NJ jail cop upset with doctor’s appointment kills office worker

    Sergio Bichao
    July 25, 2020


    California cop arrested, accused of engaging in sex acts with at least three children

    In other musical moments

    Stalin was getting ready to wack the Russian composer
    Shostakovich for writing atonal music. So he wrote his
    5th Symphony and apologized to Stalin for drifting
    away from Russian musical norms.The official title of the composition
    is a Apology for Just Criticism of His Music.

    Here is a little piece he wrote to help people sleep better
    after reading Matt’s blog……..maybe dance their way to
    the truth….

  2. Matt, please pardon this off-topic advisory for a certain someone. From your post dated July 11:

    “No more hogging. Try to get all your thoughts into one post.”

  3. Couple of sun is setting one liners for the
    uneducated and uneducable


    7/25/2020 7:45 AM PT

    also see

    JULY 25, 2020
    Conservatives Are Really Not Happy With “Swamp-Infected” Supreme Court Justice John Roberts

    Do not forget

    The American media is not a cop-watch programme

    It is an arm of the police state

  4. Matt, I agree in part and I disagree in part.

    But I am very proud of and very partial to people from South Boston and Savin Hill in Dorchester . . . .Southie and Savie are my home towns. I remember a group The Irish Volunteers used to sing that classic, “Southie Is My Hometown”, . . .”those kids from South Boston . . .there’s no doubt about it, their the tops for miles around . . .”

    Yes MSFREEH, a.k.a. Ms Freeh Fall, purportedly a likely spawn or associate of Louis Freeh (just joking, no ad hominem attack intended; as my friend Danny R. always said, “If it’s the truth, it aint ad hominem; and the truth sometimes fries.”, but Yes, MSFREEH, the FEDs did experiment with LSD on Whitey, however, in the 1970s the largest LSD factory on the East Coast was not in a prison but was in the basement of a house in Savin Hill.

    More to the point of Matt’s revised subject matter schedule: A friend of mine, who will remain anonymous, sat in the front row of a packed Church in Cambridge with his son, at the invitation of Norman Mailer who was giving a speech, and Norman Mailer was a best friend of two Savin Hillians, the poet-jack-of-all-trades Bunzo Bonetti from Savin Hill, and the poet, master of show biz, Franny Mahoney, who produced Poetry in Motion, Franny was not originally from St. Willy’s but from up the street and around the corner in St. Pete’s, (Meeting House Hill) but Franny made Savin Hill his hometown, and spent much of his adult time there, as we all did at Moakley’s and Joyce & Keene’s and Connors’ and the Bulldog Lounge, and Frannie and many of us, a thousand or so young men, essentially identified as Savin Hillians, and also as tens of thousands of us did, he identified as a kid from Dorchester.

    I was born down on A Street, raised up on B . . .Belfort St, a block off Dot Ave, Southie and Savie are my hometowns.

    Signed, Billy C., just another Savin Hill Billy

    Today, July 26, is MIck Jagger’s birthday . . .born in ’43 . . .and he is a spiritual blood brother of Matt’s blood brother who also was born on the Feast Day of St. Ann, as I understand it, unless I am mistaken.

    So, as I said at the beginning: I agree and I disagree, but as usual I mostly disagree with MSFREEH.

  5. Happy Birthday William, from the South Boston Concannons! You don’t look a day over 68. You are surely not a member of the “Silent Majority” therefore your exhaustive research and reporting of its findings are very helpful in seeing both sides of issues! Keep up the good work! Slainte☘️

  6. Just when I thought I was was making progress
    weaponizing word salad
    I just needed a few more days before I rolled out
    my prototype ….the five megaton single quantum
    Cognitive Dissonance annihilator ……

    This would have morally wounded Wilhelm of Cognitive
    Dissonance, Abe’s of Maine and Lawerence Khalid of
    Arabia just by leaving it on the antipasto setting….

    Every good Blog parent tries to create intellectual property
    boundaries for its offspring /
    make that irregulars eh Matt?

    In other Whitey Bulger newes…..

    Black psychiatrist Madison Pressnell is an active barometer of what
    happens when you let the inmates run your criminal justice
    system Matt included.

    Did Madison Presnell treat White Bulger?
    Dr Presnell allowed Timothy Leary to set up
    his infamous Concord Prison Pscilocybin Prison
    Experiment in West Concord Mass.
    Did Whitey Bulger lie about his prison LSD experiences?
    Did Psychiatrist Madison Presnell sexually violate
    Whitey Bulger?

    Psychologist Clem Smith worked at the prison
    during this period.
    He would later be accused of sexually abusing his sons.



    In 1965 Walter Burr was a co-worker at William Dowd Harpsichord

    1. I use to order lots of camera equipment from Abe’s of Maine. The guy knew his Moxie dealers outside of New England.


    Jordan Smith
    July 26 2020, 8:00 a.m.

    ‘We will coup whoever we want’: Elon Musk sparks online riot with quip about overthrow of Bolivia’s Evo Morales
    25 Jul, 2020 08:49

    The U.S.-Supported Coup in Bolivia Continues to Produce Repression and Tyranny, While Revealing How U.S. Media Propaganda Works
    Glenn Greenwald, System Update

  8. Matt,

    Regarding Free-for-all Friday, tread carefully: Ed Lambert may have something to say about that. After all, he’s got dibs on that phrase–at least on the Cape.

    A Blessed Sunday to all.

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