Rule by Mob: Ferguson Questions

(1) fergysibWe all know about the shooting in Ferguson, Missouri, where an unarmed young black man was killed by a white police officer. We also know that after that shooting riots broke out. The rioters were confronted by police officers, some of whom were clothed in military-type gear. The cops were condemned for being too militaristic. Little condemnation fell upon the heads of those who broke the law.

Unmentioned is that the actions of the police brought the riots to an end with no deaths or major injuries. Rather than suggesting that perhaps using military style responses to riots seemed to work we were told that it was something awful. We were told not to believe our eyes. We were told that indeed something done by the police was quite horrific even though from all we could see the result of their action was quite benign and order was restored.

Having brought about some type of calm, the criminal justice system slowly moved into action. An investigation into the events brought about by Michael Brown’s death commenced. The normal process is to have information about the shooting presented to a grand jury for its determination. That was done. It is near its end of the evidentiary presentation. The grand jury is about to decide whether to indict the white police officer.

Overriding this whole affair is the matter of race. Blacks feel the killing would not have happened had Michael Brown been white; blacks also feel that the cop will get a pass on the killing because he is white. Blacks don’t understand why he has not been quickly indicted and brought to trial. It is well-known in the black and white community that a prosecutor can indict a ham sandwich. Put another way, it is common knowledge that whether a grand jury indicts someone or not is up to the prosecutor. It follows some believe because the prosecutor is white that there will be a white wash.

Another factor many are aware of is the reluctance of prosecutors (I would have said grand juries but that would have contradicted what I just said) to indict police officers in shootings of civilians. One police offer told me that it was better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6. That would be the case if shootings by police officers went before a petit jury of 12, but most are decided in secret behind closed doors by up to 23 jurors who vote by a majority vote and are controlled by prosecutors.

From the black perspective they look upon the grand jury as an implement of the prosecutor. They expect that the whites will stick together and the black man’s death will be given short shrift. It is the general black belief that such a happening is par for the course and that it should not be tolerated anymore.

The gauntlet has been thrown down. Indict the white cop or we’ll respond to your continuing slighting of the black community, perhaps by rioting, not only in Ferguson, and St. Louis, but in other places in your country.  Merchants in Ferguson in anticipation of the storm have already boarded up their stores making it look like a tornado just passed through. The FBI put out a national alert to all police departments to expect violence.  Missouri has called up its National Guard. One observer noted: “It’s almost like they’re preparing for war.” What to do?

Should the white cop be indicted regardless of the evidence? Our grand jury system with its secrecy and prosecutorial control gives little confidence to those aggrieved. Doesn’t a matter like this demand to be dealt with in the open? Even if the white cop committed no crime isn’t it better that the issue be decided after an open trial before twelve jurors? Isn’t it wrong to just walk away from the death of this young black man?

But if the evidence shows the white cop acted properly then to indict him is to surrender to the mob. Isn’t that the worst of all worlds where justice is decided on the streets? Wouldn’t that be just kicking the can down the road where at the end the demand will be that unless the white cop is convicted there will again be riots?

And if the riots come, will the police be as effective in keeping control without the military-style equipment? If not, will that be an argument for more such equipment?

Should there be a better way to handle matters that may be criminal than the ancient secret grand jury process?  Should it be done away with and replaced with an open inquisition system where the evidence is in public view?

Final questions, are the relations between white and black starting to spiral out of control? If so, what is the reason for this? Are whites, as some suggest, unconsciously racists so it is inevitable?



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    A non sequitur from a poor Irish boy born in the Fields Corner section of Dorchester, and never allowed to forget it or wanted to 🙂

    ” In a Symbol ” says Carlyle ” there is concealment and yet revelation : hence therefore by Silence and by Speech acting together, comes a double significance.” … In SARTOR RESARTUS he says further to give the word its full value : ” In the Symbol proper, what we can call a Symbol, there is ever, more or less distinctly and directly, some embodiment and revelation of the Infinite ; the Infinite is made to blend itself wirh the Finite, to stand visible, and as it were, attainable there. ” …. THE SYMBOLIST MOVEMENT IN LITERATURE by Arthur Symons

    Flying Pond and Savin Hill are more the Map than the Territory perhaps .And the territory is perhaps more similar metaphysically than either cares to admit . I leave it flying 🙂 there !!! I have enjoyed the roguish literary approach of the both of you ★ John

  2. Matt, Only thing thaat strikes my interest is the 6 shots to the victim, particularly the 2 head shots. Looking at it with minimal information,It still has me feeling like it was harsh and unecessary. Officer Wilson also never suffered a broken eye socket as it was reported falsely. 6 shots, 2 being in the face and top of the head is a problem for me.

  3. Matt:
    After reading this post I grabbed
    a hand full of smelling salts ampules,
    jumped into bed and pulled the covers
    over my eyes, nah make that my head.
    The visions came in waves the first was
    the 1999 Memphis jury that returned
    a verdict in favor of the Martin Luther
    King family civil trial where they sued
    one of the assassins of Dr King in civil
    court so they could enter the evidence
    they had accumalated that white Memphis
    Police officer Earl Clark had murdered
    Dr King.

    Hint google
    earl clark Memphis police MLK assassination

    Oh yea who can forget the hit of the
    month of the three civil rights workers
    Schwerner, Chaney and Goodman who were
    tortured and murdered on June 21 1964 by
    the local Sheriff Lawrence Rainey.

    Down here in the Zero we never forget the
    song made famous by Pat Boone called
    ” driving while black”

    In other news I am being grounded
    for violating boundries by posting
    non sequotors. My computer
    will be taken away and I have been
    sentenced to some much needed quiet time gazing out at Flying Pond.

    I can be found at the whosarat forum
    reading posts like:
    “stress analysis of a strapless evening gown”


    You can also find me at rigorousintuition dot ca
    where I post in their Data Dump

    as always up to date material about crimes
    committed by FBI agents can also be found
    at the god bless them Mormon website
    ldsfreedomforum dot com
    Go to the news section

    from a never writer
    to an ever reader


    1. Msfreeh: Silence is golden; try it sometime. Sincerely, just another Savin Hill Billy C. P.S. I for one won’t miss your non sequitors nor the breaking news about JFK’s assassination, 51 years ag0 this day.

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