Russia Declares War on Ukraine! Will Trump’s Love Affair With Putin Cower Him?

According the Encyclopedia Britannica a ” Blockade, ,an act of war by which a belligerent prevents access to or departure from a defined part of the enemy’s coasts.”

The coast of Ukraine is on the Black Sea and the Azov Sea. Ukraine has ports on both of these seas. When Russia seized Crimea from Ukraine it had no land link to it. We’ve heard from some suggesting Russia had a right to seize Crimea because it had given it to Ukraine while Ukraine was a member of the Soviet Union. Those people always find a reason to excuse any Russian action.

When Crimea was invaded by Russia and annexed to it the best response the Obama administration could come up with is the application of sanctions against some Russians. The EU and NATO also responded in a like manner. Emboldened by this Russia started a war in eastern Ukraine which still simmers to this day. This too is justified by Russian apologists on the ground that a majority of the people living there are of Russian descent and speak Russian. (I wonder if they’d feel the same way about Arizona or New Mexico being seized  by Mexico.)

The present administration in Washington has sought to lessen these sanctions while refusing to impose new sanctions for Russia’s involvement in our 2016 election. More recently Trump’s willingness to look the other way when the Saudi leader Muhammad bin Salman had an American resident executed in a Saudi embassy in Turkey and lie about the CIA’s findings of his involvement gave a bright signal to the Putins of the world they could do what they want and he’d give them cover.

Russia after seizing Crimea built a bridge connecting  it to Crimea. It was dedicated in May by Putin. As is shown by the photo above it has placed a tanker under that bridge blocking Ukraine from gaining access to Ukrainian ports. I’m not sure how this will be spun by Trump and other Russian apologists but its actions have no justification and are, as the definition noted, an act of war.

Within the last day or so Russia attacked Ukrainian ships that have tried to get to their ports. It has killed six Ukrainian sailors and seized sixty-five. It has  seized or damaged at least three ships. This is all being done against international law and pursuant to  Putin’s madman plan to reconstitute the Russian Empire by damaging Ukraine’s economy and weakening that country’s ability to protect itself.

History teaches us that letting bully countries harass and attack smaller countries just whets their appetite for more conquests. To stop them other countries must act boldly and decisively by economic punishment and by ostracizing it. Our country should lead but if Trump’s queer affinity for Putin and his penchant for lying is any indication he’ll blame Ukraine for the problems. He’ll say “maybe Russia did blockade Ukrainian ports and maybe it didn’t” in the face of the evidence shown above.

Putin’s folly was his seizure of Crimea and smoldering war in east Ukraine. His action united Ukrainians as never before. It has even allowed it to recapture its Orthodox Church’s freedom which had been placed under the Russia Orthodox Church. Putin has made the world recognize that the Russian and Ukrainian people are separate just as the Irish and Scottish and British people are separate.

Not even with Trump’s help will he ever be able to suppress Ukraine now but he can cause a tremendous loss of life. America can stop Russia in its tracks with harsh sanctions. This it should do. Its failure to do so will inevitably lead to massive bloodshed. Its failure will be because Trump is compromised.


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    Moscow then scrambled helicopters and fighter jets to the location as Russian naval forces surrounded the Ukrainian vessels. The Russians opened fire on the warships, injuring six crew members, and then seized all three vessels.

    Revunets said the most worrying aspect of the Russian aggression is that “it is not something extremely out of the ordinary,” and in fact not even the most destructive recent display of Moscow’s ongoing aggression on Ukraine. “Russia’s bossy behavior in the Kerch Strait did not result in any Ukrainian service members being killed in action,” he said. “Meanwhile, Ukraine has lost 12 service members on the frontlines in Donbas [Eastern Ukraine] in November alone.”

    The point is a valid one. Since the conflict erupted in 2014, the violence between Ukraine and Russian-backed forces has killed more than 10,300 people and wounded more than 24,000. The impact on Ukraine’s economy has also been toxic. But in recent years most of this ongoing Russian violence against Ukraine, Revunets says, has “largely slipped under the radar of the Western media.”


    Mr. Flurry wrote, “The fact that one man—one man—is responsible for this huge geopolitical shift is deeply significant” (March 2014).

    Since then, Putin has continued using his power to prevent Georgia, Ukraine and other former Soviet countries from developing closer ties with Europe. He is also turning Russia’s military into a modern and more lethal 21st-century force. He pushed America out of his backyard in 2014 by persuading Kyrgyzstan to oust the U.S. from Manas Air Base. More recently, Moscow has become deeply involved in the Middle East, sidelining America, helping the brutal Syrian regime to stay in power, and allowing Iran to maintain its pursuit of nuclear weapons.


    To the surprise of nobody precisely nobody the long forecast (many months) and high probably events around the Sea of Azov and the Kerch Strait have finally taken on a manifestation that cannot be ignored.

    Previous incidents, while duly noted and raising a collective “tut” along with rightful Ukrainian ire, have culminated in little more than behind the curtain conversations and one or two conferences/panel discussions/mildly worded public communiques.

    However parking a tanker across the Kersh Strait and effectively turning the Sea of Azov into a big pond is not something that can be ignored. Neither are the clashes between Ukrainian and Russian navies as a result.

  3. quite simply, Putler has decided to escalate his aggressiveness, and try to put the squeeze on Ukraine

    underlying all of this is Putler’s ruthless desire to remain in power, which includes “getting roosha off its knees” and projecting power

    map at link below, which reveals much

    Russia/Putler has broken every treaty it has/had with Ukraine so far

    also, from the link – The shallow Sea of Azov lies east of Crimea, and south of the Ukrainian regions partially seized by pro-Russian separatists.

    The two Ukrainian ports on its northern shore – Berdyansk and Mariupol – are key to exporting grain and produce such as steel, also for importing coal.

    The 2003 treaty between Ukraine and Russia guaranteed free navigation to both countries’ vessels.

  4. The Mongol Muslim Khans who converted their hordes to Islam in the thirteenth century are Berke (Golden Horde) and Gazan (Ilkhanid). Hulagu, although religiously tolerant, did not, personally, convert to Islam. It was his descendant, Gazan, who converted the Ilkhanid Empire. My bad.

  5. Wa-llahi! Pull your heads out of your asses. US/British intel folks, in league with senior Saudi princes, are easing MSB out of power (al Jazeera Mideast). Hopefully, Kushner will fall with him. It looks like Ahmed bin Abul-Aziz will be the next guy to sit in the big chair. Glorious Leader, and, his followers, are unread idiots. Saudi Arabia is ruled by a consensus of senior Saudi princes. Today’s problems regarding Mideast policy are caused by ignorance at the highest levels of the American government.

    1. Matt, the differences between eastern and western Ukraine go back to the Mongol conquest. It isn’t as simple as competing Slavic peoples, and/or, rejections of Socialism. Haven’t we covered this territory before?

      1. Even before the Mongols got in there. The arrogance of a certain Islamic leader with a 600,000 man army is a good place to start.

        1. Wa-llahi! What Muslim leader was so arrogant? A six hundred thousand warrior army would be impossible to victual. The Mongol Host that extinguished the Kievan state numbered about sixty thousand. They lived on horse meat and mare’s milk. Mongol mounts grazed an area almost hundred miles wide, as the army traveled.
          The Mongols weren’t Muslims at the time of the Kievan Conquest. Hulagu Khan, first of the Ilkhanids (Persia) converted his horde to Islam a century later.

  6. Got a little uneasy when I read Russia stopped
    the Ukranian Ships from passing under the new
    bridge Russia built connecting Crimea to Russia.
    Then I went back to reading The Ringmakers of
    Saturn published in 1986.
    A used copy of the book now sells for well
    over a $1,000.00 if you can find one

    I did find a free pdf copy


    in other tribal guvnah

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  7. November 24
    Ukraine Marks Holodomor Anniversary, U.S. Blasts Russia’s ‘Ongoing Aggression’

    Ukraine has marked the 85th anniversary of the Stalin-era famine, known as the Holodomor, in which millions of people died of starvation.

    The anniversary was also marked by U.S. criticism of what Washington called “ongoing aggression in eastern Ukraine” by Russia and “attempts” by Moscow “to destroy the identity and Western aspirations of the people of Ukraine.”

    Moscow responded by rejecting critics who describe the Holodomor exclusively as an act of genocide against the Ukrainian people.

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