Sadists in the Ukraine President’s Back Yard

Ukraine FlagThe following is taken from the following site and is written by Levko:

I’d also not that Charles Krauthammer of the Washington Post agrees with me when it comes to Ukraine and China.


There is loads of video evidence showing Berkut special forces sadistically beating and kicking apprehended protesters last Sunday as they lay on the floor.Some of these appalling incidents took place inside the grounds of the President’s Administration building on Bank Street where many of the protesters had been dragged their for ‘special treatment’.The link above shows dozens of Berkut and other police personnel, perhaps even staff from the PA itself, watching on indifferently, listening to the screams and watching the blood flow. Failure to intervene makes these onlookers just as culpable for the outrages as the perpetrators.

As with any important building in any capital city, the PA building roof is well loaded with web-cams. The Berkut stormtroopers must have been sure they could act with impunity.

About four dozen or more accredited journalists have also been seriously and systematically assaulted by law enforcement officers since the recent troubles began. Some of these journalists were in the Verkhovna Rada Tuesday, continuing to do their job, interviewing deputies, including those of the ruling coalition, surrealistically, with bandages wrapped around their heads and plaster casts on their arms….

The response of the Ukrainian government and the president in whose back yard some these incidents occurred, has been pathetic.

All of this just underscores the true nature of Yanukovych and his ‘banda’…and provides even greater  motivation to the demonstrators to stick to their ground…

p.s One of the features of the current troubles is the mass of video recordings being made. Pocket TV stations like have been live streaming most dramatic footage from numerous journalists at various ‘hot spots’, some just using mobile phones. Yesterday one guy wandered behind police lines protecting parliament, live streaming what was going on, minutes before the vote of no confidence in the Cabinet of Ministers.

The was a temporary stage erected in the grounds of the Verkhovna Rada, and about 50 to 100 young guys, many hooded, in sports gear milling around, some hiding their faces. Lots of police and security guys were intermingled with them. On stage was Oleh Kalashnikov – a notorious, well known trouble-maker. Several cabinet ministers, including foreign minister Kozhara walked through these sinister youths to enter the parliament building.

Even more sinister, some of these thugs are from ministry of the interior security units based in Crimea – boxing instructors etc. Video evidence here.

More and more of these so-called ‘titushky’ are being assembled in Kyiv today.

Many have gathered in a city-centre park, and some of them are getting restlessbecause they are not being allowed to leave their compounds by Party of Regions’ supervisors.

The authorities are knowingly, systematically employing thuggish bands, if necessary, to intimidate opposition deputies and demonstrators…It’s quite outrageous..

The potential for serious violence in Kyiv in the next few days is now very real…


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  1. Put this into the equation, and then extrapolate from it through today and tomorrow. On November 16, 1933, official Washington formally recognized the legitimacy of Stalin’s tyrannical regime, inviting the Great Sun to the diplomatic community. A banquet celebrating it all was held in the Waldorf Astoria in NYC, feting Stalin’s shill, Foreign Commissar (that’s the lingo) Litvinov. He’s the proletariat who coined, “Food is a weapon.” The ultimate weapon of mass destruction. Simultaneously, Stalin reduced the Ukrainians to cannibalism in the man-made famine of 1932-33, intent on forever interring any inclination toward long-denied statehood, wrote Oxford’s Norman Davies. After murdering, almost overnight, hundreds of thousands of Ukraine’s cultural, political and religious leaders, on August 11, 1932, Stalin wrote to his executioner and future brother in law, Lazar Moyseiovich Kaganovich to administer the coup de grace: “Things in Ukraine are terrible . . . If we don’t make an effort to improve the situation in Ukraine, we may lose Ukraine . . . Give yourself the task of transforming Ukraine into truly a fortress of the USSR . . . Without these and similar measures, I repeat—we can lose Ukraine.” Italian diplomatic dispatches at the time reported OGPU (that’s the KGB) officials estimating 10-15 million murders. Kidnapping became a food source, as mothers ate their children. Washington and Europe were well aware, but actively denied a heinous genocide, as did virtually the entire Western press. That included the desperate story of a desiccated, little nine-year old girl who cried, “Mommy told us to eat her when she died.” Remember Obama’s promise to the Russians that after the US election he’ll “have more flexibility”? How about another reset? Why not go all the way and have some Bombe Glace Chocolate Praline Wladimire Gourmandises? That was Litvinov’s desert.

    1. Victor:

      Excellent comment. Most of it was kept hidden by the West as you suggest. What we have to be alert to is to see what we can do to keep the Ukrainian people out of Russian’s control. There are movements springing up among Ukrainians to ask those in Congress to pass legislation seizing the assets of the Ukrainian leadership in the West. These leaders and their families, Yanakovich’s son a dentist has about 500 million in Western banks, should have a choice. If you want to go with Russia then take your money to Russia. That’ll make them think twice about doing it. They want to steal from the Ukrainians, submit to Russian dictates, and put their money in the Western banks. They should not be allowed to do this.

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