Say it ain’t so: Suge Knight an FBI Informant?

Suge KnightHat tip to Dave:  You think keeping Whitey Bulger as an informant was evil; how about having Death Row Records co-founder Suge Knight as one. That’s what Lloyd “Ta-Ta” Lake is suggesting.

Suge Knight was before a Los Angeles judge on Friday. He was held on 25 million dollars bail. He allegedly fainted after hearing that amount. It’s hard to figure what he was expecting being charged with murder. But maybe like Stevie Flemmi who after being arrested wanted to speak to some FBI agents who he thought would help him out; so we have to wonder if Suge Knight was expecting the FBI to operate in the back ground as it likes to do and come into court like his white knight to put him back on the street. It was not so much the high amount of the bail that knocked him for a loop; it seems perhaps it was the shock that the FBI didn’t come through as it always had in the past if Llyod is right.

As you know much of what Whitey did especially in his line of murder was done in secret. It was not until John “You Can’t Rat-on-a-Rat” Martorano started spilling his guts that we learned of Whitey’s predilection for murder; but with Suge Knight the situation is totally different. He was out front and about in all of his criminal activities. If Lloyd is right then his handler was a mighty powerful figure and all the FBI on the West Coast must have been covering for him.

The prosecutor told the judge about preparing the 300 page document on sentencing: “when I wrote this, I was appalled . . . he basically is above the law.”  Sound familiar.

Remember how Whitey required the bookies to pay tribute to run their gaming offices; Suge Knight has done him one better: “Knight is suspected of extorting “taxes” from rappers and athletes who want to work in Los Angeles or Las Vegas.” Sort of the same thing as tribute but on a much larger stage.

Remember how Whitey laundered some tens of thousands of dollars through the South Boston Liquor mart; again Suge Knight makes him look small: “Knight and a woman in Las Vegas are also involved in laundering more than $10 million since 2002 through a network of bank accounts.”

The prosecutor Cynthia Barnes “listed 31 incidents in the last decade in which Knight was accused of acting violently or threatening to do so, beginning with a 2004 report of a woman who claimed that, on Knight’s orders, she was punched in the face outside the Four Seasons Hotel in Los Angeles.

If Suge Knight is an informant it would be nice to know so that once and for all the absurd and corrupt top echelon informant program is put out of existence. The problem is there is no way to get that information. The FBI won’t give it out. It’s confidential, it says. Although it seems to  me if Suge Knight is an informant and he’s going around murdering people that something the public should have a right to know.

Perhaps you think Suge Knight will out himself. The odds of him doing that are remote. First, he’s had a good deal all these years if he has been helped by the FBI so he’d want that to continue. Next, if he’s an informant he’s been told by his handler that if he discloses that he is one the FBI will not do anything to help him. In a sense he is being extorted into silence.

The FBI’s idea of enforcing the law is letting some kill and violate others so that it can get a little publicity. No one calls it on this. The number of people its high level informants have murdered is probably in the hundreds. It continues to run the program. If people like Suge Knight are being protected then we’re in deep trouble.

8 thoughts on “Say it ain’t so: Suge Knight an FBI Informant?

  1. I have a long list of outrageous antics that Lawyer David Kenner and Marion “Suge” Knight have gotten away with. Just Google Kenner and Knight with a guy named Harry-O also look up Frank Alexander and He lets alot out of the bag about the climte and culture of Deathrow Records.

  2. Almost no overtime and NO details for federal agents. Regular federal salary + locality and leap pay is it. Most journeyman federal agents in Boston…GS13…are making in the 120 to 130 range. Not bad, but no where near 200 and a lot less than many troopers/Boston/small town officers make.

    1. Henry:

      Never knew they made that much. An average agent could pull in close to $200,000 a year. No wonder so little is being done. They’ve all become executives.

      1. Matt: over in Cambridge there are many patrolmen taking in over $100,000 a year. They used to publish a list in the newspaper and online; some sergeants and lieutenants were receiving over $200,000. Plenty of OT and details. The Feds must have OT, but details? Guarding museums maybe?

        Most likely Boston and other cities are the same.

  3. Under the pains and penalties of perjury, I provided the FBI with verified evidence to show that frame ups, well planned discrimination, promotion fixing and other law breaking, subsidized by more than a trillion taxpayer dollars was being covered up by the US Attorney’s office and they were not interested. How’s that for Fidelity, Integrity, Bravery and law enforcement?

    1. Dougla:

      Henry points out they’re making in the range of $200,000 per year. It sounds like you gave the agents too much work. If you’re making big bucks you need time to spend them. You can’t get bogged down by matters that might take up too much time.

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