Second Debate: Trump Loses in a Big Way: The Overweight Lady Sings

() HareIt is over folks. Well not quite since there is one more debate but this was the one Donald Trump needed to win and he lost big. There’s a slight chance he could come through in the 3rd debate but for now we can say with a great deal of confidence that we will not have Donald Trump to kick around anymore in less than thirty days from now.

Nothing he did could have changed the outcome. There was only one way he could have won and that was all up to Clinton. She had to either collapse during the debate or commit some horrible error for Trump to have won. So we don’t have to get too deeply into the nitty gritty of the exchanges to know poor Donald’s dead.

But I will mention a few things. He really blows it at the end sort of like our old friend Pet Carroll who gave the Patriot’s the Super Bowl victory by deciding to pass when he had the best runner in the game in his backfield. Each candidate was asked to say one good thing about the other one by one of the numbskulls in the audience. (The questions asked by the people in the audience were mind numbing.waste of times.) Clinton said she like Trump’s kids in effect having nothing good to say about Trump. On the other hand, rather than Trump saying he liked Hillary’s kid he stupidly says that he likes that she is a fighter. Isn’t that a quality we want in our president someone who is a good fighter. How foolish of him to give her that compliment?

Most of the night we listened to the same old answers to the same old questions. Neither one had any idea what to do about Syria – Clinton only said she would advocate for a no fly zone not understanding that as president you don’t advocate those thing you just do it and said she’d use leverage against Russia without telling us what that would be; Trump on the other had gave up on Aleppo saying it was already lost but before saying that gave the most pusillanimous answer any candidate for the presidency ever gave to the effect that Russia has newer nuclear weapons than the United States from which follows then whatever Russia does the United States has to accept without question.

As for his plan on Syria he had none other than it seems to let Russia rule there and that we should support Assad because he if fighting ISIS when it is apparent that he isn’t fighting ISIS at this time but fighting the Syrian opposition forces. He does mention tearing up the Iran treaty and imposing strict sanctions on it but does not seem to understand that we cannot do it as a nation since other countries are involved in it; and even if we did renounce it the sanctions have been removed and none of the other countries who were part of the sanctions and have changed their stance after the treaty was signed will go back to sanctions again.

Trump is not on good ground talking about foreign policy; as he said he does not know too much about Russia, and if that is the case he must know very little about the other countries. Strangely nothing about North Korea or China or any other part of Asia came up. Nothing about education like making vouchers available.  Nothing new was said about the other things although Clinton gave a view of the judges she will appoint which should scare most people outside the progressive circles.

Nothing Trump did outside of the foreign policy was bad; he did have a good lines telling Hillary that she is no Abe Lincoln in response to her nonsense about learning how to tell one position to the public and have another position in private from an Abe Lincoln movie.  If we looked at the night in a vacuum it could be said Trump won but we are not dealing with that. Trump is slipping more and more behind in his chances. It looks like he even has no chance in Florida. He needed a home run and all he got was a scratch single.

An aside:

Today’s my dad’s birthday who was born on 10/10/10 –  8 years later at 11 am on 11/11 WWI firing stopped – and on 12/12/12 in this century according to the Mayan Calender all was suppose to end; and it did, for there was no 13/13/13.



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  1. Glorious Leader is a profoundly ignorant man. His comments about the Khans were inexcusable. Prostituting the CMH was even worse. There’s nothing too low, or, too stupid, for Trump.

    Should he gain the Presidency, folks fear he would use the police powers of the Federal government against his political enemies. But, perhaps not, he might find himself in the same fix as Muhammad Morsi (Egypt). The American “deep state” would oppose him, and, frustrate his plans. Long serving federal bureaucrats (FBI included) would sabotage his efforts to turn the country into a totalitarian police state.

    What Trump is offering is pure fascism. Everyone who read the explanation of fascism that I provided knows that fascism is an economic condition in which the leader assigns segments of the economy to his cronies and their factions somewhat in the fashion of a medieval king . The cronies become the new bickering nobles of the system. Glorious Leader’s plan for the economy would take us backwards a few centuries. We wouldn’t be returning to the fifties, we’d be headed for the fifteen hundreds. Trump’s economic ideas are mercantilist in nature (tariffs/gold). Mercantilism went out with Adam Smith (Wealth of Nations). Smith stated that unrestricted international trade led to the growth of national economies (velocity of transaction). He believed that Mercantilism pitted economic competitors against each other in a zero sum game (trade war) that led to economic stagnation.

    Both Glorious Leader and Big Bill deserve a long stay in Butner (FMC) having their heads X -rayed. Butner is the Federal Medical Center where sex criminals are housed and treated. Epstein should be shipped there, too.

    It is sad watching the country slip into decadence. Wealth can be a poison.

    1. Trump appears to a human octopus. It will be interesting to see if he breaks into Bill Cosby territory in the next few days.

      1. Dan:

        The media will do its best to start comparing them. Saw a news broadcast about the octopus the other night – they were talking about the allegations against Trump but on the screen were pictures of Cosby,

          1. Dan:

            Trump did not figure that the Clintons would strike back at him like he was striking out at them. How else could Clinton push back than saying they are both creeps. Perhaps Epstein can enlighten us on who is the most perverse.

            1. Matt: The Clinton ship has sailed. He’s already gone through an impeachment process that was highly damaging to him but ultimately boomeranged on the GOP. The best Bill can do now is to become First Gentleman. Trump is gunning to become commander in chief. Of course people are going to examine his supposed indiscretions much more carefully than Bill’s.

            2. Matt:
              I think Bill Clinton is a strange person, but he’s generally well regarded by the electorate, who view his two terms in office as a success.

              I don’t think Trump is Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini or even Juan Peron. Trump is a con man and a low life. Hillary is a better choice. If you go back 18 months or so, I think voters in both parties were depressed by the prospect of another establishment matchup: Clinton vs. Bush. Well, the Republicans rejected Bush, but unfortunately the party wound up with a Manhattan real estate developer. Now that Trump has demonstrated it can be done, maybe the GOP will come up with a new face who commands respect the next time around in 2020.

    2. Khalid:

      The one consolation is Trump will not be elected. On the other hand a great cause for worry is that Clinton will.

      1. Matt:

        I fear what’s to come. All the breaks will be off in the Middle East. Clinton is going to want to show some muscle to distinguish her policy from Obama’s. Bad move. She should never make decisions about the Mid-East on the basis of her domestic political concerns. A lot of work and resources have gone into strengthening our proxies in Iraq and Syria. All that effort is about to bear fruit. Any overt military moves would screw things up.

        Let Putin bleed, we need do nothing, or, very little.


    It’s surprising that every single debate Hillary Clinton is adamant about America fact checking her, but apparently she doesn’t realize that voters will catch he in lie after lie.

    Here are 5 massive lies Hillary told last night, but trust me…there’s were tons more!

    Fact-Check #1 – Hillary Clinton claimed that she apologized for calling half of Donald Trump’s supporters a “basket of deplorables,” saying “within hours, I said that I was sorry about the way I talked about that.”


    Clinton never apologized for the statement, despite what her running mate and other surrogates have claimed.

    Here is her full statement after her remarks emerged in the media. Note that the words “sorry” and “apologize” do not appear in any form, and that she merely says she “regret[s]” using the term “half.” She doubled-down on the term “deplorable.”

    Even the Huffington Post, openly hostile to Trump, said: “Clinton Stands By ‘Deplorables,’ But Walks Back The Basket Size A Bit.”

    Fact-Check #2 – Hillary Clinton said that the massive influx of Muslim refugees she wants to import as president would be subjected to “tough” vetting and she would not let in any foreign-born refugee who would “pose a risk” to the U.S.

    FALSE (According to Clinton herself)

    Hillary admitted herself that we can’t properly vet refugees. The entire quote from Clinton’s speech to the Jewish United Fund of Metropolitan Chicago’s Vanguard Luncheon on October 28, 2013, included in the WikiLeaks document dump of Hillary Clinton’s paid speeches reads as follows:

    “So I think you’re right to have gone to the places that you visited because there’s a discussion going on now across the region to try to see where there might be common ground to deal with the threat posed by extremism and particularly with Syria which has everyone quite worried, Jordan because it’s on their border and they have hundreds of thousands of refugees and they can’t possibly vet all those refugees so they don’t know if, you know, jihadists are coming in along with legitimate refugees,” she said. “Turkey for the same reason.”

    Fact-Check #3 – Hillary Clinton said that she deleted “personal emails, not official” emails following her tenure as Secretary of State.


    According to FBI Director James Comey, “the FBI also discovered several thousand work-related e-mails that were not among the group of 30,000 e-mails returned by Secretary Clinton to State in 2014.”

    Federal investigators concluded that Clinton’s lawyers deleted nearly half of the 60,000 emails on her server.

    Fact-Check #4 – Hillary Clinton denied that she was in office as Secretary of State when President Barack Obama refused to punish Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad for using chemical weapons against civilians after calling chemical weapons use a “red line” which could not be crossed.

    “They had a chance to do something with Syria, and that was the line,” Republican nominee Donald Trump said of his Democratic rival and the administration in which she worked. “You were there as Secretary of State with the so-called ‘line in the sand.’”

    “No, I wasn’t, I was gone,” Clinton replied.


    President Obama delivered his famous “red line” speech – in which he described the use of chemical weapons against civilians by Assad as a “red line” that Assad could not cross without suffering serious international consequences – in August 2012.

    “We have been very clear to the Assad regime, but also to other players on the ground, that a red line for us is we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilized. That would change my calculus,” President Obama said at the time.

    Hillary Clinton served President Obama as Secretary of State from January 21, 2009 to February 1, 2013, according to the State Department. She was not in office when Assad used chemical weapons yet again in 2015, violating international law. The White House did not respond to Assad with any direct military retaliation.

    Assad was most recently accused of using chemical weapons against civilians in Aleppo in September 2016. He remains dictator of Syria after “winning” an election in 2014.

    Fact-Check #5 – Hillary Clinton claimed during her answer to a question about “Islamophobia” that the late Capt. Humayun Khan “has been subject to attack by [Republican nominee] Donald [Trump].”


    Capt. Khan was an Army officer who gave his life defending fellow soldiers in Iraq, and whose parents attacked Trump in a speech at the Democratic National Convention.

    When asked about the speech by ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos (a former aide to President Bill Clinton), Trump made a comment about the silence of Khan’s mother, who stood mute onstage alongside Khan’s father.

    But Trump never said anything negative at all about Capt. Khan, and in fact praised his sacrifice on nearly every occasion.

    Trump reiterated his praise for the late Capt. Khan in his rebuttal to Clinton: “Captain Khan is an American hero.”

    It’s not surprising that Hillary tries to lie to the faces of millions of Americans. After all, that’s what she has done her entire career.

  3. He rattled her but good on the Special Prosecutor gambit. His pacing during some of her responses was quite smart as it diverted attention from her. 80 million plus pairs of eyes saw two cutaways to the mortified Bill Clinton. He sat in lone historical spotlight in shame gallery as Trump introduced his accusers.

    The most beautiful thing that happened last night is that Donald Trump brought Juanita Broderick, Catherine Willey, Jennifer Flowers, and also Cathy Shelton, a Hillary drive by on the road to Pennsylvania Ave. casualty …. Out Of The Shadows. God Bless Him for treating them as real human beings and aggrieved and offended against female victims of Hillary Clinton and her husband’s warped ambitions .

  4. Strangely nothing about North Korea or China or any other part of Asia came up. Nothing about education like making vouchers available.

    well – that’s because Martha Radish and Anderson Copper were too busy focusing on a videotape from 11 years ago, with lots of fake outrage attached

    And Martha Radish was busy trying to actually argue with Trump

  5. well, Matt. your comment sort of reminds me about leaving Vietnam:

    “declare victory and go home”

  6. Hi Matt,
    There wasn’t a single question on the economy. Amazing! For this I blame the moderators. I was puzzled by the way Trump lumbered around the stage while Hillary spoke. Was this a strategy, or is Trump completely lacking in self-consciousness?

  7. ” If we looked at the night in a vacuum it could be said Trump won but we are not dealing with that. ” You gave away your own assessment much the way Trump did when honestly answering that Hillary is tenacious.

    We are dealing with some 150 million individual bubbles, none of which is a vacuum. You assume that most of those bubbles are similar to yours. Ain’t necessarily so.

    For the polls, be skeptical. On October 6, yes, I known a half week is an eternity in politics, the RCP composite time frame poll had Hillary up 3.9%. But the not included two daily tracking polls, Rasmussen and LATimes/Dornsifi, had Trump up 2% and 4% respectively. Very strange.

    Respected and competent pollsters in the UK were 14 points off on the Brexit vote. Nigel Farage attributes it to voting nonvoters. If there is a large pool of folk who turn up on election day, folk who normally stay at home, as has occurred all across the Western world this past year, the tracking polls will be proven right. Change is in the air and change does not favor Clinton.

    This is the most unusual election year of a long lifetime. On a clear day where horses race unexpected storms make nonsense of the odds setters while mudders romp. Galloping hooves are sinking deep into the mud. Media jockeys are laying on the whip hard. It is a wet track, a very wet track. And we haven’t hit the third turn yet.

  8. Ladies and Gentlemen, further proof of Media bias.
    “A CNN/ORC poll of debate watchers released last night, which sampled just 537 respondents, found that 57% thought Clinton won the debate while 34% thought Trump was victorious.” LA Times and most major newspapers splashed this result as headlines.
    The problem? “CNN reported that 58% of the respondents were Democrats.”
    Even if you split the Independents and Republicans, 21% each, you see the glaring bias.
    Also, LA Times reports that 58% surveyed by CNN backed Hillary “before the debate.”
    All the major news-outlets: newspapers, radio, t.v., will carry this headline, thus further biasing all surveys.

    1. Is there really any question at all at this point that the lamestream media are in a rabid apoplexy to do all they can to support her thighness?

      Now, I haven’t heard Chris Matthews say he has a tingle up his leg for the white elephant in a pantsuit, like he did for Obamatollah.

      But Trump is right – you want more of Obummer, vote for Billary Killery.

      Obummer is a failed prez – and as one comedienne said before Obamatollah was elected:

      “you can’t blame the man if you are the man”

  9. Matt: Your views, as always, are well thought out. However, . . . . I disagree.
    I thought Trump won.
    Our political preferences and preconceived notions cloud our views. Those who’ve supported Dukakis, Kerry, Gore and Obama probably think she won. I think she lost.
    She lost big-league and bigly on Syria.
    Trump’s position on Syria: focus on defeating ISIS, let Assad defeat the rebels, many of whom are Al-Queda, Al-Nustra, makes sense. Work with Russia to defeat ISIS. Many of the arms we gave US-backed rebels ended up in the hands of ISIS et al. Like Vietnam, we should withdraw from Syria. Hillary’s no-fly zone means shooting down Russian planes. Insanity! Hillary/Obama/CIA got us into Syria with false promises to the rebels. Read “Left of Boom” the last brief chapter: a young CIA sent into Syria in 2012; Hillary’s false promises then left the rebels flat.
    2. A little disingenuous about Russia? Trump said “I know nothing about Russia” then clarified he was talking in terms of his business dealings; he said he had no business dealings with Russia; he then reiterated his desire to work with Russia, “in defeating ISIS, as an example.”
    3. Hillary said Russia is attempting to rig the American election in Trump’s favor; an American Columnist said this is fair, because the American Main Stream Media is attempting to rig the election in Hillary’s favor.
    4. Why was Martha Raddatz debating Trump? When Hillary got a round of applause, Raddatz and Cooper said nothing; when Trump got a positive crowd reaction (applause, laughter) Raddatz or Cooper immediately reminded the audience to be quiet!
    4. Trump’s best point: Hillary in power for 30 years; 30 years of promises on tax reform, help to inner cities, help to education, help to economy, jobs for New York, and zero results. “She’s all talk!”

    1. Personally, I really really liked the Hildebeast’s attempt to blame her Wall Street speeches on Honest Abe Lincoln

    1. Henry, good post from American Thinker. Hillary’s a vile villainess. Beware of she-wolves clad in wool pantsuits.

  10. Matt, I disagree with your overall assessment, but can’t dispute your comments on Trump’s foreign policy takes.

    My general thoughts are more in line with Professor Jacobson’s take here:

    I believe Trump got some good digs in on her unctuous opponent, and that those attacks carried the evening (if anything did).

    So if Trump does not get a bump in the polls this week, I’d be surprised–and then may concede that Her Majesty is *fully* in Teflon®.

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