Solution For Patriot Tedium: How to Enliven NFL Games and Other Thoughts

beyonce-style-transformation-620km020113-1363298126It’s pretty bad when you watch a Patriot’s game now and the most exciting part of it is seeing Bob Kraft and his son Jonathan in the owner’s box with some Hollywood personality. Who was it yesterday? Bon Jovi, Johnny Depp, Phil Silvers? No, it was Mark Wahlberg making an appearance. Wahlberg a former Dorchester tough turned good guy was a clever first start after the Ray Rice slugging scandal. He’s done a lot of good works with charities involving women and has kept his street combat to those of his own sex. So now the NFL and Kraft have to take it one step further.

Roger Goodall has been telling the owners to start showing their “be kind to women side.” I expect then that we will start seeing some of the female sex gracing the owner’s box. I’m looking forward to the next home game to see who might come and sit next to Bob. I’d like to see someone like Beyoncé or Rihanna. Wouldn’t that be as exciting as seeing the game the way it is now played.

(1) RihannaYou know it gives me an idea. Along with the schedule of games the NFL should include the name of the celebrity star or stars who will appear in the owner’s box at each game. That would really give us something to look forward to aside from the game. Don’t you think the Patriots have been close to putrid the last two weeks but the only thing that saved them was the opposing teams were more putrid. Or were they putrider.

You know if it goes on like this perhaps rather than having commercials and then seeing the boys on the field go through their motions the format can be changed a bit. After each score, if there are any, or each time out, we now get a spate or commercials, and return to the game. Perhaps after the commercials rather than the game the invited guest could go down to the field and put on a little performance.

You see what I’m getting at. As the games get less entertaining we can put entertainers on the field to overcome that deficiency. The games would have three minutes of play, three minutes of commercials, three minutes of the celebrity act, three minutes of commercials and three minutes of play each quarter. The fans would love it as long as the celebrity dressed in the teams colors.Plus, it would be more appealing to the women turned off by the violence in the game.

(1) brady and wahlbbergHave you noticed how Tom Brady is losing his interest in the game. They say he is friendly with Mark Wahlberg. I’m sure Wahlberg is telling him he can make much more dough and not put his body in danger if he gets into the movie business. The reason the team looked like it was sleep walking at times is Tom is imagining himself on the big screen.

I’m wondering if Belichick still thinks it was in the best interest of the team to sell off Mankins. I’m sure Brady won’t be thinking that when he gets up this morning, or the ones following. A friend Danny S who used to play in the NFL told me as you get older the pains continue longer into the week. Brady’s older than Danny was when he told me that so he’s got to be wondering if it’s worth it especially since it looks like the team’s on its way to Palookaville.

What would he do without Edelman. He’s replaced Wes Welker in spades. Too bad for Wes though, how many concussions has he had? Three in ten months! He’ll be lucky if he’s still walking at age 40. I always liked Wes but wish he’d think more of his health.

apple pieAll right I know you’re wondering why I was watching the game when I’ve said I’m giving it up. I told you how I picked over 100 pounds of organic apples. I now have to peel them so they can be frozen and later made into apple sauce or apple pies. To take my mind off that there was nothing better than the Patriots Game.

I had though about going to the climate parade in New York City. The Bristol County DA Sam Sutter after dismissing cases against some environmental protestors said he was planning on marching in it. I decided against it. If I’d run into him I’d have suggested he’d be better off paying attention to the what seems to be a melt down in the Aaron Hernandez prosecution than the melting icebergs.



6 thoughts on “Solution For Patriot Tedium: How to Enliven NFL Games and Other Thoughts

  1. Do we have to stop calling Danny Ryan “Redskin”? What about the other Irish boys with Viking blood? Can we call them “Red”, or does that color or skin color offend some people. I’m offended by the term “Blackhawks” because I’m black Irish. Also, our dear lifelong friend who passed away a short while ago, Danny Costello, one of the truly toughest men I’ve ever known and also a perfect gentleman and big brother and an exemplary cousin to Jimmy, we used to call Costa Rica or “Crazy Horse” because he was wild and courageous. But I guess those terms must offend some people too, so I guess we’ll have to stop using them. I heard some people were offended by the word “guys” as in “Hey, you guys! What are you doing?” So now I use the word guys in almost every sentence I speak in public in mixed company: “Like, you know, you guys, get with it!”

    1. Matt: this is on another issue: our stupid government tax policies, but it’s related in a way to NFL stupidity and political correctness: From Pat Buchanan today:
      “Judge Learned Hand had another take:
      “There is nothing sinister in so arranging one’s affairs as to keep taxes as low as possible. Everybody does so, rich or poor; and all do right, for nobody owes any public duty to pay more than the law demands: taxes are enforced exactions, not voluntary contributions. To demand more in the name of morals is mere cant.”

      “To our transnationalists[corporations who take work/money overseas], Judge Hand got it right.

      “But whether one is an economic patriot or a libertarian, to keep the U.S. corporate tax rate at the highest level in a global economy of ferociously competitive nations would appear to reflect the thinking of an incorrigibly stupid and stubborn government.”
      ME: it would be a lot “less stupid” to adopt a 15% flat tax ($30,000 deductible) for individuals (only exemption for children) AND for corporations.

      1. William:

        The tax issue is somewhat of a boogie man. We do need taxes to run the government. Whether we need all we demand is another story but we do know we are not taking in as much as we use since we are running at deficits.

        Of course everyone should only pay the taxes demanded of them. The problem is if a certain amount, say X, must be collected each year and corporations are allowed to contribute less to X then others are going to have to pay more. Plus, though the corporate tax rate is high it has many loopholes as you know which allow some highly profitable companies to pay no taxes. The suggestion that the tax structure is the product of an “incorrigibly stupid and stubborn government” is just so much nonsense. It wasn’t created recently but has been built up through many administrations both Republican and Democrat. Ranting about it when one party is in power rather than the other is nothing more than demogogic.
        Everyone agrees the tax structure should be simpler but no one want to change it because it gives great adavntages to those with money and power. There are just too many who would be hurt by any change and that includes corporations. Everyone wants the other guy to pay the taxes but it can’t work that way. One solution is to have a federal sales tax that would bring the income tax down; the flat tax may work but all the special interests would be unhappy not having carve outs for themselves.
        You should know there are some things in life that are certain: death and taxes, and with respect to taxes they will always be assessed to make those without power pay more than those with.

    2. William:

      You can call anyone any name you thing except in a civilized society there are some names that should never be used such as the N or F words because of the hatred assoiciated with their use. You are especially safe if you name someone or something after an animal like a horse or an eagle. There was a judge in Vermont who told the state it could not issue the license plate with the word “Irish” on it because that was offensive to some people. We are living in a world where many people go around looking to be offended and if you look hard enough you’ll find something. Never heard anyone complain about guys after all everywhere you look there are guys and dolls. I did hear that there was a movement among some in the PETA (people for the ethical treatment of animals) movement to have people in Ireland stop referring to the young people as lads and lassies. Apparently there is a dog called Lassie that is offended with the use since she has copyrighted that name.

  2. Some frauds in the climate hype industry are claiming 2014 is the hottest year on record. One would have to be brain dead to believe that. It is closer to being the coldest. The Polar Vortex really happened. The Great Lakes were 90% frozen this winter not 50% as usual. ( last 40 years). Didn’t see the Pats game but heard it described as the Raiders playing the Raiders. A penalty call at the end insured the victory. Oakland is in bad odor with the league. They will never get the critical call. They sued the NFL and won the right to locate their franchise wherever they wanted. They also recovered monetary damages. Oakland should relocate every three years just to annoy he NFL.

    1. NC:
      You should know the cold is a sign of global warming as is the hot. Only when it is just right is it not a sign. Sort of like the pudding that Red Riding Hood ate. When the bad weather comes that’s a sign and when the good weather is here that too is a sign. I know you’re a skeptic but that’s because you don’t understand. When the house you live in becomes ocean front property perhaps they you’ll believe.

      The Patriots always get the refs calls in their favor; don’t forget who owns these teams — many are the same guys who own professional wrestling teams. And you know that’s on the level.

      Oakland will always be the step child – it would be nice if they located to Colombia stadium in South Boston and gave us a Boston team. I never liked the idea of a New England team. If Oakland comes they could be called the Boston Braves – or would that offend too many people – like the name Redskins.

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