Some Things You Accept; Some Things You Don’t Do

3 thoughts on “Some Things You Accept; Some Things You Don’t Do

  1. Acquitting the guilty and condemning the innocent–both are detestable to the LORD.

    Proverbs 17:15

  2. “If you were interested in trying to solve the Israeli/Palestinian conflict you would not put an Orthodox Jew as the point man to settle these long-term grievances.” That is, of course, what American Presidents have been doing since the first Bush.

    On going to lunch the British wry comedy Rumpole Of The Bailey showed that judges and lawyers for both sides would take lunch together, at least in the county circuit courts. Do you think it would work on this side of the ocean for judges and other hearing officers?

  3. Matt

    still could use your help in developing a curriculum to teach law in grades 1-12 so seniors could pass the bar exam when they graduate high school

    let’s start with Torts and see where that takes us eh?

    keep the stories coming about practicing as an attorney.

    did you ever sleep with a client?
    did you comingle client funds with you own?
    ever threatened or sued by a client for malpractice?
    why can’t we find lawyers who specialize in legal

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