Sticking a Knife in the Back of Retired FBI Agent John Connolly and Pretending You Didn’t

I mentioned earlier this week about my friend Timmy O sending me a couple of columns from the Boston Globe that he had clipped out.  One dealt with Fred Wyshak who I wrote about earlier this week. The other one which I missed when reading the Globe online was about John Connolly the retired FBI agent who was serving time in a Florida prison for a murder he did not commit based upon a weird judicial theory I’ve mentioned before, testimony of people who actually committed the murder, and a screw up by his attorney. He never should have been in prison in Florida and is now out based upon his medical condition.

The whole matter of John Connolly is a tragedy from beginning to end no matter how you slice it. During his trial in Boston federal court back in 2002 I recall thinking while listening to the evidence that he was not the real target but it was  another person was who they were after. I’ve mentioned all this before so I won’t get into it now.

The  author of the Globe piece suggests Connolly’s medical release was helped by the son of John Callahan who Connolly “helped get murdered.” What’s left out is Callahan paid $50,000 to John Martorano to get an innocent business man (Roger Wheeler)  murdered and when the investigation focused on Callahan it was Martorano who murdered him because he feared he might flip. Connolly had nothing to do with it. Martorano had murdered several others he thought might turn state’s evidence so protecting himself was second nature. How Connolly got implicated in it was Martorano to get a deal from the federal prosecutors threw Connolly into the pile.

Then the author suggests Connolly will get the opportunity to “die in his own bed, surrounded by his family” which he states is something he deprived so many others of being able to do. Implicit in the suggestion is Connolly somehow murdered or participated in the murders of many others. There is no evidence that Connolly deprived any others of that opportunity. He never murdered anyone. Nor is there any evidence that he helped Bulger murder anyone just because he had Whitey Bulger as an informant and protected him. In fact, when the federal prosecutors in Boston presented to the jury the suggestion that he had done this by leaking information to Bulger the jury rejected their attempt to pin it on Connolly.

Aside from that, there has never been any lament by this author that Fred Wyshak, who he calls “a good guy”, had enabled guys who were real, confessed murderers of at least twenty people like Martorano, or other murderers such as Weeks, Winter, and Flemmi to die in their beds surrounded by their families.

After telling us of Connolly’s situation he lamely does an about face and suggests that he thinks it is all right that Connolly not have to die in prison. Why did he falsely accuse him in the first place of depriving “many others” of the right to die in their own beds if he had no problem with Connolly having the opportunity. The author wants to have it both ways – he wants to take a whack at the guy and then pretend he’s the guy’s friend. He’s the type who asks a guy “have you stopped beating your wife” and demands a yes or no answer either of which damages the person asked.

The rest of the article dealt with the FBI. That’s something I will get to later. I just thought I’d show how people throw out something about another and them pretend to wash their hands of it. If the author does not object to Connolly not dying in prison there was no reason for making the assertions which he did.

2 thoughts on “Sticking a Knife in the Back of Retired FBI Agent John Connolly and Pretending You Didn’t

  1. who murdered Patsy Fabiano? and why? and was his alleged attacker identified and caught?

    1. Jonathan:

      Fabiano’s murderer was not apprehended. He was found murdered in a parking lot in the North End that neighbors said he owned. He was the last surviving member of the Barboza gang who lived ten years longer than most of the others who were wiped out by the North End Mafia guys. When Chico Amico was murdered Fabiano was scooped up by the cops who believed he was on a hit list. He was out on bail but it was increased to $50,000 to hold him
      Then newspapers started reporting that he was cooperating with the federal prosecutors and state prosecutors. A meeting with Garrett Byrne the Suffolk DA was publicized as were his appearances along with Barboza before the federal grand jury. It looked like he was turning on the Mafia guys but then it appeared that he had kept his mouth shut when his lawyers filed a motion to keep the prosecutors from visiting with him. He ended up not cooperating.

      Barboza was murdered about a month before Fabiano was murdered. When Fabiano was found his papers showed that he owed lots of money and the police speculated that was the reason behind the murder. But you usually don’t murder people who owe money because you want to collect your money and if they are dead then you forgo that responsibility. The exception to that rule is if the person goes to the authorities to try to get out of the debt by cooperating with them. There is no sign Fabiano was interested in cooperating.
      That leaves it a straight out hit by probably someone he knew. He may have had an appointment to meeting someone at his parking lot that night. The reasons I figure are either it was decided to make a clean slate of the Barboza gang and murdering him did that; or, as is more likely, it is said he hero worshiped Barboza and he may have been complaining about him being murdered and it was decided he was too much of a risk to be on the street especially since he might have some information on the murders of Bratsos and DePrisco in the North End. As you know there is no statute of limitations on murder.

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