Sunday News – Slow Learners

I just suppose you figure Boston College athletics is run by some slow learners. How long did they hang on to Football Coach Steve Addazio with his pathetic and boorish performance year after year. Five. Six years?

They finally dumped him and the stupid folk at Colorado State picked him up. He went there at the end of December. He took his BC act there.

They’re not going to play football this year. It’s  not the virus. It’s  the coach. He’s accused of being a rube and racist. Destroyed a program in less than 8 months.

You have to feel sorry for all the kids at BC who had to put up with him. Where was Father Walsh that he did not care? What a disgrace.At least Addazio’s record at Colorado State will be better than at BC. It is a solid 50%. 0 – 0.  He’ll now go on to better Heights.