Sunday Notes: A Look Into The Future

() wisecatI have been working on some areas that I expect will be coming up in the next few weeks.  I thought I would spell out what I have planned so if you are interested you can brush up on them.

I am aware that I must get back to my analysis of the murders that Whitey has committed. I will recapitulate my prior writings on them and go forward. As you know if you have been with me on this subject I’ve eliminated Whitey from 6 of the 19 murders. I have yet to discuss the remaining 13. No, don’t expect I will eliminate him from all of them. Even though his role in most of  all of them pales in comparison to those who testified against him. In analyzing them, as I mentioned before, you have to keep in mind the more the other gangsters implicated Whitey the better their deal from a prosecutor riding his charge with blinders. I take off the blinders and look for motive, that is who really gains from the murder.

If X has a grudge against Y and he murders him. Twenty years later when X is grabbed and the prosecutor suggests he can get a good deal if he implicates W in the murder of Y what do you think he is going to do? Do you really think he will pull a George Washington and say: “I cannot tell a lie, I chopped down Y by myself.” He’ll say what we have seen over and over again in this case: made me do it.”

Yesterday I wrote about the Catherine Greig case which comes up later this week on the 28th at 3:00 in the Boston Federal Court on the waterfront. Earlier that date at 11:00 there is a preliminary hearing in the Tim Flaherty’s case. Tim, by the way, was hit with a real tragedy last week or so when his older brother Chip in his early fifties suddenly passed away. I’ve written in the past about the wrongness of the federal prosecutors in bringing charges against him.

Tomorrow I start a series on blacks starting with a suggestion for a black pride parade. I then have a ten part series that considers racism in the Boston Police Department, the FBI and the Boston media.  That will run with occasional interruption until the first or second week in May. I call the series: “Black Lives matter: Boston Racism: Cops, Feds and Media.

After that I explain in a three-part series why I could not vote for Ted Cruz. Hopefully by that time I will not have the option to do this because he will have been eliminated. That series is called: “Why I Could Not Vote for Cruz:  Crazy is as Crazy Thinks: Get Ready for More War.”

Following that around the middle of May begins the series involving a conversation with President Obama. That is in four parts. It is titled: “A Conversation with President Obama.”

Following that I will get back to the murders that Whitey is alleged to have committed. I will run it straight through  in a series. I could not believe it when I went back to refresh my recollection that I began examining them back on October 7, 2015. Time flies. I interrupted it because I got involved in writing about the Joe Berlinger Film, “Whitey.” 

That reminds me that I have yet to finish my thoughts on that which I will do. There is a particular matter that I want to address which is Attorney Hank Brennan’s talk about the matter. I will do that after I finish with Whitey’s murders.

Then, and I do not know when this will be, I hope I can write something on the demise of the Anglo-Saxon culture and influence in America shown in part by its absence in the incoming Harvard University class and the Supreme Court. It has not totally gone as we can see again we will be have to choose between two white Protestants for president. We have only been reprieved from the white Protestant presidency twice in our nation’s history (240 years since 1776) or (227 years since 1789 when Washington became president) –  in 1960 we had a White Catholic which given our history is amazing; and in 2009 a black Protestant which is even more amazing. This year we go back to the usual although if the stars are really aligned against us it might be a woman.



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  1. Matt- Looking forward to this lineup, looks better thn the Red Sox lineup. 20-1 odds Coach Johnny F. is gone by the end of May. As of this writing they squeaked it out in extra innings vs. Astros.

  2. Thanks for the rundown, Matt.

    With their article today “At Boston Latin, little outreach to city’s black, Latino students,” the “BostonFedGlobe” will fully expect you to make a change to the title of the series: “Black Lives matter: Boston Racism: Cops, Feds and Media.”

    With your writing plans as you have lain out today, it’s hard to know what to hope for more: Your next series of writings, or your next book.

    Perhaps Charles Dickens never had such a problem…

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