Sunday Thoughts: President Biden and The Upcoming Tests

I was wondering how many have checked to see if their $1,400 has hit their bank account yet? I don’t suppose those of  you who oppose this big handout will want to use it.  If you send it on to me I’ll arrange to make sure it is used properly.

I know it will not change your mind about President Biden. Especially if you are one of those folk who think that Biden was not elected and holds the office of the presidency illegitimately despite the former guy’s landslide. But I do expect you will still take the money without batting an eye.

Now as we learned many voters, especially Catholics and Evangelicals (by the way there is a good article on a nice Catholic lady in the Washington Post  on this issue) oppose Biden because he is pro-choice. These are the one issue voters. What bothers me about these folk, I suggest they are anti-abortion and not pro-life. If they were really concerned about how young folk live they would be praising Biden to the high heavens for the money he is providing parents to help them bring up their children. Monthly payments and tax credits will do more to help children live decent lives and perhaps may even limit the need for some women to seek an abortion than all the anti-abortion posts and rallies from folk who want to decide how other women live their lives.

As Biden continues to do wonderful things with helping ordinary folk and fighting back  mightily against Covid – taking personal responsibility for that fight like a leader should do rather than trying to slide the responsibility onto others like the former guy did – these decisions he made so far were easy.  He has sitting on his lap right now three problems that will go a long way to showing us what he is really about.

Immigrants –The first involves the border with Mexico. It appears that his victory has been welcome among those in Mexico and Central America who are anxious to come to America.  Trump had effectively slammed the door on them. I do not doubt that most of them will have a good case to make that they are fleeing from danger in their homeland for their countries are among those with the highest murder rates in the world. Many are arranging for their children to come here unaccompanied to seek succor. I suggest the average American is not anxious to have an open door policy – that is all who come are going to be allowed in.  Now that Biden is in charge we wait to see what he will do.  It is important he get it right but he faces difficulty in his own party because of the extreme positions some profess to hold.

Antifa – The second involves dealing with “peaceful” protests that turn violent that are starting up in Portland. It is not clear what gives rise to the Portland ado other than a generic need to protest something. These antifa protests in Portland will spread nationwide as the weather improves. Grievances being what they are don’t seem to call for protests if the weather is cold. It is incumbent upon Biden to lay down a marker now that violence will not be tolerated by either the right or the left.  Continuing violence will be highly detrimental to Biden and the Democrats.

Afghanistan – America’s longest war as it is called might be its most important when it comes to women. The idea of bringing the Taliban into running the Afghanistan government along with the elected officials should be a non-starter but the former guy and it seems Biden is pushing the idea. I can only think of Paul von Hindenburg opening the door to Hitler and the Russian Duma doing the same to the Bolsheviks. If we let the Taliban back in power recall how these radicals treated the Afghan women. The former guy did not care about them; will Biden have the same attitude?

Unlike the former guy’s supporters who defended the indefensible, I will criticize Biden if I think he deserves it even though I supported him and voted for him. I hope he chooses wisely. His actions may determine whether our country will remain a democracy in the future.

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  1. Biden’s dealings with China is a good test of his will. Tolerance is not called for. (Trump was the only president in fifty years to make any attempt to stop their bullshit.)

    1. Hutch:

      I’m not sure about Trump’s attempt. He had his daughter getting all sorts of trademarks from China. He was telling us at the beginning of 2020 what a great guy Xi was and how they were good friends. It was only as he bungled his response to Covid that he needed a scapegoat and started calling the virus the China virus, reminiscent of all dictators trying to turn the people against a group of people so his sins could be hidden. According to Bloomberg “However, the deficit with China increased since then, hitting $287 billion in the 11 months to November last year, according to Chinese data.” Then there were the tariffs. It was reported in Bloomberg “The tariffs led to an income loss for U.S. consumers of about $16.8 billion annually in 2018.” It seems to me the only bullshit involved was coming from Trump who pretended he was doing something other than playing golf and combing his hair.

  2. Matt
    Did I ever tell you the story of how Attorney General
    Merrick Garland covered up the FBI role in the
    Oklahoma City Bombing ?

    Merrick Garland, Richard W. Roberts, and the Kenneth Trentadue Murder: The Deep State Takes Care of Its Own
    By William Norman Grigg

    In other insolvencies….

    Hell Is a Very Small Place: Voices from Solitary Confinement

    By JEAN CASELLA | February 17, 2021

    Judge chides FBI in Oklahoma City bombing witness-tampering accusation

    My Life as a White Supremacist FBI Informant

    BY R.M. SCHNEIDERMAN ON 11/21/11 AT 1:55 PM EST

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