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Whitey Bulger’s Right to Kill — John Connolly’s Only Defense

Yesterday I told how Connolly sat as silent as a lamb going to slaughter when those he accused of being in a conspiracy to hide the  the full story worked assiduously to put him away forever.   Connolly also made some other inane statements to  T. J. English in the midst of his babble, then, perhaps without realizing it, Connolly in a moment of lucidity spelled out in three sentences what he should have been shouting to the world from both outside and inside the courtroom, it is the only real defense he has and it may be the truth.

He told T. J. English:  “My role was to protect Bulger and Flemmi so we could make cases against criminals based on information they gave us.  That was my job.  Everyone knew that they were top criminals and murderers.”