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I Murdered for the FBI – Whitey’s Claim

It sounds outrageous for Whitey to make that claim in a motion he filed in court wherein he asserts that being an FBI informant he had the right to commit homicides.

He alleges this in his initial thrust back at the government in his attempt to avoid being sent to the Florida  or Oklahoma prison system.  Fed Penitentiary ADX may be a cleaner version of Hell but sitting in either Florida or Oklahoma facing the death penalty would be the dirty version of Hell with thousands of devilish felons haunting his every minute.  Whitey’s real purpose in doing this is to terrorize the FBI as I noted so that the FBI will pressure others to give Whitey what he wants.

You’d think it makes no sense for the FBI to be frightened over such a frivolous claim.  It seems doubtful any judge would even entertain it.  The FBI has no authority to let people commit homicides so end of the issue.  The government can’t murder people!

Wait.  The government can executed people.  The feds executed Timothy McVeigh.  Oklahoma, Florida, Texas and a dozen or so other states have a death penalty and use it.  I know these are done after lengthy and open judicial process but they’re still government killings.

FBI Hypocrite Extraordinaire

I wrote on July 3 about the one great commandment in the FBI: “Don’t Embarrass The FBI.”    I tell how I named my book: “Don’t Embarrass The Family” when I heard Frankie Salemme, the former boss of the New England Mafia, testify he told his guys they could do anything they wanted as long as they did not embarrass the Mafia.  It occurred to me at the time that John Connolly was on trial because he embarrassed the FBI.   In truth, nothing he did of substance was not known to all in the Boston FBI office and most at FBI headquarters in Washington, DC, sometimes called by FBI agents “The Seat of Government.”  Connolly only had to walk the plank when all his actions became public.  It seemed strange that the FBI and Mafia operated by the same guiding principle.

I don’t think I’ve read a book by an FBI agent where it was not made clear that an FBI agent could do anything as long as it was kept in house.  It was not the corruption in the FBI that was wrong, it was opening that corruption to public view that was the great evil.

Purchasing Evidence Against Whitey

Billy Bulger in While the Music Lasts railed at the government’s ability to buy testimony.   He said about the evidence against Whitey that “all of the evidence has been purchased.” (His emphasis.)  He said people say things about Whitey because it gives them a “get out of jail card.”  He wrote people have been offered, “Inducements more precious than money – release from prison, the waiver of criminal charges. . . .”

Billy pointed out that the American Bar Association’s Model Code of Professional Responsibility states:  “A lawyer shall not pay, offer to pay, or acquiesce in the payment of compensation to a witness contingent upon the content of his testimony or the outcome of the case.”

Billy recognized that prosecutors are exempt from that general rule but suggested it is unfair when other lawyers are barred from doing this.

Billy makes a valid point when he says this.   All the gangsters who will testify against Whitey first had to give a written proffer to the government.  The proffer contains what the gangster says he can bring to the table in the form of evidence.  If the government flies to the bait, negotiations begin.

The Ghost of Ivan – State Trooper Foley’s Inveigling By The FBI

Tom Foley in his book “Most Wanted” elides over many uncomfortable facts.

He does this because like Macbeth he is haunted by a ghost.  His Banquo is Ivan.

Foley became a trooper in 1979.  In 1984 he joined a unit headed by Lt. Dave Matioli who he described as “a real up-and-comer, smart and well liked.”  I may have met or talked to Matioli once or twice.  He did not strike me that way.  When I think of him I think of a guy who gave me the impression he was not leveling with me.  In retrospect my instinct was right.  Matioli was working against me.

Foley said his response when asked to join Mattioli’s unit was, “Absolutely.”  He said “It was no decision at all.  Working with Mattioli and with the FBI on serious stuff like the mob?  Count me in?”

As P.T. Barnum said, “There’s a sucker born every minute.”

Mattioli’s unit was to be an Intelligence Unit.  It was going “to strike at the OC hierarchy”, according to Foley.  He mentions the state police had a Special Services Unit (SSU) under Lt. Charlie Henderson which he said, “concentrated more on gaming than on more serious mob crimes.”  Yes and no.

The Purpose of this Blog:

I posted three posts on a day and was told by Paul Ahern who I’ve known and liked for over 40 years that was unwise.  It is only from such people you get candor.  I explained why I did it, a four day appointment in New York City that prevented me posting.  He listened.  He didn’t buy my excuse.  We then went on to discuss the blog in greater detail.

My discussions with him made me recognized I had not clearly set out the purpose of this blog.  True, it relates to my soon to be released book, “Don’t Embarrass The Family – The Trial of Whitey Bulger’s Handler.”   But why is that book about the trial of FBI Agent John Connolly important?

It gives the first trial testimony of the major players involved in this matter.  It provides a background discussion of the trial issues.  You might now think that seems mundane, why bother?  If you do, then you’re reflecting back to me my first feelings.

It was only when I fully grasped the reason for the trial, the subsequent events and the lies now accepted as truisms I realized that the trial was like Pandora’s Box.  The husband of the all-gifted Pandora, Epimetheus, opened that beautiful box.  It contained unimaginable evils which spilled out inflicting misery upon mankind.

Whitey Bulger’s Immunity Deal

Whitey‘s lawyers fired first their first salvo.  According to an article on Boston.com by Martin Finucane and Travis Andersen entitled “A License To Kill,” Whitey’s claiming he had a deal with the Feds that gave him to immunity for all his criminal actions.

Did he?    A soon to be published book: “Don’t Embarrass The Family –  The Trial of Whitey Bulger’s FBI Handler” tells about the immunity deal he alleged he had with the FBI and the deal the FBI said it had with him.

Don’t be so ready to scoff at Whitey’s claim.  To decide this issue alone may take years since it strikes at the heart of the FBI’s long time customs and procedures. I wonder if Whitey’s lawyers truly realize how valid it may.

By the way for all those who think Whitey’s goose is cooked, the book says don’t count on it.  Read it and see why.

(Picture of Whitey in leather jacket shows him facing Stevie Flemmi.  The picture was taken by detectives in Quincy Police Captain Dave Rowell’s special unit that was a thorn in the side of Whitey for years. The original group was Rowell, Dick Bergeron, Bob Crowley, Peter Gallagher and Paul Snow)