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Stradivarius; Rembrandt; The FBI; The Failure to Question

(`) Liberty CriesWhat do Stradivarius and Rembrandt have in common?  Both had one of their precious art works stolen in the Boston/Cambridge area of Massachusetts, both were investigated by the FBI, both investigations were bungled, and the Boston media skips over any analysis or inquiry into the FBI’s bungling and merely repeats the latest FBI sound bite, also known as a press release.

When you have a secret police force like the FBI and the local media remains dependent upon it as a new born kitten on its mother’s milk then the news of its incompetence is kept well-hidden and the public is ill-served. There is no greater example of this than the cases of the stolen Stradivarius and Rembrandt.

The father of Nina Totenberg of public radio and television fame, Roman Totenberg, was a famous violinist. He died in 2012 at the age of 101. For the last 32 years of his life he was saddened by the theft of his violin,  the Ames Stradivarius, He had owned it for 38 years. It was stolen from his office at the Longy School of Music in Cambridge, Mass.

The FBI Updated Dead List Identified Two Supreme Court Justices As Communists

I spoke to the need of the Internet being free and being a source of much information that is not available elsewhere. I was looking for an article by Clarence Walker written in April 2005 asking whether FBI Agent John Connolly could “Go FREE?” I clicked on an article that seemed to have some of what I was looking for. It didn’t. Rather it was a document which the FBI called its Dead List.

It described it as  “This is an updated list of the people the FBI understands are deceased. It amounts to a list of notable or famous individuals for whom there are FBI files (usually) or cross references to FBI files.” A little later it states: “FBI files on any of the individuals contained in this list may be requested by writing a letter.”

To say that this FBI list is disgraceful is to give it much more credit than it deserves. It shows an agency with no pride in its product. After spending a few minutes reading it I was dismayed to think such a shabby product would be put out by a government agency. But it tells us that the FBI filing system must be very sloppy and full of wrong information.

FBI’S Unwarranted Encroachment on Our Privacy

I met an old friend I grew up with for lunch in Boston — he was a former high ranking cop.  We were chatting away and talking about some of the happenings in the city.  We got into a discussion about organized crime in America.  He said to me, “You want to know what’s the biggest organized crime group in America.”  I figured it was a rhetorical question so I remained quiet expecting he’d give the answer such as  the Mafia or something a little different like the Banksters.

He pointed at the Center Plaza building and said, “It’s the suits who work there.”   This is the location of the FBI offices in Boston; suits is a nickname a lot of cops hung on the agents.   My friend honestly believes that the FBI holds that title.  This stems from its first commandment  and the results that flow from obeying it.    He points out that the little that manages to leak out about the inner workings of the FBI shows that the corruption must be widespread because it operates like a hermetically sealed empire, sort of our own little North Korea.