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How The FBI Framed An Innocent Massachusetts State Trooper

My telling of the story of Trooper John Naimovich must be like a serialization.  To understand it you have to know what I’ve written on past Wednesdays.  Serialization is as old as Sheherazade’s stories in One Thousand and One Nights.  It gained immense popularity in the 19th Century when most good authors like Dickens produced their books in segments.  Google tells of its history.

As a youngster I would attend movies that were serials.  After the first episode, each following week a segment would be shown that would be a continuation of the prior week. Like a magnet it drew me back each Saturday morning as the suspense built. To understand the movie, I had to make sure I saw each segment.

To understand Naimovich you have to have read most segments about him.  I’ll sum up a part of the story here.  Each Wednesday I’ll add to the story.  To get a sense of what I write about you’ll have to read most of all the Wednesday material including that previously posted.

The Truth About Billy Bulger — An Examination of The Allegations – I

Howard Louis Carr’s book the The Brothers Bulger which is subtitled How They Terrorized and Corrupted Boston For a Quarter Century is a 332 page trust-me attack unsupported by one foot note.  Agent Fitzpatrick using notes that include references to Carr’s book wrote his untrustworthy book Betrayal.  He too portrays Billy as a prince of darkness telling of the investigations he did against him.  A person writing as “bob fitz” with an email of rfitzpa@aol.com who may or may not be the author of Betrayal commented on this blog about me that “He sounds like a Bill Bulger shill and should know Bill Bulger was a subject of many FBI investigations . . . .”   Colonel Tom Foley in his book Most Wanted telling of his pursuit of Whitey also takes a few shots at Billy.

I don’t think Carr or Foley ever met Billy.   Fitzpatrick’s one 20 minute meeting can be best summarized from his point of view as My Nightmare in The President’s Office.  They assume much and provide little support for their statements often parroting a prior book.  It seems it has become de rigueur to link Billy to Whitey as if he and Whitey were Siamese twins thereby ascribing to Billy the crimes of Whitey.

Whitey Bulger’s Enablers Knew No Shame — Enter Naimovich

This is a continuation of my last post on Naimovich.  You’ll understand this best if you read that before continuing.on.

I asked three main questions at the end of that post.  First, was Judge Wolf wrong when he said Naimovich was convicted on charges of corruption?

The truth is that in the same court as Judge Wolf sits Naimovich was acquitted of the corruption charges by a jury.  As I said, once indicted a cop is on a downward spiral.  8 years after his death Naimovich’s name was still being wrongfully dragged through the mud.  Wolf didn’t bother to check the records in his own courthouse.  Correct answer ‘yes’.

I next asked would Flemmi disclose his longtime friend and informant when naming him wasn’t germane to his testimony.  It turned out within a year of Flemmi’s testimony the identity of his source in the state police was discovered.  It was a person identified as Eric, by Weeks and others, Richard Schneiderhan.  He grew up with and admired Flemmi.  He regularly received money for information.  Correct answer ‘no’.

My third question was rhetorical.  It should have been obvious that Flemmi’s source was still alive after Naimovich had died.  The investigators never seemed to have put two and two together.

Ivan and Foley – Why It Matters To Understanding Whitey



Wednesdays I’ve been talking about the ghost of Ivan, a former state trooper.   I insinuate that he haunts Tom Foley a former state police colonel.

My intent in doing this is not to disparage Foley.  He was aggressive, tough, determined and beyond reproach, everything we need in our state troopers.  I recommend his book, Most Wanted.

The reason I talk about Ivan in relation to Foley and in relation to the Whitey Bulger trial is twofold.

First, it shows how sinister the FBI is in dealing with others.  Young trooper (Foley)  wanted to do a banged-up job.  He became bedazzled by the FBI sun which still shown brightly in those days.  As a true believer he went in whatever direction the FBI steered him.  In Ivan’s case it sent him down a wrong path.

There is no way to understand the phenomenon of Whitey Bulger without knowing what makes the FBI tick.  Under J. Edgar Hoover and his predecessors the most important division in the FBI was the Crime Records Division.  What purpose do you think it had?  Don’t be fooled by its name which is only a euphemism.

The Brainwashing of Mass. State Police Colonel Foley – Wednesday – The Ghost of Ivan Day

Last Wednesday I began the story of “The Ghost of Ivan.”  It relates to Trooper Tom Foley who wrote a book “Most Wanted” about how he chased after Whitey.  He  told us how as a state trooper he joined with the FBI to fight organized crime.

I always believed Foley was duped by the FBI.  I never knew how badly until I saw how the FBI totally brainwashed him.  Foley believed he was joining an outfit that had a remarkable history of fighting organized crime.  While working inside with the FBI he had a chance to learn a little about its history going after the organized crime types.  What he learned he wrote about in his 2012 book.

“The FBI had started hitting mobsters with its Top Hoodlum Program of 1953, and it had made a famous score in 1957, when it rounded up a slew of baffled Mafiosi at what was supposed to be their top-secret gathering in Binghamton, New York.

I suppose he got that right from the horse’s mouth.  That is what the FBI would like us to believe.  Unfortunately for the FBI and Foley it is totally untrue

Most Wanted – A Whitey Book

Tom Foley was a Massachusetts state trooper who rose through the ranks to become a colonel in charge of the 2,300 person force.

I met him a couple of times.  I always believed Tom was one of the best cops that went after Bulger.  There was no question about his dedication and integrity.

He wrote a book Most Wanted.   It mainly tells how the FBI went about undermining everything that he tried to do to catch Whitey.  It is worth reading to get a feel for how out of control the FBI has been and continues to be.

We have a disagreement over one big event in his life when he was a young trooper.  In fact, during the Wolf hearings he stood back when Flemmi testified to it when he knew was false.  I hoped that he would address it.

He has never accepted that he was wrong when it came to this matter even though he suggests the FBI set him up.  It may seem like a small thing in an otherwise very praiseworthy career but his persistence in suggesting the acquitted trooper Ivan was corrupt is just plainly wrong.  It might be too much to expect him to really face up to how he was used by the FBI in that matter.