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Unanswered Questions: Where Did Organized Crime Go? Why Was Rahim Shot When He Was?

article-2000227-0C72775100000578-502_964x654Has anyone noticed that for the most part that organized crime in the Boston area has vanished. No one is involved in taking bets on the NFL or other sporting events; the great white sharks have devoured the loan sharks; the leg breakers have gone into extreme boxing; the extortionist have become contortionists; the war on illegal drugs has been won with Nancy Reagan’s “just say no” campaign finally taken hold. I would not be surprised if many of you are not right now standing up and singing FDR’s 1932 campaign song: “Happy Days Are Here Again.”

Could it be that with the departure of “it came from outer space the man who terrorized Boston for decades” in late 1994 we became crime free with respect to organized crime? Was it only because of Whitey that drugs flowed into South Boston and had he not been around there would have been no overdoses or drug dependent kids in that area?  Did he have such power that had he not been on the scene there would have been no organized crime outside of the Mafia? Where have all the bookies gone?