The Approaching Diem Horribilus: True Justice Weeps: Boston Justices Smile

edvard-munch-the-scream-1893The best description of the day of the upcoming sentencing is that it will go down as perhaps one of the most horrible days in the history of justice in the United States. It is a day when vengeful prosecutors on a crusade thwart justice to such an extent that no case in the justice system in the United States – excepting perhaps some of those involving blacks in the state courts during the Jim Crow days –  can claim to come one-two to it in showing the how a justice system can turn barbaric. Judges, some of whom come from the same U.S. attorney’s office as the prosecutors, complacently sit back in the smiling spirit of good fellowship and rubber stamp the vile proceedings forgetting their roles in the interests of amiability.

I’ve written about this injustice until I’m blue in the face. If interested you may conduct a search of my blog. Simply put: a woman who was this guy’s girlfriend for years  when he took off for the Big Run went with him. He ran from an indictment charging him with racketeering involving gambling and loan sharking. The woman stayed with him during the time of his flight that lasted 16 years. Neither she, nor the prosecutors, at the time she fled had any idea her boyfriend was going to be accused of murdering people.

Later when the prosecutors were handling out deals to murderers to have them include her boyfriend in their murders it was first learned he may have been involved in some of them. The truth though was that the people who testified against him pulled the triggers in most of them and had the motives to do the murders.

One guy admitted to murdering 20 people. He would also go on the lam for 16 years. Nothing would happen to the woman who succored him during that time. This guy did 12 years and got a thousand dollars from the prosecutors for each of the victims he admitted murdering when released from prison.

Another guy admitted murdering five people that he told us about. He made her boy friend the heavy in each murder even where he had the main motive in at least one of them. He did 5 years,  one for each murder. He  was given back his lottery winnings which had been forfeited.

A third, a Mafia king and known murderer, who was never punished for them, perjured himself during another trial. He did little or no federal  time and the prosecutors dropped the perjury charge. After all, he perjured himself helping the prosecutors.

The worst of the bunch murdered two women he had relations with but said the boyfriend made him do it.  You are supposed to believe a guy who has been living with  a women for over a half-dozen years strangles her after she says she wants to break up because he was told to do it by another guy. This worst guy, Benji, would be taken out of the Bureau of Prison system. he would be hidden in some soft, safe place and allowed to keep much of his assets.

Three others at the top of my head were all involved in murders but to make the deals with those I already wrote about the prosecutors gave them a pass. Then, if you go through my blog you will see how other Mafia kingpins and murderers got sentences of between 5 and 7 years; some were even FBI informants while murdering people.

The girlfriend  – who murdered no one, who committed no violent crime, whose crimes related to being the  girlfriend – and by the way during the 16 years she was with the boyfriend this so-called personification of evil is not known to have committed any violent acts – got eight years in prison from the federal judges who let victims of her boyfriend’s alleged murders come in to court and excoriate her in open court. She got more time than the murderers.

After being sentence she was dragged back by the masochistic prosecutors who demanded she answer what she did while with Whitey. She refused. The prosecutors now wants her to do more prison time for not telling them whatever they wants to know about her private life with the boyfriend. Have you ever known a woman being forced to disclose her relationship with another person before a grand jury? Because she was his girlfriend the prosecutors want to pry into her most intimate matters. She refuses to be bullied and subject to such humiliation.

Imagine that you could be forced to tell about your closely held private dealings with your friend.  Worse, few if any none of the people convicted of murder, terrorism or any other federal crime have been called back after their sentences and threatened with contempt if they did not disclose others involved in their criminal activity nevermind their relationship with others.

The treatment of this woman is far beyond the pale. It can only remind one of the Soviet Gulag system where selective prosecutions took place and the people the prosecutors did not like were severely punished not for their crimes but to please the sadistic desires of the prosecutors.

The most appalling thing is the silence of the media. This huge injustice when compared to any other case ever tried in the federal court gets reported on as if it is just another case. How can it be that those in the media who write so weepingly about someone being deprived of a civil right that affects neither life or limb but only feelings are unable to see the horror unfolding under their noses?

Let’s make it simple. This non-violent girl friend has already done more hard time than all her boy friend fellow murderers. When sentenced this week she will do more time than a guy who murdered twenty people including three people at one time. Appropriate to this happening is Edvard Munch. Skrik (The Scream of Nature) (Der Schrei der Natur), 1895 shown above.




6 thoughts on “The Approaching Diem Horribilus: True Justice Weeps: Boston Justices Smile

  1. The treatment of this woman is sickening.
    Do the papers not rail against it so as not spoil a cozy relationship with the FBI?

    Who is present at Grand Jury testimony? There cannot be that many sources of leaks that an investigation couldn’t find that source(if they chose to).

  2. Yesterday, it was reported in the media that the FBI used sexuality to manipulate the mind of a prospective informant/target. Tapes reveal that two female CIs were employed in an attempt to honey-trap a young Muslim man with a history of psychological problems into compromising himself on the telephone. The women tried to elicit violent terrorist rhetoric from the man. They didn’t succeed. While obviously struggling with his illness, the man rejected any notion of violence, except against himself.


  3. Mr Mcmanus,
    The above is a direct quote from Mr Connolly, who is an attorney. He should be able to write what he means. If he meant to put Catherine Grieg into a different category than the people whose family members were killed, he should be able to put that distinction into words.
    The fact is that Atty Connolly has no idea why Catherine Grieg refuses to speak. His latest theory, that she doesn’t want to answer personal questions, is the least convincing yet. The possibility that she didn’t know the full extent of Whitey Bulger’s criminal activity is just that– a possibility. It may or may not be true but asserting it over and over does not make it a fact.
    Meanwhile, in the sentence I quoted, Matt writes as if the family members of the people that Whitey Bulger was convicted of murdering don’t deserve any consideration, because they are assumed to know everything about the criminal activities of their family members. Why?
    The children of murder victims deserve at least as much consideration as someone who hid under an assumed name for 16 years to shelter a gangster.

  4. Matt,

    Do you ever look at the comments made by the morons that still read The Globe and Herald? The vast majority of them are some version of “good…let her rot in prison…maybe then she’ll give up the money”. These people are too stupid to realize that she is being used as a pawn by Wyshak and company to cover up the outrageous passes they gave to vile murderers in what proved to be a wild goose chase. Maybe, if they are so concerned with finding money to give to the poor families of the victims, they could start by asking Mr Matarano to return the 200 grand they gave him for perjuring himself to put John away.

    As for The silly quote above, I would assume he’s being purposely obtuse; no one could be dumb enough to confuse a woman who was basically the wife of a gangster with a guy like Callahan, who had a truly innocent man murdered, but now his family stands in line with their hands out waiting for Freddy to make reparations. I would assume that any thinking man would realize that Callahan would be the type of person to whom Matt was referring, rather than the spouses of gangsters.

  5. ” I’m of the school that if you hang around with gangster or are a gangster yourself you gladly accept the benefits and risks of that life style but should not be heard to complain if there are deadly consequences. ”
    –Matt Connolly

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