The Art of the Con: The Gardner Museum and the FBI

stradivariusI wrote how the FBI announced it had recovered a Stradivarius violin and that it told how it was praised by the Justice Department for its outstanding work” when all its agents did was take custody of it from a violin appraiser who recognized it as having been stolen.  I’ve mentioned this many times before that the FBI is in the business of fooling the American people which is all right since it has been doing that since J. Edgar Hoover took over back in 1924; the only time a problem arises is if it is fooling itself. Its job is too important for it to be doing that yet if it considers taking custody of a violin and transporting it back to its office “outstanding work” then we have an agency that is in big trouble.

Which brings me to the case of the 25-year-old Gardner Museum heist which is trending lately. This is because Carmen Ortiz has released a video of a man who visited the Gardner Museum the night before the grand theft saying the FBI agents: “are seeking the public’s assistance in identifying an unauthorized visitor to the museum the night before the theft.” Ortiz went on to explain that the car seen in the video fits the general description of the car seen outside the Gardner the night of the heist.

Now put on your thinking caps and delve into the area of circumstantial evidence. Do you think the man who drove the car in the video would have driven it both nights? If so, do you think he is one of the robbers?

If you do you have a problem because the FBI reports that it knows the identity of the two men who did the robbery posing as police officers but for some reason known only to the FBI it won’t tell us who they are other than that they are dead. You would think that if it was not conning us it would tell us who they were. It’s a well know legal precept that you can’t libel the dead so there’s really no legitimate reason not to tell us other than they really have no idea who did it.

So if the FBI does not think the man in the video did the robbery, what does it think about him? It won’t tell us so we are left to guess. Has anyone asked who the FBI thinks it might be and what his relationship to the robbers is? Does it think he might be a robber and one of the dead robbers? If so, why are they asking us to identify him?

There are more problems than that.  I assume the FBI in its initial investigation took custody of the video. Wouldn’t you like to know when it first viewed it and what it did at that time? Wouldn’t you like to know why it sat on it for 25 years without telling anyone about it? Or did it?

The overall problem with the video is this. The video of the night of the robbery was taken by the robbers. It is fair to assume from that the robbers knew a video of the happenings at the Gardner Museum was in use. If a robber, or in this case an associate, visited the night before wouldn’t he know he was on a video and want to take that video also. It seems if you take one video that may be used against you that you would want to take all of them.

Then we have the old Norfolk DA George Burke surface with a secret client who can identify the man on the video. According to the Patriot Ledger Burke: “says the client believes the person pictured in the video is someone he knew who worked with antiques and had contact with Myles Connor, . . .”  Anyone with half a brain, as Ben Carson famously noted fills our government offices in Washington, D.C.,  who read that statement would know the guy is a phony. 

Here’s why. Myles was a famous bargainer. There is no way he would have done the long stretches he did in prison if he knew who did the Gardner theft. Also, the men the FBI say did it had no connection with Myles.

So what is going on. The truth is the FBI is at a dead-end. It is faking it. If the FBI didn’t depend so much on dirt ball informers it might have not been going down so many blind alleys. The video serves two purposes: to make it look like it is doing something; and as a Hail Mary pass.

Perhaps some years from now someone will stumble upon or inherit one of the items, bring it to an art dealer, he will recognize it and call the FBI. The FBI will hold a press conference telling us how it “recovered” the art work and what an “outstanding job” it did.

As an aside I suggest an article by Tom Mashberg the former Herald Reporter who was duped into thinking he saw the Rembrandt is another look at the Gardner heist from Myles Connor’s perspective.

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  1. It could have been a test of Abath’s commitment level and capacity to follow through. Also to have something on Abath. They didn’t want it just be their word against his if things went sour. Why there so long? What’s with the paperwork? It looks like the guy is avoiding the camera. His collar is turned up on one side and he is hunched over, may have miscalculated his exposure to the camera.

  2. Lotta smoke in thre room there. This is where language tethers you to misunderstanding and conceptual sleep. You should not give a damn on trying to score jaded cynic points for cheap thrills over ” people who use the word casing are just blowing smoke. ” Until solved it is all … speculation there Sherlock. In direct violation of security protocols this Guy … he was there … the night before …. exuding a husky criminality. The rest is WHAT ??? It is a case study in not letting your own smoke get in your eyes. Meanwhile, just play with it as your ” Smoke Machine ” is just a variant of any others … including the FBI. Lottssaaa’ smoke goin’ round. IT’S STILL ALL SMOKE AND PAINTINGS …. AND A FINIAL 🙂

  3. As Churchill said of Russia,…the Gardner heist has been “a riddle wrapped in a mystery,… inside an enigma.”

    But this is the chance to break it wide open…it could have been a dry run,,just to see if Rick answered the door (using a ruse about the car? maybe asking if he could use a phone to call AAA? unless DanC is right. It is strange how he went to the door then ran back to the car to put his parking lights on (and grab drugs?) and then went back to the door, went in, stayed 3 minutes, most of which time he was off camera,(making a drug deal with Rick the security guard?) and then left. He was also strangely parked about 3 feet from the curb.

    What are George Burke and the FBI waiting for?

    Who is the guy, and why was he there?

    1. The mystery man is probably dead too. Do you think the thieves, whoever they may be, destroyed these priceless works after discovering they were too hot to sell?

      1. Dan:

        It has always been my opinion that it was a professional job. The two thieves were hired to do it for their expertise. They were selective in what they took unlike something you would have seen from any of the usual suspects that the FBI has been chasing after for years.

        History teaches that if any of the hoodlums had these paintings they would have stored them in a place where they could either be sold or bartered. Their actions would have become pretty well known among those in the underworld who make it their business to know what is going on. What happened over the years is guys started to come out of the woodwork who were jammed in on some type crime and they found sucker ears waiting to hear stories about the paintings.

        An FBI agent in charge of the investigation contradicted the FBI SAC at the time he said he knew who did the theft by stating something to the effect if they knew who did the theft they’d have a better idea on what happened to the paintings. If on the odd chance they had been stolen by local hoods as that FBI agent surmised and they woke up the next day (his words) realizing what they had done and how difficult it would be to fence then there would be no sense for them to keep them and they would have destroyed them. But why would two guys do such a thing, that is steal select paintings and not know what they were doing? Why would anyone do it without having a way to get rid of them?
        Keep in mind except for some hoodlums looking for deals there has been no talk anywhere about the stolen art. That tells me the thieves were well paid and commissioned to get the items. Of course I would not mind being wrong in all this but it is just that if this nut could be cracked it would have been done a long time ago unless the FBI is really more evil than MS thinks they are.

        1. Hi Matt, The thieves swiped some items that weren’t so valuable and left behind some art work they should taken. If they thought the cops were on to them (either in point of fact or because of their own paranoia) they might have destroyed the evidence. Having said this , I hope your scenario is the right one.

          1. Dan.

            Of course there is a chance as unlikely as I think it is that the thieves were run of the mill hoodlums who found out they got in over their heads and they could not fence the stuff they sold; what then? Keep it to incriminate themselves or get rid of it. That is what makes the FBI approach so full of folly; if its supposition is correct that the thieves bit off more than they could chew then it should accept that they figured the best thing to do was get rid of the evidence and stop pretending that it hopes to recover the art.

    2. RAther:

      You have to surmise that the FBI viewed this tape within a few days of the heist. At that time the guard who let him in identified him. The FBI tracked him down, interviewed him, his story checked out, and the tape was put away. Nothing else makes sense unless the FBI is totally inept and did not look at it.

      The people who say he was casing the place are blowing smoke. If he wanted to case the place he could have done it during the broad daylight when the general public was admitted. The last thing he would be doing if he planned on ripping it off the next day was coming in the night before and letting himself be videoed. You have to assume the guard knew the video was running and that if checked it would show his visitor so he didn’t have any concern for that because he could explain it as he did with the FBI.

      The guy was a friend of the guard, he was bringing a joint or two or a sub sandwich or a nip, he was on his way home to bed but stopped to chat for a minute or two. All the law enforcement people know this but they also know they can get big publicity by releasing the tape since no one dares ask the questions that should be asked.

      1. Elbows ‘ etch a sketch’ Wychulis sez this just in from
        the whisper stream….


        Infamous art thief revisits criminal past in Ellsworth
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        By Bill Trotter, BDN Staff
        March 06, 2014, at 11:39 a.m.

        also see
        Myles Connor Jr. tells Milton audience about his life and art heists …
        Sep 27, 2013 – Almost 50 years after his first robbery in Milton, convicted art thief Myles Connor Jr. was at the Milton Art Center Thursday evening for a …

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  4. Today they don’t know what they are doing. Back in the 80s they were a solid outfit. They put the top 150 Mafia guys on the East Coast away. They imprisoned the top White Collar thieves ( Boesky, Milliken, D. Levine et al). Drug prosecutions increased. Today the DOJ has de emphasized the drug war. Less arrests, less prosecutions but a tripling of Heroin overdoses. None of the financial bandits from the big banks were prosecuted for the meltdown in 2008. The ones who gave us credit default swaps, sub prime mortgages and ninja loans were given a pass and the taxpayers were given the bill. The Mafia, the biggest Heroin distributor in the country has become a de facto partner of the DOJ. In the Whitey saga the top four hitmen for the Mob, Flemmi, Salemme, and the Martorano brothers are set free along with other killers, Winter and Nee. They released nine serial killers to catch one. It was as lopsided as the Bergdal trade. Justice was not done. But they are just a reflection of all government. Good publicity is all that counts. 2. The technique of showing the video and asking for the publics help is a scam. One would think that they would be chastened by their previous false conduct in the Tsarnaev affair. They had the pictures of the bombers by Tuesday. They cancel their press conference on Wednesday. They concoct a story that they need the public’s help to I. d. the culprits. Ten to twenty people in the Boston office could have made Tamerlan. They wanted to pretend he was a stranger. Fortunately the Russians exposed them. A similar pattern in the Benghazi attack was employed. Concoct the You Tube story. See if an inattentive public falls for it. The fish rots from the head down. The person in the Gardner video is likely an FBI agent.

    1. sigh!

      True Detective: Chicago, El Chapo, & Vince Vaughn’s Mom
      Posted on August 12, 2015 by Daniel Hopsicker

      vince-vaughnActor Vince Vaughn, in the news for his starring role in HBO’s True Detective and recent controversial statements advocating more guns in schools, now has a new source of notoriety guaranteed to keep him in face time: his family.

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  5. yawn….

    did anyone check to see if FBI agents edited videotape?

    in other news….

    Different Justice for a Disgraced FBI Agent and Antwuan Ball
    August 13, 2015 at 5:02 pm

    David Wilson, an inmate convicted for being the getaway driver in a D.C. murder case, uncovered the existence of a confession he says will exonerate him, but nobody can find the tape. Reporter Jim McElhatton has covered D.C. crime for years and witnessed this intersection between Wilson’s case and disgraced FBI agent Matthew Lowry during his reporting.DL_prison_lorton-1

    George Ball took a rare afternoon off from his job as a meeting planner for a trade group to spend some time in a U.S. District courtroom. He was attending the July 9 sentencing of Matthew Lowry, the FBI agent who pleaded guilty to taking at least 20 bags of seized heroin—some containing hundreds of grams—from the FBI’s evidence room.

    Ball is one of more than two dozen drug defendants whose cases were tossed because Lowry tainted the evidence. There’s been much press attention about how the Lowry case robbed the FBI and U.S. Attorney’s Office of the chance to try complicated drug conspiracy cases that can take years to investigate and prosecute.

    The courtroom was packed with reporters and family, so Ball, 67, was nearly turned away. He insisted on a seat. After more than an hour, he said, he found himself sitting alongside Lowry’s family, near the front row.

    “I was determined to see how justice works on the other side of the case,” Ball later tells City Paper in an interview.

    Ball says Lowry’s conviction actually robbed him of the chance to clear his name, and that he didn’t want to see his own charges dismissed on a technicality. He says that even though he risked more than decade in prison, he told his attorney that he wouldn’t be pleading guilty.

    “The whole time I was under this cloud for a year and half, never was my name associated with the word ‘innocent,’” Ball says. “I kind of feel sorry that Lowry got into this trouble because now I’

  6. Agree, Matt. I looked at the video, and it certainly didn’t seem like a practice run for the real robbery. It occurred to me that it might be a small – time drug deal in which the guard bought some dope. That would explain his apparent forgetfulness. Now
    that’s just a stab in the dark, which is the same game the FBI seems to be playing.

  7. Myles didn’t show up for a therefore spectacular Not Guilty Your Honor and was subsequently, upon a impressively love of Mom backyard caper while visiting … Mother …. apprehended in the doghouse. Or such. He is Myles Connor.
    Overthinking perhaps : Why so unlikely that same … Actor… cases and then participating on next night? ★ Certainly Gardner tapes weren’t minutely pored over except in the case of security issues ( The ROBBERY certainly being a really big one) and unless switched out daily, and even if so, had a temporal Virtue of being likely to be viewed post facto
    What, Me Worry !!! says the Mastermind. It seems logical he was.★ Seems the Federal agency probably as immersed, but no more as GM Security Director Anthony Amore, who in some very good books he has Writ has colored the Persian warp and woof of the Flying Carpet of Imagination everyone tears for when THE ROBBERY is … On the Carpet. ★ Isabella Stewart Gardner is on The Case, I do not doubt !!!

    1. First you did not get Kessler ‘ the FBI mouthpiece’ fist name
      correct ,then MTC spells Gardiner Garner,

      in other news

      The FBI Agent Who Hunted N.W.A
      Daily Beast
      In the late ’80s, the FBI targeted the hip-hop group N.W.A for their
      incendiary anthem “Fuck tha Police,” and transformed the rappers into
      First …

      also see

      The FBI Considers The IRS & DOJ, Domestic Terrorists
      Tyler Durden’s picture
      Submitted by Tyler Durden on 08/11/2015 22:30 -0400
      Submitted by Thad Beversdorf via,

      Eventually it was bound to happen. The ever increasing ambiguous laws
      that allow the government to prosecute, or worse, simply negate all
      Constitutional protections of its citizens would come back to hang
      them. In an unusual circumstance, what is essentially one party in
      D.C. when it comes to matters

        1. ugh! ugh! sigh!

          Stolen Picasso Cubist Masterpiece Returns To The Pompidou
          Author Bill Blare Published August 14, 2015 Comments 0

          US authorities returned the stolen $15 million Picasso painting La Coiffeuse to France on Thursday, nine months after it was found in a FedEx shipment listed as a $37 handicraft. It had been taken from a yacht off the French island of Corsica.

          When Pablo Picasso died in 1973, he left a colossal collection of paintings, drawings, sculptures…”The Hairdresser” dates back to the Spanish painter’s Cubist era, at the beginning of the 20th century.

          “It’s really a great thing to be able to recover a piece of cultural property like this”, said Robert Wittman, a former FBI agent who founded the bureau’s national art crime team and now president of his own art security consultancy.

          The painting’s recovery is notable, Wittman said. The 1906 painting was reportedly impounded by French custom officials following an Spanish export ban. His m

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