The Big Money Game: Reaching into Kevin Spacey’s Pocket –

There was something that was not right about the arraignment in the Kevin Spacey case in Nantucket on the alleged assault by him on another who is the son of Heather Unruh. Since I can’t find his name I’ll call him FNU from the old days of writing affidavits for warrants which means First Name Unknown.

When did the allege incident occur? It was way back in July 2016 — that’s two and a half years ago. Why so long to bring it to the court? It appears as best I can tell that FNU is now twenty or twenty-one years old.  It is a little confusing to me but it seems the earliest he made the the report of the matter to the police was in October 2016 two months after the incident. His mother, a TV personality, last appeared on the air in October, 2016. Is this a coincidence or can we make something else out of it.

I suppose a good attorney could connect the two incidents. The allegation could be that the mother was so traumatized at having her son involved in the alleged incident with Spacey, real name Kevin Fowler, (sort of appropriate if the incident happened as alleged) that it caused her to lose her pizzazz and her desire to do her life time job. Thus Spacey could owe her for the lifetime of wages which he deprived her of and which she was thereby incapable of earning. She did resign on her own saying: “I look forward to change at this point in my career … and welcome the opportunity to continue and grow in new and challenging directions.” Were those opportunities a planned life of leisure courtesy of the alleged fouler?

The time between incident and complaint to the police is a little confusing. In some places I read it was in 2016 but in others 2017. Either way the inaction is troubling. Perhaps, that is what prompted Heather Unruh to hold a press conference in November 2017 accompanied by her attorney Mitchel Garabedian.  This was after she had “been tweeting for weeks about the sexual harassment and assault scandals in Hollywood.”  At the conference she said: “Last week my son filed a police report and handed over evidence to the Nantucket Police, and now a criminal investigation has begun. He’s committed to doing what he can to stop Kevin Spacey from victimizing anyone else.”  Of course, this all came about after Spacey had been accused by someone else of a similar act.

What’s more troubling is the statement given to the police. I’ve read that FNU is six feet tall. He told the police that Spacey had his hand on his private area for three minutes. I guess I grew up at a different time. If I, or any of my friends, most of us under six feet tall ever had another grab us like that against our will, it would be about three seconds before the other found himself on the floor. Well maybe not even that long.

Plus, FNU worked at the joint where the incident supposedly took place. He was known by others yet it appears he didn’t call for help. Oh, we are supposed to believe the joint was crowded and he couldn’t move. Ever been in a place that crowded? Not only couldn’t he move, he stayed where he was after Spacey headed for the bathroom.

Spacey could move but he couldn’t? What was he waiting for? Fortunately, an unknown woman who could move came out of the crowd toward him. According to what FNU told the police the woman came up to him and noticed that he was in distress. He said that when he told the woman that Spacey was “trying to rape” him, the woman told him to leave and she then evanesced forever. He then fled to his grandmother’s home.

Yeah, right. Someone’s trying to rape you and you hang around until some stranger materializes to tell you to take off. Well maybe you do if you’re dead drunk but if you are in that condition then what you remember is not going to be very coherent like a woman appearing out of the night with a message to you.

From what I can tell FNU is attending Wake Forest University but is now doing some studying or travel abroad so he was unable to attend the hearing. That’s another thing. Why was Spacey required to appear? The judge could have excused him, as he did for his upcoming conference, but I’d have to guess the judge wanted his time to shine also. Or, was he afraid of displeasing the Boston Globe?

It is obvious having lost Whitey the Globe lurks behind pressuring the parties in this case. Is it because of its relationship with Mitchell Garabedian  who had a big role in .the Catholic priest case; or just because there’s so little real news in the criminal areas to write about even since its Bostonian of the Year Carmen Ortez left the job and it cannot any longer decide who should be prosecuted; or does it see a Pultizer in its future with a Spotlight Team investigation of the life of Mr. Fowler.

The DA for the Cape and Islands is a good guy. I don’t see any hanky panky there. I’ll wait on that until l see more. Clearly at worst this is a probation matter; should actually be continued without a finding. Were not a high profile guy involved there would probably not have been charges.

I’d have to guess that Spacey could have easily avoided all this if the financial demands were met. But they must be extraordinary. Is it that these hands are reaching to the very bottom of Spacey’s deep pockets? You have to think so. I’m not sure if Spacey’s ever had his hand in someone else’s pocket but if he has now he knows how unwanted that can be.

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  2. There is a welter of facts , as just clearly stated , and social circumstances, in painful relationship to Heather Unruh in this meretricious marauding among the lounge piano marigolds by Dick Spacey .

    Dick Spacey is Kevin Spacey’s nom de oversexed gay vigor . Dick is constantly on the prowl ….for Dick .

    Enter our victim .

    He is eighteen and being publicly plundered by the great thespian and Snapchat is chatting and Dick is rubbing Dick and for some strange reason the musician is tinkling out Cher’s Half Breed on those insanely gleaming ivories And OMG are those the piano keys or is this lecherous shark smiling as he circles my ballocks like they’re hid new best chums And
    ….. MOMMY …. Where are you ?!? ….Mommy …. Your handsome young man on the cusp of Responsibility in his manchild state .,has …a serious boner !!!!! ….. Hoooray for Hollywood etc.


    Enough for now. This trial is going to be fun fun fun .

  3. Afterthought: Don’t let this kid’s highly questionable version of events blind you to the fact that Kevin Spacey isn’t exactly a model citizen. (I’ve been to Nantucket twice, and loved it both times. Unfortunately, this tale has taken the edge off my romantic memories of the island. So it goes ….)

  4. The case against Spacey appears to have some serious problems. I think this guy’s mom was likely fired by her former TV station. There’s nothing bad about this — people in television get canned all the time. I deeply doubt that this case will restart her career. If nothing else, she’s now viewed as a litigious soul.

    The Massachusetts State Police report on the incident will tell you more than you ever wanted to know about this case, including Spacey’s alleged boast that his dick is eight inches long.

    Will (This is apparently the kid’s name. The staties forgot to blacken his name out in one sentence of the report.) says he first reported the incident by phone to a Nantucket cop about three months after his encounter with Spacey. The state police interview with Will took place on Nov. 22, 2017, roughly 13 months after Will said he had phoned the Nantucket cops. Don’t ask me to explain the delay. Let me cut to chase:

    Will says that after a night of heavy drinking at the Nantucket bar where Will worked, Spacey shoved his hand down Will’s pants and grabbed his dick. Spacey’s hand remained on Will’s dick for approximately three minutes in an unsuccessful attempt to jerk him off. During this time, Will texted and snapchatted. He didn’t tell Spacey to stop. This evidently happened near the piano, and there’s said to be a Snapchat video that shows Spacey’s hand on the crotch area of Will’s pants, though not down his pants.

    Let’s face it, we’re viewing this case across a vast generational divide. All of his would have grabbed Spacey’s arm and forced his hand out of our pants. Some of us would done much more than that.

    Here’s what I think happened. I believe Spacey, who is a weirdo, did indeed grab this kid’s dick. But the proper punishment — an immediate punch in the mouth — was never administered. So here we are today, awash in litigation.

    Here’s the link to the state police report:

  5. If Fr. Geoghan got ten years for pinching a kid’s bum at a pool Spacey should get 50 years if guilty. On a more important subject what did you think of the college football championship? The bubble has burst for the SEC, Bama and their mediocre QB Tua. He finished 2nd in the Heisman because of the medis hype but there were at least 4 QBs in the ACC better than Tua. Clemson’s. Duke’s, NC St’s and Syracuse’s were all better. The SEC’s record over the last three years in bowl games is 17-19. They haven’t had a winning bowl record in any of those three years. The ACC is 19-14 with two titles. But the bogus sports media always proclaims the SEC’s superiority when in fact they are inferior to others. The sports media are as false as the news media.

    1. NC:

      I enjoyed the game. I’m not as sure as you that the SEC is now inferior because Alabama lost this year to Clemson. Last year, who won the game?

      You are right about the quarterback. He had a bad day. I don’t know how much that diminishes him though. Even Tom Brady has an off game or two. The Clemson quarterback seems to be the real deal especially since he is a freshman. Six foot five with a powerful arm and one marvelous receiver his future seems unlimited but he’s still young so time will tell. I liked the Clemson running back Etienne who will be back next year.

      I’ll comment more on the game tomorrow’s post. Saban and Swinny are both excellent coaches. Swinney first couple of years (2009-2010) with Clemson he was adequate but once he brought on his own players he has won at least ten games every year. You have to go back to 1990 to see a year that Clemson won 10 games before Swimmy.

      Saban’s first year at Alabama in 2007 he was 7 and 6; since then he won at least 10 games every year. Alabama has never been awful. Its most significant victory ever was in the 1943 Orange Bowl.

      Unfortunately BC has a coach that wins against lower level teams but has a dismal record against conference and other decent teams. You can tell how a coach is going to do after two or three years at the most. Coaches do make a difference. BC’s coach will always be awful as will the team with him but with the right coach it could be right up there with Clemson.

      As far as bowl records are concerned I find them meaningless. Very often good teams who don’t have a good fan base (BC) to attend a game will get paired with a much inferior team.

      As to how much time Spacey will serve you’ll have to try to find out what powers are lurking behind the case. Glad to see you admit Fr. Geoghan did something untoward. AS I recall Cardinal Law:”acknowledged receiving a letter alleging that Geoghan had molested seven boys.” Later a columnist wondered: “How could there have been at least 25 more victims after 1984 if the cardinal and his agents were being vigilant in efforts to protect children from a suspected sexual predator?” Eventually 70 people accused Geoghan of sexual abuse. One was a woman in Waltham who filed suit alleging that he had sexually abused her three sons. Eight months later, a 22-year-old man filed a suit claiming that Geoghan had abused him beginning in 1981, when he was seven. Your comparison between Geoghan and Spacey are way off base. I do admit though that with respect to Spacey it is a subject of no importance and only involves parties fighting over money.

  6. If this goes to trial, I don’t see any outcome but a Not Guilty verdict. Any jury will likely have the same reaction to the facts. The Globe hatchet job on the excellent Judge Tom Barrett seems designed to pressure him in the event of a possible jury waiver.

    It’s hard not to conclude that Heather Unruh is trying desperately to revive a failed career.

    In the end I don’t see FNU taking the stand.

  7. Matt:

    A very PC three seconds there . I think that former Back Bay City Councilman David Scondras getting all his front teeth knocked out in a Downtown theater in mid-nineties as he …reached for the popcorn … of the rude and strapping eighteen year old in the next seat fleshes your point out nicely .

    He rued the day !!!

  8. Matt :

    ” … courtesy of the alleged fouler .”

    You beat me to that one you bastard!!!

  9. Matt :

    Sketchy so far . Facts may emerge that buttress the claims of Mother Unruh’s little eighteen year old not fighting off Taliban like other young healthy American males and risking all for Mother and Country ; but instead heroically resisting the depredations ( cooing , writhing and giggling through successive fondlings as he Instagrammed his ” Girlfriend . ” ) of the naughty old Hollywood chicken hawk .

    I like his mom . Heather is an Alpha she wolf with a ravening in her gut for the darkly psychotic Kevin Spacey whose roles have always hinted at the abyss inside us all . Spacey is a gay guy . He is a common type of hard drinking and mean glint for young trade in his eyes . He is a type that , boulevardier of the ballocks bars of life that he is , is , ironically , the red meat for young male hustlers . The hunter becomes the hunted .

    Spacey entered a tiger . He left with a Heather Unruh mother’s web stickily entrapping him .

    I think he is innocent . But I like Mom .

  10. Oh, what a tangled web we weave……

    And why not a picture of Quentin Crisp? Oscar gets all the air time. Ts’unfair!

    1. Bill:

      A name from the past. I always liked Terry. Got a bad deal from Nick. Felt bad for him since he didn’t deserve it. Give him my best. He was always kind and good to me.

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