The Big No Surprise in Joe Crowley’s Defeat: A Most Predictable Event

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez won the primary in the 14th New York Congressional district. She ran for that position as a member of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA). She adheres to the Socialists idea  of “the abolition of capitalism in favor of an economy run either by “the workers” or the state”

She worked for Bernie Sanders another Socialist who tweeted: Congratulations to @Ocasio2018 on her extraordinary upset victory tonight! She took on the entire local Democratic establishment in her district and won a very strong victory. She demonstrated once again what progressive grassroots politics can do.” 10:39 PM – Jun 26, 2018

The Democratic Socialists of America are not a political party which it should be. But its members know that if it took off its sheep’s clothing and ran as it should as a Socialist Party it would be rejected outright by the American people. Bernie Sanders knows this better than anyone but he’s convinced himself he is a leader of a new revolution in America. What he is most likely going to be is a guarantor of Trump’s re-election as he tears the Democratic apart with his Socialistic nonsense.

We’ve seen its act before in America at the time of Eugene Debs. It only seems to get popular in the times when America is in difficulty and clear-headed people’s thinking gets cloudy. Its popularity is based on the idea that everyone can get free stuff without working too hard to get it. It keeps it quiet that some of those like Bernie who will get the free stuff will get a lot more than others.

The New Your Post’s headline was: “Democrats ‘still trying to process’ Crowley’s shocking loss.”  It hardly was shocking to anyone who has recently attended a Saint Patrick’s Day parade in New York City. The city’s Catholic schools march in the parade. The students in front presently attending those schools are mostly children of color. Behind the children the alumni marches. They are all white.

The 14th New York district always elects Democrats. It has a population of 712,000 of which 51.8% are Hispanic. Its unemployment rate is 9.1%. The medium household income is $46,900.It has the third highest Hispanic population in a Congressional district in New York.

There are 435 Congressional districts in the U.S. There are 35 other districts with a higher Hispanic presence in the U.S. Most are in the largest states. There are 14 are in California, 10 in Texas, 4 in Florida, 2 in Arizona and New York, and one each in Illinois, New Jersey, and New Mexico.

The two districts in New York that border on the 14th have a greater Hispanic population. They are represented in Congress by Hispanics. The 13th by Adriano Espaillat who was born in the Dominican Republic and the 15th by Jose El Serrano who was born in Puerto Rico.

How then is it a surprise that an Irish incumbent in a predominately Hispanic district is defeated by a Hispanic any more than Irishman John Fitzgerald was elected mayor of Boston in 1905 in a predominantly Irish city?

Speaking of Fitzgerald, he was said to have promised James Michael Curley he would not run for office in 1913 but then changed his mind. Curley quickly announced and said “he would present a series of “educational” lectures with titles such as “Graft in Ancient and Modern Times” and “Great Lovers from Cleopatra to Tootles” (referring, as every Bostonian knew, to the blond cigarette girl Tootles Ryan, who was rumored to be Fitzgerald’s mistress), “Honey Fitz” ended his campaign.”

The Irish incumbent who lost to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a 28-year-old Latina activist, is 56-year-old Joe Crowley. Crowley is the fourth-ranked Democrat in the House. He was the baby of the group. Above him are 78-year- old Nancy Pelosi, 79-year-old  Steny Hoyer , and  77-years-old James Clyburn whose combined ages are older than the Constitution.

Crowley was lucky. He had no opponent in the primary for several prior contests. Any Hispanic opponent could have defeated him whether Socialist, Democratic Socialist, Run-of- the-Mill, or Blue Dog. It was time for the Hispanics to claim what was rightly belonged to them.

One person who seemed not surprised by the result was Nancy Pelosi. She was asked by a reporter:“The Democratic Party is increasingly younger, more female, more diverse, more progressive. Should the Democratic House leadership look that way?” She replied: “Well I’m female, I’m progressive, I’m — and the rest. So what’s your problem? Two out of three ain’t bad.”

That Pelosi has no problem with Ocasio-Cortez’s victory is a sad sign for the Democratic Party. If anything will guarantee its future losses it is identifying itself with Socialists. That is one thing American will never buy.




17 thoughts on “The Big No Surprise in Joe Crowley’s Defeat: A Most Predictable Event

  1. Hee-Haw. Many on this blog have a superb command of the language and all its nuances. I do not claim to be one of them. Some seem to be in competition with a dead Buckley and I do not mind rushing to the dictionary. But meanings are never obscure, no matter how arcane the language.

    I fell for the bait and should not have. I do not bandy the word about lightly. I think that Latino/a may be a venial sin. Constant insistence on the use of term “Negro” is not done to further understanding an idea, but to convey an attitude. Everyone is entitled to their attitudes, but don’t tell me that you didn’t do it to get a rise. (BTW-they weren’t pearls but pop-itbeads.)

  2. That would be : … depths—ARE ….immeasurable … not …. “is” …as written. This syntactical error is just that. You really do not need it pointed out to you as illustrative of anything in particular any more than Tadzio , one of the best read writers on this blog, needs to be chided on his … error. Tadzio is a Right Winger. He is not a racist . Calling him so is not a divine right granted to the Left . It is a label bandied about much too freely.

    1. Tadzio is not a racist. It, like the word ironic, is misused almost every time it is uttered (or uddered if one is a dairy farmer). Tadzio is a bigot. There is nothing wrong with being a bigot. Bigotry is opinion. We have freedom to form opinions. I am also a bigot. As a matter of fact, I am an incredible bigot. It happens. Can’t hurt anybody. And I’m wicked nice to everyone….until I get to know them.

      It would be nice if Tadzio spoke more honestly when delivering some of his text, but he probably cleans it up for this blog. I prefer to read some of his posts, (certainly not all of them), shake my head and say, ‘it takes all kinds’. Can’t agree with everything.

      And I still maintain, because I have arranged these kinds of things many times, that if we all went out on a comfortable charter boat, on a nice day, and caught some flappers and a few bluefish on a beautiful day on the harbor, and had a few sammiches and beers, (NA for me) we would all get along like mad.

  3. Pure and simple unadulterated racism oozes from tadzio and should not be tolerated on this blog. The depths of his ignorance is unmeasurable. (Someone should tell him that Latina is not a racial group. Not that it would make any difference.)

    1. Somebody bring some smelling salts. Rush. Poor hutch must have grabbed his/her pearls too tightly. Fainted dead away. His/her Stalinist mindset has been offended. An opinion contrary to his/her own has been uttered.

      To the Gulag with the miscreant!

      Furthermore, his/her ownership of the English language has been infringed. Latino, [not Latina, btw], cannot be used interchangeably with Hispanic. There must be a ukase somewhere on the matter. So it is a criminal matter.

      Let us all sign a petition to Congress to remove Justice Sonia Sotomayor for saying, “I would hope that a wise Latina woman with…” in describing herself. Hutch must be so, so offended. After all it is his/her language and the Justice has breached his/her diktat.

      No request is made to ban hutch from commenting here. His/her intolerance can be tolerated. His/her [one cannot be too careful in this new transgendered world where know-it-alls have the privilege of redefining words at a whim], donkey level command of the English language amuses.

  4. Wa-llahi! Not just Socialist, Marxist, too! Check out who has been on DSA steering committees over the last decade. Some of those folks had/have cards. My, my, the worm does turn. The commies are trumping Trump.

    First the storm, then, comes the revolution. Down with privilege. Eat the rich.

  5. curious, was not Mayor John Fitzgerald of Boston the grand-father and/or namesake of the late. great and immortal, President, JFK?

  6. It is natural for Latinos to vote Latino interests. See the above article. There is no condemnation or belittling of the motive. See the above article. The same opinion holds true for Negroes’ voting pattern. Jews tell us that before voting they always ask, “Is it good for the Jews?” All perfectly normal, acceptable.

    But if I urge that White Christians should vote their interests, I am a Racist. I urge every reader of this blog of White Christian practice or heritage to be a Racist this November and in every subsequent election unless you want to be governed by those with a visceral animus against you, your culture, your family, such as Maxime Waters, Chuckles Schumer and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have.

    Their Socialism is a facade hiding the underlying issue of replacing the White working class for the benefit of globalist billionaires. Their ‘Socialism’ is not economic. It is Racial.

    Consider that St. Bernie Sanders, whose Deadbeat Dad status is never mentioned by the lügenpresse, is ‘progressive’ on all issues, especially open borders, except, remarkably, for Israel. He would expend American blood and treasure to close those borders and only those borders. Sanders is a Jewish Racist and his supporters, de facto, are Racist too by the act of supporting him. What pathetic suckers Bernie Bros and pussymarchers are.

    When in Rome do as the Romans do. When in a jungle, do as the animals do. In 1965 an immigration act, written by lawyers for the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, was passed to turn a mostly homogeneous America into a jungle. The Democrats succeeded in this purpose.

    We live in a jungle. Thank the Democrats for it by voting Republican. This ship, America, a floating jungle, can be turned around. Closing the borders is just a first step. Let’s bring back the America of 1776. History is replete with examples. Consider Spain’s Reconquista or the fate of North Africa’s Pied Noirs.

    See you in November, hopefully with locked arms. If we don’t hang together we shall surely hang apart – Ben Franklin’s observation on history’s logic. America does not need a Holodomor, the greatest ethnic cleansing in Europe’s history. That is the twentieth century slaughter that is never featured in Hollywood movies or mainstream discourse. Don’t let it happen here. Hang together.

      1. And I mistakenly thought (couple of threads ago)that you got cholera. Its been many years since I read the book. It was the man stalking you that got it. So sorry.

  7. Not living in your district should include phantom addresses within that district.Will
    the press harp on the issue when it is practiced by their most favored incumbents?
    We shall see.

  8. More Ph.D.s between Appalachian and Rockies, than on both coasts. More Ph.D.s in Middle America than on the coasts. Most academics are liberals; many Ph.D.s, M.D.s, D.D.S. etc in fields such as engineering and medicine are not liberals.

    The Democratic Party started shifting to the Far Left when almost 50 years ago Ted Kennedy and others disavowed teirs previous pro-life positions and adopted the reasoning of Roe v. Wade, which with its companion case Doe v. Bolton, instituted abortion-on-demand throughout America throughout all nine months of pregnancy if a woman could cite a threat to her mental health, or emotional well being or even her economic well being (“I can’t afford another child”), and a doctor (an abortionist with an M.D. degree) agreed.

    For the past 50 years, in my humble opinion, the Democratic Party has been leftist, and more recently with the ascendancy of the Bernie Sanders, no borders, tax and spend, proponents it is socialistic.

    Funny, when Mayor Walsh announced Boston was a Sanctuary City and City Hall would be open nights for homeless immigrants to sleep in, we wondered if he’d open his own home’s doors for the homeless to sleep in. You see, Bernie and Marty and most democrats want to open our borders, our doors, our pocketbooks, and spend more of our money, but want to keep those fences locked around their own homes and compounds. They’ll be no sharing of the Walsh’s, Kennedy’s, or Sanders’ wallets or furniture or bedrooms or front lawns. Just yours. Re-read Pasternak’s Doctor Zhivago.

  9. True: good facts, illuminating.

    America’s complexion is changing . . .good. So, is the World’s. Europeans and many Euro-Americans have decided recreation is more fun that procreation, that having children or more than one or two is a burden, and careers are the wave of the future. Leonard Cohen sings it (in his song, The End): “kill another fetus in the womb, we don’t like children anyhow.”) Too many Americans have bought into the Leftist Socialistic Feministic Anti-Family, Anti-Fatherhood, Anti-Motherhood vision that motherhood is bad or at least that career must supersede marriage and motherhood and having more than one or two children (the Communist Chinese formula) is taboo.

    ETHNICITY: Remember, how MSM tries to divide us along ethnic-racial lines; Big Gov. does this too: Black-White . . Forced Busing . . .Affirmative Action for wealthy folks with dark complexions, not for poor white folks . . .two examples . . .Thomas Sowell writes about this at length . . .the hypocrisy . . .more whiteS on poverty; more whites addicted and dying of drug overdoses (opiates) but who do MSM and Big Socialistic Gov focus on? Whoever keeps them in Power.

    When we get to Martin Luther King’s vision of treating all people like people, we’ll build a better America

    Of course, the Socialist solution is to tax the rich (which means anyone above the median income) until everyone is at the median income . . .the false illusion portrayed after the Intermission in Doctor Zhivago, when the good doctors house is taken over by the cadre . . . that via Big Government we’ll seize the rich’s property and everyone will be better . . .no the Red Tape Big Gov Bureaucrats who do the Seizing/Taxing (same thing)(the Commies, the Socialists, the Bernie Sanders, those Bureaucrats will be better off) but the rest of America will be like Venezuela

    And the new Mexican President says he’ll flood our borders with immigrants . . .I don’t know . . .Wall Street Journal yesterday had a good book review about how Mexico is modernizing, and helping us control immigration and drug cartels . . I don’t know . .

    I hope this young women gets educated, somehow, away from socialism . . .

    Didn’t Winston Churchill say, “If you’re not a liberal when you’re in hour twenties you haven’t a heart; if you’re still a liberal when you’re over forty, you haven’t a brain.”

    Words to that effect.

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