The Clinton Sleaze Factor: The Meeting With US Attorney Loretta Lynch

(@) clintonSome messages are so sensitive and extremely important they can only be passed on by the person who wants to convey it to another in a face-to-face meeting in a place where no other person can possibly overhear what is being said. Top gangsters  and government operatives know this. Whitey Bulger would only talk business walking in a public area usually out at Castle Island in South Boston. Russian agents only met compromised FBI agents in public parks.

On occasion the person with the message cannot carry it. For instance a person under investigation cannot afford to be seen meeting with a top investigator. Another will have to convey it but that is usually out of the question because the message will usually involve a back and forth conversation with discussions of guarantees. Also, there are circumstances when the person carrying the message may be forced to disclose it.

There is one circumstance where it can be carried without that worry. A spouse can always give it to the other knowing there is no way one spouse can be forced to disclose what is said in private between them. In addition, the spouse must be intimately aware of the situation so that a discussion can take place concerning the message and guarantees can be given.

Even then the message must be of such grave moment and under such circumstances as to ensure none but the person for whom the message is intended will hear it. All chances of it being recorded or coming to the notice of other ears by some surreptitious means must be eliminated. It is best In public but under some situation It is best that it pass unnoticed by others which cannot be guaranteed by a public meeting..

The meeting cannot be in the person’s public office. The words cannot be said over a telephone.  All those places can be bugged.

What better way is there to pass on the message than in a private area of airport open to few aboard a private airplane. That is how the Clintons arranged to get the message to the United States Attorney Loretta Lynch.

No one was supposed to know it had occurred. The story later spinned out after its discovery is that Clinton just happened to be at the Phoenix airport in the place reserved for private planes. He happened to learn the US attorney was arriving so he decided to wait for her plane to land. He then went on board to talk to her for a half an hour. According to Lynch about their grandchildren and golf. “It was a social meeting,” she said.

She had to pass it off as a social meeting on the tarmac in a private area of the airport as if they just bumped into each other. Had it been, it would have lasted for at most five minutes. But this was more than that. The Clintons had a message that had to be delivered and discussed.

Time was running short. Bill waited for the right opportunity to meet. No one was supposed to know this was to happen.

No one would have known had not a Phoenix news reporter got tipped off about it. The FBI instructed those who were at the airport “no pictures, no photos, no cell phones” That’s the effect of the Clinton Sleaze Factor – that oozes out so that all around them also get compromised and tainted by their squalor.

“Bill and Hillary meanwhile have been silent about the meeting and its propriety,” one columnist noted. Of course, they were caught up short. They have to figure out who knows what before they talk. Another aspect of the Clinton Sleaze Factor double checking to make sure their lies will not be contradicted. They always remember the dress with the telling evidence.

That columnist suggests that the meeting was done without Hillary’s knowledge. There is no chance Bill dared this meeting without the OK from Hillary. They are not unaware of what the other is doing. Neither is naive when it comes to politics, in fact, we are told that Bill is the master of all master politicians.

Why is it so suspect? What was it that had to be done at that moment that made the Clintons so desperate for this last-minute meeting? It was the last chance to set the stage for the Hillary Clinton interview that was scheduled to take place on the following Saturday by the people who work for Lynch. The risk of exposure paled in comparison to the need for this talk.

There can be no doubt that Bill and Hillary knew that interview was going to take place five days after the meeting. Lynch also had to be aware of that. Thirty minutes were spent together. There had to be an exchange of information.

The Clintons wanted something. We are not dealing with political neophytes. We are dealing with very unscrupulous and calculating people who plan out their tactics prior to acting. They weigh the consequences of each move and the way it which it can be covered or spinned. They obviously knew that if the meeting became public it would be scandalous as it is. Yet the Clintons went ahead with it. Much had to be at stake.

Bold Bill took the chance. He wanted to impress something upon Lynch. Was Bill just calling in his IOUs. He gave Lynch the job as US attorney; he just wanted to make sure she remembered and will properly thank him. Lynch might be the most honest person in the world but Clinton compromised her by the meeting – she had to say it was social because too much was at stake  to say otherwise.


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  1. Good analysis. Agree, completely.

    Absolute power corrupts absolutely—Lord Acton

  2. “In essence, in order to give Mrs. Clinton a pass, the FBI rewrote the statute, inserting an intent element that Congress did not require. The added intent element, moreover, makes no sense: The point of having a statute that criminalizes gross negligence is to underscore that government officials have a special obligation to safeguard national defense secrets; when they fail to carry out that obligation due to gross negligence, they are guilty of serious wrongdoing. The lack of intent to harm our country is irrelevant. People never intend the bad things that happen due to gross negligence. ”

  3. @Ed : Kismet is derived from turkish .. qismah … Fate … and Arabic … qismah or qismet … Portion. The Lord Nelson anecdote is unusual. If ” Kiss me , Hardy ” were indeed the indefatigable Admiral Lord Nelson’s dying words on his proud ship VICTORY … then who would begrudge him either the kiss, or the Kismet .

  4. Mtc: The very likable Lynch washed her hands of the mattter when this tarmac entanglement was criticized for its legal and political impropriety. When she effectively ceded decision making to the FBI as regarding possible charges she neatly puts her finger on the string. As the FBI concludes its … SAY IT ISN’T SO HILLARY … ” Process ” 🙂 …. Lynch places her index finger on it as Comey wraps the bow around it. It is a … joint effort … if you will.

    So, Yes : Hillary’s chin wag with the FBI was prescribed by this same ” Process , ” and cynically served the purpose of keeping up appearances. Comey seemed very defensive and uncomfortable at the press conference announcing what amounts to a Presidential Pardon. Hillary is still … The House … and the House stacks the deck. This was a … Done Deal … from the get.

  5. When the evidence doesn’t lead to the result you want, resort to childish name calling.

    1. The evidence fully supports the outrageous act if Bill at this critical juncture. Sleaze is not name calling. It is only the proper description if the Clintons.

  6. Sorry. The idea of arranging a secret meeting between Bill Clinton and the attorney general of the United States at the Phoenix airport is preposterous. Your hatred of the Clintons blinds you to the facts.

    1. Dan:

      Unfortunately for you that’s exactly what happened. Clinton imposed himself on Lynch. You think he didn’t know Hillary was going to be questioned five days later? Any man if common decency would not have done what he did.

    2. Had it not been for a reporter catching on to it, the meeting would have been “secret.”

      The low-life trash Klinton Krime family gives us much to despise and hate about them. That people would stand by while they extort money for themselves into personal fortunes through use of government is appalling.

      That the Federal Bureau of Injustice would join in their crimes for the benefit of the Klinton Krime family is even more appalling. Oh, sure, there are other beneficiaries of their crimes – Chelsea Klinton, Blumenthal, Hummus Abedin.

      But –

      There is now no point to having an FBI or an Attorney General.

      What Comey did was appalling.

      What Loretta Lynch did, in claiming that she talked about “grandchildren” with Mr. Sleaze Klinton, is sickening.

  7. The FBI recommended filing felony criminal charges against Petraeus for showering top – secret documents on his mistress. The general complicated matters for himself by lying to the FBI about it. The Bureau was dismayed by Eric Holder’s decision to let Petraeus walk free after pleading guilty to a single misdemeanor charge.

  8. Tough to accept that Lynch and Comey were not already agreed that no charges would issue. Therefore the notion of the Arkansas Panjandrum, steeped in the aura of ex- Presidency with all its travelling theater notwithstanding, cynically and deliberately caravanning over to Lynch’s plane to deliver some sort of sub rosa message to the Attorney General is a reading of the situation that ignores the stunning reality of just how self-absorbed Bill Clinton is on any particular day. They were two planes …. passing on the tarmac … for impulsive Bill it was once again simply …. Kismet.

    1. John:

      What was the interview of Hillary about if the decision had already been made? Just a little show for the people?

  9. I wonder how General Perraeus feels today.? No charges against Hillary for activity that seems far more egregious.The FBI and the DOJ should be ashamed .

    1. Petreus must be kicking himself big time, over and over.

      What Killery the Kriminal did was far, far more egregious than anything that he did.

      Comey should resign. Loretta Lynch should resign.

      This is truly sickening.

      I used to have some faith in the FBI – after this absolutely awful display by Comey, in which he took Lynch off the hook for some reason – no more.

      And where does Comey dare to come up with the totally risible idea that a “reasonable prosecutor” would not prosecute Killery?

      Next time any black or any liberal whines about how rich people get away with crime – just hold up a picture of the cackling hag lardbutt in a pantsuit.

      “She’s fighting for us” – yeah, right, by taking tens of millions of dollars in bribes – er, fees for speeches – from Wall Street firms, and even more from foreign governments and foreign emissaries.

      This is truly, truly sickening, outrageous, and beyond belief.

      The bitch put our entire country at risk, and personnel far more valuable than her.

      Yet, the Hildebeast bitch gets to skate.

      Truly, truly sickening

  10. FBI’s Comey: No charges appropriate in Clinton email case
    Olivier Knox
    Chief Washington Correspondent
    July 5, 2016

    For at leat the last 3 years I have been pushing for
    shutting down the FBI by creating volunteer
    civilian review police boards with subpoena powers.

    I will continue in that endeavor.
    Will you join me?

    this is the level the Clinton game is played.

  11. Hi Matt,
    I think your logic really breaks down on this one: “Let’s hold our secret meeting on the tarmac of a major airport. How about Phoenix?” This just doesn’t wash. There are dozens of ways a message could have been transmitted more discreetly – one that didn’t involve any Clinton. And you’ve got to assume that instructions for where and when to meet were secretly transmitted , no? That being the case, why bother with instructions or a meeting? Why not just deliver the message? No, this is mainly the work of a former president with a certain flair for birdbrained ideas (like getting a blow job from an intern in the Oval Office.)

    1. No, the logic doesn’t break down at all.

      The general aviation section of an airport is far, far different from airline terminals at an airport.

      Far more secluded, far more out of the way, with private lounges, and all sorts of other amenities, plus security.

      As a pilot, I know.

      The only reason bag-of-lowlife-trash Slick Willie got caught is the reporter.

      Matt is right.

    2. Dan

      You miss the point. Lynch had no role in setting up the meeting. You tell me another way the message could be sent. I would love to hear it.

      It was more than a message. It was a discussion. Don’t think Bill Clinton is so stupid. All who know him than about him being a political genius.

    3. Correct. Bill should have gone to LAX for the meeting and could have had a haircut at the same time while Lynch watched.

      For those younger readers:

      “On May 18, 1993, the Belgian-American hairstylist Cristophe Schatteman gave Clinton the $200 haircut while the plane was idling with engines running on the tarmac at Los Angeles Airport. Two runways were shut down for an hour.

      The Washington Post mentioned “the most famous haircut since Samson’s” in front page articles nine times over a six-week period.”

  12. Nice post, Matt.

    The United States of Clinton – that has a dissonant ring to it.

    The poison couple begins pumping its venom in earnest through the country’s bloodstream. The stage, so very many years in the making, has now been set.

    We think we’ve seen it all, but we ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

    And somehow, we can’t vote for Trump in order to effectively vote against Hillary? Isn’t that insanity?

    1. GOk

      The nation is really in trouble. No one could ever anticipate having to choose between a person who is a chronic list and one stirring up racism as our next president.

      1. “The nation is really in trouble.”

        Agreed, of course. What, then, are reasonable citizens to do?

        How can we possibly fight DOJ/FBI (if fight is even the right word)?

        Most of us will distract ourselves with far less important things such as the rehabilitation of the two major political parties, or fretting about why old pals from junior high haven’t yet accepted our friend requests on Facebook.

  13. Trump: Who’s paying for Obama’s political trips?

    Donald Trump on Tuesday ratcheted up his criticism of President Barack Obama’s travel aboard Air Force One to help Hillary Clinton, ripping into the president for his campaign trip to North Carolina at taxpayers’ expense.

    “Taxpayers are paying a fortune for the use of Air Force One on the campaign trail by President Obama and Crooked Hillary. A total disgrace!” Trump tweeted Tuesday, hours before Clinton and Obama are scheduled to fly from Joint Base Andrews to Charlotte, North Carolina, for their first joint app

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