The Deep State Exists; Embrace It

“Yes, Virginia, there is a Deep State.”

“But, but, Matt, you always denied there was one. How can you now , , ,?”

“I did not understand. Viginia. Yes, that’s it did not understand what they meant by the term.”

“You always suggested that it meant there was some secretive sinister force located around Washington that ran the nation as it saw fit. What do you say it is now, Matt? Are you saying it is not something sinister?”

“Yes and no, Virginia.  What I know now is the people who talk of it as a dreaded force they believe  it is sinister. But other people do not think so but welcome it.”

“Matt, no one would welcome a Deep State.”

“Look Virginia! Here is what happened. I was watching Biden’s introduction of people he wants as part of his cupboard when I realized how those folk who worry about the Deep State understand the word deep. They think of it one way while I thought they were using it in another way.

I always figured they meant it was hidden deeply within the departments or agencies like an underground group controlling things”

“That’s  what they mean. How can you suggest there is another definition?”

“Suddenly I was hit with a sledgehammer, as they say, “the sun came over Marblehead.” When they say Deep State they are using the word in relation to person’s ability, background, and understanding,

You’ve heard the expression ‘deep thinker’ or ‘deep experience’ or ‘deep knowledge’ all what used to be considered positive virtues, haven’t you?”

“Of course, Matt, everyone has. Like the one about still waters.”

“Exactly, Virginia. Deep as reflecting something that should be desired is what those folk abhor. They’re the majority of Trump supporters To most of them who are high school dropouts or dead enders, having gone no further than high school, they accept the idea that education and experience are bad things. So you see why I changed?”

“What I figure you’re saying is once you realized their deep state referred to people who are smart and have extensive backgrounds then of course there’s a Deep State. It is what is hoped for by some Americans but hated by others.”

“That’s what I am getting at. I look at how Trump filled his top positions. Mostly former Republican folk who got elected to Congress with no background in the areas they were put in charge of. Being a politician does nor mean one is dumb nor does it mean one is smart it is merely a matter of looks, personality, money, and positions, the latter usually adopted without any more thought than is necessary to figure out what a majority of those who will vote  believe.

The last thing Trump wanted was smart folk with experience – look at the secretary of education. Trump played to his voters a tune saying you can be as dumb as a headless chicken and do the job in government affirming their beliefs that having abjured education they did the right thing.”

“What you are saying Matt is the deep state exists and you embrace it.”

“Jennifer, that is right. I want our country to be run by smart educated folk who have worked for long periods in the areas they deal with. Biden is surrounding himself with those folk. And, if that’s the deep state let’s have it.”




3 thoughts on “The Deep State Exists; Embrace It

  1. The Deep State is back in the sunshine. They’ve been there all along trying to thwart the elected government but now they have one in agreement with them. Voters will turn on that government but the Deep State will remain.

    1. Brian:

      You do understand the Deep State are those people with education. They have advanced America for years into what it has become. You prefer the uneducated and those lacking experience.

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