The FBI and I: A Long Trek Over The Past (6 of 7)

Other problems are its bungling of the Gardner Museum Investigation. It pursued the idea that it was a local job by local hoodlums. Its far-fetched theory was that the robbery was done by these local stumble bums. This was belied by the caper itself. The FBI sat back waiting for some locals to flip. That’s because it relies so much on informants, people who were looking for deals to get themselves out of trouble. Many gladly told fantastic stories in exchange for the FBI going to bat for them. Unfortunately, its been over 25 years and the paintings are still missing.

Another problem was its actions in the aftermath of the Marathon Terrorist attack by the Tsarnaev brothers. The FBI had information that Tamerlan Tsarnaev might possibly be involved with terrorists. It did not share the information with other member of the joint Investigative unit which is a typical FBI action. One or more of its agents went out to interview Tamerlan so someone in the office knew him. Shortly after the time of the bombing the FBI identified his photograph as a person who had perpetrated the bombing.

I thought that the first thing the FBI would do would be to ask the agents in its office whether anyone in the Boston area had been identified as a possible terrorism suspect and pass his photograph around among the agents. Had that been done it could have identified him. There would have been no need to put a video of him and his brother on television asking for the public’s help in identifying them. Doing the latter caused them to take flight. In their attempt to flee the area they killed a police officer.

What is weird though is that they may have done that and pretended not to have done it. For the night they asked for help in identifying the Tsarnaev brothers who lived in Cambridge, MA, it had agents in teams in and about Cambridge who were identified by Cambridge police. What were they doing there? The FBI said it was not related to the bombing. That had to be nonsense. All the FBI efforts were put into a full court press investigating the Marathon attack. Why would some agents be out doing something unrelated that night? It seems the FBI sought to flush out the Tsarnaevs, capture or gun them down, and get the whole credit for itself. It plan backfired.

Another problem is the FBI agent’s killing of Ibragim Todashev in Orlando, Florida. He was shot by an agent investigating his role with the Tsarnaevs. The shooting happened in a small apartment where only the FBI agent and Massachusetts State Police were present. The investigation took a year, the agent who killed him was exonerated even though he refused to be interviewed about his action by Florida authorities.

Then there is the case of Khairullozhon Matanov a cab driver who apparently deleted files on his computer that had some pro-ISIS stuff and denied doing it. His apartment was raided by a squadron of armed FBI tactical agents in heavy equipment at five in the morning. They could have waited three hours and arrested him as he walked to work but that would not have given them the publicity they wanted. Matanov eventually pled guilty to misleading the FBI and got 30 months in prison.

Finally, off the top of my head, its the FBI’s statement: “The F.B.I. takes very seriously any shooting incidents involving our agents, and as such we have an effective, time-tested process for addressing them internally, . . . “  It turns out the time-tested method results in the same conclusion all the time: “from 1993 to early 2011, F.B.I. agents fatally shot about 70 “subjects” and wounded about 80 others — and every one of those episodes was deemed justified, . . . ” The article also noted: “since 2011, there had been no findings of improper intentional shootings”  The FBI after investigating itself had concludes that since 1993 all the shootings by its agents have been justified. They are batting 100%. It is amazing. It is more than amazing when the shooter cannot be interviewed by other than his fellow agents.

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  1. The Feds Black ops agents mixed a crisis drill into real time scenario There were 4 backpacks at the Marathon 2 real bombs 2 dummy drill bombs.

    1 real Bomb was in a Black Nylon Backpack 1st Blast.
    1 real Bomb was in a Black Nylon Duffel Bag 2nd Blast.
    (Feds Identified these 2 bags as Black Nylon Duffel Bag and Black Nylon Backpacks)
    Jahar had a WHITE Backpack on.

    Tamerlan had a GREY/ Backpack on.
    Bombsquad blew a GREY pack up at 3:53 pm

    (Feds recruited 4 people to deliver the bags to the 2 locations 2 bags at each blast site)

    There was another shooter present at MIT Colliers murder, who escaped. He had a bucket hat on and just robbed a 7-11 12 minute walk away. He had a silver gun and had reason to shoot Collier if Collier confronted him as he walked by. Feds made a re-enactment video of the crime which I believe is what was shown at trial seeing no one can see the people in the video. No blood on the Dzhokhars clothing and the gloves found in his Honda looked like an eyedropper put it there not someone trying to get a gun out of the holster which had blood over the handle and stock.
    (Feds blamed Tsarnaev Brothers as their primary suspect escaped without a trace)

    ‘Danny’ (Dun Meng) was recruited to play in a Carjacking Scenario for the Urban Shield drill that was going on. (Feds made it a real crime after Danny escaped)
    They said Jahar robbed his ATM account of $800.00 yet that never showed up in his personal articles at trial evidence only a few dollars was shown and a news clip said he never did get any money from the ATM. The court affidavit said Jahar was sitting in the back seat yet in the video when the SUV pulled up to the pumps at the Shell station the back door never opened meaning Jahar was sitting in the front. There were 3 different locations of where the carjacking took place Ritchies Shell…. at1001 Cambridge St, Cambridge, MA and Third st Cambridge . and 60 Brighton Avenue.

    Then came the False News of Tamerlan and Jahar driving 2 separate vehicles throwing bombs out of the car windows at police who were chasing them. It never happened. There was no car chase One Cop said “he followed behind them slowly.”
    Then conveniently the Road block Cops set up, had the middle opened so a car could drive through it. Suspect drives through and no one takes after him til later. They find the car a few blocks away with a trail of blood biu dogs can’t follow it because too many people were in the area which is a lie Dogs can sniff blood in a shopping mall.

    The comes some more lies that a person bleeding for 18 hours of no sleep, no food, no water Manages to write a neat straight lined confession on the wall of the boat with a pencil that has a sharp tip after its use.

    Just a few of the anomalies I see in the story

  2. I’ve known many good cops and some bad cops in life, and been on the receiving end of both; I’m grateful that the good guys way outnumber the bad guys. The worse guys: the hubristic power-drunk bossmen, who think they know it all, or who pretend they’re harder or tougher than the next guy. The bully, the braggart, the boastful, gloat-full empty drum. I always admired the welterweight, minding his own business, who without saying a word, knocked out the heavyweight bully. I was one of the O’Shea brothers, no more than a welterweight, knock out a heavy weight who was mouthing off up the corner with one punch, and one of my brothers looked out the window one evening and saw another O’Shea brother knock out two heavyweight bullies with two punches . . .and those weren’t the best boxing O’Shea brothers, their older brothers Maughn and Paul were the best . . .on so many good, honorable men from our neighborhoods and so many were introduced to the great sport of boxing at a young age . . .I recall my cousin Roger telling great stories of the South Boston Boys Club . . .those were the days when boxing was an intercollegiate sport, very popular, and Boston College boasted the New England Light Heavyweight Intercollegiate Boxing Champion, Mr. Mitchell, who would teach at BC High . . .of course we all remember Pretzy who was the model for the Shawmut Indian . . .I hear boxing is coming back in the neighborhoods . . .I see some of my friends’ sons and grandsons taking up the great sport . . .and now the young woman are getting into it, too . . . .great . .to end on a high note . . .shake hands and come out fighting . . . .I see great similarities in foot speed and hand speed, movement and conditioning, with boxing and ballet and modern dance . . .

  3. Yes, and the MEDIA that seemed to cover for the killers, (e.g., Carr & Cullen perpetuating every deceptive word of serial killer Martorano as if it were gospel) and the MEDIA THAT failed to expose the Prosecutors’ and FBI’s dishonesty and abuse of power.
    Thanks NC for reminded us of the MEDIA’s dishonesty, its cover-up role, its false spins in all of this; its going along. The FEDs leaked to the MEDIA, the MEDIA protected its source of leaks and spun the FEDs’ version of events, thus both were corrupted in the bargain: the Leaker and Leakee.

  4. Matt, having stood across the street (at Gucci’s, next to the Pru, with my L-Street buddy Tommy Baird) no more than 250 feet from the Second Bomb on Marathon Monday, I witnessed everything . . .we tried to help runners and pedestrians flee the area, directing them through the Pru for about 5 minutes until a Boston Police Officer told us to vacate the area . . .
    The following day, I turned over about 100 photos I had taken that day . . .one was of a guy with an Afghanistan War hat on . . .I was at FBI offices across from City Hall when my friend, the Boston Police Commissioner with a team walked in, ‘I said, “Hi, Billy” as I’d known him from the neighborhoods, known his family and relatives, of course, as we know so many from Southie and Dorchester (Savin Hill, home of five friends and friends’ family members killed by Martorano, Bulger etc . . .we knew so many friends killed and killed by drug overdoses , , ,so many heroin addicts returned from Vietnam . . . .and Eddie Connors was a personal friend, and the Veranis family, and the Halloran family, and Jimmy Mantville was a personal friend . . .we hung around with all those guys in Dorchester and Southie, at Connors Tavern and Bulldogs Lounge) . . . .and we knew personally many of the gunmen who drank up the bars . . .and stood on the corners . . .the latter we didn’t associate with too much, except to say hello, but we were very friendly with their families and danced with their very pretty nieces at the block parties and the dances in Savie and Southie . . . .BUT the point is I was standing with Tommy Baird of L-Street . . .I ran with the Noon Time Nuts for 25 years every afternoon out of L-Street and there were 25 of us, and Billy Evans, a great runner, would come running past us every day . . .and I also ran for 40 years with a crew out of Oak Square in Brighton . . .salt of the earth guys, just like the guys from Southie and Savie . . .and the point is after I handed in those photos to the FBI, and then the next day saw the Tsarnaev’s pictures on TV, I asked myself this question

    Since the Tsaernev’s were known to the FBI, why did not FACIAL RECOGNITION SOFTWARE immediately identify them?

    It’s a burning question I still have.

    You know I spent my life in the neighborhoods . .I still go there everyday . . .I still go downtown several times a week . . .I spent my life, since working in the National Institutes of Drug Abuse (’74-77) and elsewhere in USPHS, and since I had that ten week fellowship from Georgetown Med in Community Psychiatry at the DC General Hospital, working the projects with those courageous Public Health Nurses and Social Workers, none naive, carrying nothing more than a pen, thermometer and prescription refill, . . .I worked 20 years of my life researching and writing about John Connolly’s case . . .I’ve known John and his brother Jimmy since I was about 12 or 14, and John was a lifeguard at L-Street with my older brother Jimmy, and John’s brother Jimmy was a lifeguard at Savin Hill Beach . . .and I wondered all these 50 years since Vietnam why the FEDS and FBI did so little stemming the flow of heroin and other illicit drugs and today I wonder why the FBI did not deploy facial recognition technology to immediatley identify the Tsaernev Brothers and why 200 FBI agents were allegedly at a “seminar” in “Cambridge” when every cop in Mass was hunting for the terrorist killers who blew up our neighbors and I still wonder why the FEDS framed John Connolly when they had a corrupt FBI agent who leaked names intending people be killed, John Morris, Connolly’s supervisor

    After 20-plus years of research and writing four books addressing these issues, I still have no good answers . . .about the killers who killed my friends and neighbors , , ,and the DOJ prosecutors and FBI higher ups that seemed to cover for them . . .

  5. A claim of perfection by the FBI is laughable. 150 for 150 in shooting episodes. Total infallibility. What nonsense. The same technique was used in the Hillary probe. The conclusion of innocence is reached before the investigation starts. A mountain of evidence exists that the DOJ, FBI and CIA are incapable of self examination. A special counsel is needed to investigate Spygate, the FISA warrants, the Dossier, the Mueller office and the Clinton Foundation. A culture of dishonesty and self protection permeate the Federal Government. 2. You hit the nail on the head regarding the Boston Marathon bombing. Two days before they conducted the fake news conference asking for the public’s help the FBI knew who the Tsarnaevs were. Who invented that false flag story? There was a picture on Wikipedia of Obama, Comey and Mueller together in the oval office just after the terrorist act. Were they the ones who concocted it to avoid political harm? Easier to pretend Tamerlan was a stranger than admit he was an informant gone bad. They have to hide the incompetence. What does it say about the character of Obama, Mueller and Comey if they knowingly mislead the public? 3. Bill and Matt are 100% correct about Connolly being framed. The rogue agent theory is a complete fabrication to hide institutional ineptitude. Rinalli said the Feds and the Mafia were in an alliance. He left out the third prong of the axis of evil, the media.

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