The FBI Blundered – It Should Have Stopped This: Note the Fear to Criticize It

hoover with gunIt happened again. Another attack by a Muslim on Americans and the Muslim had been brought to the attention of the FBI as being a possible radical.

We had Tamerlan Tsarnaev in Boston. The Russians of all people notified us he was leaning to radicalism. The FBI went out and interviewed him and his family. He then left the country and associated with Muslim Radicals in Russia and Chechnya and came back. The FBI did nothing about this, as far as we know. He then did the Boston Marathon bombing.

The San Bernardino Muslim duo who murdered people at a Christmas party apparently was not on the FBI radar, as far as we know. Should they have been? In retrospect yes, but we do not want to be a Monday morning quarterback.

Now we have Omar Mateen. Born and bred in the United States. He makes the Tsarnaev’s look like a couple of incompetents. He murdered 47 more people than they did. He was on the FBI radar. Twice, imagine that, he came to its attention. Its agents obviously missed that he was a threat to Americans. We know that they missed it because he murdered 50 people. As far as we know,  he fell off its radar but he should not have.

I say as far as we know because if any of the FBI’s involvement would lead to embarrassing it then it will be covered up. Were these guys radicalized by the FBI? Were they informants?

Note the coverage. We know papers like the Boston Globe depend on the FBI for inside information. How many others do? Those that do are afraid to criticized their source. The FBI goes on not performing well and Americans suffer because of the Silence of the Media.

Now isn’t this something that is very significant that we must think about. At least two of the Muslims who committed probably the worst terrorist acts in America by people who lived in America came to the attention of the FBI. The first question one would ask is how many Muslims who someone feared was becoming or was radicalized have come to the FBI’s attention. If it was a million then obviously some would slip through; but if it was in the low thousands, then I suggest the FBI is doing something wrong.

I know what it is. I’ve got a sense of what is wrong. It goes back to the long-standing lazy FBI approach of loving statistics and using informants and undercover operatives. The NY Times last week told how they operate. They get informants into groups of low intelligence people who they convince to become radicals and purchase the deadly devices give them to the saps who they radicalized, and then arrest them.

It is obvious that most of the people they trap were incapable of doing anything harmful if they did not have the FBI’s informant or undercover guys help. It seems the FBI is playing a game building up statistics. It feeds the NY Times it statistics to pretend it is addressing the problem but as we see it is fooling itself. It is not doing anything that really matters. It is time to stop that foolishness.

There is little glory and few statistics in doing the daily hard work of staying on top of guys like Tsarnaev or Mateen. Those are the guys who will cause the damage not those who have to be created. Informants are a lazy cop’s tool. The FBI should reduce its reliance on them. The way to stop these terrorists is through hard, unrewarding, and tiring work that involves the daily drudgery of keeping these people in an open status and staying on top of them. .

Two big questions remain:

1. Has there been any instance where a person reported to the FBI as a possible Muslim radical has been brought to justice without an informant or undercover operative? i know of none. If that is the case then the FBI better figure out what hard work is necessary to do that.

2: Were any of these people who did terrorist acts like Tsarnaev or Mateen recruited to be or did become FBI informants?  The MO of the FBI is to get these Muslim radicals and try to flip them. The FBI will never disclose who they have done it to especially if they become rogue. There should be a mechanism where an outside independent authority has the power to find this out.

You will note all the nonsense coming out from retired FBI agents and so-called terrorist experts saying it is “almost impossible” to stop lone wolf attacks. That is true if the person has not been called to the FBI’s attention. But these people have been. Keep that it mind. The FBI knew someone thought they were threats. It wrongly stopped watching them. It erred. Unless it admits it and stops the false propaganda we are in trouble.

If we are to be protected the FBI and our media must change. Unfortunately some things never change. So prepare for more attacks and more excuses and more meaningless statistics.






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  1. When does ordinary policing become thought policing? Are you asking the FBI to read minds, and, arrest people for their threatening fantasies? Legally speaking, how’s that going to work?

    Treating hearsay as admissible would be a fine start. The G could then create prosecutions out of pure whimsy; “he said, he said, he said.” The narrative possibilities are endless.

    Wa-llahi! Be careful what you wish for. You might get it.

    Mateen was a conflicted gay guy who decided to go postal with his identity crisis. He made his declaration of allegiance to ISIS during a 911 call, in order, to get back at Muslims for rejecting his sexual identity. Mateen knew that linking his killing spree to DAESH would create an Islamophobic furor. It’s no secret that main-stream Muslim religious thinking disapproves of homosexuality.

  2. Nichols says bombing was FBI op
    Detailed confession filed in S.L. about Oklahoma City plot

    Published: Wed, Feb. 21, 2007, 12:00 a.m. MST

    The only surviving convicted criminal in the April 19, 1995, bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City is saying his co-conspirator, Timothy McVeigh, told him he was taking orders from a top FBI official in orchestrating the bombing.
    A declaration from Terry Lynn Nichols, filed in U.S. District Court in Salt Lake City, has proven to be one of the most detailed confessions by Nichols to date about his involvement in the bombing as well as the involvement of others. However, one congressman who has investigated the bombings remains skeptical of Nichols’ claims.

    The declaration was filed as part of Salt Lake City attorney Jesse Trentadue’s pending wrongful death suit against the government for the death of his brother in a federal corrections facility in Oklahoma City. Trentadue claims his brother was killed during an interrogation by FBI agents when agents mistook his brother for a suspect in the Oklahoma City bombing investigation.
    The most shocking allegation in the 19-page signed declaration is Nichols’ assertion that the whole bombing plot was an FBI operation and that McVeigh let slip during a bout of anger that he was taking instruction from former FBI official Larry Potts.
    Potts was no stranger to anti-government confrontations, having been the lead FBI agent at Ruby Ridge in 1992, which led to the shooting death of Vicki Weaver, the wife of separatist Randy Weaver. Potts also was reportedly involved in the 51-day siege of the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas in 1993, which resulted in a fire that killed 81 Branch Davidian followers.
    Potts retired from the FBI under intense pressure and criticism for the cover-up of an order to allow agents to shoot anyone seen leaving the Weaver cabin at Ruby Ridge.
    When contacted, the FBI’s main office in Washington, D.C., said it could

    In other news

    The FBI has a mechanism to investigate misconduct
    by FBI agents.
    It is called the FBI Office of Professional Responsibility

    The head of this office is John Conditt.
    Very Special Agent John Conditt was
    recently sentenced to 12 years in prison
    for having sex with 6 year old children.

    Very special agent Conditt should not be
    confused with very special agent Edward
    Rodgers who was in charge of the FBI Child
    Abuse program.

    Very special agent Edward the penis
    was recently sued by his 3 daughters
    for molesting them since they were 4 years

  3. Mateen was himself gay? FBI warned by former wife:

    “Mateen’s first wife, Sitora Yusufiy, whom he met online in 2009 and married soon after, spoke to a Brazilian TV station on Monday, Gawker reported.

    Yusufiy was joined on the channel by her Brazilian fiance, Marcio Dias.

    Speaking Portuguese, he told the channel that Yusufiy told him Mateen had ‘gay tendencies’ and had been called gay in front of her on several occasions by his father.
    He also said that she didn’t believe that Mateen’s Islamic beliefs were at the root of his attack.

    She had told the FBI that he he was unstable, and that she didn’t believe he was part of a terrorist group – despite him telling authorities he was with ISIS before the attack an ISIS later taking credit.

    ‘The FBI asked her not to tell this to the American media,’ he told the station.”

  4. On Friday night in Orlando at a nightclub, “Voice” singer Christina Grimmie was shot. Her brother, Marcus Grimmie, immediately tackled the shooter. The shooter shot himself.

    On Saturday night in Orlando at a nightclub, Omar Mateen shot and killed or wounded over one hundred people out of a crowd of three hundred people.
    What do the two events have in common? By Florida law, you may not legally carry a firearm into an establishment that serves alcohol – a “Gun Free Zone”, a feature of many mass shootings. Obviously, both shooters did not comply with Florida law by being armed in an establishment that served alcohol – so much for gun control preventing murder. If the shooters had survived, they would have been charged with the misdemeanor of possessing a weapon in a prohibited place in addition to the first degree murder charge(s). In Florida, you must leave your weapon in your vehicle before entering a nightclub that serves alcohol.

    What was different? Friday night, an unarmed man risked his life and opposed the shooter, stopping the attack. There was only one murder Friday night. On Saturday night, several women complained that they were trampled by the stampeding crowd attempting to escape.

    From Florida statute 790.06 License to carry concealed weapon or firearm.—
    “(12)(a) A license issued under this section does not authorize any person to openly carry a handgun or carry a concealed weapon or firearm into:
    1. Any place of nuisance as defined in s. 823.05;
    2. Any police, sheriff, or highway patrol station;
    3. Any detention facility, prison, or jail;
    4. Any courthouse;
    5. Any courtroom, except that nothing in this section would preclude a judge from carrying a concealed weapon or determining who will carry a concealed weapon in his or her courtroom;
    6. Any polling place;
    7. Any meeting of the governing body of a county, public school district, municipality, or special district;
    8. Any meeting of the Legislature or a committee thereof;
    9. Any school, college, or professional athletic event not related to firearms;
    10. Any elementary or secondary school facility or administration building;
    11. Any career center;
    12. Any portion of an establishment licensed to dispense alcoholic beverages for consumption on the premises, which portion of the establishment is primarily devoted to such purpose;
    13. Any college or university facility unless the licensee is a registered student, employee, or faculty member of such college or university and the weapon is a stun gun or nonlethal electric weapon or device designed solely for defensive purposes and the weapon does not fire a dart or projectile;
    14. The inside of the passenger terminal and sterile area of any airport, provided that no person shall be prohibited from carrying any legal firearm into the terminal, which firearm is encased for shipment for purposes of checking such firearm as baggage to be lawfully transported on any aircraft; or
    15. Any place where the carrying of firearms is prohibited by federal law.
    (b) A person licensed under this section shall not be prohibited from carrying or storing a firearm in a vehicle for lawful purposes.
    (c) This section does not modify the terms or conditions of s. 790.251(7).
    (d) Any person who knowingly and willfully violates any provision of this subsection commits a misdemeanor of the second degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083.”

    Regarding Timothy McVeigh:

  5. FBI Informant

    “Orlando terrorist Omar Mateen was investigated by the FBI for terror links twice – and was linked to American suicide bomber Moner Abu Salha.

    Agents did not charge Mateen on both occasions and concluded he ‘only had minimal contact’ with Abu Salha who blew himself up in 2014.

    Mateen was also investigated by the FBI for making ‘inflammatory remarks’ to his colleagues alleging that he had terrorist ties.

    He kept his job with a global security firm, G4S, and was able to legally buy guns that were used in the worst mass shooting in American history that killed 50 people inside the Orlando gay nightclub.

    Now it is claimed that Mateen also had connections with a former U.S. Marine and undercover FBI agent turned radical Muslim cleric who was released from jail last year despite warnings that he was recruiting potential terrorists.

    Marcus Dwayne Robertson, also known as Abu Taubah, managed to convert 36 people to his poisonous version of Islam during his four years in jail, and was considered so dangerous that he was kept shackled with his own security detail away from other inmates.

    Mateen was a member of the Timbuktu Seminary, an educational website run by Robertson that police believe is used to dispense his radical teachings, sources told Fox News.

    Robertson and several associates were rounded up for questioning early Sunday, sources added.

    After serving as a Marine for six years, Robertson went on to become a bank robber, before turning FBI informant after his arrest in exchange for a short prison sentence.

    He was dismissed by the FBI in 2007 after allegedly attacking his CIA handler, and then began preaching Islamic extremism.

    Thrown in jail for tax fraud back in 2011, prosecutors attempted to have ten years added to his sentence last year after discovering documents preaching terror among his possessions.

    However, a judge freed him.”

    Read more:

    1. Dear Matt, “‘Gaga’: The Real Whitey Bulger/ Irish Mob Story” describes a federal judge sealing information concerning the Michael Donahue and Brian Halloran murders. It can be found in the “Kevin Weeks” and the “Boston FBI Corruption” chapters. The latter gives evidence that implicates two FBI agents. I suggest you and your readers be the first (non-participants) to understand this blatant FBI/DOJ corruption.

      1. Jon,
        Great to see you back. I remember the incident that you are talking about from your posts a few years ago.
        Agents inexplicably showed up at your brother’s girlfriend’s mothers house minutes after the waterfront shooting of Donahue and Halloran.
        Very shady. Some of these others get lost in the shadow of Morris and Connolly….Montanari, the Gianturcos………..

  6. “At least two of the Muslims who committed probably the worst terrorist acts in America by people who lived in America came to the attention of the FBI. ”
    Without any doubt, the worst terrorist act in that category was committed by Timothy McVeigh, in Oklahoma City.

    1. Bob:

      Did McVeigh come to the FBI’s attention prior to his act? You may be right on that point if he did.

    2. The Third Terrorist: The Middle East Connection to the Oklahoma City Bombing Paperback
      by Jayna Davis (Author)

      In this alarming book, reporter Jayna Davis tells of her amazing journey leading from the smoking rubble of the Murrah Federal Building to the sleazy haunts of John Doe #2, the mysterious Middle East suspect who the Justice Department was at first desperate to find? And then insisted never existed.

      With a reporter’s practiced skill, Jayna Davis unscrambles the convoluted and distorted facts of the Oklahoma City bombing to present a compelling case that proves Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols did not act alone and in fact worked in tandem with Middle East connections that lead directly to Saddam Hussein’s personal army.


      Jesse Trentadue is an attorney whose brother allegedly committed suicide when in custody after the FBI arrested him on being suspected of involvement in the Oklahoma bombing. His investigation, fought tooth and nail in court, leads him to the conclusion that his brother, who looked a lot like one of the real suspects, was killed while in custody. His conclusion is that the FBI set up a sting and the bombers got ahead of the FBI and pulled off the terrorist act before the FBI heroes could save the day. There are four interviews in all detailing the struggle to obtain documents and all the roadblocks the FBI has thrown up against FOIA requests.

  7. Matt
    what exactly does the FBI do? Oh yeah, thats right. COLLECT INFORMATION. F*****G pathetic incompetent waste of tax payers money aspect of our government. Sad that these 50 people lost their lives . Just tragic and again the FBI fails miserably. Same organization that allowed John Connolly to be sentenced for 40 years. I am starting to wonder if some of the conspiracy theories are right. This travesty is unquestionably another wake up call to get tough on gun control but it wont happen because this is a Capitalist nation where the bottom line is $$$$ and not human life.

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