The FBI, Trump, the Justice Department, and the Great Tragedy

Every so often I tend to dwell on this great tragedy. I probably should not label it like that for a couple of reasons: first I try not to use the word “great” too often because it has become abused by Trump who has used it so much that it has lost its meaning since he thinks everything he does is great; secondly the fate of one person in a nation seems to have little significance.

I probably thought of this because early on this morning I read an article showing the callousness of our government which sends young kids who cross the border illegally back to their countries without notifying anyone about it. The story is about a 10-year-old boy who crossed the Rio Grande in a small boat with a stranger after saying goodbye to his mother. Any one who harms children has no place in a decent world. I don’t have space to go into it but read the article and think that this is your country doing this to the least of us. Trump’s new policy of hurting children is just another way he thinks he is making America great. That is a real tragedy.

So in a sense what I write about is not that horrendous, for we can always find situations here under Trump and in the world beyond our borders that make this action against one man pale in comparison. But on the other hand it happened to a man who may not have been perfect but who was doing what his country wanted him to do until it decided to turn on him and impose what amounts to a death sentence.

A part of this tragedy is the man never seemed to realize it was the people he had worked for who betrayed him and not some others who he pointed the finger at as being responsible. Sure the others were complicit in the the dastardly deed — very complicit going out of their way vindictively under the cloak of Justice to injure him — sadly not for what he had done but because they had a warped idea that someone else had put him up to doing it. The someone else they looked at was the wrong someone else; the one that had put him up to it was the government agency for which he worked, the FBI.

As you know I have no love for Trump. It boggles my  mind how anyone can support him since more and more it is apparent his idea of America is one that existed in the antebellum days or perhaps the robber baron days of the early 20th century where industry ran wild and exploited folk and nature. He propagandizes wild conspiracies lapped up by his gang of unthinking echoers such as Obamagate, Deep State, Enemy of the People, Fake News, Demoncrats, etc.  He believes a country doesn’t need regulatory agencies to protect our health — more succinctly put — “whatever big industry wants, big industry gets.” Too bad he doesn’t read. If he did he might have stumbled across Upton Sinclair’s, “The Jungle.”

Despite all this — like a broken clock — Trump has to be right once in a while even if he is right for the wrong reasons just like the broken clock. Where I find common ground with him is his distrust of the FBI. J.Edgar Hoover built an empire — he even considered himself to be the “Seat of Government” which he forced agents to call FBI headquarters. Its and his first commandment was: “Don’t Embarrass the Bureau” a far cry from “tell the truth” or “be ethical” or “be transparent.” 

In my 2012 book, Don’t Embarrass The Family, which seems to age well like a rare wine, I wrote about the FBI, “Truth was not a welcome guest in their monastery.”  I also made suggestions for its reforms. I just reread it after eight years. I am thinking of making Appendix K, the FBI, Self Accountability is No Accountbility” a series and posting it on the blog for those interested.

Ah, yes, the tragedy. I’ve never been a great fan of Retired FBI Agent John Connolly. I had one main reason for this and perhaps other lesser reasons. I thought he was rightfully convicted in a Boston federal court although harshly sentenced. I understood having sat through his trial why the judge felt as he did. But I have since come to his defense because the idea he is still in prison in Florida for a crime he was acquitted in federal court is a great tragedy.

Right now he is serving a death sentence because he comes up for parole when he is 99-years-old. He is in a Florida prison for a crime that he did not commit. He is doing it because of vindictive Justice Department prosecutors who closed their eyes to the real situation focusing on John Connolly as a scapegoat. No man in America should die in prison because he did the job America wanted him to do.  It’s time to Free John Connolly!


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  1. wa-llahi! Burn, baby, burn! It’s on , now. The system is burning. Can you smell it? That’s all your bullshit going up in flames, Bill. LA to Newark, the fires have started. I watch the bourgeois talking heads spout self-protecting nonsense. Screw those bitches. This is revolution red, and, raw, a bonfire of contradictions. Fuck the entitled, all power to the dialectic. Burn, baby, burn!

  2. Why has Howie Carr never criticized corrupt Fed Prosecutors like Fred Wyshak? Answer: Because Carr is in Cahoots with them.
    What do Howie Carr and power-abusing Fed Prosecutors like Fred Wyshak have in common? Answer: They are bullies, mudslingers who malign innocents.
    What is a worse form of mud-slinging: Malicious Media Mud-slinging or False Federal Prosecutor’s Indictments? You decide.
    Howie Carr continues to maliciously call Speaker of the House Bob DeLeo an “unindicted co-conspirator” knowing full well that Wyshak’s malicious phony case against DeLeo and the Probation Officers was overturned and thrown out by an Appeals Court. The Appeals Court, Carr knows, has de facto and de jure declared all the falsely indicted Probation Officers and falsely maligned alleged “co-conspirators” INNOCENT men and women. Yet, Carr maliciously maligns continuously.
    Why? Because he is the source of leaks from Wyshak’s Office and other malicious FEDs, and Carr works and has worked for decades hand-in-glove with malicious prosecutors.

    What’s the case against Howie Carr? Look at how for decades he has maliciously maligned the Kennedy Family, Bill Bulger and other innocents in the Bulger Family (we know Whitey was rightfully prosecuted for his crimes), and many other innocent public figures. We know Howie Carr maliciously maligns Americans of Latino descent, especially Mexican-Americans (and plays Mecixan-American music while he does so.)We know Howie Carr maliciously maligns and mocks the dying and dead with his weekly “DEATH POOL” where his callers win a prize if they predict who is going to die each week and he and his callers all laugh about it.

    What else does Howie Carr and the Jihadi Javert Fred Wyshak and his persecutorial prosecutor-cohorts have in common? They are SADISTS who delight in persons’ suffering, especially the suffering of innocents falsely accused, and the families of the accused they sweep into their sadistic persecutorial schemes.

    BLACK MASS, MY ARSE is a chapter in one of my books (The Fix: the Corruption of Massachusetts Courts and Agencies). It points out how the Globe Writers of the book, Black Mass, took most of their info from Federal Civil Cases where no one was defending the accused FBI agents. The plaintiffs, who lost loved ones to mobsters, were suing the FEDs for negligent supervision of Top Echelon Informants. The FEDs (The Government that was supposed to defending FBI agents) threw the defendant FBI agents under the bus, and to save the higher ups’ skin, described all lowly FBI agents as ROGUE AGENTS. Both sides maliciously maligned the FBI agents doing their jobs; no one defended the FBI agents. And O’Neil and that other hack writer from the Globe based their entire book mainly on that maliciously cooked up theory by the Muellar-Comey types at the top of the FBI and DOJ then.

    And Howie Carr’s role in all of this: Carr was in Cahoots with his Media-Mud-Slingers, O’Neil and Lehr, so much so that the Directors of the smearful Movie Black Mass gave Howie Carr a role in it, and Howie still boasts he monthly receives his residual check, his payola, from his cohorts in Hollywood.

    Carr, Wyshak, Lerh, O’Neil, the Globe, the Herald, all part of the corrupt leftist Media, leftist Academia, FED-power abusers who have run rough shod over and persecuted many, many innocent Americans for decades, and still do today.

    Howie Carr presents himself as a conservative, politically today, and maybe he is, but in his heyday no one was more vicious to honorable men like Bill Bulger, John Silber, Bob DeLeo, Ed King, and others (mostly conservatives.)

    But that’s how turncoats operate.

    Howie Carr may have a good family, a good radio show, good guests, and be cozy with many at the top, but he remains what he’s always been: AN INVETERATE CHARACTER ASSASSIN WHO DELIGHTS IN OTHER’S SUFFERING AND WHO IS IN IT MAINLY FOR HOWIE CARR HIMSELF.

    I hesitate to throw stones. I believe in turning the other cheek. But sometimes you have to fight fire with fire, and simply speak the truth. Turning the other cheek does not mean you let bullies and mud-slingers continue to assault. Being kind also means to standing up to bullies and character assassins, to defending the innocent, weak, voiceless and vulnerable, and to fighting the good fight. Up the Republic!

  3. One final note: This morning I remembered one of the reasons I thought Fred Wyshak was corrupt was because he and his cohorts/cronies at the John Joseph Moakley United States Courthouse in Boston (on the waterfront) were in the habit of INVENTING CRIMES to charge innocent people with. For example, in the Probation Officer’s Case, Wyshak himself invented the non-crime of “Not hiring the most qualified person” and in his continuing jihadi witchhunt to get the honorable William F. Bulger (former Senate President for decades and U.Mass.President) Wysak indicted John O’Brien chief probation officer, under whom Bill Bulger’s lawyer son was working, and Wyshak indicted as “unindicted co-conspirators” persons at the State House (former associates of Bill Bulger) including the Speaker of the House of Representatives Robert “Bob” DeLeo. In did this, in my considered judgement, to squeeze these honorable, good persons to get dirt on his psycho-obsessive target.
    Now, an Appeals Court threw out the charges which lower court Judge Young had corruptly allowed to proceed to trial. It is no crime to higher someone who is less qualified. Everyone does it. Joe may have all As on his college record, and look good on paper, but he may lack interpersonal skills and real world experiences, and so hiring the reformed alcoholic/druggie with poorer grades but a better personality and writing skills, let us say, would be a better hire. In other words there is no crime of not highering the most qualified. Wyshak made it up.
    Another example from Wyshak’s cohorts when they indicted John Connolly. Three charges: One that John wrote a letter to judge on police stationary. Why police stationary? Probably to get the judge’s attention. Judges get many letters from private citizens. Writing a letter to a judge is a FREE SPEECH/FREE EXPRESSION right of Americans, a free people. But Wyshak’s cohorts said the letter contained alleged defamatory statements about Boston Cops. So what? Defamation is a civil offense, not a crime. 2. Wyshak’s crew charged John Connolly with telling Kevin Weeks in a Freezer/Refrigerator Unit in a liquor store that John heard through the grapevine (John was five years retired from the FBI and allegedly heard this from other FBI agents) that an Indictment was coming down. John Connolly could have stood on the street corner and blared this fact with a bullhorn. It is not a crime to tell someone what you heard on the street or what a former employee told you. It is free speech. Kevin Weeks made it up. Why? Because Wyshak’s cohorts in the Federal Prosecutors Office needed a crime to charge John Connolly with in 1995, so that earlier phony “crimes” alleged while John was an FBI agent from @1970 to 1990 would not be beyond the Statute of Limitations. In fact, as the record shows, the Boston Jury convicted John of one crime during his stellar career as an FBI agent: “Giving a case of wine with $1,000 inside an envelope inside the case to the admittedly corrupt FBI agent John Morris.” the Wine came from Whitey’s liquor store. John Morris could not remember where the envelope was: On the bottom of the package, on top, between the bottles, and Morriss testified John Connolly said nothing about the envelope when he handed him the package. So when did John Connolly mention the envelope with $1000. He never did, testified Morris. Morris said that two weeks later John Connolly asked during a telephone conversation how Morris liked what was inside the package. John Connolly did not know he was transmitting $1,000 to Morris from Whitey. How do I know this? From John Connolly’s record. In about 20 years of service he never took a dime from anyone and never transmitted a bribe to anyone.
    The third manufactured non-crime of Wyshak’s cronies was this: according to the corrupt and compromised Kevin Weeks who would say anything to avoid a long prison sentence, John Connolly told Kevin to tell Steve Flemmi to testify that John Connolly was an honest cop. Well, so what? John Connolly was an honest cop. Steven Flemmi twice under oath at the Moakley Courthouse testified to Wyshak’s cohorts that John Connolly was an honest cop who never did or said anything intending anyone be harmed. Check David Boeri, the reporter; he published these facts.

    And John Connolly and the Probation Officers are just two of the deviant, unethical, abuses of power by Wyshak’s gang. Wyshak went after John Connolly’s sister in law, a fifty year old nurse with a clean record who happened to be married to a small time bookie: As far as my research revealed, she is the only bookie’s wife to be charged with laundering her husband’s money; my research shows that all she did was deposit her husband’s cash. It was not much. Call it a few hundred thousand dollars over many years, as I intuit it was alleged. What did Wyshak recommend for this nurse with a clean record? Eight years in prison. Judge Young, I think it was, but it could have been another tool of Wyshak’s who sits on the federal bench and does his bidding, gave her one year in prison.
    Well, what happened when the Congressman’s Wife who actually did indeed launder $FOUR MILLION DOLLARS of her brother’s offshore gambling profits? What happened to her. The corrupt Wyshak recommended PROBATION. The newspapers reported that when Judge Young asked Wyshak why he was recommending probation for someone who admitted laundering $4 million in illegal off-shore profits, Wyshak responded loudly and cockily (hubristically) in open court: “Because she is the Congressman’s wife.”

    That’s equal justice under the law in the corrupt eyes and corrupt mind of Fred Wyshak’s eyes: Eight years in prison for the bookie’s wife for depositing her husband’s earnings; Probation for the Congressman’s wife who laundered four or five times more illegal money. Pander to the Congressman; Crucify the nurse. It exemplifies Wyshak’s modus operandi.

    I won’t go into the Caswell Motel, the City Councilor from Boston persecuted for accepting a $200 donation from a Fed Plant (a preacher’s handshake), or many others I know of who have been persecuted by the corrupt Federal Prosecutor’s Office at the John Joseph Moakley Courthouse in Boston.

    And by the way: You want EQUAL JUSTICE in America? All prosecutors’ offices, federal and state, should be at least one mile away from the courthouse where judges and clerk resides, otherwise Prosecutors become too cozy with Judges and Clerks, eat in the same dining halls daily, rub elbows daily, while DEFENSE ATTORNEYS are situated outside the CITADELS OF UNEQUAL JUSTICE IN AMERICA TODAY.

  4. One last comment on the travesty of justice in Miami perpetrated by the overly zealous, overly obsessive, corrupt federal prosecutor Fred Wyshak, the personification of a Jihadi Javert, when the dissent called the majority’s decision “sheer sophistry” in that very same dissenting opinion, the dissent certified two questions to Florida’s Highest Court, basically asking how it was possible that all other circuits interpreted the murder by gun statue as requiring someone be at or near the scene of the murder, and the circuit that convicted John refused to follow that clear precedent.
    Florida’s judicial system is divided into a number of circuits or divisions, and one Supreme Court sits above all and reconciles any conflicts among them, as I understand it.
    It has been many years since those two questions were certified to Florida’s Supreme Court, and as of today, I’ve never seen an answer to them. If someone can supply me an answer I’d appreciate it. I hope if there were an answer it was the kind of sheer sophistry that characterized the lower court and also that characterized many Federal Judges’ rationalizations in Boston, especially those who work with Fred Wyshak, but also the same sheer sophistry characterized the State Judiciary and many in Academia and the Media during the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade Case. It reminded me of the Salem Witch days, when reason was put aside, and persons were burnt at the stake based on patently false accusations at the hands of patently twisted, evil prosecutors.: When the

  5. TDS is pervasive in some quarters. Was the Russian collusion story FAKE NEWS? Even Mueller and his team of liberal Democrats couldn’t find it. It’s more likely that the moon is made of green cheese than there is any merit to the Russian hoax. 2. Connolly was framed. Too bad some can’t see it. All who knew Connolly knew he was innocent. As I’ve said before file a pro se habeas corpus petition in front of a Federal judge appointed by Trump. That judge may be honest unlike the crooks Tauro, Blake and the appellate judges who ruled on his case. Attach a copy of the dissent in Florida. Due Process was clearly violated. Mueller and Comey framed him as they did Flynn and Stone.

    1. John, FYI, John Connolly was acquitted in Boston of leaking any information that helped Bulger escape. He was totally acquitted of that specific charge: helping Whitey Bulger to escape. He was convicted in Boston of telling Kevin Weeks in a Refrigerator that he heard through the grapevine and indictment was coming down, but that’s not a crime, to tell someone you heard something that through the grapevine. John was five years retired from the FBI when Kevin Weeks allegedly heard that . . . .obvious to me at least that Weeks fabricated the conversation. BUT JOHN, GET THIS INTO YOUR HEAD: THE BOSTON JURY SPECIFICALLY ACQUITTED JOHN CONNOLLY OF LEAKING ANY INFORMATION THAT CAUSED WHITEY BULGER TO FLEE. IN FACT WHITEY’S GIRLFRIEND TESTIFIED THEY FIRST HEARD AN INDICTMENT WAS COMING DOWN WHEN THEY WERE DRIVING BACK TO BOSTON FROM NEW YORK: THEY HEARD IT ON THE RADIO. IT WAS PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE.

      As for the “murderer” allegation, please help us understand John, exactly who did he murder and how did he do it?

      You agree, John Connolly was acquitted of First Degree Murder in Miami and acquitted of Conspiracy to Commit Murder in Florida, don’t you?

      So, perhaps you can explain on this post what exactly John Connolly did or said (and says who?) that allowed him to be “convicted” in Florida of “Murder by Gun”/, a conviction overturned by the first appeals court, upheld by the second appeals court (by one vote, 5-4, or 4-3) in a decision the dissent called ‘SHEER SOPHISTRY”

      help us understand John how a man can be convicted of murder by gun when he was 1,200 miles away on vacation when Johnny Martorano shot John Callahan in the back of the head in Miami. John Connolly was on Martha’s Vineyard on vacation with his family. Precedential Case Law in Florida said that to be convicted of murder by gun you either had to be at the scene of the murder, or on the way to the scene of the murder, at the time the murder took place.

      So, please explain John, how you conclude a man who was 1,200 miles away from the Scene of the Murder, who was acquitted of Conspiracy to Commit Murder, could possibly be found guilty of Murder by Gun.

      You, John, I suspect are a murderer yourself: A murderer of reputations. Do you delight in casting aspersions on others? Do you willy-nilly call many folks felons and murderers, or have you just singled out John Connolly? Do you use disparaging, slanderous terms lightly? Is it a habit of yours? Or do you have an AXE TO GRIND in the murder of John Callahan by John Martorano, the admitted murderer of John Callahan..

      What is your interest in this case, John? pLEASE SHARE WITH IT WITH US.

  6. Matt, you are 100% write about Florida’s wrongful conviction of John Connolly. I’ve written extensively about this and below I’ll post a letter I recently wrote to the new Governor of Florida (I had beseeched the prior governor to no avail.)

    Of course I fully support the Trump-Pence Administration, but will save arguments on those reasons for another day.

    The fact that an innocent man, John Connolly, has been prosecuted and convicted and his conviction first overturned then upheld by one vote by Florida’s Judiciary is a sheer travesty of Justice, and the FEDs behind it, namely Fred Wyshak, is one of the most corrupt abusers of power in American History (See, not just John Connolly’s trial in Miami which Wyshak orchestrated and led, coaching overt perjurious testimony from serial killers and staging five State Cops deputized as FEDs to sit behind him every day in trial to falsely impress and wrongfully intimidate judge and jury, see also Wyshak’s handling of the Congressman’s money laundering wife, Wyshak’s role in the wrongful persecution of probation officers and the wrongful labelling of State House Officials like Bob DeLeo unindicted co conspirators in the phony Probation Officers case, and see also numerous other instances of his villainous abuse of power, much of which was directed at pursuing another targeted innocent man, Senate President and U. Mass President, the truly Honorable William F. Bulger . . . .and read my books, and you too will wonder how SCUM like Wyskak not only exist to abuse federal power but get promoted for doing so.

    I’ll post the letter below

    1. William M. Connolly, MPH, J.D. (retired)
      (address omitted)

      Office of Governor Ron DeSantis
      State of Florida
      The Capitol
      400 S. Monroe St.
      Tallahassee, FL 32399-0001
      May 1, 2020

      Dear Governor DeSantis,

      Last week President Donald Trump said the upper echelon of the FBI was scum. The same was true of those in Justice who wrongfully prosecuted General Michael Flynn.

      Twenty years ago, the very same scum sat in the higher echelons of the FBI and Justice (Comey and Mueller and/or their immediate underlings) and conspired with the Federal Prosecutors’ Office in Boston to persecute and prosecute innocent FBI agents, among them John Connolly, H. Paul Rico (see the book “RICO”) and others.

      In Boston, John Connolly was acquitted of any involvement in the murder of John Callahan. In fact, as the Boston Globe’s Shelley Murphy reported he was acquitted of all seven of the “serious charges”, and convicted of five lesser charges, for which one Boston juror publicly said repeatedly after trial that he thought John Connolly deserved only probation and no jail time. Inexplicably Judge Tauro sentenced John to ten years, as if he’d been found guilty of some of the more serious charges. That Boston Federal Jury did not believe one word of serial killer John Martorano’s testimony. Previously, serial killer Steve Flemmi twice testified under oath to Federal Prosecutors that John Connolly was an honest cop who never said or did anything intending anyone be harmed. (See Boston Reporter David Boeri’s stories corroborating this fact.)

      The overly zealous Federal Prosecutor Fred Wyshak, rightfully labelled “a Jihadi Javert”, brought both serial killers, Martorano and Flemmi, to Miami to testify that they recalled hearing some twenty years before Connolly’s Miami trial that Whitey Bulger told them (hearsay) that John Connolly told him (double hearsay) words to this effect: “If Callahan talks we’ll all be in trouble.” It defies reason how Fred Wyshak coaxed and coached these two killers to testify as they did.

      The Miami jury acquitted John Connolly of First-Degree Murder and Conspiracy to Commit Murder; it convicted him of the post-trial added count: Murder by Gun. An impossibility because Florida precedent required a person be contemporaneously at or near the scene of the murder, and John Connolly was on vacation in Martha’s Vineyard, 1,200 miles away when Callahan was shot in the back of the head by Martorano. (Martorano admitted shooting 20 people, almost all by ambush, mostly by sneaking up on his victims and shooting them in the back of the head. For “cooperating”, Wyshak and the Feds released him early (12 years served for 20 murders), agreed he did not have to say anything about the murders of his associates, including his brother, and upon release gave him $25,000 cash. Some deal! Some inducement to say whatever corrupt Prosecutors wanted to hear.)

      The Miami Trial Judge said the statute of limitations had run, anyway, but rather than dismiss, said the case would be overturned on appeal. The first appellate court to hear the case, threw out Connolly’s conviction (a 2-1 decision), arguing he could not be convicted of murder by gun, even if the statute had not tolled. In a split decision, a higher court (by one vote) reversed, “reasoning” that John Connolly could be found guilty of Murder by Gun because John was carrying his service revolver weeks before the murder (forgetting John had been acquitted of conspiracy; and nothing illegal about an FBI agent being armed, while doing his duty handling Mafia-type informants). The dissent called the majority’s reasoning “sheer sophistry.” It was sheer sophistry. We wondered (as did the dissent with similar analogies) if John Connolly were a soldier home on leave and sitting in a cabin in Montana and a musket were on the wall over the fireplace could he still be convicted of “murder by gun” in Miami. (Paraphrasing the defense’s reasoning and encapsulating it, in a nutshell.)

      In this day of Pandemic, considering the facts and law of John Connolly’s case, and considering that I and many others share the firm conviction that John Connolly was framed by corrupt federal prosecutors, just as General Michael Flynn and Roger Stone were framed and Stone faced a biased judge as Connolly did in Boston, considering these things, reflecting upon them, reflecting upon the fact that John Connolly’ is approaching 80-years-old and he is no threat to anyone, We implore and beg you to show mercy and leniency and do everything within your power to have John Connolly immediately released from prison, to return to his wife, three sons, his brother and sister, and his many, many lifelong loyal friends in the Boston area, who know John is an honest and good man, an innocent man, wrongfully tried and convicted in Miami.

      Thank you for your consideration. Please do justice in this matter. Justice for John Connolly is that he be immediately released. He is an innocent man, wrongly framed by persecutorial prosecutors.


      William M. Connolly (on behalf of my brothers and many others we know who knew John Connolly over the lifetime.)

      N.B. I have published extensively about this matter: “The Fix: The Corruption of Massachusetts Courts and Agencies”; “Character Assassins I”; “Character Assassins II”; and “Three Billboards Outside Boston: Prosecute the Persecutors who Abuse Federal Prosecutorial Power.” I have also co-authored the definitive book on the St. Patrick’s Day Parade Case “From Trial Court to the United States Supreme Court: Anatomy of a Free Speech Case” (1996) with co-author Paul Walkowski, and I was honored to appear as co-counsel at the Supreme Court of the United States on that case (Hurley vs. Irish-American Gay Group. 1995) with lead counsel Chester Darling, for which John J. Hurley and the South Boston Allied War Veterans Council received a unanimous, 9-0, victory from the Court upholding citizens’ Free Speech and Freedom of Association rights, and denouncing the State’s abuse of its judicial power.

      1. WMC, didn’t Paul Walkowski work for the late Boston City Councilor Jimmy Kelly? Or do I have the wrong man?

        1. Paul did. Paul is a brilliant man and a great writer. The Veterans’ Victory in the Parade Case is substantially attributed to Paul’s tireless erudite efforts. Paul was essentially on loan from Jimmy Kelly to help Chester Darling and John Wacko Hurley and the South Boston Allied War Veterans in their defense of Free Speech and Free Association.

          1. Paul Walkowski earned many plaudits and accolades over the years, among them: He is a combat veteran who proudly and honorably served in Vietnam with the United States Marine Corps and he is from Savin Hill.

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