The FBI’s Dilemma: Hiding Its Actions Leading Up to Tsarnaev Capture

J. Edgar Hoover IN Dedperation Misses The Target.

Here’s what we know.

On October 18, 2013, six months after the Marathon Terrorist Attack (MTA) on April 15, 2013, an issue came up relating to the FBI’s involvement in the investigation of the MTA. It first came to the public’s attention through a letter written by Senator Chuck Cratsley  Grassley to FBI Director James Comey.

Cratsley Grassley wrote:  “Did the FBI have the suspects under physical surveillance at any time prior to releasing the photos to the public?”

He continued: “In the hours leading up to the shooting of Collier and the death of the older suspect involved in the bombing, sources revealed that uniformed Cambridge Police Department officers encountered multiple teams of FBI employees conducting surveillance in the area of Central Square in Cambridge. It is unclear who the FBI was watching, but these sources allege the Cambridge Police Department, including its representation at the (Joint Terrorism Task Force), was not previously made aware of the FBI’s activity in Cambridge.”

He added:  “Continued reluctance on the part of the FBI to share information with local law enforcement, especially in the wake of the Whitey Bulger saga and your ongoing Mark Rossetti investigation, would be extremely troubling,”

The FBI responded:

“Joint Release from Massachusetts Law Enforcement Agencies:

 Boston, MA – In response to media inquiries about  recent news reports relating to the marathon bombings, Special Agent in Charge of the Boston Division, Vincent Lisi, Colonel Timothy Alben of the Massachusetts State Police and Commissioner Edward Davis of the Boston Police released the following  statement:

 Previously, members of the Joint Terrorism Task Force have responded to similar questions relating to whether or not the FBI, Boston Police, Massachusetts State Police or other members of the Joint Terrorism Task Force knew the identities of the bombers before the shootout.  Members of the Joint Terrorism Task Force did not know their identities until shortly after Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s death when they fingerprinted his corpse. Nor did the Joint Terrorism Task Force have the Tsarnaevs under surveillance at any time after the Assessment of Tamerlan Tsarnaev was closed in 2011. The Joint Terrorism Task Force was at M.I.T., located in Cambridge, MA, on April 18, 2013, on a matter unrelated to the Tsarnaev brothers. Additionally, the Tsarnaev brothers were never sources for the FBI nor did the FBI attempt to recruit them as sources. 

 There has been recent reporting relating to whether or not the FBI, Boston Police, Massachusetts State Police or other members of the Joint Terrorism Task Force knew the identities of the bombers before the shootout with the alleged marathon bombing suspects, and were conducting physical surveillance of them on April 18, 2013. These claims have been repeatedly refuted by the FBI, Boston Police, and Massachusetts State Police.  

To be absolutely clear:  No one was surveilling the Tsarnaevs and they were not identified until after the shootout.  Any claims to the contrary are false.” (emphasis in original)

Here’s my problem with all this. First, the joint release. Why are the State and Boston Police a part of it? We know that the Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) was not involved in what the FBI was doing. It was never told of the Russian communication to the FBI about Tamerlan; nor was its members part of any of the FBI teams in Cambridge. The question to the FBI should have been answered by the FBI without fudging the matter by adding agencies that knew nothing about it.

So you must take out what the JTTF knew from the answer to the question what the FBI knew. All we have left is the FBI was in Central Square, Cambridge the night of April 18, 2013, and the member of the JTTF from Cambridge did not know it. The FBI says it was unrelated to the Tsarnaev brothers. But it doesn’t tell us why they were there?

It had to be something related to the MTA since that was the uppermost priority of the FBI three days after the bombing and all agents were working that case. It obviously had to be something related to the people who had been identified in the photographs earlier that day as the terrorists. We’ve learned how two people (white hat and black hat) were picked out as the ones who did the bombing and had been targeted. We’ve heard about the debate that occurred over the public release of their pictures.

So we know at the time these FBI teams were in Cambridge the FBI at a minimum knew what the people who committed the MTA looked like. We know they were in Central Square, Cambridge near by the home of Tamerlan Tsarnaev.

Nothing makes sense to me other than the teams were looking for Tamerlan Tsarnaev. The big question is: Why is the FBI denying it?


Original misspelled Senator Chuck Grassley’s name. hat tip to bostonboomer for calling it to my attention.

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  1. Matt :

    That Harvard report on MTA LE Agencies response that crazy night in Watertown cites deficiencies in establishing coherent tactical command. Too many were showing up and acting autonomously. At one point a State Police SUV was fired upon as Joker had been reported fleeing in one. The perimeter set up to catch him was also set up from shooting sight with the two brothers, rather than , a better strategy, from where Joker ditched the SUV. Patrolman McDonough’s wounds are fully confirmed as being the result of friendly fire. This incidentally is one of the great oxymorons, friendly fire.

    The Bulger Trial has the FBI in full PR mode and fortuitously MTA allows them to take some tarnish off. The real embarrassment would be having to explain to the JTTF just why they were acting unilaterally and grandstanding in Cambridge that night, if they had caught the Tsarnaevs . What are we looking at : They are saturating Central Square and spook the Tsarnaevs who then do … What ??? … dodge storefront to tree to parked van to storefront halfway up Main St. to that zig zag front architectural gem of a building on MIT Campus, in front of which Officer Collier was shot . Remember, that distance is about a half mile from Central Square and not the full mile up to Memorial Drive. … Where are we in this convoluted account of Cambridge Police, who aren’t reknowned for getting caught behind pitches, ” running ” into Feds, and the hounds driving the fox from where the hounds maintain they were not, to where the hounds say they were ; Attending a JTTF symposium or such at MIT. The expression ” caught them coming and going ” , acquires mysterious new significance. Strange night !!!!!!!

    I agree Matt, that Don’t Embarrass The Family is their Institutional Ethos. I do not agree that it is likely that their stars were ruled by it on that night. Also, some squabbling aside, the degree to which the Feds are respected and deferred to by other LE Agencies is considerable . They are THE BOSS . It’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it .

  2. Mat:

    Would the Feds trade away a death penalty conviction in the Dzokar Tsarnaev case to conceal a possible relationship with Tamerlane? Do you believe this case has the potential to open the doors we saw shut in the Bulger case? If it goes to trial, I hope you can get a good seat for the proceedings. Bulger’s trial was anti-climactic. Tsarnaev’s trial promises to be much more interesting, especially, if you are observing, and, commenting, on the testimony.

    1. Khalid:

      The federals are capable of trading away the death penalty (it may be the reason why it brought it) in exchange for Tsarnaev doing life in prison but my reading of the situation is that Tsarnaev has no intention of entering a plea of guilty. I’ve got a gut feeling his lawyers are telling him that it is unlikely he’ll get the death penalty since there are too many mitigating factors in his favor not the least being his youth and the domination of his more vile brother. I’d suggest he is looking forward to the show.

      If the FBI had a relationship with Tamerlan that it is hiding then it would definitely be pushing for a deal. Remember what’s important to the FBI is not to be embarrassed. No greater embarrassment would come out if it had Tamerlan as an informant or screwed up in going after him when it knew his relationship to the terrorist attack. The latter seems to me to be the case, as for the former, we just don’t know. I have a hard time believing Dzhokhar knew his brother was an FBI informant if that were the case.

      The doors shut in the Bulger case were simply that the FBI instituted a program to put guys like Whitey on its payroll and protect them. it had to pretend that somehow it was not an FBI policy but something dreamed up by a rogue agent. Whitey’s story about O’Sullivan giving him a pass is a joke, a tale thought up after his partner’s tale that the FBI gave him immunity was shot down by the Appeals court.

      The trial will not have the drama of Whitey’s. Most of the time will be spent parading the poor victims or their families before the jury to show the horror of the events they experienced that day and the cops involved in the chase of Joker. There’s really not much that will come out that we do not know. There’s no real mystery here – the explosion and the identification and the chase. When he is convicted and the penalty stage comes up then that will provide more information on the behind the scenes dealings.

  3. CBS News Special Report
    Thursday, April 18, 2013
    Time: ? Estimated to have been broadcast just minutes before the FBI press conference.

    Scott Pelley (SP):
    This is a CBS News Special Report, I’m Scott Pelley at CBS News headquarters in New York, Good Day. There has been a development in the Boston Marathon Bombing. Police and FBI investigators have identified at least one person that they want to speak with. A person that was identified on surveillance camera video and was apparently either a witness or potentially a suspect in the bombing. Our Bob Orr has been talking to his sources in Washington and can give us more information about how this person was identified and may be located, Bob?

    Bob Orr (BO):
    Scott, we have quite a bit of information actually and they’ve done a lot of police work in the last twenty-four hours to get us to this point. But essentially, here’s what I understand: At the sight of what became the second explosion, surveillance pictures and tape capture an image of a man standing there with a black, ah, backpack. On the tape, according to my sources, the man can be seen placing the backpack on the ground and he is on a cell phone call at the time – he is on a cell phone call at the time. He’s described as wearing a black jacket, a gray hoodie, and has a white baseball cap on backwards. What’s interesting is while he’s on the phone, I’m told, the explosion takes place on the finish line, on down the racecourse. As soon as that blast went off, this man then, according to my sources, can be seen leaving that area and kind of just mingling back into the crowd. Now what they did is, they realized what the timeframe was when the call was made. So investigators have done the basic police work. They’ve gone back through all of the cell phone information from that time frame specifically to identify potential call users and IDs and then of course, then they’ve taken the pictures and tried to match all that up in a kind of triangulated way to zero in on a suspect. I will tell you the sources are very encouraged by these developments, very encouraged that perhaps they are on to a very good lead here, Scott.

    There is to be a news conference, by the FBI in Boston later on this afternoon, Bob. Ah, it has been slipping all day and we’ve been wondering why the news conference was originally supposed to be at two o’clock and then it became four o’clock, then it became five o’clock and we began to wonder whether there weren’t going to be significant developments in this case as the news conference was pushed back farther and farther.

    Bob, using this cell phone information, what kind of things would they be able to determine, typically?

    Well, my understanding of what they did here Scott, was they – they knew the time frame from the surveillance tape as to when this man was on the cell phone. So they went back and they pulled all the information from the surrounding cell towers and went through the call logs to try to determine who may have made calls. There are user information, subscriber information connected to these phone numbers and that’s how they went about it Scott.

    Bob, thank you very much, could be a significant break in the Boston Marathon Bombing case. There will be a great deal more about all of this on your local news on this CBS station, on CBS News dot com and of course we will have all the latest information, right here, on the CBS Evening News. Until then, I’m Scott Pelley.

    Watch here:

    1. Ezra:

      Thanks for the reference. This confirms what we have later learned that the man with the white hat who dropped the back pack was identified as being involved in the bombing. That lead to the identification of both men walking together whose pictures were shown to the public the night of the press conference. I tend to believe at that time or shortly thereafter the FBI learned the identity of those men. It did not tell anyone about it at the time seeking all the glory of the capture for itself which is what it normally will do. It sent its own teams of men out into Central Square to apprehend the Tsarnaevs but they screwed up and they spooked them sending them off on their flight. Had the FBI been team players and involved other police forces then the tragedy of Officer Collier’s killing may not have happened. In reading all the press releases by the FBI they try to fudge their screw up.

  4. Matt :

    What is the worst case for the FBI. As others have indicated its dark outlines already with reasonable conjecture it might be stated as : The Feds were actively cultivating Tamerlan as a CI. He had invited their interest by speaking angrily at his Mosque and berating a local Islamic shopkeeper for advertising Thanksgiving Day Turkeys. And apparently he got red flagged on his Internet visits to radical Jihadi sites.

    In a cloying and PC created atmosphere of … Hands Off The Young Jihadi … because he is a Moslem and has not technically committed a crime, they approach the young terrorist in his formative stages. Formative may be the stages, but what sets the Stage for MTA is that this guy knows how to play the game. Critically he knows that Constitutional Liberties he enjoys in the Country he reviles favor his chances of winning the game. So, they recruit him, he gets the special Customs passes to and from Dagestan and Tamerlan , no nitwit, in all ways a true believer is now in a heady place. Who knows if this hypothetical relationship actually existed what if any useful intelligence his Dagestan trip yielded. The intuition though is that right from the ” get ” the wily Tamerlan was ” playing ” the Feds. And it is American Society that said hey Special Agent in Charge …. Interdict the budding Jihadi … but don’t hurt his feelings. Our incessant political waffling about … protected classes and special interest groups … created this Chechnyan Wolf. In Chechnya he gets taken to the rock quarry and thrown in if a troublemaker. Here, he gets a hands off coccoon of PC inviolability protecting him.

    Long story short he foxes them. Then it’s run the Fox down. They entered into the relationship as they were essentially mandated by circumstances to do and it bit us ALL badly. WE are the FBI in a vital symbolic sense. The questions may not be so much the ones we need to ask these poor harried bastards, but the ones We as a Society should be asking ourselves. We created the SOB !!! …… Again … we are positing a HYPOTHETICAL WORST CASE

    1. John:

      Worst case for the FBI is being caught in its lies and its actions resulted in the death of Officer Collier. If it told the truth it may not look wise but more like a group of people who could be better if it didn’t think it was the premier investigative agency. In my opinion there would be nothing wrong if it tried to recruit Tamerlan and failed unless it lied about it. Its job is to try to recruit people and making a wrong judgment in doing that in good faith I do not hold against it unless it amounts to malfeasance or total neglect of common sense. If it tried to recruit, or even if it did recruit Tamerlan, and he turned on it there may have been no way that could have been predicted so the MTA should not be put on its plate. Some would wonder why it lied about it but I wouldn’t because it refuses to embarrass itself. The great absurdity here is that members of Congress had to go to Russia to find out what happened because the FBI wouldn’t tell them.

      My post on the FBI being in Cambridge was intended to reflect that the FBI knew the identity of the Tsarnaev’s at the time or shortly after the press conference. It then went off on a frolic of its own. You know the FBI is all about claiming glory and hiding mistakes. Imagine the headlines if the FBI alone without the help of the other law enforcement agencies captured the Tsarnaevs. These are the things FBI SACs dreams are made of.

      I suggested that the FBI sent its teams out without notifying the other departments with the intent it would enhance its reputation but it screwed up. The FBI are not street guys – they are suits for the most part. I’d guess the FBI spooked the Tsarnaev’s and caused them to flee. That ineptitude resulted in the later tragedies which could have been avoided with team work among the police departments.

  5. Matt, one other observation from Sen. Crassley’s letter: he notes (1) Cambrige Police observed FBI teams surveilling Central Square; and (2) the Cambridge police representative of the TTF said he was never notified about this surveillance. There is nothing mutually exclusive about a TTF meeting at MIT and the FBI independently sending teams for surveillance to Central Square. From my perspective, it would be like the Brookline police observing FBI teams doing surveillance in Coolidge Corner, and the FBI saying “Well, we had a TTF conference at Boston College.” The later doesn’t preclude the former. 2. Cambridge police officers (plural) said they encountered “FBI teams” (plural,)not having dinner in Central Square, but doing surveillance. 3. Were the FBI agents who evaluated Tsarnaev in 2011 and who closed his file in 2011, still at the FBI Boston office in April 2013? If so, they must have been shown pictures of the Tsarnaev Brothers on Boylston Street. I’m sure everyone in the FBI was shown pictures of the suspects. Why weren’t they unable to identify them? 4. Was the FBI trying to conceal the fact that it had been in contact with the brothers in 2011? Was the FBI’s attempt to conceal undone when the Russians disclosed the fact that the FBI had been warned about the Tsarnaev brothers. 5. We are left to conclude that the FBI agents and justice department staff (lawyers?) who handled the Tsarnaev brothers in 2011 could not remember their faces. Is that probable? 6. The Boston affair stinks like Benghazi: In Benghazi the Administration denied that Terrorists attacked us; in Boston the Administration denied it knew who the attacking terrorists were. Both deceptions may have occurred to conceal government negligence.
    CONCLUSION: To get to the bottom of this: Ask the FBI agents and other DOJ staff who handled the Tsarnaev brothers in 2011, first were they shown pictures of the brothers on Boylson Street and second why they failed to i.d. them. 2. Ask the FBI to disclose the names of all FBI agents who were detailed to Cambridge after 4-15, and then ask them individually if any were doing surveillance. Certainly, some honest FBI agent may say that he was assigned to attend both the TTF conference and then do surveillance thereafter, or some honest FBI agent may come forward and say the was directly assigned to do surveillance in Central Square, and it had nothing to do with the TTF conference. What’s the harm in asking questions?

    1. William:

      True – in a sense one does not preclude the other – but in the situation where all the members of the force are committed to one thing and one thing only the idea that a meeting unrelated to that thing is occurring makes no sense. The FBI sent teams to Central Square to capture Tsarnaevs and screwed up. Nothing else makes sense.

      2. Yes, plural teams and Cambridge police, a big presence was within walking distance of the Tsarnaevs. If the Cambridge police spotted them, then can we assume the Tsarnaevs spotted them and eluded capture.

      3. No reason to believe the agents who dealt with Tsarnaev were not still in Boston. The FBI could tell us that but it refuses to respond to the public. Why they did not identify them, even if they had moved to other areas, is a great mystery.

      4. I’m unclear whether the FBI was trying to hide its connections to Tsarnaev. Remember it will do anything not to embarrass itself. Someone said the FBI denied any original contact with them and did not come clean until the Russians outed it but I can’t verify that.

      5. It is not probable the FBI agents who dealt with Tamerlan Tsarnaev could not remember what he looked like other than they did a slipshod investigation. You’d think that at a minimum the FBI would have had a file on all the people in Boston who had been identified as possible terror suspects with their pictures in it and someone would have looked at that folder prior to releasing the pictures publicly.

      6. Yes, the government loses our trust more and more everyday because it is less and less accountable to us. The Senate Minority leader gives us little confidence: as does our Secretary of State


      1. We can’t ask the FBI anything. Teh Florida State’s Attorney couldn’t even ask the agent who killed Todashev what happened.
      2. Lots of honest FBI agents but they still are bound by the First Commandment “Don’t Embarrass the Family.”
      3. Better question to ask is if college basketball has any meaning with its “one and out” routine where kids go to college for one year before going to the NBA. Talk about guys not really being students, that’s a perfect case. Most of those freshman have no interest at all in what the college offers: it’s just a mandatory stop on the way to big money. Another indication of money ruining everything like the NFL commercials that make me no longer watch any games even the Patriots.
      4. You can ask all the questions you want but the FBI won’t answer them.

  6. MATT: the Cambridge police officers said they ran into “teams of FBI agents in the Central Square area.” The FBI says a joint TTF task force meeting was taking place at MIT. Central Square is over a mile from MIT. Also the Cambridge police did not say they ran into “teams of TFF agents.”
    Why wasn’t the TTF at MIT working with the Boston office in Boston to immediately investigate and solve the Marathon bombings? What was the purpose of the TTF meeting? It seems to me all available forces would be detailed to Boston.
    The FBI says it ended surveillance (evaluation) of Tamerlan Tsarnaev in 2011. What FBI agents were in contact with Tsarnaev; and who specifically decided to close his file? Were justice department lawyers involved in that decision? Did the FBI agent who shot Todashev attend the TFF task force at MIT; was he in one of the teams that were “surveilling” Central square? Was he one of the FBI agents who evaluated Tsarnaev? No one questioned the Boston Police or State police involvement with Tsarnaev, so I agree with you it was superfluous for them to sign on to a denial of contact with the terrorists.
    Still, a lot of unanswered questions.

  7. Lj:

    ” Prestitutes ” is a moniker that does too much respect to the majority of the Establishment media. Their fawning glosses of ” Inside the beltway ” chicanery and unceasing radical left spin on the political gyro is nauseating in its ideological servility. Prostitutes at least render honest service and value, without hypocrisy, when they frolic … ” Inside the beltway !!! ”

    Yes !!! … Illusions, or what is their long lasting progeny, ” Memes ‘ , are the propagandist’s forte. They are hypnotic formulations designed to subjugate the thinking apparatus of oneself to another’s, as Big Bill Buckley once keenly observed. Once an illusion is created … gets mental and psychological traction in the individual subject’s mind, and is ” Installed ” in the Unconscious ; It becomes a Meme. It is now an accepted script. It becomes psychological and cultural … ” Scripture.” Tricky Devils indeed these … ” Prestitutes !!! ” 🙂

  8. NC :

    All plausible points regarding FBI and Tamerlane. All is possible, but what is likely. Either… by logic given … these bright men and women knew within a couple hours that Terrorist boy and his posse were very likely perpetrators since he was such a colossal ” Asset “… or …. as Feds maintain, he dropped off their screen in 2011 . Seems tough to believe that it took a Russian putting the Ass behind the Cart instead of in front of it once the smoke cleared in Watertown and Tamerlane was playing Musical Funeral Homes for the FBI to believe they had to stage a mock up press conference. Tamerlane would have been vacuumed up and disappeared within a day and a night if they were so intimate with him. Hit squads and a …. hey …. let’s give him a heads up and let him know we are coming… don’t conspire well together. If we ever learn the truth of it it may well stun us in just how mundane it is. Hindsight is perfect… as you know … and Conspiracies have a thousand authors in these cases while the Truth … in this case at least I am certain … will forever remain an orphan.

    Patrick Nee ??? … Well the I.R.A. consider him a stand up guy and the last time I saw him his greeting was as ever … Gentlemanly …. As befits his office of Eminence Grise of the Southie Underworld … GOD …. being presently indisposed in Tuscon 🙂

    You preach to the choir regarding Gays marching in Southie. A travesty … and thus it was ever so. I don’t need Kenney or anyone else opining about Irish sexuality or the proper veneration of St. Patrick to realize that their inclusion in ’92 was a left wing militancy against a bastion of traditional conservative ….and here … let’s say the ” C ” word … CHRISTIAN … values. That said, I am a realist, felt it was wiser to ” Manage ” the reality of their presence with the guerilla wit cunning that the Irish Diaspora has bred in her descendants … And … Yes … when confronted with the existential reality of their Marching in ‘ 92 … did note as mentioned in my earlier post about the St.Pat’s ’92 … that regardless of sexuality … they showed a lot of … Courage !!! … If Linda -Dorcey Ferry wears the Green and toasts the uniquely Irish power … born of centuries of real hardship and oppression … to absorb and overwhelm the adversary with sheer wit, pertinacity and humor … And that She did with her roguish beauty quite well indeed for us at the Breakfast recently … then she is Irish enough for me …. Welcome to our Party !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  9. On April 16, 2013 how many people in the FBI Boston office could identify a picture of Tamerlan Tsarnaev? Three, five, fifteen? They had a file on him two years earlier. No one in that office was asked if they recognized that guy prior to the Thursday conference? They don’t have a computer with suspected terrorists on file? Why was the Wednesday press conference cancelled? Why were all the agents in Cambridge on Wednesday night? Was there a hit team there to silence Tamerlan? It seems no later than Wednesday morning the FBI knew their boy Tamerlan had double crossed them. Then the cover up started. The FBI wanted to claim that Tamerlan was a stranger and that is why they asked for the public’s assistance. They didn’t expect the Russians to expose their treachery. The stonewalling persists. Imagine a man shoots and kills a person in a Boston Tavern. A picture is taken of the killer and turned over to the Boston Police. Three or so days later the Police have a press conference seeking the public’s help. It turns out the photo is of Pat Nee ( a known killer). The Police would know within hours who the killer was and the claim they didn’t would be risible. The entire Police hierarchy would be sanctioned. The FBI, CIA, IRS and NSA are completely unaccountable agencies that need a total overhaul. It is too bad that Graham Greene isn’t alive to chronicle the wholesale betrayal of Rico and Connolly by their former employer. 2. Will the next president give the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Putin? He prevented us from going to war in Syria. He staved off the war mongers in Iran. He permits American Astronauts to be flown into space on Russian rockets. He told the FBI that Tamerlan was a terrorist and the Feds fumbled the assignment. He ran the best winter Olympics ever. He restored Crimea to Russia with minimal violence. He promoted the cause of self determination in doing so. Crimea was part of Russia for three hundred years and the public will prevailed. He heats about one third of the homes in Europe.3. This Sunday is Greek independence day. They have a parade. How many gay groups will be marching? Gay rights have nothing to do with that celebration, with July 4th or St. Pats day. Kenney the President of Ireland said St. Pats day is about Irishness not sexuality.

    1. I am in total agreement with you except for the notion that Putin did not tell the US that Tamerlan was a problem. I watched Obama’s meetings with Putin shortly after the bombing and Boston was never mentioned. That illusion came from the FBI and was carried by the US Congress claiming the FSB “showed” them a copy when purportedly in Russia at the end of May.

      The prestitutes carried theillusion and even the House HLS Committee report refers to a news article which replays what the Congressmen claimed they viewed while in Russia. The Russians would not give our Congressmen a copy nor would the FBI. Not even the final House report has a copy of this elusive communication.

      IMO it does not exist! The premise used by the US Congress for the failure to avert the bombing is info share; how interesting that the House Homeland Security drafted an info share bill on April 12, 2013.

  10. Matt:

    God knows , Intrigue, is the trick in the FBI conjuror’s box that is the ” Go To ” illusion when circumstances demand. Again though, the suggestion is that they knew whom they were looking for when they released the photos and sought Public’s help. Why create an illusion when the truth would better serve
    . If they knew who they were why jeopardize catching them by spooking them??? … That’s how we got the Waco/ Branch Davidian Compound nightmare. David Koresh jogged in downtown Waco every morning. The ATF could have just eased up alongside him and placed him in custody. And they would not have needed a tank to do it. Either the FBI has an almost supernatural capacity for knowing everything that’s going on at all times , and lets the world just guess what they are up to, or more likely , they have to do a lot of guessing themselves. These Two possibilities are not mutually exclusive .

    Neal DeGrasse Tyson, Award winning astrophysicist, and host of the newly reprised COSMOS Series I was asked that ultimate cosmic poser of a question recently on a show I watched …. Dr. Tyson … Just what existed before the Big Bang !!! …. He gave a ruminative smile and a marvelous reply…. ” Very often in science it is the question that is really important and not so much the answer ” … Yes, There is some real artful dodging in that answer. But there is a lot of truth to it as well.

  11. The FBI picture released to the public is an, in whole, fabrication created by merging earlier crowds and photo-shop. Clearly they had the patsies chosen prior to release of the pictures during the news conference in which the public was instructed to look for no other suspects beyond the ones they had determined. Suspect 2 shown on the phone is a joke. How did the building structure move to the other side of the black man who also with the span of time does not change position. This is a massive fraud upon the people which is now being carried further in bogus simulated criminal proceedings. There is no debate. The pictures and court records speak for themselves!

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