The Federal Circus: Freddy’s Use of Obvious Perjured Testimony

bloody-murderThe idea you have people who admitted to murders being put on the stand on behalf of the federal government and taking the oath to tell the truth is in and of itself is a travesty.

How is it you can tell a juror to believe a person who murdered other people? How is it a prosecutor believes he has the ability to tell when a murderer is telling the truth? There are some people, mostly hardened criminals, who are so expert at telling falsehoods they pass lie detectors. I recall how Larry Baione’s lawyer told me he passed the lie detector test denying knowledge of the stolen goods even though the evidence against him was overwhelming. If you murder people you don’t react like normal people.

You know I heard that a judge said that Kevin Weeks who participated in at least five murders was the most believable person he ever heard on the stand. I wondered if he knew that when Weeks gave his first story to the investigators he was found to be lying. He would admit his first story was a lie after flunking a lie detector test. What does that say of a judge’s ability to separate truth from lies when he believes Weeks tells the truth? I wonder if he knew that Weeks wrote that his life was nothing but lies. That was probably the only truth uttered by Weeks when he said he was a criminal and to be a criminal you have to live a life of lies.

I will never get over that Fred Wyshak put on the stand Steven Flemmi to testify that Whitey Bulger murdered Debbie Davis. He knew that he didn’t or if not that he should have known that he had nothing to do with it. Putting him on knowing this shows either his contempt for the justice system or his cowardice in the face of Davis’s brother who insisted that his sister was a victim of Whitey or his obsequiousness to those in the media who insisted he pile on charges against Whitey to make him into some type of monster criminal.

How did Wyshak know Whitey had nothing to do with Debbie’s murder? Aside from analyzing the evidence he also had the word from another one of his witnesses John Martorano that Flemmi told him he strangled Debbie accidentally. How did he disregard that? Did he just ignore it? Did Freddy ever asked Flemmi about that? We never heard.

I suppose you could overlook it if Flemmi presented a compelling reason for you to believe he was telling the truth and that Martorano was lying that might have been the only way to do it. In the Whitey case all the evidence pointed toward Flemmi killing her without Whitey having any involvement.

Debbie D was a young woman in a long-term – 8  year – relationship with Flemmi who was 20 years older than she. Freddy knew this. She had met another guy in Mexico who she fell in love with. Freddy knew this. She told Flemmi that she was breaking up their relationship and going off to this guy. Freddy knew this. Flemmi invites her over to see his parents new house and murders her the day before she is scheduled to leave. Freddy knew this.

Whitey is put into the deal because Flemmi is looking for a deal and Freddy wants to get Whitey. How does he get around Flemmi admitting he strangled her and Flemmi having the motive to murder her? (Worse how does he become a buddy buddy with the guy that they both share a laugh in court while he testifies about the murder of Brian Halloran?)

Flemmi says Whitey made him kill her because he disclosed to her that John Connolly was their FBI handler or they were paying him or Debbie would know they were informants or something like that. Freddy has to believe it was only a coincidence this happened at the time Debbie was about to leave Flemmi.

The problem with that made-up story is there was no way anything Debbie knew was going to cause harm to Whitey. How would she prove anything? Who would she go to? She wanted to get away from the hoodlum Flemmi, she was not going to do anything to bring his wrath down upon her. Whitey always said no one would believe he was an informant; Connolly having them as informants was well-known. Who was she going to go to the FBI?

This in itself has to make you wonder about the ethics of the Boston federal prosecutors. I suppose that is one thing that is good about Trump’s victory. There will be a new Boston U.S. attorney. Hopefully along with that there will be a thorough cleaning of the house. Don’t feel bad for those lifers, some will be able to get a job at the paper on Morrissey Boulevard for which it seemed they have been working without pay for a while.









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  1. The turkey god rules one day a year. All power to the white meat! Although, the French claim all the flavor is in the dark.

  2. Ok, Matt, you have nailed he corrupt Fred Wyshak. Besides couching his federal witnesses and participated in subordination, Wyshak, John Durham, Sullivan and members of the DEA and Mass State Police are well aware of the murders that Salemme and others were involved in by testimony of Stephen “The Rifleman” Flemmi given during a deposition that was taken by Wshak, Durham, members of the DEA and the Mass State Police. Flemmi, in great detail furnished his and Frank Salemme’s participation in numerous murders. This information by Flemmi was never made known to John Connolly’s defense team in Boston nor to the courts. This deposition was placed under seal at the request of the USA’s office, namely Wyshak et al, where it remained until it was discovered by Connolly’s motions. Wyshak continues, to this day, not to admit that he knew of the murders of Stephen DiSarro, Thomas Timmins, Peter Poulos, Robert “Bobby ” Donati at the hands of Salemme and Flemmi. Most recently, the body of DiSarro was exhumed from a dirt grave in Providence, R.I. by the Rhode Island State Police and the FBI’s Evidence Response Team. Wyshak had nothing to do with this exhumation; now he wants to prosecute Bobby DeLuca for DiSarro’s murder…nothing like the fox in the chicken coop. This is not the end of the story…..More later.

  3. Hello Matt, I saw yesterday Sal DiMasi, in a wheel chair, being partially released, with six more months of Home Confinement to face, while all those Murderers you have written about, walking around their communities buying Turkeys. Great Justice System! Happy Thanksgiving to you and all from the Old Harbor. Go Southie beat Eastie. Remember the good old days gone by ?

  4. Facebook is worried about fake news. What CNN, CBS. NBC, ABC, PBS. the Globe, NYT and the Post have given us the last thirty years is fake news. How could any honest prosecutor accept a result that imprisoned one major criminal but excused eight or nine equally violent murderous types. Over 50 murders by the Martoranos, Salemme, Flemmi, Limone, Winter, Weeks, Nee and the Greek and they all get a free pass. 2. Is it a crime for a prosecutor to knowingly or recklessly put on false testimony? Hopefully our new U S Attorney will look into this. Very good post. 3. What of the absurdity of no punishment for Bin Laden’s wife and none for Gotti’s wife but ten years for Grieg? Talk about sexism.

  5. Bullseye . You have been an honest broker in this matter. But now the Mayan Shaman sets out across the bemisted yawing ropebridge perilously suspended above the chasm of Time, and spanning the World of what you think you know and that World that he knows you must not know . He turns as he places his first foot upon it and warns you not to follow.

    … Very …imagistic. … is it not! … I saw all that enacted in a End Of Time documentary about the Mayan Calendar . 🙂

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