The Globbering Of Patricia Campatelli: Part One, The Set Up

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Patricia Campatelli’s is being globbered. Her troubles began because she is alleged to have behaved in a manner unbecoming of a woman. She first received widespread publicity when the Boston Globe made a big ado about her allegedly imbibing too much at a Christmas party and suggesting that she may have gotten in a scuffle with a fellow worker. She was suspended for the scuffle but because proof was lacking that it happened, she was then reinstated. The public reporting of the incident caused the stigma to remain.

Then the Globe piled on, She was again suspended. Why? The Globe tells us: “The decision to place Campatelli on indefinite leave also came as the Globe was asking questions about the quality of the court’s investigation into the assault allegations.” (my emphasis) Why’s the Globe pushing this? It seems clear the Globe has decided she’s a person out of favor. (POOF) Now it is intimidating the cowardly court authorities into taking action against her.

Having suspended her the court officials had to justify their actions. They couldn’t say they did it because the Globe was asking questions. So they hired a court insider, Ronald Corbett, the man who wasn’t named to the position of Commissioner of Probation job when it went to John O’Brien but got his revenge by being appointed to it after O’Brien was removed.

The Globe was on a mission to globber Campatelli as it has done to others in the past like John O’Brien now on trial in federal court. The article in which it said it was asking questions also pointed out: “Several employees interviewed by the Globe said they are afraid Campatelli will retaliate against them if she is allowed to return.” Neither the number or names of the employees were disclosed. Not content with slamming her with these anonymous statements, it went further and tried to hold her up to mockery. It wrote: “Campatelli had never run for office before, and it showed.” (I’d note it didn’t show in the result.)

The Globe then again used unnamed people to denigrate her:  “She would sometimes run her campaign operation out of the Bunker Veterans Social Club, a locked-door facility with a shady past, said two people with direct knowledge. Prosecutors charged that gangster Gerald Sarro — part of a massive drug-dealing, loan-sharking and bookmaking gang — used the Bunker to take illegal bets until he went to prison in 2010. Last August, Boston police cited the club for selling alcohol without a license. But the club’s reputation did not deter Campatelli. Patty had a laptop on a table and one on the pool table” as well as a campaign volunteer helping her to enter data, said someone who frequents the club.” (my emphasis)

Note how it defames her by connecting her with a gangster, drug-dealing, loan sharking and bookmaking without a scintilla of evidence that connects her with any of that. It says the club’s reputation did not deter her even though there is no evidence she knew of its reputation. Even worse it is done through the use on anonymous sources who for all we know are fictitious person or persons with no knowledge of what they are saying.

With the Globe going at her hammer and tongs, it’s not hard to figure out what Corbett’s report is going to say. His nine page report relied on information from people whose identities were hidden. How could she possibly defend herself against scuttlebutt, secret scurrilous rumors, and water cooler talk by people who are told their identities will not be revealed?

Where is the due and fair process for this person elected to represent her constituents? Where is the forum where she can face these anonymous sources with grudges who begrudge her position and gratuitously grind out degrading gossip? Anyone with a sense of Massachusetts history cannot but be reminded of what happened during the the Salem Witch trial days.

The Globe which instigated the hearing then used this scandalous report to write an editorial demanding Campatelli’s head. Campatelli having been suspended from her job sought relief in the Supreme Judicial Court (SJC). She should have known that was a fool’s errand. The SJC jumped on board and rubber stamped the action of the judicial officials.

But that may be just the beginning of her troubles. Read on tomorrow.