The Great Republican Blunder: Walking into Clinton’s Trap

(1) romneyToday Mitt Romney will give a speech. Is he riding to the rescue of the Republican Party by going to do a little bit of a hit job on Donald Trump? Will he offer himself as someone who can replace Trump and bring the party together?. Why at this late date is he even sticking his nose into the primary races?

I’ll tell you. Mitt doesn’t understand what is going on today like he didn’t four years ago. He shows that the Republicans never caught on to the true implications of the Trump candidacy. I’ve written about this before. Trump and Bill Clinton had a long conversation before Trump announced. What do you think that was about?  I’ve explained that it was that Trump would be used to ensure that Hillary got elected.

Bill Clinton was aware of the 11th Commandment of the Republican Party. He had seen it work in the past and knew that it was an ideal set up for a guy like Trump – who by the way is self-financing his campaign by “lending” his campaign most of its money – he expects to be able to get it all back at some time in the future. Bill Clinton knew the 11th Commandment, also known as the Reagan Commandment, was the most foolish of all rules: Republicans don’t criticize Republicans.

Following that commandment, Trump was able to go through the early debates and early primaries without any other Republicans challenging his nonsense and his woeful inability to answer any questions of substance. He had no plans or substance. The best he could offer was that what he doesn’t know now he will be able to figure out because he knows a lot of smart people.

He was able to fool many of the people for most of the times. It was only in a handful of days prior to the election on Tuesday that some people started to point out that Trump was a windbag and all that he offered was empty words without a thought behind them. That was too late. He had already won the day. Or, I should say the Bill Clinton plan won the day.

Trump has built up a very loyal following. It consists of a large group of people, Disappointed Republicans, Dejected Democrats, and Desperate Liberals who look beyond his vacuous statements and convince themselves that Trump can bring a change in America. We can go back to the “good old” days – when America was great.

The inner Republican guard are convinced Trump is no better than a tree stump. They are uniting to stop him from being their party’s nomination. The Republican “establishment” will bind together to make sure that when the convention comes that he will not have enough delegate votes to get the nomination. He’ll never be able to get more than he arrives at the convention with. Then with back room deals (Rubio will get the VP job) they expect to nominate someone else (Bush, Romney) as the party’s candidate.

When they do Bill Clinton will know his wife will be president. Once Trump is rejected by the Republicans he will go off and run for the presidency as an independent. He will allege his vow not to do so was destroyed by the actions of the Republicans. He will say he must honor his commitment to those who voted and worked for him. Trump the independent will take an enormous amount of Republican votes with him. Hillary will be assured of the presidency when that happens.

Even were Trump to get the nomination which neither he nor Bill Clinton ever expected, Hillary will still get the presidency. Romney will effectively destroy any chance Trump has to get regular Republican votes by alienating many in the party against him. Other establishment type already say they will not vote for him. Further, his performance in any debate against Hillary  will make everyone realize he is an empty suit.

Trump will do well in his old New York circles. He’ll have a good friend in the White House. The Republicans will never know what hit them. It was Slippery Bill hitting them with a left hook.

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  1. Hello Matt, You were right on target warning about the Globe Attacks. With all the illegal activities happening within in our state, we learn this morning , after the Globe has been hammering BLS, rightly or wrongly, that U.S. Attorney Ortiz will step in and investigate . This is after several local investigations have concluded and steps are being made to correct the problem. Do you think the Globe is shooting for another Oscar by a destroying a great school at Boston Latin? Talk about “Johnie Come Lately”!!!

    1. JR:

      You make a good point about BLS – there is really nothing there but it shows how the Globe can make something out of nothing. I want to look closer at it but as I’ve said before the Boston U.S. attorney has little to do and has made a devil’s deal with the Globe so it is expected she will investigate. My memories of BLS is that there were lots of fights among the boys over who knows what – time sure are changing.

      You know I handled the remedy stage of the busing case. One thing that I remember well is that Judge Garrity riding on his high horse was interested in doing away with BLS because it was racially imbalanced. In truth, that was the one school that there was evidence that it was deliberate. Most schools were racially imbalanced because they reflected the people in the neighborhood; with Latin the principals at grammar schools had developed a code to let the Latin people know when a black kid was applying. They would put the letter “t” in the upper right corner of his report card – the “t” was supposed to be for “tan.” I forget how but fortunately we were able to convince Garrity that was a bad idea but it was the one real showing of deliberate segregation of the schools. That, of course, is ancient history and today none of that exists as far as I know.

  2. Off topic: Steve Flemmi is no longer in the custody of the Bureau of Prisons, according to the federal inmate locator. Do you think the elderly psychopath is walking the streets? Hope not, because even at 81, he’s a public menace. Since the Globe has made page-one news out of the fact that Bulger masturbes, maybe the newspaper can devote one or two inches of type to Flemmi’s whereabouts.

    1. Dan:

      He has not been in its custody since he began to cooperate about a dozen years ago. I may walking the street or living in Fred Wyshak’s house but whatever he is doing he is not doing hard time for his murders.

  3. Hillary Clinton’s False Hopes

    This past weekend, the newly revealed emails showed that Clinton emailed about the location of drone strikes. By their very nature, such emails contain state secrets. They contained state secrets when she received them; they contained them when she sent them; and they contain state secrets today.

    Also this past weekend, Gen. Michael Hayden, formerly director of the CIA and of the National Security Agency, stated on CNN that it is a near certainty that the Russian government and others had access to Clinton’s non-secure server and all it contained.

    The FBI investigation process is coming to its logical conclusion, and the judge who ordered the State Department to release all of Clinton’s emails also has ordered that her top State Department aides submit to oral depositions — examinations under oath before trial — in the Freedom of Information Act litigation brought by Judicial Watch against the State Department.

    He directed the Judicial Watch lawyers to ascertain whether there was a conspiracy in the secretary of state’s office to violate federal law. If those lawyers find evidence of such a conspiracy, they may then seek the oral examination of Clinton herself.

    This search for a conspiracy will take Clinton down the road to perdition — to the end of her hopes. Along that road are instructions to a subordinate to divert all her government emails through her private server. On the side of that road are emails instructing her aides to remove “secret” markings from documents and resend the documents to her via a non-secure fax machine.

    On that road are emails revealing the names of secret undercover intelligence assets, the locations of North Korean nuclear facilities, the transcripts of telephone conversations among foreign intelligence agents, and the travel plans of then-U.S. Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens in the days before he was murdered.

    Democrats who indulge in Clinton’s false hopes will do so at their peril. Don’t they want to know of her potential status as a criminal defendant before they complete their nominating process? Or do they, like her, think that they can just hope that all this will go away?

    1. Henry:

      Good information. Hillary is not worried. The Democrats control the Attorney General. She will not do anything to interfere with Hillary’s march to the White House. The AG might already have been promised a seat on the Supreme Court or at least a court of appeals judgeship. I expect she will take good care of Hillary.

  4. Super Tuesday Funeral: Neoconservatism, An Obituary

    March 1, 2016, will go down in history as the day the incubus of neoconservatism was banished from the Republican party – and, in effect, destroyed as a viable political force. It’s the day Donald Trump swept the GOP’s Super Tuesday primary, taking – as of this writing – Georgia, Alabama, Virginia, Massachusetts, Arkansas, Vermont, and Tennessee.


    1. Henry:

      Thanks for the site for me to go to in my quest. Enjoyed the article but don’t quite agree the neocons have been defeated. I hoped for that too many other times but they are a persistent bunch.

  5. If one is a liberal Democrat it would be expected that they would vote for a liberal Democrat for president. If Rush Limbaugh ran as a Democrat and espoused all liberal positions I. e. pro choice, gun control, higher taxes and more government would liberals vote for him? Absolutely not. They would see a person who has been anti liberal, conservative and pro Republican for 40 years. His claim to being progressive would be scoffed at. Trump’s success is attributable to the onslaught of media attention. He has gotten ten times the exposure of all other candidates. Trump has been a liberal New Yorker for 40 years. His conservative positions today are completely artificial. 2. You are right about the Clinton connection. Trump contributed money to Hillary and the Clinton foundation. President Clinton appointed Trump’s sister to the Court of Appeals. Trump invited them to his wedding. There are close ties between the two. They inhabit the same New York social circle. However there are many sore loser laws in the U S that prevent a candidate from getting on the ballot after seeking a major party nomination. So Trump as a third party may have little impact. 3. The Republicans at the convention should adopt a rule that you have to have been a Republican for eight straight years to have your name placed in nomination. It is a total fantasy that Mitt or Bush will be the nominee. Anyone but Trump may beat Hillary though. She is losing the White vote and the youth vote. The Democratic turnout is down. She has a 55% unfavorable rating. She could only beat someone like Trump with a 60% unfavorable. It is easy to see how the Nazis took over Germany with sustained propaganda. The Trump voters are clueless as to how they are helping Hillary. A vote for Trump is a vote for Hillary. What did P T Barnum say about the American public?

    1. NC:

      1. Good analogy – Trump ran as a Republican to ensure Hillary would get in as a Democrat –2. I was surprised to hear Trump say last night if he did not get the nomination he would still support the Republican nominee. I’d have to guess that you may be right it is too hard to run as an independent but he can make sure that if he does not get it he takes his people with him and they all sit home giving Hillary the election in any event which was his goal in the first place. 3. here is the Republican problem – Cruz and Rubio are really not compelling candidates and neither will garner enough votes for a nomination – nor will Kasich – so to stop Trump they have to come up with someone – Romney thought he was positioning himself for that role with his attack on Trump for the good of the party but he’s too dumb to realize he was just sent out as bait to try to hurt Trump and in doing it he forever closed the door on his presidential ambitions. Bush – he may still be the candidate of the Republicans – I don’t see that he has done anything to cripple himself. Or, as we’ve seen in the past there may be a dark horse candidate. What about Scott Brown? Or perhaps John Kerry can pull a Donald Trump and suggest all along he was a Republican – don’t think Mike Dukakis could get away with it. It will be a brokered convention which will make it a lot more interesting than the coronation of Hillary.

  6. Like father like son? Brainwashed or a light rinse would have been sufficient?

    The Republican Moses or 2016?

    Romney’s gaffe, which effectively destroyed his run for the presidency before it officially began, came in an interview taped on August 31, 1967, and aired September 4, 1967, on a Detroit television station.
    In the interview, Romney, then governor of Michigan and a presumptive Republican candidate for president, referred to his visit to South Vietnam in 1965 and declared:
    “You know, when I came back from Vietnam, I’d just had the greatest brainwashing that anybody could get. … Well, not only by the generals but by the diplomatic corps over there. They do a very thorough job.”

    published in mid-September 1967 in the Los Angeles Times, in which conservative columnist James J. Kilpatrick said of Romney:
    “Brainwashed, was he? It couldn’t have been much of a laundry bill.”

    Syndicated columnist Jules Witcover wrote in 2007 that (Gene) McCarthy “quipped that he ‘would have thought a light rinse would have done it.’”,_1968#cite_note-ChesterHodgson1969-34

    Senator Eugene McCarthy, running against Johnson for the Democratic nomination, said that in Romney’s case, “a light rinse would have been sufficient.”[34]

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