The Horror of Hillary Holding the Highest Honor

() hillartNo criminal charges will be forthcoming against Hillary. Only the truly dumb would ever believe there was a chance that she would have been charged. What person, even those of the highest integrity, such as Loretta Lynch or James Comey, would deprive her of her chance to gain the presidency.

You would need some highly courageous and honest officials who could stand up to the Clinton machine to bring it about. It has been a long time since we have had that type of person in the United States of Political Posturing. In part this is because such people as the Clintons have gained power and have brought along into power people willing to do anything sinister or outright evil to keep them in that position and will crush anyone who stands in their way.

How difficult is it to recall how the best friend and lawyer of the Clintons, Sandy Berger, who they had as a national security adviser who was willing to steal from the National Archives documents that Bill Clinton wanted to hide.  Did you forget about that incident?

It was just a pattern where the Clintons sought to lie in that case to take a position contrary to the know facts. To do that they arranged for that their lawyer to steal the documents proving otherwise. Nothing happened to him of any significance. No one dared pursue it to connect it to the Clintons.

Bill and Hillary know the people of the country are entitled to by law to know what their government officials do while in office. For her that idea proved a terrible inconvenience. She did not want people to know anything about her dark side. No more would she depend on lawyers sneaking into the National Archives to steal papers. She would not make them available herself.

It is hard to overstate the evil in her setting up her own private email system. That alone should have made it impossible for her to continue to serve in public office. She well knew she was setting up a system to hide her true actions from the American people and future historians.  She made sure that subsequent knowledge of her true dealings would never be fully known. When she finally was forced to disclose her emails she destroyed over half of them suggesting they were not used for official business. We know many were. How do you believe one who lies so much?

Her wrongful acts in themselves implicated hundreds of other people in her shenanigans. This is how evil spreads. She surrounded herself with people willing to conspire with her in these doings. We have also just learned that along with conducting her secret email correspondence she destroyed her daily schedules which clearly had evidence of official  government business on them.

Everything shouts out that this is not an honest person. She is destroying any trail that shows her true activities. It is something gangsters do to hide their criminal activity. She and her friends have decided the American people will not know the truth. They forever deprive us of the true knowledge of our countries doings with foreign countries during her time as secretary of state.

We know from the public statements she has made that like her husband she lies. She stood at a podium and lied about the content of the emails on her computer boldly stating there were none that were of a secret nature just like her husband when he stood at the podium and lied about his scandalous conduct, There are others: the false information about the reason behind the Benghazi attack; her coming under fire after landing at an airport, going back to the early days of her husband’s administration about the involvement in setting up a forerunner of Obamacare.

Then remember the suicide of her personal lawyer Vince Foster. The man was having trouble coping with the Washington, D.C. pressures. Two weeks before he killed himself Hillary was trashing her long time friend to his face in front of others.

Even as recently as last Friday a coupled of days after FBI Director Comey came out and told of the classified emails Hillary maintained on her private computer and how she was extremely careless she lied. In an interview with PBS she arrogantly stated against all the facts that: “I do not believe they were careless. I do not believe that they sent material that they thought was classified, and certainly no finding of anything intentional was made after this investigation.”

 Almost 70% of the American people believe she is not trustworthy.

The Horror of Hillary holding the highest honor is simple. She is a selfish liar who will step over anyone who disagrees with her. How will we the people know the truth when we see that all around her participate in her lies? How much worse will it be when she holds the ultimate executive power in the country?

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    1. well, I am glad that you enjoyed it.

      Let us take a personalized tour of how the Klinton Krime Family Foundation works.

      There is a Ukrainian Jewish (or Jewish Ukrainian) oligarch named Victor Pinchuk. He is a thug and a gangster – that’s pretty much a given with any oligarch in post-soviet countries. They acquired massive wealth through corruption and frankly, brutal violence.

      Victor Pinchuk owns one of the most expensive mansions on London. Pictures have been publicly available for quite some time. That’s not the only holding he has around the world, but he is one of the reasons for the moniker “Londongrad.”

      Pinchuk has been trying to buy a good name. Therefore, he sponsors “art” (hideous stuff), and has publicized donations to universities in England.

      He sponsors the Yalta Economic Summit (YES).

      He was also the biggest, if not one of the biggest, individual donors to the Klinton Krime Family Foundation. The “Foundation” has changed its web site, so that now it’s a lot harder to find the donors.

      What did his “donations” of about $7 or $8 million dollars buy him?

      Well, Slick Willie appeared at YES to give some speeches a few times.

      And it bought him pictures of himself hobnobbing with Chelsea around Ukrainian hospitals. Not clear if anyone was cured as a result.

      What else did it get him?

      That is the $8 million question.

      Why would anyone need to “donate” to the Klinton Krime Family Foundation in order to do good in the world?

      Seems like the Foundation exists to pay salaries to Slick, to Chelsea, to Sidney Blumenthal – and whatever else it does is not very evident.

      Many “good works” have been claimed – but none are evident.

  1. One of the best quotations I have heard about the indictment that resulted in a non-indictment of Killery is this:

    “Anyone who has ever lived in the soviet union knows exactly what just happened.”

    And that exactly illustrates what just happened – the fix was in.

    The problem with Billary the Hildebeast is not just Billary the Hildebeast.

    The problem is also the vast number of people who are willing to let her break the law – include Slick Willie in that – look the other way, lie, not remember things, take a fall, etc., etc.

    One can see her nodding her bobblehead on podiums with Sanders, and clapping like a seal on the stage – just like they used to do in Politburo meetings.

    In short, Killery the Hildebeast brings with her not only her own criminality and lack of ethics, but also a whole entourage of people of the same ilk.

    I find it astonishing that in the face of her obvious criminality, and of her arrogant destruction of national security which, in some cases led to loss of lives, there are people who nevertheless could vote for her.

    Astonishing and unbelievable.

      1. Indeed, that is where I got it, GOK

        It’s a sort of show trial, with exoneration accompanied by many justifications, about how “honest” the investigation was, and how hard the people worked, and how the person who committed the crime is “for the children” and will “provide many benefits” (at your expense, of course).

        The Hildebeast is now putting on her act about the-sky-will-fall-if-Trump-is-elected.

        But with liberal w000res like the Hildebeast, the sky is always falling, they are the only ones who love children.

        And she will give tacos to the Mexicans, she’ll put on her best finger-lickin’ fake and pathetic Southern accent while down South, she has ALWAYS been a Yankees fan when in New York, she has ALWAYS been for this and that before she was ALWAYS against it, she has ALWAYS been black, and on and on.

        Carly Fiorina was exactly right – traveling is not an accomplishment.

        Breaking the law is not an accomplishment. Trampling on people like she does is not an accomplishment (remember, for example, the White House travel office and Travelgate).

        Deleting emails is not an accomplishment.

        Being a woman is not an accomplishment.

        I must admit – extorting huge money bribes from Wall Street for “speeches” – that is an accomplishment.

        Extorting money from various “donors” to the Klinton Krime Family Foundation in return for government favors for her hubby and herself – that’s an accomplishment.

        And I keep thinking about the damage she did to our national security.

        If a Romanian guy can hack into her emails and read them for 2 hours every night, and then go do his gardening, everyone knows damn well that the Russians and the Chinese and anyone else who cared to hack also has her emails.

        Finally, one thing about Slick Willie.

        At a time when it was illegal to have Cuban cigars in the US, Slick Willie had Cuban cigars in the White House.

        That is a crime.

        What is an even bigger crime is that he used a Cuban cigar on Monica.

        Anyone who loves Cuban cigars knows what I am talking about.

        The Klinton Krime Family must be stopped.

  2. “Charles Koch said recently that deciding between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is like choosing to vote “for cancer or heart attack.”

  3. Matt,
    Sounds more like Bonnie and Clyde.

    I wonder who wears the pants in the Clinton family?

    Does anyone think she ordered Willie to “visit” Lynch with an offer she couldn’t refuse?

    Legal question:
    Have either of the Clinton’s ever used marital privilege to avoid incriminating each other in any investigations that they BOTH may have been a target of?


    1. That question came out wrong. Let me rephrase.

      Have either of the Clinton’s ever used marital privilege to avoid incriminating each other in any investigations against either one separately, or both at the same time?


      1. One last time without the illegal apostrophe:

        Have either of the Clintons ever used marital privilege to avoid incriminating each other in any investigations against either one separately, or both at the same time?

        Thank You.

    2. Rather:

      I have no idea if they used it or not. I don’t know if we have any government official courageous enough to call one to seek information about the other. Was bill questioned by the FBI in the email case? The servers were in his house. Did he have access to them? I doubt anyone called him on this or anything else like Benghazi. Just like it was impossible to expect the FBI would go after Hillary so is it even more so to think they would step on both of their toes.

  4. During the St. Patrick’s Day parade in 1992 I viewed it from a friend’s house on Thomas Park. Present was an engaging, intelligent young man who had just spent several months in Arkansas scoping out the Clintons for the RNC. My friend was tight with the Bushes. The young fellow, whose name has long escaped, had a lengthy conversation with me.

    The gist of his analysis was that the Clintons, both of them, act only in the short term. They will say anything for advantage at the moment. They were utterly devoid of shame. That they were both sociopaths or worse. That is was unusual for two such to team up together.

    As time has passed my memory has oft returned to that conversation. It provides an understanding, plain to be seen. He was right. Spot on.

    An Spanish insult always invades my mind when observing the behavior of the Clintons – sinverguenza – without shame. The Clintons have and never have had a moral compass. In that they are defective. They are the definition of monsters. Their characters are misshapen, ugly and loathsome.

    There is no other response to their elevation to high office than Cicero’s lament: O tempora! O mores!

    1. I like this from Cicero, when he denounced Catiline in the Senate:

      “Quo usque tandem abutere, Catilina, patientia nostra? Quam diu etiam furor iste tuus nos eludet? Quem ad finem sese effrenata iactabit audacia?”

      “When, O Catiline, do you mean to cease abusing our patience? How long is that madness of yours still to mock us? When is there to be an end of that unbridled audacity of yours, swaggering about as it does now?”

    2. Tadzio:

      The people in Arkansas had a good idea what Bill was about because they called him Slick Willie. AS for Hillary I understand her idol is Ma Barker.

  5. Matt: Thrice Hillary spoke thusly from public podiums: “I landed (in Bosnia) under sniper fire; We had to run to our (military) vehicles with our heads down.” The video of her landing showed nothing of the sort; it showed a formal ceremony; it showed that she and Chelsea casually walked off their plane, were greeted by a seventh-grade girl holding flowers, Hillary stopped and spoke to the flower-child, then she shook hands with a line of soldiers, then she took pictures with a seventh-grade class of schoolchildren, then she casually walked to her escort vehicle.
    When first asked about her blatant lies, she attempted to perpetuate them; additional prevarications followed: “Well, I had to stop for the girl; but otherwise it happened exactly as I said it happened.” Bumbling words to that effect. Later, when she finalized really the Video contradicted every lie she had said, Hillary dismissively uttered a new lie, “Well, I was sleep-deprived.”
    So, Hillary caught cold lying publicly multiple times invents a new lie: sleep deprivation. But what she is admitting is worse than lying: she’s admitting that when she is sleep-deprived, she hallucinates, becomes paranoid and delusional. Not the type of person we want in the White House.
    2. On her very first assignment as a young (27 year old) lawyer on the Watergate Committee, she was asked to write a brief supporting her boss’s erroneous legal position (that Nixon had no right to counsel before the Committee.) All freshmen law students know that you cite all precedents in a brief, then argue one side or the other. To please her boss, Hillary deliberately and unscrupulously omitted the leading precedent because it undermined his position. She’s been devious her whole professional life.

  6. Have Black Lives Matter condemned the French police for using too much force against the Nice truck driver? Would common sense gun control have stopped Nice, Brussels, Madrid, London, Istanbul, The Russian and Egyptian airlines? Would it have prevented 9-11, the Cole or embassy bombings? Hillary should be in the Big House not the White House. She committed multiple felonies with her off the books e-mails and perjured herself before Congress.

    1. NC:

      BLM has yet to issue a statement on the Nice Massacre.

      Common sense gun control wold not have worked in most of those situations – but it would work in others.

      1. I am waiting for the Democrats in Congress to sit-in again demanding “common sense truck control”.

        Nice again demonstrates that our focus should be on the man, not the tool. The problem is, that is more difficult and does not readily enable someone to claim that they are “doing something”.

  7. I will roll the dice and vote for Trump.

    We all know her record and what she would do if elected – not so with Trump.

    So I believe Hillary is the exception to the rule that “the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know”

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