The Human Animals: A Look Into The Future

(7)The Israeli invasion, or reoccupation, of Gaza made me recall the glory days of the women’s movement when its young disciples had such fire in their bellies that using the “g word” to refer to any female over 12 years-of-age would bring the house down upon one. During that time I had a conversation with one of the fire breathers in my office. I mentioned something about “history” and she retorted “herstory.”  Yes, anyone using an adjective relating to the male specie was deemed a chauvinistic pig. Even some would rebel at the use of the word “this” suggesting that it be change to “ther.”

I tiptoed around quietly. I earnestly hoped not to be caught making a politically incorrect remark. Remnants of that are seen today as I use the pronoun her in places I normally would have used him.

(7) Gaza kids bI thought at the time that after a while it would occur to the opposite sex that the human race could very well do away with males. I envisioned a future world where the male specie would not exist except perhaps in concentration-like areas called special living areas where their freedom of movement would be tightly restricted. Science, or state mandate would require that only one birth out of a five hundred be male and that boy child would be raised in separate facilities adjacent to the special living areas. At a certain age he would be put into the special area.

Everything that the males needed to survive on would be controlled by the female forces. They would be given barely more than the minimum necessary to live on. It woule be prohibited to educate or provide any reading material other than science fiction or romance novels for those few who managed to learn to read.

(7) Gaza kids aThere would be milking stations where males would be milked from time to time to provide the necessary material to continue the race. It would be done in the manner that only the best and brightest, and perhaps the most pacific, would be utilized. Every once and a while there would be a round-up where the more unacceptable of the males, those who seemed violent or had unacceptable opinions, would be put into zoo-like places.

Because the special areas would be off limits to anyone under 25 and even then only if one was a member of the Special Defense Forces, it was thought wise to educate the population about males. Certain of them would be confined in a similar manner as we have the gorillas confined in our zoos today. They would be kept in huge open-barred in cages where they could be on display for the girls and women to visit to have a look at what the males look like.

(7) Gaza kids dEvery once in a while some of the school girls, usually high school kids, would wonder why it was necessary to have a world in which males were so few and so confined. Their teachers would explain that the males were very war like and violent and the world was in constant turmoil while they had freedom and power. Some of the high school girls seeing the males behind the cage acting quietly and peacefully engaged in reading or quiet conversations would express doubt that the males were as violent as suggested.

When that happened special female SWAT teams would come to the zoo. While the high schoolers watched, they would take away their books, chairs and food and start prodding the males with long sticks. They would encourage the students, usually those on the softball team, to throw medium sized rocks or balloons filled with scalding water at the males.

After a time, despite knowing the severe consequences they would face for doing this, the males, even the most peaceful, would start acting up: they’d throw things back at the students, yell and scream at them, and become so irrational they’d even begin fighting among themselves.

(7) Gasa Kids eThis, of course, would be preserved on video. That night and for days afterwards over their communication media the outrageous conduct of the males would be shown. This would justify herstory as to the reason why the male population except for the few populators had to be eliminated and the remaining few had to be kept in confined areas.

A future leader would explain that they were not really like humans but they were human animals.


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