The Israel – Palestinian Redux.

Whenever the happenstances like those going on  in the Israeli – Palestinian situation at the present time occur one can only think of the movie Groundhog Day. If not  that then clearly one must think of the street definition of insanity which is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

Here’s the script: one side starts the interchange by doing something that  offends the other side; the other side  strikes back, and then the sides go into an uneven form of battle and the end proves Israel is the victor in the battle but is the loser in the eyes of many in the world whose sympathy is with the pretty much defenseless Palestinians. Their arsenal consists of erratic missiles fired off from the ground that fly off into who knows where until their fuel runs out. They are up against a most modern army with guided missiles launched from planes, drones, and hardened facilities that hit within inches of where they are aimed. It is a David Goliath battle but this time Goliath is with the Israelis and David has only the sympathy of others as a weapon.

The Palestinians will find comfort in the outcry around the world against the bully Israeli’s brutality. The usual characters will run across the stage shouting “the horror, the horror.” But all the sympathy in the world from all of those who simply don’t like Israel or others offended by the carnage inflicted on the young and old, women and children, and two dollars won’t buy a decent cup of coffee at one of those upscale coffee joints.

Not all the world will be in sympathy with the Palestinians. The American Evangelicals will be strongly pro-Israel.  Although the logic in that escapes me. I thought their ultimate hope was the destruction of Israel and its people which must happen before the Savior returns.

My fundamental confusion with the whole matter which we have seen before, as I’ve indicated, is why do the Palestinians start a battle that they know they will lose and many of their citizens, young and old, women and children, will needlessly lose their lives. Even if you admit they have a reason to be upset because of Israel’s continual gobbling up of Palestinian homes in Jerusalem and lands on the West Bank responding by going into a fight you will lose and many of your folk will die seems foolhardy.

Machiavelli noted it is better to kill a man’s father than to take his land. The hope to recover the land passes on from generation to generation. The Israelis have been taking Palestinian lands for decades. The Israelis will continue to take the Palestinian lands as long as they wish. The Palestinians have no ability to stop it. The grievances and gripes will continue forever.

As long as I can remember the Palestinians have been in a card  game with the Israelis and each deal gives them a losing hand. I suggest Israel will not be forced  by arms to change and that it will never be forced to give up what it has taken. Shouldn’t that recognition, and the recognition that too many Palestinians have been killed, be the starting  of an eventual peace deal.

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  1. Matt cannot cease with the mudslinging . . .who first falsely accuses of me of not understanding . . .i daresay I understand all these issues in far far deeper depth than you . . . .Secondly, you identify me identically with those who say the DEMS stole the election . . .rather I referred you to Mark Levin’s analysis, to the data itself which showed Biden won by a razor thin edge in three states, less than or equal to Delahunt’s edges, and if the votes had been changed in just those three states, a total of some 50,000 vote change, less than 0.4 % of votes, Trump not Biden would be a victory.

    OK, I understand you and liberals modus operandi: name calling, mud slinging, and deliberately or perhaps ignorantly misstating Conservatives like me our viewpoints.

    Try to stick to policies, rather than devolving into ad hominem personality attacks.

    Wise up!

    1. Oh, Bill. For crying out loud. How many of those pairs of sneakers hanging on the wires on Rockmere Street were yours?

      Hey, Matt. Give Bill back his lunch money.

    1. MS:

      You must admit Stone was totally wrong about the future of Israel. In fact, it turned out better for it that it engaged itself in wars and won them than it would have done with an Israeli Peace Corps.

  2. Let us start with the Twentieth Century that saw genocide, the killing of in excess of six million Jews.
    The Jews have a right to homeland/
    The Palestinians have claims to parts of the Middle East.
    The resolution is in Agreements. Peaceful Resolutions in Fair AGreements.

    As I have read the history, Israel has bent over backwards to offer concessions of lands Israel occupies in return for guarantees of peace from the Palestinians and surrounding radical contingents in Lebanon and elsewhere, Hamas and Hezbollah.

    Israel is targ-eting war mongering leaders, intending to kill Israeli citizens, and many war mongering among the Palestinians, and within other Middle Eastern territories and states, are sworn to obliterate Israel and exterminate Israelis.

    Now, what is Israel’s proper response to these threats and attacks. I saw one protester yesterday said at a State Capitol, were monuments outside were dedicated to American soldiers killed in WWII, Korea, Vietnam, et alia. That pro-Palestinian protester said, “Israel does not exist” echoing radical leftists in American claiming U.S. has stolen all its lands from Native Americans.

    We know from Scripture, that Jews have lived there for three thousand or four thousand or more years in the area where they now have lawfully established the State of Israel.

    Under ethical rights to self defense, a right nation’s have, Israel is a lawfully, fully recognized Nation with a right to life, liberty, national defense and to pursue its own destinies, happiness.

    Palestinians have a duty to lay down their weaponry, to cease harboring and housing offensive missiles, and come to the Peace TAble to negotiate a future for all people in the MIddle East, in Israel and its bordering territories.

    Let us not exacerbate tensions in that area.

    1. William:

      A few things you seem to have skipped over. Israel is in the process and has been for decades taking the land of the Palestinians. Your comment “The Palestinians have claims to parts of the Middle East” leads on to ask, “yes, where? In Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon? Or is it in Palestine where they have lived at least as long as the Israelis.

      Apparently you do not understand one of the basic demands of the Palestinians is that they be given the right to return to their homes from which they were pushed out of by the Israelis. I’m not sure what history you have been reading that tells of Israel offering concessions of land for peace.

      Your reference to the Palestinian protestor who said Israel doesn’t exist mirrors the folk like you who say that Biden was not duly elected president. There will always be people who don’t like things as they are but to extrapolate their wish into reality. The radical left has nothing on the radical right.

      No one disagrees with Israel’s right of self-defense. In return for accepting Israel’s right you want to impose a duty on the Palestinians. Do the Palestinians have a right to self-defense? Should Israel lay down its weaponry and cease stealing Palestinian land and come to the peace table? Do you understand it was a response to Israeli actions that this battle started?

    2. “That pro-Palestinian protester said, “Israel does not exist” echoing radical leftists in American claiming U.S. has stolen all its lands from Native Americans.”

      Well, Bury My Pecker At Wounded Knee.

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