The Kavanaugh Kerfuffle: Repent! The End Is Near

I have to add my two cents not that anyone needs to read anything more about the attempted appointment of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. But at this point I’ve got a few observations that impel me to speak up. What has been an unusual process all along has now turned into a three-ring circus that will soon shut down.

I’ve posted before that I thought Kavanaugh’s appointment would go down in flames noting “one more well placed shot we can figure his nomination is to explode.” I wrote that before Christine Blasey Ford jumped into the picture. My problem with Kavanaugh was that so much of his background seemed to be hidden by the Republican majority. In doing that, the suspicion that he was involved in something not so kosher to today’s America was heightened. I don’t think though that it had anything to do with his sexual activity but the failure of the Republicans to be totally open about him gives some reason to believe that was the case.

The thoughts I have had involve various matters. As a prosecutor I knew that there were statutes of limitation to almost all crimes. I understood its purpose. As time passes memories weaken, witnesses disappear, and evidence to defend oneself evaporates. In the recent years that idea has been put aside when it comes to sex crimes. There the revised statutes of limitations allowed some ancient matters to be prosecuted disregarding the reason why it existed in the first place. We decided as a society that crimes of a sexual nature are not disclosed when they occur but much later because of the trauma involved.

There is no statute of limitations on matters outside of the courts. Many famous people long after leaving our earthly home have had their reputations besmirched by writers. They have no chance of rebuttal. They are not even protected by libel laws.

However an accused still living may respond. It is difficult to do so in this era where an allegation of sexual abuse is prima facie validation of its happening. In the face of that a denial nor the person’s reputation is enough to rebut it. I suggest only a full investigation by an impartial party can do this. That is why I am bothered by Kavanaugh’s silence on whether one should happen; as well as the Senate’s reluctance to have one.

I understand why it does not want to call the one independent witness, Mark Judge, to a hearing. He is alleged to be an overall dirt ball in relations to women. He might defend Kavanaugh from Dr. Ford’s allegation but the room would be so muddied-up by him a lot would have stuck to Kavanaugh.

We have the revelations of Deborah Ramirez. She tells the story about being fallen down drunk at a big booze party of freshman at Yale. While in that state she now recalls Kavanaugh exposing himself to her. She seems in part to identify Kavanaugh as the culprit based on what someone said rather than what she observed. The allegation itself certainly doesn’t help Kavanaugh.

Not to miss a chance to stick himself into the middle of a story along comes publicity hound Michael Avenatti  with his secret witness who is so credible that no one will doubt her story. She’s due to appear at any moment or not until Avenatti can suck as much publicity for himself out of this. Avenatti claim to fame is he represents a hooker/showgirl who was involved with Trump.

Which brings me to one of the reasons I really dislike Trump. He is responsible for guys like Avenatti thinking they are presidential material. If one showman can be elected other loud mouth showman feel they too have a chance. Spare us!

The outcome does not look good for Kavanaugh. I say this because a recent Fox poll has 50% of its respondents against Kavanaugh’s nomination and a 36 to 30 advantage of believing Christine Ford over Kavanaugh.  The Republicans in the Senate will see no reason to go down with him. I expect they will have a committee vote and one or two of the Republicans will vote against him. His nomination will fail at that level and the drama will be over.

The next nominee by Trump will be a woman whose views will mirror Kavanaugh’s. How will Kavanaugh move on into the future? Will they go after him on the Appeals Court? Hard to tell but his reputation has taken a serious beating over what he may have done as a teenager. What does that teach us?

19 thoughts on “The Kavanaugh Kerfuffle: Repent! The End Is Near

  1. 1) what is the difference between the Creepy Porn Lawyer and the Demorats on the Judiciary Committee? Nothing – they have all decided that accusing people of sex is their number one duty – you know, not because they seek publicity for themselves, but “for the chillinz” and “for the wimminz” and “for the good of the country”

    2) what is the difference between the MS-13 gangs and the Demorats? Nothing – well, except that the Demonrats don’t have to sell drugs, or kill people with knives or other weapons

    3) the Demonrats shold immediately initiate Creepy Porn Lawyer as part of their gang

    4) apparently, a group of lefties decided to invade a restaurant and start screaming at Ted Cruz something like “we believe survivors” – apparently all triggered by Kavanaugh.

    Or – was it because they had heard that Cruz does not believe in the BBC “Survivors” program, the science fiction TV series?

    At any rate, I have no doubt at all that the screamers in the restaurant were overjoyed at the amount of virtue that they were signaling to the other patrons in the restaurant – but more importantly, to themselves. It is surprising that they did not explode, being that they are so full of virtue.

    5) I am getting ready to go out to a restaurant with a group of friends and scream “no, I’m Spartacus” at Corey Booger and Diane Finetain – does anyone else care to join? The problem that I see, however, is that they will probably join in.

    6) What is the difference between Demonrats on the Judiciary Committee and an insane asylum? At an insane asylum, the inmates get treatment.

    PS I know that Kavanaugh gang-raped several women every year for years, because someone said so, but I can’t remember who it was. To this very day, he refuses to prove his innocence.

  2. ugh!

    Driving While Female –
    “DRIVING WHILE FEMALE”: A NATIONAL PROBLEM IN POLICE MISCONDUCT. A Special Report by the. Police Professionalism Initiative. University of Nebraska at Omaha. Samuel Walker and Dawn Irlbeck.

    ugh ugh!

    Police Sexual Abuse of Teenage Girls – Samuel Walker
    by S Walker · 2003 · Cited by 6 · Related articles
    All of the cases are listed in the Appendix to this report. This report on “Police Sexual Abuse of Teenage Girls” is a 2003 update of a 2002 report on “Driving While Female” by the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

    down in the whisper stream we call it the BillC operation

    Female genital mutilation – World Health Organization
    World Health Organization › … › Detail

    Jan 31, 2018 · Female genital mutilation (FGM) comprises all procedures that involve partial or total removal of the external female genitalia, or other injury to the female genital organs for non-medical reasons.

  3. Bill:

    Jesus loves you more than you will know !!!

    WO WO WO !!!!!!!!!!

    Yes, Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio ?!?

  4. Bill:

    Maybe sometime I’ll tell you about my Son when he was fifteen getting caught trysting with his thirty eight year old girlfriend in Falmouth. She was the mother of two teenage daughters at the time. Cost me 10K with Steven Weymouth for the Defense, Your Honor … As my boy did put up a struggle when the constabulary descended on the quarrelling HAROLD AND MAUDE . Yet, different when a woman and boy involved than man and girl . He was not about to testify against her . I was not down, even though darkly viewing her indiscretions, to see her do time . Still, A FUCKING NIGHTMARE !!!!!!!!

    Glad to note you are in your Reformers mode, however !!!!

  5. We’ll call it, not the Kavanaugh Rule, but the new Feinstein Formula:
    Any woman in Congress, FED or State Government, or retired with a government pension, if she is reported to have seduced, groped, or exposed her breast or crotch to a Junior High, High School or College Student, two or more years younger than her, at any time during her lifetime shall UPON THE ACCUSATION immediately lose Her Job and Pension. Only after a full/thorough FBI/State Police INVESTIGATION of the ACCUSATION and a finding of not-guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt shall her salary or pension be restored.
    The SAME investigatory process shall apply to all MALE’s accused of SEDUCTION, GROPING, AND OTHER INDECENCIES, FELONIES OR NOT, DURING THEIR TEENAGE OR POST TEENAGE YEARS. suspension/firing from job; loss of pension.

    Let the Purge begin.

    After the Purge for those ACCUSED of sexual assaults at any time in their lives, begin the Purge of those ACCUSED of physical assaults, then mental assaults, then spiritual assaults, then assaults to jurisprudential concepts like fairness, timeliness, due process and proportionality of crime and punishment.

    No person currently in Office (high or low) or receiving a State or Federal Pension, shall continue so, if they have been credibly ACCUSED of any such offense, SO HELP ME GOD.

    In the interests of FAIRNESS, these PURGES shall begin with WOMEN office holders and retirees . . .sweep the wicked Mrs. Robinsons-types from Government Service, even if the alleged acts occured 40 years ago and she were 19 seducing, groping, grossing out a classmate or pre-college male.

    Especially target FEMALE JURISTS: How can anyone sit in judgement who once used her womanly charms at sometime in her life to seduce, grope, entice a contemporary or person one to forty years younger?

    Revocations of SALARIES and PENSIONS, automatic, upon receipt of CHARGE or ACCUSATION in MEDIA.

  6. Matt:

    That covers you for getting invited to those Swampscott parties !!!

    When Dawn Breaks Over Marblehead on this one , unfortunately, you will have to look in the mirror and realize, that you , Matt Connolly, an Officer of the Court, participated in denying a citizen his Constitutional right to Due Process !!!



    stay tuned

    ‘FBI’ Offers Unique Peek at Law Enforcement

    CBS show details what federal agents do to keep America safe, and other series skip, says cast member Noel

    in other Viagra Machinations

    September 25, 2018, 7:46 AM
    Sen. Amy Klobuchar says other Kavanaugh witnesses, accusers are being “shut out”

  8. Need some help from all the 3rd degree black belt
    legal warriors.
    Searched high and low in McCusick and Roth
    Rules of Civil Procedure and could not find
    any reference to a Kushner Loophole

    just askin not knowin

    More than 10,000 building permits falsified rent regulation info in what advocates call the ‘Kushner loophole’

    SEP 24, 2018 | 3:55 PM

    in other those without the capital
    get the punishment newes

    Bill Cosby sentenced to 3 to 10 years in state prison for 2004 sexual assault

    SEP 25, 2018 | 2:10 PM

  9. What does that teach us? I am the same age as the Judge. Born in 1965, 17 in the summer of 1982 when the drinking age was 18. The Judge seems to have kept a calendar from the summer of 1982, which I do not understand. What faced with what to put in my yearbook, I was very conservative knowing it would last forever. As God is my witness in the summer of 1984 and 2002 , 2 separate women I dated from my hometown area looked up what I looked like in my high school yearbook for whatever reason. My point, the Judge is highly educated and arrogant.His comment on Fox about being a virgin years past his Yale graduation was like something rejected from an SNL skit.

    1. Unless he’s telling the truth !!!

      And if Judge Cavanaugh was telling the truth when he said he was a virgin some years after college and Martha McKellum pressed him as to how many years after college this honorable man was indeed chaste I almost fell off the chair. He demurred to answer .

      He is not arrogant or too good to be true . He is Brett Cavanaugh , a man vetted with SIX .. NOT SEX …. SIX….. FBI BACKGROUND CHECKS IN TWENTY ODD YEARS .

      FBI background checks are excruciatingly thorough . When Brett Cavanaugh was asked about the second accuser, Ms. Ramirez and claims so lurid and unsubstantiated that even the Yellow Oress

      1. …. that even the Yellow Press Mandarins at the Times rejected them, he stated the obvious : ” Such claims would have been the talk of the campus the next day. ” The FBI loves that sort of talk when they conduct their colo-rectal, and everything shipshape there Citizen , or not, background checks.

        In THE PRINCE , and I never forgot it , Machiavelli said , and he was as thoroughgoing a bastard as ever stomped Life’s stage : ” DO NOT EVER HUMILIATE A MAN IN FRONT OF HIS FAMILY. ”

        Watch what happens when you do !!!!!!

  10. I think Kavanaugh’s case has been damaged by a yearbook photo that shows Kavanaugh and 8 of his football buddies. The caption reads “Renate alumni.” Renate is a gal who attended a nearby Catholic school for girls. Poor Renate learned only a few days ago that she bedded a goodly chunk of the football team. She had even signed a letter attesting to Brett’s good character! What a let down. Kavanaugh says he only exchanged a brief kiss with Renate on one occasion. Why, then, would this fleeting encounter merit a yearbook photo caption among other references to “Renate”? The woman says Brett never even got a kiss. I believe her, and that makes Kavanaugh a liar, and a scurrilous liar at that.

  11. No, I don’t think so.
    The reason we have statutes of limitations in courts if for FAIRNESS and JUSTICE, qualities that apply OUTSIDE OF COURTS, in real life too.

    It would be just as unfair if I were being interviewed for a job and passed all hurdles/interviews and two women jumped out of the woodwork and said . . . .HOLD THE PRESSES . . . .he fondled me and held me down and dropped trow at a party, I’m pretty sure, when he was a teenager, 17 or 18 years old, 35 years ago.

    FAIRNESS is what underlies all HUMAN INTERACTIONS. the courtroom/the law has merely codified some standards which apply to all.


    Get on with the nomination process, and confirm Kavanaugh . . .post haste, ex post facto, STAT, immediately, or whichever comes sooner . . . .

    And have a good day . .

    And don’t worry . . .

    I’ve heard that 50% of people even disagree with me . . .

    I lose no sleep . . .

    1. ” Stat … Immediately…. Or whichever comes sooner …. ”

      Enough with the Zen Koans Savvy Billy

  12. yo no country for an old prosecutor
    with squishy squishy peanuts

    you just can’t let go, eh?

    in other patriachal high school yearbook newes…

    Unimpressed Critics Say Kavanaugh’s Soft-Ball Interview on Fox Shows Just ‘How Blatantly He’ll Lie to Try and Advance His Career’
    Jake Johnson, staff writer

    “Brett Kavanaugh is a liar. His ‘I was just an innocent boy’ claims on Fox are laughable

    in other Messianic laughter

    Published on
    Tuesday, September 25, 2018
    byCommon Dreams
    World Audibly Laughs After Trump Claims His Administration Among Most Accomplished in US History During UN Address
    “In less than two years, my administration has accomplished more than almost any administration in the history of our country,” Trump declared before laughter broke out in the hall.
    byCommon Dreams staff

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